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Have a challenge idea? Follow the template and post it here.

Looking for a challenge or writing prompt? Peruse the thread; I will try to keep this first post updated with the challenges list to help make it easier to navigate the thread. If you happen to successfully complete a challenge, please PM your challenge issuer so that they can edit your name and story link under the list of victors.

Hopefully, this is pretty straightforward. Any questions, though, feel free to ask.

Challenges in this thread (skip to numbered post to find it) and statuses:

Disney song challenge (open to all fandoms, post 1) - open

Crysis crossovers (Crysis fandom, post 2) - closed

Power Rangers challenge (Power Rangers fandom, post 3) - open

Sense and Sensibility challenge (Sense and Sensibility fandom, post 4) - open

The cliche challenge (open to all fandoms, post 7) - open

The made-up word challenge (open to all fandoms, post 11) - open

The Harry Potter animal challenge (Harry Potter fandom, post 15) - open

Fire Emblem challenge (Five emblem fandom, post 16) - open

Soulmate AU challenge (open to all fandoms, post 17) - open

The minor fandom crossover challenge (open to fandoms with less than 300 stories in the crossover section, post 18) - open

Conan the Barbarian/Destroyer challenge (Conan the Barbarian/Destroyer fandom, post 19) - open

The Romance challenge (open to all fandoms, post 20) - open

The Wakfu Fluff Challenge (open to all fandoms, post 21) - open

The Worst Story Ever Challenge (open to all fandoms, post 22) - closed

The Our Sister Challenge (Harry Potter fandom, post 26) - open

Great Sage, Equal to Azgard Challenge (Avengers/Thor fandom, post 27) - open

Unnamed Challenge I by Andorxor (open to all fandoms, post 28) - open

Unnamed Challenge II by Andorxor (open to all fandoms, post 29) - open

Unnamed Challenge III by Andorxor (Harry Potter fandom, post 30) - open

Deadpool/Age of Adaline Crossover Challenge (Deadpool/Age of Adaline fandoms, post 32) - open

RWBY mermaid Challenge (RWBY fandom, post 33) - open

The consent challenge (open to all fandoms, post 34) - open from January 14th, 2019 until February 13th, 2019

Pokemon minor character challenge (Pokemon fandom, post 35 and 37) - open until January 16th, 2019

Fandom: (can be fandom-specific or open to all)

Issuer of Challenge: (your penname)

Victors: (Please edit as people complete your challenge)

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: (Challenge details)

Time limit: (if any)

Prizes: (if any)

I'll post the first challenge as an example and to get people started:

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: That would be I, darkaccalia520.

Victors: The Door at the End of the Hallway by TolkienScholar,

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: We'll call this 'The Disney Song' challenge. It's pretty simple. Write either a one-shot or a WIP inspired by a Disney song or a series of Disney songs in a fandom of your choice. Personally, I am doing a series of one-shots inspired by Disney songs. These stories must be within site rules, so no songfics; in other words, please, no lyrics in your stories that are copyrighted.

You can take this song as literal or as loosely as you like. Want to have your characters all get amnesia and think they're living in a Disney film? Go for it! Anything goes! Also, you can use any Disney song. This includes ones that are well-known and in Disney films or even the more modern songs, like from Radio Disney. As long as it's from the Disney brand, it's fair game.

Time limit: none

Prizes: Anyone who participates will get an eventual review from me. Be creative and have fun. :)

11/4/2015 . Edited 1/9/2019 #1

Fandom: Crysis crossovers

Issuer of Challenge: TkdVZ05UUWdObUlnTmpjZ05HVWdOVF

Victors: None, for now.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Alcatraz throwing himself at the Ceph's Hivemind granted him hivemind intelligence. However, it opened up a wormhole, the same one the Ceph used to land themselves at Earth millions of years ago, and threw him into the Warframe verse. No, not DarkSector verse, WARFRAME verse.

You use the Nanosuit 2.0. Prophet didn't overwrite Alcatraz' mind/consciousness/memories.

Responding fic must be full-time instead of just one-hit-run, and the first chapter must be over 1,200.

Time limit: May 26, 2016

You must have a minimum of 50,000 words by the time the time limit expires.

You are free to work and update the fic as much as you want after the time limit is done.

Prizes: Hugs, kisses and a review.

