And so we meet only to fall in hate?
What pairings do you hate? I will not tolerate bashings of any sort. If you don't like a specific pairing, I want a clear and easily understood reason. And remember's all opinion.
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Ardwynna Morrigu
This is one I just don't see happening at all. I've read quite a few and I can only think of a couple that seemed somewhat believable, both of them AU. There's no opening I see for Sephiroth and Tifa getting to know each other before the Nibelheim incident. Tifa's a little girl in an isolated mountain town and Seph's a top-ranking military officer. Even if they did meet before the town burned, it would have been statutory even by FFVII standards. There's not much time in Nibelheim for anything to happen. Sephiroth was too busy looking out the window or losing his mind. Then he burned Tifa's entire town, killed everyone she knew, slaughtered her father, wounded her and left her for dead. That's not good on any account and Tifa doesn't strike me as having the same understanding, forgiving streak we might associate with Aeris. Tifa's a fighter and she wanted revenge. She ran up the mountain looking to kick some tail. What happened at Nibelheim shaped her entire life afterwards. Most of the fics I've seen had Tifa suddenly forget Avalanche and drop her mission for vengeance just to hook up with the pretty boy. I like good-looking couples but there should be something more than just the pretty to make it stick. The premises of most Seph/Tifa fics I've seen have been flimsy excuses to get to the porn. Some of the AUs so drastically altered the characters that I couldn't even recognize them anymore. A fairly canon plausible Seph/Tifa probably can be done, but I have yet to see it.
12/18/2005 #1
um he killed strangely why kill the flower girl cause shes boring i actually like aeris anyways hes killed people close to tifa and almost killed her once he killed her paw thats jus wrong whyfraternize wit the enemy? cause he is cute. bullsh@t the game pretty much made itt understood that jenove and sephers had a symbiosis 50-50 relationship but to me its just like having half white half black childs in the 16 th century shes basically always on the ron end of the rope for it to ever work you would have to have him not go crazy in the nible event in which case the whole idea of cloud being hero would change and zax would be alive wit aeris at wich point den i could sees it happen and then cloud and zack would open a delivery store wit aeris were dey would deliver her flowers and thats just too much AU i coold never stand that much but thats jus my 2 cents ps i am 50% black 50%white and dont like when people say african american
12/18/2005 #2
Completely agree with you there, Ardwynna. There's a lot of fics around that just enjoy throwing together the beautiful people only to have them jump into bed quickly. No back story or explanation, just the smecks. Which is cool, I enjoy reading the smut as much as any rabid fangirl. Though I have read one that was quite decent, ten chapters and so far so good. Don't quote me on this but I believe Jack of all Spades wrote Miracle Woman. Memory's a bit rusty, but I know that's what the story was called. So here's where I hang my head in shame, for I am one of those writers who likes to throw in the smecks for no good reason. Ah well at least I'm honest, eh?
12/18/2005 #3
Ardwynna Morrigu
The honesty's a blessing, actually. No pretenses, you know what you're about and you're not trying to fool anyone. If you just want to see the cute people do it, then write it. I'm a little picky about wanting some actually believable plot with my pr0n most of the time. I'd rather have no plot than bad plot (unless its humor, because if it makes me laugh, it's fine for me). I'm tired of seeing fics that start off with some kind of promise, then degenerate into a shagfest because the author was pretending all along, using the thinnest excuses to get the characters together and had no actual interest in telling a story after the porn. Even in the AeriSephs, much as I love them... The resurrection thing is so tiresome and the "Aeris is forgiving" angle has been abused till it's even flimsier than it started out. Yeah, I'm sure she's forgiving, but even Strawberry Shortcake's got to have a limit and a sword in the back would probably be it. That's why I'm really liking Noacat's Purgatory. The reason for resurrection is shaping up to be really serious, there are hefty consequences for coming back and chapters into the fic, Aeris and Seph aren't lovey-dovey. They're at each other's throats and not in any cute "You're sweet when you're mad, I wanna tumble you" kind of way. It's bitter. Seeing how they come around in that situation, now there's a story. I remember seeing Miracle Woman around, but I'd been so tired of the lame Seph/Tifa variety I wasn't in a mood to click. I'll give it a look once I have some time.
12/19/2005 #4
Nando the RPS King
