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Well as a HUGE fan of it. I have my reasons for liking it. : How about anyone else?

10/10/2010 #1

Yeah, I think those two could really raise Hell together. :)

I can just see Walter taking Alessa home to meet his mother. XD

Who else would a creepy guy in a raincoat fall for but a young girl in a school uniform? ;p

Ah but all joking aside. They'd be good together, and also so bad. They'd be unstopable. Also, Walter's more powerful than Alessa, so I approve of this pairing. Believe it!

10/12/2010 #2

Yes...Yes....YES! 333 That would be a amazing fanfic XD ; D Oh baby yes *shot* 3 that is so true

10/15/2010 #3

Actually I'm thinking of writing a fanfic where Walter and Alessa try to resurrect together and every major hero/heroine type character from the Silent Hill games goes there and work together to stop them, including James Sunderland! Also, all of the enemies are there, and the ghost victims, and ghost Maria.

10/16/2010 #4

Hmmmm Well it is mainly the cults fault : D Well After my first Walter x Alessa fanfic is done, I will type up one with the Cult reconnecting the two : U

10/16/2010 #5

That's actually not true (the part about Walter being stronger than Alessa). That comment was made by an extremely biased cult member (from the sect of the Holy Mother so he was obviously going to try to claim that Walter was stronger) and was also made when Alessa was well under 7 years of age (before her power grew exponentially after being impregnated with God and growing stronger from pain and suffering), if anything Alessa would be stronger given her vast psionic abilities in addition to her occult magic.

But yes, I really like the idea for a fanfiction Alessa x Walter.

4/28/2014 #6
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