11/8/2015 . Edited 11/8/2015 #2
Green ranger99

Fandom: power rangers
Issuer: Green ranger99
Feel free to take this challenge. Just please give me credit where credit is due.
When a small surviving faction of the machine empire conquers KO-35, the Zeo rangers must return to face their old foes. Along the way the rangers find an unlikely ally in a reborn Prince Sprocket. Friends both old and new shall aid them as the fight against General Darkgear.

Guidelines: The above must happen.
The letter must have been written by either Rita and Zedd, a creepy guy who stalked Kimberly, or a minion of the Machine empire.
Tommy can not be paired with Kat. I know that some people like that pairing. It just is not my thing.
Sprocket must either start out as a cyborg or be transformed into a human part way through the story.
Be creative.
There must be a team up between Zeo and In Space somewhere in the story.

Good luck!

3/23/2016 #3

Fandom: (Sense and Sensibility)

Issuer: AuntieAusten

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Do a one-shoot were Miss Margaret Dashwood is the main canon (could be set after S&S meaning after 1797, could also be an AU set in modern time.) What do you think happened to her? Did she get her heart broken like Marianne or did she marry out of love like Elinor ? The one shoot should be 500-1000 words and try to incoporate or interpret this quote;

To wish was to hope, to hope was to expect.

Should you be interested please send me a PM. Have fun !


No time limit applied.

Prizes: Review and possibly added to community.

3/24/2016 . Edited 3/24/2016 #4
Green ranger99

If anyone accepts my challenge, please pm me

3/25/2016 #5

Just clarifying something here:

If someone decides to write a challenge fic, it's their story. Not the challenger's. You don't get to insist on a certain level of credit, or have any say in whether the author continues it after the first however many words the challenge was. You put the idea out there and that's the end of your control over it.

3/25/2016 #6

Fandom: Any and all fandoms are welcome.

Issuer of Challenge: SdaTheArtist.

Victors: ZadArchie (Clash of the Enchantments),

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

The Premise: Write a fan fiction that utilizes a very common cliche, but executes it in a way that makes this cliche refreshing and purposeful in the plot.

The Rules:

  • Any cliche can be used, especially ones commonly seen here on the site.
  • The cliche in question must be significant to the entire story. In other words, the cliche cannot merely be a side element.
  • Use at least one cliche for your story.
  • You are free to use as many cliches as you desire in your story.
  • The story can range from one-shots to multi-storied series; you are not limited to the length of the story, in other words.
  • An existing story already utilizing any and all cliches are disbarred from the challenge; I would like to see well-executed cliched stories that have been written from the ground up.

When you're finished with your fic, please send me a PM so I will be informed of this and will issue the prize. (Which will be explained in the Prizes tag.)

Time Limit: This will be an ongoing challenge, so there are no time limits.

Prizes: I will compile all of the completed stories into a community, so as to archive these fics for everyone to see and read. Plus, your name will be featured on the Victors tag as an automatic additional prize!

The community can now be found here.

Happy cliche-writing!

3/25/2016 . Edited 1/2/2017 #7
Green ranger99

I get what u r saying. I just want credit for the basic idea. I want them to pm me so i can easily find the story

3/27/2016 #8
Hermiione Longbottom

Sda, totally doing your challenge :) Although is there a list somewhere? I don't know too many cliches myself cause I'm new to the community.

10/2/2016 #9

Not sure if these are what you're exactly looking for, but these links should be a good start for your story.




10/2/2016 . Edited 10/2/2016 #10

I'm loving this idea!

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: ZadArchie

Victors: #1. dtill359's The Price We Paid, #2. Venomheart the Dreamer's Captivity and Silence,#3. ShockDreemurr's The Ybuwyn Contract, #4. Starpool2's Cazoova Casserole, #5. Abbra063's Mothers (The victors' list will be updated as submissions come in).

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Below, you will find five made up words that have no meaning whatsoever. Pick one, or all if you're so inclined, and write a story in which you explain what this word means. These can be one-shots, or multi-chapters, if the muse strikes you. There is one rule: The word cannot be a name of a character, a brand name, or the name of a place. It can however, be a plant, food, animal, machine, mineral, etc. Now then, the words:






Time limit: None, which means you'll have to PM me or get my attention somehow if you do have a submission.