There's some good points all around here. I never could see any way to make this pairing work within the cannon storyline, either. And there weren't exactly many windows of oppertunity after the Nibleheim incident, being that Sephiroth was dead/comatose/whatever in the lifestream after that and didn't make his presence in the world known until he possessed a clone and came back for Jenova. IIRC, Avalanche only actually sees him for brief periods on the ship, in the mansion, when he took the black materia, when he killed Aeris, and the final battles. And in each of these occasions, he focuses the majority of his attention on Cloud, not so much as looking at Tifa. So even putting Tifa and Seph in the same place long enough to attempt to start a relationship would require going at least mildly AU, and then there's still the additional problems of his having killed her Father, childhood friends, neighbors, burning her home, trying to kill her, killing a good friend of hers, then topping it off by trying to destroy the world. And yeah, lack of pretension in porn is nice. I think I've seen maybe two citric fics ever that had a well written plot and every other I've seen may as well not have bothered. If the whole point of a fic's porn, the author may as well save everyone some time and just skip straight to the fun. Heh, veering waaay off topic here...
12/19/2005 #5
*blink* I really can't see it happening in canon. AU? Maybe. Then again, I usually only pay attention Cid Highwind x Shera and making sure I stay far away from Yaoi(and Yuri. _).._ Though, I would bet Cid x Yuf- Second thought, that has as much canon as this pairing. _ Sorry about rambling. xD
12/19/2005 #6
No. no. and No. TIfa has oto much Hate for Sephiroth that she can't overcome also. Not to meantion there's like a 12 or more age gap....
12/28/2005 #7
Tifa loving Sephiroth seems to be slightly disturbing. Unless she's a masochist, then it's a different problem. But Sephiroth did stab Tifa quite brutally before the game, so I can't really see Tifa suddenly awakening and going "He stabbed me through the heart, and he robbed it too!". I just can't see Sephiroth with anyone, at least in the game or the movies. Sephiroth didn't really know Aeris, he stabbed Tifa, and Yuffie is... well, a kid. If it was OC, then that's a different problem though :-D
12/30/2005 #8
[q]"He stabbed me through the heart, and he robbed it too!"[/q] Best line ever. That cracked me up. Sephiroth seems untouchable by anyone. Even with OCs, since they almost always come off as glorified versions of the author. It's nice to think that your favorite character could actually be attracted to you, but considering his mental not so much.
12/30/2005 #9
Daryl Falchion
I hope this forum isn't too old to reply to. Anyway, I'm not a fan of the Seph/Tifa pairing mainly for the same reasons that's been stated. I'm not much a fan out of any Sephiroth romance fic and it shows as none of my stories have him romantically linked. Now mind you, I've seen some very well done romance fic with Seph but it is really hard thing to accomplish with dignity and most people don't. Sephiroth might be asexual in fact as he never shows a shred of interest in romance at all. Romantic pairings with him might be more easily accomplished if it were AU or he had some serious counselling.
1/2/2006 . Edited 1/2/2006 #10
i sorta agree with you! =) i can stomach some sephiroth-tifa fics, but those are the fics that happen to be AU, or slightly AU (like, let's say, it started around the time when sephiroth came to nibelmhei, or something like that, and there were many things changed in order to provide a reasonable scenario or give decent enough reasons why tifa and sephiroth would suddenly develop feelings for each other). but yeah, i noticed a lot of lime or lemon or *insert other "fruity" categories for fanfics* that have those two (sephiroth and tifa), as well as other similar fanfics that simply throw in two other characters, and have both engage in "mind-blowing" sex. or rape. or something horrible as that. gawd. no REAL plot at all, just sex.. *cringes* anyway, yeah... just AU, imho. =) i think it did not, and would not, exist in the game or movie or any of the other future thing that squaresoft/enix would be coming up with. =)
3/4/2006 #11
shadow the red XIII thing
If its just porn without a plot then sure I will red it but if it has a plot they better have a damn good one
3/5/2006 #12
Simply Human
Common sense would dictate that these two individuals could never become anything more than sworn enemies, and with reason, too. Tifa does not seem to be the type to quickly forgive grievances, and Sephiroth does not come across as one who could suffer the humiliation of apologizing anyway. According to the set of circumstances provided in the Final Fantasy VII game and subsequent film, the chance of these characters ever reconciling is slim, and the possibility of them becoming more than respectful, aloof acquaintances rests at absolute zero. The only hope for a Tifa x Sephiroth pairing lies in alternate universes. The only work of SephTi fan fiction I have come across that I found to be of excellent quality was "Subservience" by Swamp-Eyes. Both characters remain closely canon throughout the chapters, though admittedly there are some mindset changes (as there would need to be with any romance with Sephiroth as one of the participants.) Other than that, I believe this to be a hopeless pairing.
7/16/2007 #13

