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Kitsune no Tora

They promised to bring forums to mobile "in a few days" back in 2010. Besides, there aren't that many active forums.

I remember that, because I was excited that I might be able to post on forums on my phone. Then it didn't come for another year. (And then I discovered that my phone really is a failure and doesn't let me anyway.)

Curses...I hadn't noticed those were gone, too. My profile is a mess... Should I back up the hyperlinks?

When I go to edit my profile, all the divider lines and hyperlinks are still there. They just don't show up on the actual page. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to back up your hyperlinks, though.

I know you can't add scripts to your page (it gets cropped out when you save), but if someone found a loophole in the filter it still looks like a major overreaction on FFN's part.

I'd say. I'm thinking it was a relatively large group of people that figured it out, but then again, it's hard to pinpoint FFN staff's rationality for some of the things they do, anyway. We don't know unless they tell us, and they rarely seem to do so.

Nah. The front page lied. I had some internal links and they were disabled on day one. I also added a blinking font to one sentence (when you put your mouse cursor over it, the font changes colour), and that one's also gone. At least they left bold...and I can still put in plain text links.

After I updated my profile I went to it and checked those links, and they worked...unless I'm crazy or something, that changed in the last 24 hours. And yes, only hyperlinking seems to be disabled--after they disabled outside links I put in plain text links as well, and they are still there today.

The main difference, one that is obvious, is the amount of threads to put on your screen when you browse. In forums with lots of filled topics, say 50 chat threads, the effect will be considerable. The problem - few forums grow this big. Nearly all of them are concentrated on the front page of hyper popular fandoms.

So it's negligible space. There goes that idea. Hmmmm.

1/29/2012 #151

When I go to edit my profile, all the divider lines and hyperlinks are still there. They just don't show up on the actual page.

Though I viewed my profile with two different browsers already, it's a relief—and also disappointing—to know I'm not the only one affected. Hopefully things will be fixed soon, as I've had to resort to repeating a string of "~ O ~ O ~" just to maintain some semblance of organization on my profile, which I don't particularly like.

1/30/2012 #152

Hi everybody! I just published my first story. Is it true that I cannot see how many times it has been read (how many hits there are)? I would like to know how many people have added it to their favourite list - can I check it somewhere?

1/31/2012 #153

You can see how many hits (page loads) and viewers (unique ip addresses) there are on each chapter of your story in your profile under "Traffic Stats"

1/31/2012 #154

^That is SO cool! Thanks a lot, I wouldn't have looked there myself! :)

1/31/2012 #155
The Lauderdale

Legacy story stats will show total Hits received (as in, every hit ever recorded for your individual stories since hits first started being recorded on the site), as well as Favs, Alerts, and whether the story has been added to any C2s (Communities.)

Interestingly, while you can set your account to email you if someone faves or puts your story on alert, you can't get C2 alerts (if your story is added to one, I mean - you can get C2 alerts if you have subscribed to a particular community and they add a story.) I have been startled before, in visiting my Legacy stats, to see that my story had been added to somebody's C2.

1/31/2012 #156

I've wrote a story that is based on a poem. And it's still in the story of the poem and everything so I wouldn't want to put it on Fiction Press but there are no poem catogries on here, would it be possible for me to somehow request it to Fanfiction or would I just have to put it on Fiction Press or something?

Thank You.

2/2/2012 #157

You can't put it on fictionpress if it's based on someone else's work.

I think it would need to go in Misc Books - presumably the poem is from a book of poetry?

2/2/2012 #158
The Lauderdale

Wait a minute. I take it the poem this is based on is a narrative poem. So is it still under copyright or is it in the public domain? For example, a story based on "The Highway Man" (1906) or "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" (1842) could feasibly be placed on either site. (Sort of like works based on Shakespeare could be on either site.)

2/2/2012 . Edited 2/2/2012 #159

Are notifications sent when chapters are updated? If not, how do you let your readers know they've been updated without waiting until you are ready to post your next chapter?

3/7/2012 #160

No, stories are not marked as updated when you edit, change, or update an existing chapter. To fanfiction.net, Update means add a chapter (or new story) only otherwise everybody would be changing one word every day just to get into the new updates list then changing the word back the next day.

In theory you could pm those you know are receiving update alerts on your story. Whether that is good etiquette I don't know. It is normally expected that authors only publish completed chapters not add material to an already published chapter.

