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I don't think there is a rule against starting a story in one account and continuing it in another. There is the 'no two copies of the same story' rule, but I couldn't make out from your post whether you intend to copy and repost the story before you continue it.

Only problem I see is that it could be confusing the (new) readers, because one story ends a bit randomly and another starts a bit randomly. May want to put up a good author's note or even a summary of the original story at the start of your continuation.

11/17/2010 #61
Sierra Sutherwinds

Yeah, I figured that much. My intentions, in the worst case scenario, are to continue the story where it was left. But I still hope that my partner will pull through before taking any drastic measures. Anyway, a good summary before continuing the story under another author's name seems the best choice if we get there. Thank you for clearing things out, you've been a lot of help :)

11/17/2010 #62

Not sure if this has been asked or not. I've looked but no luck.

My question is: In a story I'm writing, I want to have scene changes during chapters. Normally I'd put a line of asteriks or extra spaces in the font to do this, but whenever I look at the story on FFnet I can't find the spaces. Is this a formatting issue or something?

11/19/2010 #63

FFnet is rather particular about what you can and can't use as line breaks, I'm afraid. Some of my older stories, I look back at them and realise that all the scene-breaks have become obsolete. Usually it's when you have 3 identical characters following each other -- I know that some people use a string of OoOoO or supported symbols to create their own scene breaks and get around this

If you want a slightly simpler option, though, I'd suggest this. In the Document Manager, you'll find a horizontal line next to the "centring" option. If you position your cursor in the appropriate place and click this option, it inserts a line break in the appropriate part of the document. It can take a little while to get used to, and it's much less personal... but at least it works.

Hope this was of use~.

11/19/2010 #64

Eureka! I cannot tell you how happy knowing that makes me. A huge load off my mind. Thanks!

11/19/2010 #65

How long does it take until a new sub-category is added? I can not do ANYTHING with my story! Also, do you absolutely have to add characters along with the submission? And if it doesn't happen soon, then what is the hold up?


1/12/2011 #66

Hi! It took my submission about 18 days, but I got a response in two weeks (I forgot to include who the author of the book/series was, so I had to reply to that). If there are any delays, it is probably a result of there being a lot of requests, and not enough time to go through them (this is just my speculation though, I really don't know). And you can add characters if you want to, I did, and I had a lot of them (which may have been why it took so long too). I would recomend submitting the MAIN main characters, especially if you plan on writing a story with them in it, but you don't have to.

1/12/2011 #67

Thanks, reader300 for your response. I must say though, 18 DAYS??????? I'll admit I am NOT a patient person. People told me fanfiction.net was easy. Instead, I was nearly tearing my hair out, wondering what I was doing wrong for my story not to show. I couldn't add chapters. Then, somehow I was bounced into the category thing and cross-over area. I only want to add a sub-category for the TV show, which is not listed. Way way too many main characters to fit in. Don't want the phantom administration working over-overtime. I have been a little overly anxious in wanting to post my story.

Plus, I had a heck of a time just trying to find an area on this forum which deals with "support!"

1/12/2011 #68

Like I said, I think I messed up a couple of things (because I'd never done it before) so I think the person who did the category couldn't find it...so that might have slowed it down (otherwise it would have been like less than two weeks)...yea thats the one part of this website thats slower is responses to emails. Don't give up on the website though, the rest of it makes up for it! It can be a little frustrating, but I think that part is because now there a lot more users (just a guess really)...but hang in there, it'll get added soon, and then you'll be able to post it up!

1/12/2011 #69

I decided to start a C2 for a community on a TV show under misc. Only, now I have no idea how to add my ten chapter story into it. I do like the idea of my community being tucked away from the main "TV show" category. I just want this story up. My problem is, when I want to add it to the change category area, I'm taken back to the generalized population of misc TV shows, not my community. What am I doing wrong and how can this be rectified?

1/12/2011 #70

I don't quite follow what you are asking here. C2s and categories are different.

You have to add your story to an existing category on this site.

You can then add it to your C2. This does not change which category it is listed in. To add it to your community, you have to go to the Communities tab in your account page and click on Archive.

You can't make your C2 into a category. Your community is called "Hill Street Blues" and is located in the Misc. TV Shows category.