This one is just not happening,is weird and kinda of disturbing,I don't hate it I just don't like it

11/28/2008 #14
Yes, it is mighty disturbing. That's why it's attractive. Personally, in a very twisted way, I like it.
5/8/2010 #15

I feel the same way about this that I do about any Sephiroth-related pairing. That is to say, it could only work under some circumstances. Two of these break canon, one of them was only recent (I haven't seen it used in anyone else's stories, and I didn't actually use it in an FFVII fic...Just an FFVII/X crossover), and one is far from the happy, lovey relationship that so many people like to use. These scenarios include:

1) Pre-Nibelheim: This one of the few scenarios where I can see Sephiroth canonically being involved in a relationship, and it doesn't really apply well to Tifa. Cloud was a soldier hoping to be in SOLDIER that had worked with them on a few occasions, so you could pull it off. Zack, Genesis, and Angeal were all in SOLDIER and friends of his, so again it could work. Aerith, while not so closely connected to him, still has some potential under the right circumstances. But this is a scenario that doesn't apply to Tifa. Sephiroth has no real reason to go to Nibelheim outside of being sent there on a mission unless he somehow learns that he was born there (And lets face it; Insane though he might be, Hojo is no idiot. I doubt he'd make it easy for Sephiroth to figure that out until he wanted him to). Tifa has no real reason to go to Midgar either. I just can't reallly see it happening.

2) Resurrection (Hero): We play the confirmed non-canon "Jenova controlled him" card. This is probably the most common (Bordering on overused, imo) concept used in Sephiroth pairings, regardless of who he may be paired with. And it usually involves and overly angsty Sephiroth seeking forgiveness (Usually for something he completely forgot about and/or had no control over), his intended significant other being the only person willing to forgive him right from the start, and one character (Usually a possible love interest of Sephiroth's intended) being a psychotic out of character jerk who would see Sephiroth wearing his own entrails as a noose rather than accept the possibility that he actually did just get screwed over.

3) Resurrection (Villain): The darkest, but probably most realistic concept. Sephiroth returns, but he's just as he was in canon. There was no manipulation on Jenova's part, he's not seeking forgiveness, and the relationship is primarily based on dominance, control, and pain.

4) Resurrection (Pre-Nibelheim): This was only made into a hypothetically possible result in canon with the release of the "On the Way to a Smile: Case of Lifestream" part of the little novella collection SE has been putting out. In that, we learn that Sephiroth used Cloud as his focus for remaining aware in the Lifestream after FFVII, and in doing so he literally abandoned all memories of his friends and most memories of his life (Save for perhaps some important ones and the things that happened from Nibelheim and onward). As shown in some FFVII materials and FFX (Which is loosely, and I can't emphasize loosely enough, connected to FFVII), Lifestream is composed of the memories, emotions, knowledge, and Spiritual Energy of the dead. It's also shown that this energy can physically manifest (Unsent, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, the spirits of the Cetra in the Temple of the Ancients, etc, etc), and that they can be "awakened" by the memories and thoughts of the living. This could hypothetically allow a saner, Pre-Nibelheim Sephiroth to manifest again. Especially if you take the "Maiden Who Travels the Planet" outlook on how they manifest (Even if it has been rendered non-canon).

So...yeah. Sephiroth pairings only work under a few circumstances for me. One's not too pleasant, one doesn't really allow for a pairing with Tifa, and the other two might allow for such a pairing but require the overused "resurrection" card.

5/21/2010 #16

It's very hard to pair him with anyone, which is why it's just best to either a) write a really, really long fic that takes a long time for the feelings to even manifest, much less show, or b) ignore the idea altogether. Seph/Tifa could work with the dark choice, though, and quite well, I have discovered.