Prizes: I'll be creating a community just for these stories. Of course, you will receive a review from me, at some point. Special winners (I'm thinking the top 5) will make it to my profile page as personal recommendations in a special section of my profile just for these stories. If you need some clarification, check out my profile page now, and you will see an example of such a recommendation as I list my favorite stories thus far.

Happy writing! And thanks, Dark, for such a wonderful idea for a game.

10/2/2016 . Edited 11/1/2017 #11
Hermiione Longbottom

Zad, I'm going to do your challenge too :) I'm just wondering: is there a place to post the links when we're done with these?

10/2/2016 #12

In order to keep this thread down to the challenges, you could just PM me the link (making sure to put the spaces in of course since PM's are finicky about links) or just tell me the title when it is complete and I can look it up.

10/2/2016 . Edited 10/2/2016 #13

Yes, Zad is correct; we want to try to keep this thread free of extra posts outside of the challenge. Please PM your challenge issuer when you're finished (it's actually in the rules of this thread).

But as long as I have your attention, since we have a good list of challenges, I updated the first post with a list and status, etc. I wasn't too sure about how to go about organization, so if anyone has any suggestions as to how it's done, please let me know and I'll change things around a bit.

Thanks again, and happy writing and challenge creating. :)

10/2/2016 #14

Fandom: Harry Potter

Issuer of Challenge: Abbra063

Victors: None yet

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a fanfiction that involves the interaction between some of the animals in Harry Potter. Pigwidgeon, Hedwig, Fang, Crookshanks, and even Snuffles are some examples. The interactions could be romantic, friendly, or even hostile. The rest of it is up to you, just as long as it isn't just one sentence of owls hooting at each other. Now go write!

Time Limit: None

Prizes: I will most likely review your story, and you will find your name up there among the victors

10/4/2016 #15

Fandom: Fire Emblem

Issuer of Challenge: taleusername

Victors: [Pending]

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a story set in the Awakening plotline focusing on a Plegian soldier taking examples from enemies and various Support Conversations (Henry and Ricken, for example). Essentially, the account of the enemy in a very realistic light.

Time Limit: Infinite

Prizes: Your choosing if you accept. PM me for your proposal.

2/25/2017 #16
Isla Rosarry Gray

fandom: any

issuer of challenge: the glamtabulous moi

victors: none so far

your mission, should you choose to accept it is to write a SM AU for a pairing of your choice. to see ideas, just search 'soulmate au' into tumblr or pinterest and itll show you a fuckton. i personally have heaps of fun playing around with this concept and its turned out pretty well in the past. id love to read your stories once theyre up, feel free to notify me and ill check it out.

2/28/2017 #17
Raccoon Launcher

Fandom: Any with less than 300 stories on this site crossover with any other fandom

Issuer of challenge: Raccoon Launcher


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Cross over any minor fandom with another fandom. Should be more than 5,000 words, and beyond that, just enjoy the meeting of worlds and boost one of the little fandoms.

Time Limit: Untill I quit the site

Prizes: My respect.

3/2/2017 #18
Thundarr The Barbarian

Fandom: Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer

Issuer Of Challenge: Me (Thundarr The Barbarian)

Victors: None as of yet (I could be YOU!)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Write a story for the Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer Movie Fandom. The rules are as follows:

Rule #1) Story must be at least 10 chapters long, with a minimum of 3000 words per chapter.

Rule #2) Story MUST be based on the 1982 movie "Conan The Barbarian" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it's 1984 sequel "Conan The Destroyer" (absolutely NO 2011 Conan movie characters o references).

Rule #3) First chapter MUST include a cast of actors from the appropriate Era (1980's) in their assigned roles (Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan, Gerry Lopez as Subotai, Mako as Hakiro, etc).

Rule #4) Story MUST include or make reference to characters from the above mentioned movies. It also should reference the events of said movies.

Rule #5) Crossovers are allowed, but they MUST be of the same genre (Sword & Sorcery/High Fantasy/Adventure). Examples include Conan/Beastmaster, Conan/Willow, Conan/Dungeons Dragons (either the cartoon, game, or movies), Conan/Xena, Conan/Hercules (either Lou Ferrigno or Kevin Sorbo), etc.

Rule #6) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Time Limit: None at the moment (But this may change)

Prizes: The knowledge that the 1982 movie is finally getting some love on this site.

Mod edit: I'm not entirely sure what rule #3 is supposed to mean, but I'm just going to point out that RPF is not allowed on this site. Actors cannot appear, the story has to be about the characters they play.