3/7/2012 #161

Hey, I'm new to FFnet, and I've been reading the forums trying to find an answer, but so far I haven't seen anything similar. I joined FFnet about three days ago, and I'm trying to upload my first story. When I click on Document Manager, it tells me that I haven't waited the two days that I need to wait. It says that it would be available to use on 3/16/12 at 7:22pm in my time zone. It's a day after that specified time and date, and it's still telling me to wait so that I don't spam the website. I've already read and agreed to the guidelines, so I'm not sure what else to do.

3/17/2012 #162

I'm not certain but I think I've seen people post about this before and it does eventually work. it's annoying but all I can suggest is wait a couple more days then if it's still not working, contact admin at one of the email addresses in the help at top right.

3/17/2012 #163

Have you logged out and in again? It's possible that it's looking at your login time, not the current time. You could also try clearing cookies.

Apart from that, I'm not sure what to suggest.

3/18/2012 #164

Thanks you guys! It literally started working about five minutes ago, I guess I just hadn't waited long enough.

3/18/2012 #165
Is it possible to make/create stories on an I pod touch IOs 2 without getting the app? I know you can publish them, but what about creating?
3/18/2012 #166

Are any of you having problems with the search option? My psychoshipping story won't show up, whether I type in "Psychoshipping", which is in the summary, or the title of the story. The search bar hasn't been working correctly for me for weeks. I've contacted the site about it but no reply and no solution. Anyone have any ideas? I believe my story not showing up in searches is one of the reasons I have so few readers for it.

3/19/2012 #167

Search is buggy but I see you updated yesterday so it's worth waiting a day or two for it to show in the search. If not, try changing a few things in the summary. Reword it, move the word Psychoshipping elsewhere, even consider changing the title. I know it sounds crazy but there might be something that by chance is confusing the sort routine. But as I say, give it a couple of days. I have a theory they sometimes take time to get moved into the sorter.

3/20/2012 #168

um...can the administrators delete the accounts for us since they created the site?

4/6/2012 #169
Kitsune no Tora

Technically, yes, but it's very rare. Deleting everything on it and leaving it for dead is just about all you can do.

4/6/2012 #170

Hey i've got a question. I tried to change the email account on my profile so it will send reply alerts to the new account and i did that. It sent one forum thread reply to the new account, but now it is sending everything else the the previous account. Can someone help me?

4/9/2012 #171

Maybe it takes time to adjust. Apart from that all I can suggest is contact Admin via the Help or possibly remove and re-add your story alerts etc if there are not too many.

4/9/2012 #172

Ok thank you:)

4/10/2012 #173

I added a story a few days ago, but don't see it when I look through the available stories for my topic- Walking Dead. Have I done something wrong? I am not getting any reviews and it looks to me like the only hits I am getting are from my friends.

Can anyone offer some advice here?

4/10/2012 #174

It is there but the filter browsing is very unpredictable. My own stories disappear with some filtering but present with others. [I mean even when the filtering applies of course.]

I see your story is Rated T on your profile but M in the story so I guess you changed it? I found it in the browse filtering under T. You may have to enter a few other filters to see it - characters, language, etc.

There are a lot of titles similar to 'The Resurrection.' You might consider changing it before you add your next chapter to something more distinctive like 'Painful Resurrection' or 'Tortuous Dark' or "Resurrection Excruciatum' or something a bit more distinctive. Keep Resurrection in the summary at least for those who search for that.

4/10/2012 . Edited 4/10/2012 #175

Hey, I just posted my first story, and I was wondering how I add Author's Notes onto my stories.

Thanks in advance. :)

4/11/2012 #176
Kitsune no Tora

There's no special way to do it. You just write it in yourself in the document.

4/11/2012 #177

There is no separate entry for Author's Notes.

Just type them in at the top and/or bottom of the chapter.

It is recommended that you put in a divider to separate them from the story such as the horizontal rule (see top button in editor)

4/11/2012 #178

Thanks! I was going to call it "I, Zombie" but then I Googled that to make sure there was nothing else with that title. There was, so I decided to change it. I was then going to call it "The Long, Slow, Stuttering Shuffle" but that sounded too much like a bad dance craze. Then the Thriller dance got stuck in my head, so I changed it again. It was Easter when I was ready to post, so I thought "The Resurrection" would be ironic. It is kind of generic, though.

I am a bit afraid to change it now, since I posted it on Facebook and Twitter under the original link. If I change the title, will that change the link too?

Also, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it!

4/11/2012 #179

Yes, I think that changing the title will break links.

4/11/2012 #180
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