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Kitsune no Tora

Yup. One of my favorite authors when I first started reading and writing on this site died a few years ago--there's a note from someone on her profile detailing her death, but all her stories are still up, and as far as I know people still read them. Unless a family member or friend logged onto someone's account and deleted everything off of it, if an author here died it's not like the site is going to know.

2/1/2012 #211

but some people want their email addresses removed from fanfiction, plus what if someone died and their email address and account is still on there.

What if they are? If the family shut the email address down then no more emails will get through, and why shouldn't their stories stay up?

There are at least two authors in the Thunderbirds fandom who are dead. One of them gave control of the account over to her writing partner before she died - the partner doesn't post stories there, but she can do things like deleting anonymous spam reviews. I don't know about the other one, but her stories are certainly still up.

If you want your email address removed, all you have to do is remove it. Go into your profile and edit it to a throwaway or made up address.

2/2/2012 #212
Lord Kelvin

'Unsubscribing' from this site is a funny experience. One sure-fire-proof-dandy way is to plagiarise 50 stories, agitate the most popular authors and have everything removed in the process. Your profile, stories and reviews go away in one gulp. Does not affect forum posts or forums you have created. I really discourage the use of that method. But don't just say it's impossible to 'quit'.

It was like that for as long as I can remember. Might change eventually since FFN thinks it is dealing with an upswing in spam accounts, but I wouldn't call that a good thing. One of the reasons FFN is awesome is that you can leave for two years, come back and see everything as it was. Try that on LiveJournal or off-site forums. All is purge-purge-purge when six months pass by.

Besides, if you really care about things, you can always sue. FFN will be delighted to erase whatever info it has about you. Which should be remarkably little, compared to what you gave the site's advertisers. Or Facebook.

2/2/2012 #213

Is there a way to find out the author of a deleted story? I was going to Author alert, but the story was deleted before I could do it! I know they're going to repost it, but I wanna know when. Is there a way to find out?

2/15/2012 #214

If you know the author's name, you can use FFnet's search function.

If you don't know the author's name, you could try doing a search for the story and hope it comes up because the search is going through a database that hasn't been updated yet with the deletion.

2/15/2012 #215
yet another ghost

Ummm...hi. I'm really new to FanFiction, and I have a question on betas. How do you get a beta? I know how to search and check out beta profiles, but how do you make them your beta and get them the stories? Sorry for the stupid question. And for being an idiot.

2/16/2012 #216

To get a beta, all you have to do is PM someone who has a beta profile, requesting that they beta your story. To get them the actual story, all you have to do is tell them to connect to you through Docx. To connect, first you go to the tabs, go to DOCX, and click the tab that says CONNECTIONS. Then go to the purple box, and enter their UserID, PenName or Profile URL. Then once they connect it's really simple. All you do is when you are submitting a document in Doc Manager, just click the DocX instead of Story, then when you submit it, it's as a docx. Then, go back down to DOCX, but click OUTBOX. Once you've done that, just choose recipient, the document you want to send and then enter a comment in the box. Then just press send document, and you'll be able to track the document's progress, to see if they've seen it yet. And to get it back, when they send it, just click INBOX, and it'll show up once they've sent it. Make sure you don't have more than ten documents sent or you'll have to delete some. And you'll also get an email saying Docx Delivery, meaning they've returned the document. By using a docx rather than a story, it saves your fonts and anything you've colored/highlighted etc.

2/16/2012 #217

I'm trying to change my old password, but sad to say I been unable to remember what my old one was in order to change it! Is there anyone here that can help me with this problem, I be very grateful!!!

3/2/2012 #218

I don't know how you're on the site if you forgot your password, but my suggestion is go to the login, and click the " Forgot Password" button and I think it will have you type in your email. (Which I hope you haven't forgotten), then I think it will send you your password through your email...something like that.