6/15/2017 . Edited by cathrl, 6/15/2017 #19
Metal Galaxy

I believe it's time for some romance. The Romance Challenge (put this in the description or in an author's note of your entry).

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Metal Navy



Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Create a romantic One-Shot! The pairing should be abnormal, meaning you should try writing for a pairing that doesn't exist here or are few in number (meaning that the paring contains an OC or two, or contains two canon characters, but aren't often or at all paired up together in fanfiction). You cannot write a simple "both fell in love at first sight and live happily ever after" story. Throw in a complication, whether it's race involved, sexuality, or anything that can prevent a relationship from starting or continuing. Doesn't even have to be serious, it could be a stupid reason. But try to make the love feel real to the best of your ability.

Also important to note: Stay within site rules, though that should be an unspoken rule. Stories that are entered must have been made AFTER the date this challenge was posted. Any entries turned in that were created before will be turned down.

Time limit: none (PM me the link when you finish)

Prizes: A review from me.

And for those who have done their research, writing a Yuri fic will grant you brownie points with me. Maybe along the lines of having that story be put into my Community? Don't let this discourage you from writing a Yaoi, however. I'll read those as well if any are entered.

6/30/2017 . Edited 2/10/2018 #20

This summer I started a Wakfu Fluff Challenge on the Wakfu forums - and it flopped. :C But I loathe to waste such a good bunch of prompts, so... hereby I set them free.

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: m.tarnina

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: The rules of the original game said you had to write a single scene fic in accordance with the three unities rule, but don't worry about this (unless you do want to challenge yourself this way), just go forth and do fluff!

The Seven Prompts with examples of how to interpret them. Do not use OC's, except for prompts 2 and 7 (but only if you can't help it):

  1. A parent/caretaker worrying about their child/ward as they first try their wings (eg. Molly Weasley sending Bill to Hogwarts)
  2. A bunch of kids (no older than 12) helping (or "helping") a temporarily weakened grown-up do his/her job (eg. Cutie Mark Crusaders taking over a sick AJ's duties)
  3. Panicky expectant father - must be a canon pregnancy! (eg. Dally pacing nervously outside the Sadida palace infirmery, listening and feeling at once rotten and blessed) but doesn't have to be biological father (that is, if you want to write about Mal fretting for Zoe, knock yourself out)
  4. A future master doing whatever they will be master of for the first time (eg. padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi's first attempt at Jedi mind trick)
  5. A steady-going couple having a spat (pick a topic) (eg. Wash and Zoe arguing about having a baby)
  6. A sanguine character helps their melancholic friend prepare for an event of your choice (eg. Anna choosing a dress for Elsa before a party with a hot foreign ambassador) - play this for as much comedy of humours as you're able to
  7. A glimpse of the life of a villain's minion (self-evident; if your canon has multiple villains, pick your favourite; the minion must be a small fry - nothing above the rank of stormtrooper).

Time limit: none

Prizes: Bragging rights ;)

(darkaccalia520 and Rhea Silverkeys, thanks for chastising me and Merry Christmas!)

12/25/2017 #21
Pepper Finn

The Worst Story EVER Challenge - Round Two! - Updated and reopened!

Fandom: Any. That's right, you heard me. Open to everything and everyone

Issuer of Challenge: Pepper Finn

Victors: None yet. I'll do a top 2 or 3 depending on takers

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Back when I was on Harry Potter Fan Fiction (HPFF) my favourite writing prompts and things to read came from the Worst Story Ever challenges. Some of the entries where glorious train wrecks of awesomeness that I still read and make me laugh fondly to this very day. They really pushed you to get out of a block, have fun and do all the things you know you shouldn't do.

So, you mission if you choose to accept is to write the worst story ever.


1) Must be well written in a SPaG way. Randomly smashing your hands for 10 minutes on the keyboard then hitting publish doesn't count. I want it to be bad because you have any or all of the following: a nonsensical plot, cliches for days, random romantic interactions/pairings that suddenly happen for no reason, insipid dialogue, perfect Mary Sue/Gary Stu inserts (making out with everyone optional) and the most over the top, crazy and out of character scenes to play out. Give in to your bad!

Basically think "how can I make this worse/make them OOC/shove in another cliche/do something any good writer knows do avoid?" And you'll be on the right track.