1/13/2011 #71

Let's forget about categories, shall we?

Yes. I have a C2. I understand that is a community.

My story is in the misc: TV Shows section right now.

How do I add the story to my C2? It's saying I'm not with any community. Does that mean I have to add myself as a staff member even though I created the community? What happens if it does not let me? I tried my user ID and email address. It won't work. What is it I am doing wrong? This shouldn't be hard.

1/13/2011 #72

Okay. I think I just figured it out. Go down to the end of the story and put it in a community. Now though when I check my community, it says it's in there but when I check on the C2 itself, it says there is 0 in the archive? What?? It's in the C2 but now won't show up? Also, I can't find my community page anywhere under the misc: TV Shows page. Now what? Just when I thought everything was right. ::sigh::

1/13/2011 #73

How can I get the bulkiness out of stories? I want my stories to be pleasing to the eye.

2/7/2011 #74

What do you mean by 'bulkiness'? I looked at a couple fics and didn't see any.

Just make sure you hit enter after you finish a topic. Each paragraph should essentially be about one thing.

2/7/2011 #75

I mean the paragraphs get really big, i dont think people would read it all if its that much

2/8/2011 #76

They're not. Just follow the directions I gave you and you'll be fine. And listen to your reviewers.

If you want more specific help, check out the Review Game (look at some of the other reviews people have given. Yours doesn't have to be that long, but make sure its detailed) and tell them what you want help with.

Or you can post in the concrit thread. No reviewing required there, but the Review Game guarantees you a review, whereas the concrit thread doesn't.

I gotta warn you though, the last poster in the Review Game is really good, so you may have to focus on telling him what you like rather than what you think needs to be fixed. It's still just as helpful.

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #77

Your paragraphs aren't particularly big. However, they do often include dialogue from more than one person. A good place to start would be by starting a new paragraph every time someone speaks.

Your writing has more issues than that, though. There are an awful lot of spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and wrong use of punctuation, and there's an almost complete lack of any description of the surroundings or what anyone's thinking or feeling.

2/9/2011 #78


Im in process of editing them. In my recently updated stories grammar/spelling are being corrected. there always seems to be new errors every time I look back at a story after a while.

2/9/2011 #79

Is there a way to mark someone as your beta officially on this site? Like, when you see the story on a thread, it shows the author AND the beta? Thanks, just wondering.


2/9/2011 #80
Kitsune no Tora

No. You can mention it in an author's note in the actual story or the summary if you wish, though.

2/9/2011 #81

Thank you, Kitsune:)


2/9/2011 #82

Like Kitsune said, no.

What a good idea, though. It would make it so much easier to see whether you thought they might be a good match for you.

2/10/2011 #83

Why thank you, and I agree with you totally. They should enable this whenever they do a new update of the site; it would make things a lot easier and it would be nice to be able to always see the Beta, just for fun:) Haha


2/10/2011 #84

I am trying to update my story, but I keep getting an error message error type 2 when I try to access my story Harry Potter And The Legion of Doom. I have Explorer 8 and Windows 7.

3/25/2011 #85
Kitsune no Tora

Everyone is having this problem regarding the larger fandoms. As far as I've seen, it's select sections that have 15,000 or more stories and all fandoms with 20,000 or more in them.

There is a work around, outlined here at the Fanfic Help Desk.

3/25/2011 #86

Hi, I have a problem and i didn't know how to set up a new post bit.

When i want to upload a story i go to my stories and i press on the title of a "Twilight" Catergory but i constantly get a notice popping up saying that there is an error in processing my request, this has been happening for almost a month now. i was wondering if there was any way in getting rid of it. I am desperate to upload some of the stories but am unable. I also noticed that is it is only happening on the twilight stories and not my others! Is there something wrong with my computer or the site??



3/29/2011 #87

The post above yours details how you can work around it. Everyone knows about the problem already. It seems to only affect the popular fandoms, so Twilight would be one of those hit.

3/29/2011 #88

Oh My God! Thank you SOOO much!!! I never realised! (#-.-#)

Leah x

3/29/2011 #89

How do I make my story a cross over? How do I edit the rating of my story? And how do I edit that paragraph that shows what the story is about before they click on it?

4/28/2011 #90
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