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More specifically, every time I watch Bridge to Terabithia, I start crying when her father says the words, "She loved you, you know" and I stop about when Jess punches Hoger. And then, I cry again when they start singing in the song. When I'm reading, it's when he goes to their house and the father hugs Jess, and he makes some blase comment, outlining his denial. And finally, I always cry when he builds the bridge with May Belle, even though in the movie she's not as endearing. Oh, and when he chucks the paints in the river, to try and forget about Leslie.

At what parts did anyone else tear up?

2/1/2011 #1

The first time I saw the movie and knew she was dead

2/11/2011 #2

no ones been on for a while, huh...

well, anyway, ill just write my thoughts

when i first watched the movie, i was 9, so i didn't really understand what was exactly goin on.

but when i saw it again and again, i was like Wait...she's gone?

that's when i got sad whenever i watched it, especially when he invited the sister to terabethia. i dont cry at movies, but i defentily felt a well of sadness creep up on me...

so there ya go. peace.

6/30/2012 #3
I almost but when I remember now i always cry and I hardly cry
2/27/2013 #4
L'Amour veritable

I cried loads it was awful when she died

6/12/2013 #5

Yes when I first saw it when I was twelve when Leslie died and even now at sixteen

6/21/2014 #6
whenever i first watched the film at 11 i was really confused more than upset.
7/12/2014 #7

I tiered up on every sad and low partl.... but that's cause characters make their way into my heart and I feel how they feel..

5/21/2015 #8
Honestly, I don't cry at just anything. So basically, Bridge to Terabithia is the FIRST movie I've ever cried about and I still cry about until now. I think Leslie's death is one of the MOST moving deaths that I have watched/read and that it really makes you cry no mater if you are a girl or a boy or if you are emotional or not. I'm a big fan of the Divergent Trilogy and I only shed a few tears for (spoiler alert) Tris' death and when I watched the scene where Jesse was grieving I honestly couldn't help myself and I was there crying my eyes out. It especially hurts me now when I see the scene where they say "See you!" to each other since that is the last time they are ever going to see each other and it's also the time where Jesse finds that he loves Leslie.
3/20 #9
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