2) One Shots only! Try to keep it around 5k or less. There's only so much bad people can handle in one go.

3) Mention in the summary that this is for a Worst Story Ever contest. This is more for your protection. People coming to your story not expecting parody/badness can get offended or besmirch your name. It's happened. This gives you the chance to point out to them that you warned them and they ignored it. At the end is fine - For Pepper Finns "Worst Story EVER" contest is enough. Also make your summary suck. Bad spelling and grammar allowed there.

4) PM me the link and I'll make a post so everyone can find the entries. Half the fun of this contest is reading what everyone else came up with and getting inspired. Victors will be posted here.

5) This lends itself best to romance, parody or comedy. Do NOT write a serious story. If you can pull off an action or murder mystery I will be impressed. "Very impressed." She chortled, stroking her imaginary beard, her requisite white villain cat and doomsday button all at the same time.

Time limit: Christmas Day 2019 - Story MUST be published and link sent by then

Prizes: In Depth review of your WSE and 2 other chapters of your choosing. 2nd Place In Depth review of your WSE and 1 other chapters of your choosing. Summary mention that you won a contest (if you're into that kind of thing) Lots of love and best of luck!

Here's one I submitted to a WSE contest ages ago to help give you some direction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12795452/1/Hermione-Granger-and-the-Quest-for-a-Soul-Mate

1/7/2018 . Edited 8/8/2019 #22

@Pepper, I was wondering if you could explain a little more about what would qualify as the worst story ever. Is it basically a hilarious crack!fic? Maybe you could even provide an example of what you're looking for? Your challenge sounds intriguing, but I'm not sure I understand just what sort of story would qualify. Thank you in advance.

1/7/2018 #23
Pepper Finn

Here is s a link to one of my parody fics I entered into a WSE contest.

Did you want me to add the link to the challenge description?


1/10/2018 #24
Sure, that would be great, Pepper. :)
1/10/2018 #25
Trainer Fiona

Our Sister Challenge

Fandom:Harry Potter

The super amazing challenge Issuer of DOOM: me

Victors: None

Your Mission: Ginny Weasley is the daughter of James and Lily Potter

Rule 1) Ginny is the daughter of James and Lily Potter. Whether she is biological or the result of ones of the Potters is up to you

Rule 2) Ginny must find out eventually

Rule 3) Harry Potter must find out eventually

Rule 4) If she is an result of an affair, she has to be living with that family. Whether Harry joins them is up to you.


Harry can be in love with Ginny before they find out

An immensely guilty Molly Weasly confesses to Ginny after the chamber of secrets

Ginny can be the same age as Harry (a twin) or a year younger like canon

Have fun!

8/9/2018 #26

Great Sage, Equal to Azgard Challenge

Fandom: Thor, Avengars

The challenge Issuer: AncientDoom

Victors: None

Your Mission: Bring Sun Wukong to Azgard!

option 1: Sun Wukong is born from an Infinity Stone

option 2: Sun Wukong is exiled from another realm by Buddha or caught by Thor/Loki and becomes that puppy you can't just seem to get rid of.

Prize: Loads of hugs!

8/16/2018 #27

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Andorxor


Certain Death by ZadArchie

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

  • The story must end with the same sentence it started with
  • The first and last sentence must have the same character in it
  • That character must die during the story
  • No timetravel or dimension travel, clones,raising the death or technical dead for some seconds
9/14/2018 . Edited 9/30/2018 #28

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Andorxor


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

  • The Viewpoint character is reincarnated
  • The Viewpoint character is not from the setting it reincarnated at or our world
  • Crossovers and original worlds are allowed for the origin
  • The character does not gains the gamer power (atleast not just for being reincarnated)
9/17/2018 #29

Fandom: Harry Potter

Issuer of Challenge: Andorxor


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

  • The hat sorts Harry into a 5. house with him as the only member and the hat as head of the house
  • During the years several strange characters join Harrys house,like:
    • Harry rescues the unicorn and it starts following him around .Than the hat declares it is a student when Snape want to banish it from the schoolgrounds
    • Hagrid want to finish his education and the fifth house is a loophole he can use to do it
    • Harry persuades the troll that joining the school is better than smashing Hermione
    • ...Use your own imagination as long as the new student is strange it counts.Yes that means that Luna will have no problems joining Harrys house
9/17/2018 . Edited 9/17/2018 #30
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