3/2/2012 #219

I've recently switched from verizon to comcast for my internet and I need to change my email address... and I have a question. I changed it and then thye sent me a verify email, but when I opened the email to verify the link within the email didn't work. What do I do? Any advice will be greatly appreciated

SeddieForwood :)

3/15/2012 #220

update: i did what the email told meto do and it still isnt fixed... how long does it take to be in effect? HELP

3/15/2012 #221
Ali Lovette

can a blocked user see your profile or stories? and does it tell them if they've been blocked?

3/16/2012 #222

Yes a blocked user can see your profile and stories. They just can't contact you in any way like PMing or reviewing. I'm not sure if they can see that they have been blocked. It might just show a message saying that the user has disabled them from being contacted by you at the time. I know that they can see all of your stuff like usual, just not talk to you.

3/16/2012 #223

Hello, I just alway wanted to ask that I havn't got the email about a story update in a few days or any other updates and I was curious to check and found lots of story have updated, it has also happened on my spare email. I've checked my account setting but the emailalert is enabled...Do you know what happened? Thank you.

3/20/2012 #224


I'm having the exact same problem, I've checked my FF settings, I've also checked my email settings. But everything seems to be okay, and I have asked Hotmail support about it, but they are useless, and don't know what the problem is. I sent an email to support about, and recieved an email saying they will look into the problem. But nothing ele has been said, and I don't want to keep emailing them.

3/20/2012 #225
R3-1 M4y3r

There is currently a general problem that there are no stats and no alert mails of any kind being sent out. It should be sorted in a couple of days. It's not due to your profile or e-mail accounts. So just hang in there.

3/20/2012 #226


Thank you very much, I've been worried it was me.


3/20/2012 #227

Ah okie thank you :)

3/20/2012 #228

You know the "Account", "Publish" tabs at the side when you open your account settings? They won't expand. I can't access anything unless I know the link.

Help please? Or at least give the links? (like login.fanfiction.net/account/settings.php, etc.)

4/13/2012 #229

Help please? Or at least give the links? (like login.fanfiction.net/account/settings.php, etc.)

You can get at the links by viewing the page's source, but that might not be easy depending on your browser or knowledge of HTML, so here they are:


login.fanfiction.net/account/settings.php - Settings

login.fanfiction.net/account/backup_emails.php - Backup Emails

login.fanfiction.net/account/profile.php - Profile

login.fanfiction.net/account/pic.php - Avatar

login.fanfiction.net/account/blocks.php - Block Users


login.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_main.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/docs/docs.php - Doc Manager (Upload)

login.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_new_s1.php - New Story

login.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_list.php - Manage Stories

login.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_guide.php - Rules & Guidelines


login.fanfiction.net/pm2/inbox.php - Inbox

login.fanfiction.net/pm2/outbox.php - Outbox


login.fanfiction.net/alert/guide.php - Settings/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/alert/author.php - Author Alerts

login.fanfiction.net/alert/story.php - Story Alerts

login.fanfiction.net/alert/community.php - Community Alerts


login.fanfiction.net/favorites/guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/favorites/author.php - Favorite Authors

login.fanfiction.net/favorites/story.php - Favorite Stories

FORUMS: login.fanfiction.net/forum/forums_tab_guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/forum/forums_tab_forums.php - My Forums

login.fanfiction.net/forum/forums_tab_moderation.php - Forum Participation


login.fanfiction.net/poll/polls_tab_guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/poll/polls_tab_polls.php - Polls


login.fanfiction.net/reviews/guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/reviews/history.php - Review History

login.fanfiction.net/reviews/delete.php - Remove Review


login.fanfiction.net/beta/guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/beta/profile.php - Beta Profile

login.fanfiction.net/beta/preference.php - Beta Preferences DOCX: login.fanfiction.net/docx/guide.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/docx/inbox.php - Inbox

login.fanfiction.net/docx/outbox.php - Outbox

login.fanfiction.net/docx/connects.php - Connections



login.fanfiction.net/community/c2m_tab_main.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2m_tab_edit.php - Create/Edit

