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fallen Silverwing

*glares* Troll!

Also that's very rude and uncalled for.

Furthermore you can't delete your profile, unless you plagiarize someone else, which of course is a permanent ban.

5/4/2012 #181

ANBU: Could you please explain a bit more? I have no idea what comment you found rude, or why, or what anyone has said on this page of the tread that would make them a troll.

5/6/2012 #182
Kitsune no Tora
Oh, someone random posted something inappropriate thinking being banned from a forum was the same as being banned from the site. The comments were already deleted by a mod, but ANBU's comment was left.
5/6/2012 #183


I've been posting stories and updating them since April, but I have just noticed that they do not in fact appear when I browse for stories of the fandom I'm doing (Sherlock). They do appear on my profile, and the links aren't broken there either. If I use "Search" and use the title, I can find them too. If I specify the characters when I browse for stories, they appear as well - but not in the general browser where all other stories do appear. So it means you can't find them at all if you're just looking for general stories and do not specify a genre or a pairing and so on. What can I do to fix this? All other stories do appear on the list, and I can't fathom why mine don't...

5/10/2012 #184

That's weird, because I just went to the Sherlock section and saw one of your fics on the first page.

5/10/2012 #185

The filtering is buggy. I've seen this a lot with my own chapters when I add them. If you try different combinations of filters you should get it to show but that doesn't really help others find it when they use the default filtering.

For example in the status box your story might show if you set it to In Progress but not if it is set to Status: All. In my own genre of Harry Potter there is an extra box to designate the era Hogwarts or post-Hogwarts etc but in the same list is books and movies which are not the same animal at all. I have to set mine to Hogwarts or Books (depending on which story) If I leave it at World: All which should be everything then they don't show. That's a pity because that's the default that probably most leave it set at!

5/10/2012 #186

I have a question about stories that can be "adopted".

Hypothetically, an author stops working on one story and stops coming back to the site. Years pass. Another author wants to adopt the story and continue to work on it. Although the second author contacts the original author, he/she does not recieve an answer from the original author.

Would it be okay for the second author to adopt this story? Should there be a timetable centered around situations like this? (i.e. "if you don't update your story/profile within this amount of time, the story is up for adoption".)

5/13/2012 #187

I would not assume a story to be "up for adoption" unless the author says so. No matter how long it has stayed unfinished, it is still that author's story. Not the site, nor the readers.

5/13/2012 #188

Yeah...still, it is somewhat upsetting to see a really good unfinished story.

5/13/2012 #189

At what point do you consider it good/bad manners to when uploading a rewrite alert folks that there is a rewrite going on? If I am expanding or changing the story by a third to twice its original size because of whatever reason, when should I let readers know that? when I replace a chapter if will not let them know of course. So what is good etiquette to give them some sort of notice that the story has been added to or changed?

5/14/2012 #190

Grrr one of these days I will figure out this "forum" question thingy. As I seem to keep posting things in wrong area to get the question in the correct spot.

At what point do you consider it good/bad manners to when uploading a rewrite alert folks that there is a rewrite going on? If I am expanding or changing the story by a third to twice its original size because of whatever reason, when should I let readers know that? when I replace a chapter if will not let them know of course. So what is good etiquette to give them some sort of notice that the story has been added to or changed?

5/14/2012 #191

And why cant we delete our own questions?

5/14/2012 #192
Kitsune no Tora

Posts on FFN's forums do not nest: no matter where in the topic you reply from, it will end up at the very end of the topic as the newest post. So there's no way to put your question somewhere else in this thread.

FFN also doesn't allow anyone other than the forum admin and moderators to delete posts, so if you want something you've posted deleted, you'll have to ask a moderator to do it. I assume there's a reason the site doesn't allow users to delete their OWN posts and not anyone else's, but I don't know what it is.

5/14/2012 #193

I guess one could re-edit for clarity to eg,

[POST DELETED - sorry, accidentally double-posted]

or somesuch. I've done that on other websites occasionally where the same text got posted twice somehow.

5/14/2012 #194

So, back to your original question, SirZodiac, which I almost forgot, you can include something in the author's notes in the next added chapter and/or also in author's notes right at the start of the first chapter as most readers will probably click through from there.

