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Does anybody know what happens when you delete a chapter? I have one that I want to delete and add to the previous chapter, but will the reviews for that chapter disappear if I delete it?

3/6/2012 #151

No, the reviews will only disappear if you delete the whole story. Deleting only a chapter will not make any difference.

3/6/2012 #152
fallen Silverwing

how long exactly does it take for a report on a plagiarized story to reach the admins?

What I mean is another author made an imitation and inspiration from another authors work.

The funny thing is the author of the story ignored a harsh critic who is the head of Critics United and continued his work regardless.

Said author took the idea, and characters from another author named Cerderius.

It's a close imitation even if it breaks off, but he still stole the authors hard work.

3/9/2012 . Edited 3/9/2012 #153

I have a question that may seem a bit wierd but do the stories that we post have to be fan stories or can we post our own writing that has nothing to do with it? If not then can someone please direct me to a site where i can

3/15/2012 #154
Corinne Tate

This site is supposed to be only for fan fiction. There is a sister site called fictionpress.com where you can post your original work. It's supposed to work a lot like this one, but it's been having a lot of issues for the past four months, and I don't know when/if they're going to get around to fixing it. If you decide to post there, you'll have to do all your editing on your own before you upload it to the documents manager, unless you're good at working with html. I've also been unable to update my profile for months, and the traffic graphs don't work. There are not as many users there, and stories don't get nearly the traffic or reviews they do here.

There are other sites, but I've not used any others. I'm sure someone could tell you more about livejournal, which is one I've heard about.

3/15/2012 #155

Thanks for the advice.

3/15/2012 #156

Hi everyone!

I'm having trouble with the format of my stories – does anyone know how we can put line breaks?I've tried so many things and none seem to work at all.

I worked on the html version and put br / wherever I needed a line break, and even after clicking update and then save, it doesn't save the changes and I have to redo the html version all over again (actually now I copy/paste it and save it on my computer in word, but still it doesn't change the issue of actually saving it in the Docmanager to be able to post it as a story).

Shift + enter doesn't seem to be working either, and even when there's a miracle and it does for ONE line then it doesn't SAVE the changes (although I do click on Save or Update for the html version).

I've been trying for days and still haven't found a solution, and so my chapters are still all bunched up, even if I use horizontal lines to try and make it more 'readable'...

Does anyone have any advice?

3/18/2012 #157

You can't put blank lines as breaks on this site. They just get stripped.

If you want a bigger break, you can use the html hr instruction which is a pale grey line.

Edit: Your stories look fine to me, format-wise. But you can't post someone else's copyrighted song lyrics on here. You need to take them out and just reference the song as an inspiration in your author's notes.

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #158

The Doc Manager editor is buggy. With all editing with it always click the Save button at the start of the editing session, edit, then Save again after and check it has worked. You should then find Shift + Enter linebreaks get saved.

I just tested it. See the bulleted list in my author's notes at the end of my Desk Job.

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #159
Stacey's Universe
hi there I have a question regarding chapters on a story i've wrote a lot of stories but they havent been typed up because i didn't know how to set a new chapter up (one story is 60 pages if it helps) i've only posted a short story so far but hope to add the longer ones once i figure out the chapters hope you can help stacey
3/23/2012 #160

Type up each chapter in a different document and import them into the doc-manager like you did with the short story. Post the first chapter as normal, then when you want to post the next chapter go to "manage stories", find the story you want to add a chapter to and klick "edit". Choose content/chapters and just the "add a new chapter" box to select the new document and put up a new chapter.

3/23/2012 #161
fallen Silverwing

what happens if you don't ask for permission to do an inspired fic and do it anyway?

4/1/2012 #162

What do you mean by "inspired fic"? I don't quite understand the question.

4/2/2012 #163
Kitsune no Tora

I think they mean they want to write a fic that pulls its inspiration from another fanfiction...? If so, nothing. If the author of the original story finds it they might be upset, but that would be kinda hypocritical of them, I think.

4/2/2012 #164

So, I'm reading the guidelines here and it says we can't post stories written in second person? This seems like a rather absurd guideline so I could use some clarification.

4/3/2012 #165

It says that? Wow, that is weird.

I say don't worry about it. I've seen quite a few second person sotries around, and nobody seems to notice. Though they are mostly drabbles, so I don't actually know if anybody has tried writing a longer fic in second person.

If you do post a second person and get it removed, my only suggestion is to either rewrite it in another POV or find another site to post it on :)

4/3/2012 #166

I think that only applies to interactive text. This is the rule I think you mean. I don't even see why they have even this rule except I suppose it's not really fan fiction:

Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.

4/3/2012 #167

When I go to sumbit "New Story", i am shown a small set of directions and a button to click saying, "Choose/Change category." But when I click it, nothing happens, and it won't let me continue. Any advice?

4/10/2012 #168

First, check you have popups enabled in your web browser. There may be a general setting or a website-specific setting.

Next, a tiny popup might popup unnoticed (or just obscure part of itself) and needs to be drag resized with the mouse or it might be on another tab in your web browser

4/10/2012 #169

It still is not working. I am pretty frusturated because I worked on a story during the 2 day waiting period, and now I can't even publish it.

4/11/2012 #170

Strange - it's just a popup. Can you confirm other popups work for you on this website? For instance, in any published story can you click Review at the bottom of a chapter and get the popup? Or when replying to a forum, if you click the html button above the editor do you get a popup?

If not, have you set any other config in your web browser such as style or accessibility features?

4/11/2012 #171
Stormaggedon Dark Lord of All

I did that and got an anon that was rather rude so if you do post something like that make sure that you are either ready for the rude comments that may come or you have the anon disabled.

4/12/2012 #172

I want to upload a new chapter on Doc Manger but it says this:

"You have reached the 15 document limit. Please convert you existing documents to stories and/or chapters before uploading more."

What do I do? If I delete a document will it be deleted off the story as well?

4/14/2012 #173

Documents (in Document Manager) are temporary and only copied (not moved) to the published story where they are permanent (until you delete them.) Therefore the original documents (in Document Manager) can be deleted whenever you wish without loss to the story. In any event, they self-delete after 60 days.

4/14/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #174

Hey all. I am kind of new to this site but I am not as new to writing/typing. I have a question to ask. Is it possible to write a fanfiction that takes place in a world of your own creation; provided you take an anime, manga, game, or etc. character and use them as the main character? If not I can work around that. I just felt the need to ask since a while back me and a good friend of mine made up this really cool world and I think it would be very cool if I could drop say Naruto or Ichigo into it. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

4/20/2012 #175

I think so - kind of alternate universe - but I guess they would need to be dominant characters. I mean, if you wrote a completely original victorian crime melodrama then mentioned Sherlock Holmes only now and again I doubt it would be considered fan fiction. If you wrote it entirely around Inspector Lestrade's new assistant solving a crime on holiday in the USA without either Holmes or Lestrade then I guess it's just about within Sherlock Homes fan fiction.

4/20/2012 #176

I have a very simple question. I'm about ready to close out my first story. When I mark it complete, will I be able to edit it?


5/2/2012 #177
Kitsune no Tora

I have a very simple question. I'm about ready to close out my first story. When I mark it complete, will I be able to edit it?


5/2/2012 #178

When I finish my story Kuroshitsuji III, I want to make a sequel Kuroshitsuji IIII. It has the characters from the original story but it takes place in a different time and has a different plot. Do I upload it in Kuroshitsuji III or can I put it in a separate entry?

5/4/2012 #179

Normally you would publish it as a separate story and optionally refer to the sequel/prequel in the summary and/or author's notes.

5/4/2012 #180
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