5/22/2010 #17
Dream Seeker 13

I have to agree, the resurrection card is overly used in a lot of SephirothxTifa or any fic for that matter. And I really don't buy the whole "Oh Jenova controlled me card, so it's okay to fall for me. You have nothing to worry about." card. It's another thing that gets overused. Now for a dark pairing with Sephiroth, I don't see him lowering himself to rape and Tifa suddenly going along with it. She would go down fighting to the last breath.

Now, I'm writing a SephirothxTifa fic myself and I know it might be laughable to most that have posted in this forum. But I'm mainly using it as a stepping stone for something I have in the works. And sadly for the 2nd fic to even work, I have to use the resurrection card in a way. But I'll be trying to avoid the whole Jenova control thing. It's something I really hope I can pull off, because if I can't it fails and becomes a lot like the other fics with the cliches that are bond with Sephirothx??? fics. And for one ... another thing that bugs me. Tifa always forgives Sephiroth far to easy.

Sadly this is something I see in a lot of fics. They always tend to focus on side of Sephiroth. Either the whole evil side or the good pre-Nibelheim Sephiroth, not a lot of people tend to meet in the middle when writing Sephiroth. I prefer to try to show all sides. I mean there is a reason he flipped after all. Despite all the upheld images of Sephiroth, you have to remember. He was a human first and foremost and was pushed to brink when he discovered half-truths about his birth. You just know he didn't have the greatest of childhoods and probably was abused as child. And I don't mean hitting, all those tests and exiperments he probably had to go though ... Like Venath said, In the On the Way to a Smile shorts, it even says that Sephiroth suffered abuse at some point his life. If I remember correctly.

As far as canon goes when it comes to Jenova and Sephiroth. Don't get me started on it.

7/8/2010 #18

"Common sense would dictate that these two individuals could never become anything more than sworn enemies, and with reason, too. Tifa does not seem to be the type to quickly forgive grievances, and Sephiroth does not come across as one who could suffer the humiliation of apologizing anyway. According to the set of circumstances provided in the Final Fantasy VII game and subsequent film, the chance of these characters ever reconciling is slim, and the possibility of them becoming more than respectful, aloof acquaintances rests at absolute zero. The only hope for a Tifa x Sephiroth pairing lies in alternate universes."

I completely agree. Within canon, I can't see an in-character Tifa having any attraction for the man who killed her father, destroyed her town, killed Aeris (and I do believe Tifa and Aeris were friends), and tried to destroy the world. I am also convinced that Sephiroth's asexual. So any chance of this pairing happening within the canon FF7 world (and I'll include the Compilation) is going to be unbelievable to me.

7/9/2010 #19

You believe Seph is asexual? I have to ask why, since I believe he merely has a repressed libido from being raised the way he was.

7/9/2010 #20

I don't believe he was genetically engineered that way, if that's what you think I mean. But I believe the systematic aspect of his upbringing robbed him of sexual desire—or rather, I can easily see it and therefore it's my headcanon. Granted, I'm basing this off of the original game. I haven't played Crisis Core, nor will I.

Does that make sense?

7/9/2010 #21
Crisis Core explorers his humanity a great deal. You would have a stronger argument if you played it, or at least watched some of the cutscenes on YouTube. And yes, that makes sense, to a point. I can imagine him being, perhaps, attracted to someone but hiding it very, very well while not understanding what it is. Unlike us, he would not base it on physical attraction, but probably on something else entirely - something that maybe wouldn't make sense out of context. He is not incapable of it, nor is he an inflexible character - so it wouldn't be a stretch at all pre-Nibelheim to say he was drawn to someone. Solitude does not equal a dislike of people, after all. As you can see, I've given this a great deal of thought and discussion, so I hope that makes sense. :)
7/9/2010 #22
Dream Seeker 13

Haha, we all have our own headcanon. My personal headcanon is mixing all the sides Sephiroth has to him. But it's easy to see how he could grow up without the desire if you look solely at the original game. But if you add in Crisis Core it's hard to believe that he didn't have that desire. I mean if he was able to form friendships then surely he would have that need. It just all depends on your own view of Seph and how you see him. We each have our own views on the One-Winged Angel. I personally love all sides to him. From the guy we saw in Crisis Core to the evil bastard that killed Aerith (although I personally didn't care ... she was annoying and I really didn't like her).