5/14/2012 #195
Ryleigh Hayle
Hi! Where do I go to look at how many people are following or added my story as a favourite?
5/19/2012 #196
Go to Traffic Stats and click on Legacy Story Stats. From there you should be able to see how many have readers have signed up for story alerts and how many have favorited the story. But be warned, not everyone that is following your story may have signed up for alerts or have favorited your story.
5/19/2012 #197

i have a story up but i dont understand why its not showing up when i go to search it. iv tried and tried please sumone help me.

5/22/2012 #198

Maybe they take time before they get into the search. It is there now. I just searched. But there are a lot of stories with the same name so it's way down the list. I always recommend writers to think up distinctive titles.

Remember when searching to put the name in quotes: "Love through time"

5/22/2012 #199

i have a story up but i dont understand why its not showing up when i go to search it. iv tried and tried please sumone help me.

Your story is rated M which will not show up unless you pull up ALL ratings or M rated stories.

5/22/2012 #200

Darn it. I fail. I didn't see the question thread here... *ahem* soooo... Take two... Sorry to the Mod's about the other post of mine.

After a random flash of inspiration, I got the urge to write something using the Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha universe... (Darn BetrayerS Doujin teasing me with such epic flair... *Cough*)

Anyways, I was torn between writing an original story with original characters, and utilizing the characters from the universe. Being that this is the first time I've ever even considered posting something that I've written on any site, I decided that I didn't feel I'd be able to do the "real" characters justice and so I've got a good 4000 words written and I'd like to post the story, but after looking about more on here... I'm not certain that I should post it here.

So my question is: Should I post a story that just utilizes the MSLN universe here, or not?

*Taps fingers together embarrassed* I do apologize for such a silly question, but I'm nervous about posting anything at all anyways... So my brain isn't exactly in proper working order with regards to this... It's hard enough maintaining the courage to not just keep writing and then hide my story away in a deep dark corner of an external hard drive!



5/25/2012 #201

It sounds more like an original story rather than a fanfiction to me. Perhaps the sister site, Fictionpress, would be the best place for it. Though I am well aware of the fact that many post stories here that have little to nothing to do with the fandom with which they are posted. Personally, I am totally annoyed when I open a story that is too original in a fandom but I'm sure that if you were to post on the site that there will be others that will be drawn to it. Still, when I open a fandom I expect to read about the characters that I am familiar with. I open original stories when I want to read something totally new.

5/25/2012 #202

And to confuse you, Catz1112: I would say that if your story is set in the fandom universe, then I would count it as fanfiction. Especially if this fandom has a very distinct world. My own fandom, Tolkien/Lord of the Rings, has a number of stories which are set in his world, but uses all original characters, and tells their unique story. But the world in which the story is set, is without doubt Tolkien's, so they are writing fanfiction.

So, it depends your fandom.

5/26/2012 . Edited 5/26/2012 #203
The Lauderdale

Darn it. I fail. I didn't see the question thread here... *ahem* soooo... Take two... Sorry to the Mod's about the other post of mine.

[pained] I saw the other post first and responded there. Oh well. Copy-paste:

I write all-OC fanfiction: my characters are all original characters who happen to inhabit the Tolkien universe, spec. Middle-earth, during the 4th Age, fifteen years after the Ring War. Isao Fujita is right: using the original 'verse and certain clearly identifiable original conceits probably identify this as fanfiction - or as someone else put it recently, "The universe is a character in its own right."

That said, you said that you chose to write about original characters because you felt that you wouldn't be able to do the canon characters justice? Now, did you really create original characters, or are these characters clearly modeled off and identifiable with the canon characters, aside from their different names? If the latter, it would probably be better to just write them as the canonical characters, actual names and all, or people will be peeved that Jane is clearly supposed to be Nanoha, and Alice is a rip-off of Fate (definitely do not know the original show, I just glanced at it on Wikipedia.)

Of course, it is possible that people will complain anyway for the simple reason that these *are* original characters, because a lot of people read fanfiction for the sake of the canon characters. But it just gets down to what you want to write, and how you write it, and how you *want* to write it.

5/26/2012 #204
June Sujare

I am so bummed, I just realized I'm not able to have a question mark and an exclamation point next to each other. I use that punctuation a lot through my story because it helps get across the tone of the line. If a person says "what!" it's different than "what?" and different again than "what!?" Is there any way around this?

