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Strike To Incinerate

Currently, I'm about halfway through handwriting one (because my laptop is broken), and I want to know if anyone else writes or has been thinking about writing, an original SH fanfic.

Mine, of course, features Henry Townshend and Eileen Galvin, because they are my favorite protagonist and sidekick (aside from Heather/Cheryl). They're side characters, but heavily connected to the two main characters that the story switches between. It takes place fifteen years after SH4, with Eileen and Henry married, and Eileen unable to have children, thus she forms an attachment to the five year old fraternal twins that live next door (yes, it is an Alessa-Cheryl reference. Many, many references to previous Silent Hill games). At age 20, the younger twin goes missing, with the bathroom covered in blood, and the elder twin has to find her, because she was only able to have a static ridden conversation with her neighbors, the Townshends. Henry is quick to believe that either Walter Sullivan is connected to the girl's disappearance, or that Silent Hill is, and Eileen is skeptical, because she thinks of the girls as daughters.

Whoo, I should probably work on finishing it. I have written more than that... but I've probably already said too much.

8/4/2008 #1
Angelic Hellraiser
Do you have it posted yet? I'd read it! :D
9/29/2008 #2

I don't know if you would classify mine as original or not. The places are the same, but the people are different. It's about a family with the surname of "Townsend," but different spelling and, as far as I know so far, no relation. It's currently an on-going project, I have 6 chapters up now.

10/20/2010 #3

I'm working on one that involves all of the heroes/heroines from the games, as well as many of the enemies, cursed people, ghosts, etc. Also Walter and Alessa team up to revive themselves into the real world. All the good guys and girls team up to stop them. James is alive and he helps too.

Yours sounds good. I like Henry and Eileen. I'd read it. Believe it!

10/20/2010 #4
Fan Of Games

I've got plans for an original Silent Hill story. I haven't started working on it yet, though I might get started on it some time soon. I'm not going to give away any details about it. You'll just have to wait for me to put it up.

12/4/2010 #5

I have an "inspired by" Silent Hill story; uber personal and kinda sad. The inspiration actually came from one of the "therapy endings" (the cutscene right before the "real" end) from SH: Shattered Memories.

11/20/2011 #6

I actually did one Fan Fiction, it takes place 3 years after Silent Hill 3, it's in Spanish but if you want to, i can translate it :D

12/18/2011 #7
Ghostface317 v2

I've just had an awesome idea for a Silent Hill fan-fic. The premise is this: a teenage guy has been having increasingly violent nightmares, and seeing himself as and older man in mirrors. His nightmares coincide with violent accidents on the outskirts of his hometown and other people suffering from the same nightmares. So, basically, the guy has been seeing a shrink, and the shrink begins to notice the patterns. He doesn't entirely believe it yet, but calls in an old friend for a consult none-the-less. This friend turns out to be FBI agent Fox Mulder. The shrink explains all to his old friend, and also explains the boy's nightmares. Mulder is sceptical until he hears the name Silent Hill, he's heard it before. So, on a hunch, he goes to talk to the teenager; the teenager is gone! He and his partner/lover, Dana Scully, set off, after some persuasion, and a little investigation, to Silent Hill. There they find the town to be inhabited by monsters and other maniacs. Meanwhile, Heather Mason, determined to face her demons, returns to the town in an effort to put an end to some recent violent nightmares of hers - nightmares pertaining to Alessa's childhood.

I think that this idea has some serious potential to it. 'Cause there ain't any real Silent Hill/X-Files fan-fics out there, I thought of this serious idea for a serious story. During the course of the fic, the three inter-weaving story threads would develop into two seperate threads which would eventually develop into one. The teenager, aged 18, would develop a romantic relationship with Heather, now into her mid-20s, and that would also become an important plotline in the fic. So... how is it?

7/6/2012 #8

Original as in mostly OCs and a new storyline?Well then I suppose my fic Terror of Irony qualifies.The three main characters are Seth, Molly and Rebecca Sunderland.Seth is the younger brother of James Sunderland; Rebecca is Seth and Molly's daughter.The SH "world" it's set in is the one from the movie, as are the versions of Alessa (I've seen that name spelled sextuple different ways) and Dahlia.So I guess you could say it's a Xover between the movie and the second game.I have it posted thru chapter 5 with chapter 6 well on the way if anyone wants to R&R.

7/27/2012 #9
Nice concept! How is it going? I am working on one too, featuring Heather and my OC, DEA agent Daniel Reid. Trying to dabble in romance with it too, but it's hard to make it not too awkward or cheesy hehe.
9/20/2012 #10
Ghostface317 v2

MY fic is still in the pre-conception stages as I'm also still writing 3 fics and working on a 4th.

9/22/2012 #11

I'm attempting to write an original SH fanfiction, with completely original characters. There's of course going to be TONS of references to all the games, and past characters do play a role in the story but don't actually make an appearance. It's been a story that I've had in mind for awhile now ever since I got into the series, which was last year, but haven't actually written anything for it until just a few weeks ago.

10/13/2012 #12
Ghostface317 v2
I've now begun pre-production on the fic which has also grown to include a sequel. I've removed Mulder and Scully and replaced them with other "X-Files" leads, John Doggett and Monica Reyes. I'm planning to include Alex and Elle from "Silent Hill: Homecoming" in the sequel. The plot for the sequel will probably revolve around the Order attempting to breed a new incubator for their god. I've got the teenager's name all but sorted. I think I'll call him Paul Harper. Heather's age will be 25, near 26 in the fic, and the boy will have only just turned 18.
4/3/2013 #13
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