Pretty much we each have our views on Sephiroth and whatever pairing we may choose for him, whether people either like it or not. But it's a real gem when someone can make something like SephirothxTifa work or even SephirothxAerith. I personally write SephTi because it's a challenge, and I like that crack pairing. Yes, I'm CloTi girl, but Cloud is too mild in my view for Tifa.

7/9/2010 . Edited 7/9/2010 #23

I don't think my argument is any less strong because I haven't played Crisis Core—in fact, I...don't think I'm arguing at all. Are you? You asked me to explain myself, I did. I didn't say I was right and you were wrong, did I? If it was implied I apologize. I'm sure my views on Sephiroth seem shallow to someone who has "given this a great deal of thought", but not everyone likes the Compilation. Some of us are old folks who had been carrying around the game canon for years before AC reared its head. I understand where you're coming from and I'd probably come to the same conclusions had I bothered to research Crisis Core. But as it stands, I haven't, don't plan to, and don't, in any way, look down on you for liking it, and I hope you don't look down on me for not.

And like Sephiroth Owa13 said, we all have our personal headcanon. That's what makes fanfic so fun.

7/9/2010 #24
Guardian Keymaster

I prefer Sephiroth with Aerith. Tifa just does not have many (if any) openings to fall for Seph.

4/29/2011 #25

I agree whole-heartedly. This pairing makes no sense in the world to me, and never will.

3/11/2012 #26
madame bellatrix

-Agreed for the most part.Maybe a pre-Nibelheim crush or something,but an all out romance is a no go.I love sideways WTF pairings (i had seen yuffie x sephi somewhere,which I can't do,gary x dawn in pokemon which is just '???!!' ...but somebody did wesker x dante MVC3 and it totally fits...BUT BACK ON TOPIC) .I can see Tifa having met him once,had a school girl crush,admired him,and hell,maybe he did something sweet like got her flowers or took her out and maybe promised later (dud...robbing the cradle,but...) .He forgot and she didn't or he tries to pulls some sick shit to piss cloud off. But this is a ship that will NEVER launch. And if it ever does,I got some torpedoes aimed for it

8/10/2014 #27

I used to be okay with Seph/Tifa but darn, Ardwynna Morrigu, you've completely turned me around. Now I can't even imagine it without the Resurrection (Villain) scenario as described above by Venath. Unless you want to 1) make the Final Fantasy VII culture function on an old-fashioned system where teenage girls are old enough to get married, 2) write Sephiroth with a streak of immorality pre-Nibelheim incident (common before Crisis Core) which is just bound to entice a bonfire's worth of flames or 3) make him aware and guilt-ridden over his attraction to a 14-year old girl, I can't imagine Seph/Tifa now ever being plausible. I've always been a AeriSeph shipper and have preferred it over every other Sephiroth pairing for a while now thanks in large part to DrAssenov from Deviant Art, but this topic seals the deal against Seph/Tifa.

Personally, I like AeriSeph best when it uses their almost-made-canon backstory where they were actually dating prior to the original game and had met when Aerith sold him a flower as a blueprint. I also think that fics that follow the idea that they met in Shinra as children during the time Ifalna and Aerith were still kept captive by the Science Research Division are quite plausible too.

But in regards to whether or not Sephiroth is capable of romantic attachment, I think it can work well either way. Making him asexual or a master of repressing his feelings is simply a matter of how well a writer can explain their preference. But just because a character isn't shown to have the emotional capacity for romantic affection, doesn't make them automatically asexual. In the end, it all comes down to interpretation.

3/22/2015 #28

I recently got hooked into "Oblivion" by The Golden Hierophant. It's the only Sephiroth/Tifa I enjoy so far because it makes sense and retains all canon elements and characterizations. Before this, it was impossible to believe a story of the two together because the odds are heavily against it.

You'll have better luck writing a legit Sephiroth/Cloud story than a Tifa/Sephiroth one. Both Cloud and Tifa were affected by Sephiroth's actions. Yet, writers can use homosexual undertones or Jenova cells or hero infatuation to explain a Sephiroth/Cloud relationship, even with the burning of Cloud's village. Not to mention, Cloud spent enough time in Shinra Inc to possibly develop a relationship with Sephiroth (perhaps even a secret one). In contrast, there isn't much to work with on a Tifa/Sephiroth one. In FF7, during Cloud's retelling, Tifa already admits Sephiroth was a cold man when they met. And unlike Cloud, she didn't get to spend much private time with Sephiroth to assess otherwise. From Sephrioth's end, Tifa is still a child. There are a LOT of challenges and little breathing room for the writer.