5/27/2012 #205

No - it's so often misused in troll stories that it's simply stripped by the site.

It might be a pain occasionally, but you really shouldn't be using it "a lot". Try tweaking what your characters say so that it gets over their tone, instead of depending on multiple punctuation marks.

5/27/2012 #206
Corinne Tate

I used to rely heavily on the exclamation point, both with or without the question mark. I had one great reviewer point out how overused it was, and it made me take a hard look at how often I tack it onto a sentence. I went to war against the point, and took out all but the ones that were absolutely necessary to convey meaning. I've discovered that about ninety percent I used were unnecessary. Usually the circumstances, characterization, or even the words themselves, convey a level of excitement, which makes the point all but useless.

The dragon soared over the citadel with the princess clutched in its talons. "Don't drop me," she screeched, as it banked and raced between the high towers. It blasted toward the sky as she screamed; her hair whipped in her eyes, and air rushed up her skirts, lifting them immodestly over her thighs. Then the dragon released her and she fell, flailing and shrieking, as her skirts tangled at her waist, exposing her to everyone below. She landed again in the scaly mitt, and talons enclosed her in a safety cage of razor sharp claws. "What's wrong with you?" she wailed, wrapping her arms and legs around one rough finger, like a living signet ring.

The dragon chuckled to himself. She thinks to marry the dragon prince? I think not.

See, lots of action, and not an exclamation point was needed.

5/27/2012 #207

Mmm... Works so long as you've got action tags but I can't help thinking that punctuation is there to be used. What I've been doing is using the exclamation mark and the interrogative sense denotes the question, eg, "What are you doing here!" But maybe different people read that differently.

In a recent scene I see I've done that where the interrogative sense was only implied so now I'm wondering about it. The line in question originally was...

"Magic! You been doing magic?"

But because this character is pretty much yelling throughout the scene I replaced the question mark with the exclamation. It's not really critical but I still hear it in my head as a shouted question; how do you hear it in the following?


Carrow spun around. "Where you been?" he thundered. He looked over their shoulders. "Where's the others?"

"What others?" said Ginny, "Us four've been doing our homework together."

"Oh yeah? You've a reading room for that. Or in here! What's wrong with here?" bellowed Carrow.

"Well, we didn't want to damage anything--" said Neville

"Magic! You been doing magic!"

"Of course," sneered Seamus, "this is a school of magic; they teach magic here."

"Don't get smart with me, lad!" said Carrow, raising his voice a notch. "What you been up to? What magic?"

"Why, the homework you set us, Professor," said Ginny.


Too many action tags spoil the flow; I possibly removed something so it might have originally been...

"Magic! You been doing magic?" shouted the teacher.

5/27/2012 #208

While too many action tags can get a little redundant too little can make the dialogue seem to just drone on and can make it boring. There is a delicate balance to strive for on both ends. There is nothing worse than to open up a scene with nearly nothing but dialogue where it just seems that two or more characters are just standing there talking for the entire page. I notice that a lot of new writers may have a good idea but don't know how to flesh out the scene to make it realistic. After all, I rarely just stand and talk to someone in RL without doing something else as well. Whether it be folding laundry while on the phone or walking down a corridor while speaking with someone at work. The point being, action helps to connect the scene to the reader since it helps to put them into the scene itself. To me it is the difference between talking to an actual person when I call customer support or just getting the recorded message on the other end. You may get to the same place either way but it is much easier to get frustrated if the human touch isn't there.

5/27/2012 #209
Corinne Tate

I get what you're saying Hippo. I just had to to to war against my own exclamation points, since they kind of sneaked into my stories, and reproduced like bunnies. It started to make it look like everyone was either excited or shouting all the time. I figure if I leave them out when I'm conscious of it, and remove them when I proof read, then I'll still have plenty for emphasis. I've got this mental image of a dish sitting beside my computer, and it's filled with mangled exclamation points -- they look like swatted mosquitoes.

As to the action tags, I happen to love them. My challenge lately has been to find more interesting ones than the overused "she smiled, he shrugged, her eyes met mine." The whole thing about the eyes bugs me -- probably because I overuse it.

5/27/2012 #210
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