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2m_tab_staff.php - My Staff

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2m_tab_story.php - Archive

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2m_tab_stats.php - Stats


login.fanfiction.net/community/c2s_tab_main.php - Info/Guide

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2s_tab_staff.php - My Communities

login.fanfiction.net/community/c2s_tab_story.php - My Contributions


login.fanfiction.net/stats/story_eyes.php - Story Stats

login.fanfiction.net/stats/story_eyes_profile.php - Profile Stats

login.fanfiction.net/stats/forum_eyes.php - Forum Stats

login.fanfiction.net/stats/community_eyes.php - Community Stats

login.fanfiction.net/stats/story.php - Legacy Story Stats

login.fanfiction.net/stats/user.php - Legacy User Stats

4/13/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #230

Ah, okay. Thank you~

4/15/2012 #231

Sorry to ask, but where can I find where it says how many people have favorited a story I wrote, and how many alerts it has? Thank you.

4/20/2012 #232

They're under Story stats - Legacy story stats.

4/21/2012 #233
June Sujare

Hi, I'm new to the site and I'm trying to understand the difference between Hits and Visitors. Is it better for there to be more hits than vistors? Does that mean people are reading more chapters of your story?

4/26/2012 #234

Visitors are individual readers or rather more specifically they are individual visits connected for 24 hours. So one person who comes in the early evening and starts a long chapter then comes back in the morning to continue - that counts as one visit. But if instead he comes back a couple of days later then that counts as another visit(visitor). I believe the 24 hours starts afresh each time the visitor comes back so theoretically if he comes twice every day then one visit could extend over months. It's a bit confusing but generally just consider one visitor = one reader.

Hits are just the pages that any visitor turns to so if one visitor reads three chapters in one visit it counts as one visitor on each chapter but a total of one visitor for the whole story and it counts as one hit for each chapter but three hits total for the story. If that reader also just flips back to the chapter before to refresh his memory where the story got to then that counts as yet another hit. Also, if he connects to the story from a search or a the browser filter lists then he always starts at Chapter 1 then selects the chapter he actually wants - so that's another hit for Chapter 1. So generally every page (chapter) a visitor turns to is a hit.

So you'll see lots of hits for Chapter 1 but there are other reasons for lots of hits on early chapters such as anyone who just clicks on the story to read a paragraph then decides they don't like it still counts as a visitor and a hit on Chapter 1.

Many visitors starts a multi-chapter story and read a few chapters but unless they carefully manage the stories they are following with bookmarks or email alerts they might forget to come back find some other story they like better. The result is that typically multi-chapter stories have the larges hits and visitors on Chapter 1; this dwindles perhaps by half over the next two or three before it begins to stabilize to the die-hard readers who follow it to the end.

There's a stats thread here might have more interest for you...


4/26/2012 #235

Why do my alerts settings keep getting turned off? It's very frustrating thinking that I'm not getting any reviews, favs, etc. There's also the problem of not realizing I received a review for days or weeks at a time and I'm very late with replying to it.

4/26/2012 #236

I think they keep getting turned off because the site is updating something. I saw that under Manage Stories, they changed the look of it and style so they might be doing that to other tabs. As for knowing if you got reviews, I don't know other than checking the stories that you actually care about the reviews (incomplete or ones you are working on) every day. As for any story alerts you have, I would say go under Alerts, Story Alerts, and then click on Updated, and then you can see which ones most recently updated. It doesn't work for Author Alerts, but I think it's helpful for Story Alerts at least.

For the reviews, I would just check the ones that you are working on daily. That's what I do, or else I just don't reply.

It also could be possible that on your email you click the button that says, " Unsubscribe" or something like that. If you hit that button it turns all your connections to FFNet off.

4/26/2012 #237
June Sujare

Thanks for the info.

4/26/2012 #238

I don't know how many people have me on their favorite or subscribed list. I would also like to know how many people have my stories on their subscribed or favorite list ._. I've looked everywhere but I can't find it.

Help? x)

5/7/2012 . Edited 5/7/2012 #239

In your profile, go to Traffic Stats and then Legacy Story Stats. How many favourites and alerts each story has is listed in there.

5/7/2012 #240
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