I normally don't vouch or promote stories here in the forums, but I'm using 'Oblivion' as a case of a Sephiroth/Tifa story done right. Yes, it plays on the Sephiroth resurrection card. However, it doesn't take the easy ways out (ie., Sephiroth forgets his past or blames it all on Jenova). It openly acknowledges all that has happened between them and it presents a premise that would logically make Tifa side with Sephiroth and Sephiroth slowly abandon Jenova. It's a gradual process of transformation, which makes the story feel real. Unless it's AU, the best way to make a relationship feel real is to confront all that's happened in the past and work your way around them. Address the points made, then offer a counter-point or a solution to that challenge. The author has to play devil's advocate a bit, but it'll make the pairing feel more real and even organic.

But in regards to whether or not Sephiroth is capable of romantic attachment, I think it can work well either way. Making him asexual or a master of repressing his feelings is simply a matter of how well a writer can explain their preference. But just because a character isn't shown to have the emotional capacity for romantic affection, doesn't make them automatically asexual. In the end, it all comes down to interpretation.

I agree with this all the way, especially the last parts. Sephiroth is such a mysterious character but, also, an objective-minded person. Objective minded persons don't usually show their emotions or their capacity to engage in romantic or physical affections. In the end, the game is very flexible to writers of both sides of the fence. I could argue a case for either conclusions in Sephiroth's case. Because the whole game is built around Sephiroth's mystery, writers have free reigns to explore whatever aspect they want to make of him. :)

5/28/2015 . Edited 5/28/2015 #29

I'm going to do a little bit of shameless self promotion here.

First thing's first: I have no problem accepting that SephTi is indeed a pretty serious crack ship. Depending on where in the canonical timeline a writer has a fic take place, there exists a significant age gap that would make a lot of people very uncomfortable. (Lots of hairy technicalities about the FFVII world's legal system/ age of adulthood vs. that of the writer's, ideas about when an adult is truly an adult, age and brain chemistry vs. experience and emotional maturity, etc. Hell, these days, we have people going so far as to argue that "adulthood" isn't technically achieved in terms of brain chemistry until after 25...It's a hornet's nest of a subject to try to broach, really. ) Even without that, yes, they are essentially mortal enemies!

But alas, it weaseled its way into OTP territory for me somewhere around late 2011/ early 2012, while I was noodling ideas about "What would it look like if Sephiroth actually won?" At first, this produced half-hearted ficlets like Cold Reality and Despair, which were completely devoid of any romance or ideas of sexual attraction whatsoever.

Then, the proverbial bomber-brigade of plot bunnies that became The Ascendant hit me. I won't give any spoilers in case someone cares to give it a read, but if anyone is interested in a really dark, canon-compliant, one-sided Sephiroth/ Tifa-centric story that doesn't devolve into porn, I highly recommend giving it a try. I don't call it a romance because it definitely isn't one, but there are some subtle undertones that "wink" in that direction. To the absolute best of my ability, there are no excuses for who the characters are, their respective histories, or how they relate to one another, and the consequences are dire to say the least.

Anyhow, to contribute to this particular thread more appropriately, while I do ship Sephiroth/ Tifa, I can very easily see how quite a few people would be put off. I myself have an extremely difficult time imagining any scenario that works out with a happy ending and in-character without delving into a more silly, ironic, humor-laden context. That being said, I think it's the fact that both characters have such strong and complex personalities that really sucked me in while I was concocting the plot for The Ascendant. Maybe I'm an exception to the rule, but sexual chemistry or the fact that they're both attractive had little to nothing to do with it.

As for the "Sephiroth Resurrection Card"--any non-AU fic that wishes to involve Sephiroth after the events of AC(C) pretty much has to, unless we're talking about time travel fics, but those aren't any less cliched. (Of course, a good reminder about cliches is that they aren't horrible in of themselves. It's how they're used or "dressed up" that really gives them that bland, annoying, "not this again" flavor, or conversely, renews them.)

7/11/2015 #30
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