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This thread was originally started by Sophophobic (and a big thank you for that) for asking all kinds of questions. Well, the thread proved to be successful: lots of questions were asked, and we (the collective of posters on this forum) managed to answer most of them.

Now, this thread needs some cleaning up. Not only were lots of questions asked, but a lot of them were also asked repeatedly. Also, since this thread was started and some of the answers given, the layout of the forums had received an overhaul. Some of the answers weren't correct anymore. There are so many Frequently Asked Questions that we decided to group these questions by theme and give each theme its own thread. If you have a specific question look in one of these threads for an answer.

The FAQ has the following headings:

1. Questions about stories e.g. questions on how to publish and update stories;

2. Questions about reviews;

3. Questions about Fanfiction.net;

4. Questions about accounts;

If your question is not answered in the thread you thought it should be, then ask it. I'm sure the collective knowledge of this forum can come up with some kind of answer.

To reply to this topic, click 'Reply' to any post and your post will be appended to the end of the topic. Do NOT press 'New' - this creates a new topic, which you do not want to do.

*The rest of this post is being hijacked by CrystalRei*

Figured it would make sense to have an actual frequently-asked-questions section here.

How do I post a story?

Why can't I find the story I just posted?

  • Site delay or glitch might be the issue, so it might be worth giving it an hour or two, but also check the filters. Is your story rated M? A common issue that many new posters are not aware of is that the default filters are set to only display stories rated K-T on the browse page. Adjusting those will probably reveal your story. :)

Why isn't [X] working/showing up/etc?

  • Good chance it's a site glitch. Check the latest page of this thread, or the first page of the forum for topics with 'glitch' in the title. If you don't see anyone mentioning it, feel free to ask in this thread or one of the linked ones. Report it to the site and there's a good chance it'll resolve eventually. The threads here and here detail some previous and/or recurring glitches. There are some glitches specific to posting stories; check the How to Post thread for details and workarounds.

Can I write a story on this site?

  • Technically yes, but it's a really bad idea. The Document Manager will only hold files for 90 days. It's possible to reset this time, but it's also easy to forget or accidentally delete/overwrite the file (and afaik there's no way to recover it if that happens). It's far better to use any word-processor where you can save it directly to your device and/or the cloud. The homepage of this site has a link to LibreOffice, or you can use Google Docs (both are free, though the latter requires an [also free] Gmail account).

I want to post a story but the fandom doesn't have a section. How do I make one?

  • First, go through the motions of posting a story and check that the category actually isn't there. The reason for this is that fandoms may show up there but not show up in the browse section because there are no stories in it yet. If you don't see it, click the help link at the bottom of basically any page. That'll give you the e-mail address to request additions, as well as the format to use for the request. In the meantime, you can always post your story in the miscellaneous section of whatever medium your fandom is (e.g. misc books/games/etc.) and move it later.

How do I post a story involving more than two fandoms?

  • You cannot list three or more fandoms for a given story, but you have a few options beyond that, largely based on the relative prominence of the fandoms involved:

    • You can list it simply in the X-overs section (there are also some medium-specific ones such as Game X-overs or Anime X-overs).
    • You can list it as a crossover between the 'main' fandom and 'X-overs'.
    • Pick the two main fandoms and list it as a crossover of those two (possibly mentioning something to the effect of 'this is a multicross' in the summary).
    • Depending on the fandoms involved, they might have a relevant section (e.g. Marvel and DC both have their own sections, in addition to the works themselves e.g. the Avengers or Justice League; Final Fantasy has its own "Final Fantasy X-Overs" section; Disney has a section titled such under Cartoons).

I'm writing a story not based on any fandom; where do I put it?

  • If your story truly has no elements from an existing work (i.e. it's completely original), then it doesn't belong on this site. You want this site's sister site, FictionPress. Alternately, I believe AO3 also accepts original work (or at least, there appears to be a tag for it).

What's the difference between visitors and views?

  • Views are simply the number of times the story/profile is clicked on. Visitors are the number of people who actually clicked (with some caveats: the count resets every day and it's based on IP addresses). For example, If you upload a story, and I'm the only person clicking on it, your stats would look like this:
    • If I read the story once, go do something else, and then come back and read the same chapter on the same day (i.e. open the page again), your stats would show 2 views and 1 visitor.
    • If I read your first chapter, and then click to the second one, your stats will show one view and one visitor for each chapter.
    • If I read your first and second chapter, then go back and re-read the first chapter, that's 1 visitor on each chapter, 1 view on chapter 2, and 2 views on chapter 1.
    • If I read one chapter, go do something else, and then come back and click on your story again the next day, that's one view and one visitor on the chapter on each day.

How do I post a link?

  • You cannot post a clickable link in a story, nor can you post a URL (non-clickable link) without heavy masking (e.g. www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net; or www. fanfiction. net [note spaces around any punctuation]). This also applies to PMs.
  • In the forums, you may only post clickable links to the following sites: fanfiction, fictionpress, youtube, hulu, flickr and veoh. (Though to be honest I've only seen FFN and youtube work for sure so far.) To do this, copy the address of the page you want to link to, then, in the reply box, click the button that looks like a set of chain links (it's next to the Tx "clear formatting" button). Ignore the boxes that say 'Title' and 'Target'; you only need the first two. Paste the address into the box labeled 'URL'. This will automatically put the same URL into the box below, that says 'Text to Display'. You can leave that as-is, or change it to whatever text you'd like to be clickable (you can also type that first, highlight it, and then click the link button; that will auto-fill in the 'Text to Display' box). Then just click 'Ok'.
  • For links not to those sites, you may paste them here, but in order for them to be visible, you must remove the http:// bit from the front of the URL. So www.fanfiction.net instead of h-t-t-p-:-/-/www.fanfiction.net. No further masking is necessary.

I copy-paste for review purposes and/or use a screen-reader but FFN has copy protection; what can I do?

If you know of a question you think should be added as "frequently asked", you can PM CrystalRei with the suggestion (links to the profiles of all mods can be found at the bottom of most pages of this forum, other than the reply-box page).

11/9/2009 . Edited by CrystalRei, 9/2/2017 #1

*Help, where did the really long thread with questions go?

It needed cleaning up. There were over a thousand questions and answers and it was hard to find if any one question had been asked yet.

I've saved the old thread to my computer and will be working my way trough it and put the questions and answers I come across in the appropriate FAQ threads.

11/9/2009 #2


I understand the need, just warn us next time? Please? I'd saved the links to a few questions so I could refer back to them. I would have copied them if I'd known they were going to disappear.

That, and I hadn't recieved an answer to the coding question I posted recently :o(

11/9/2009 #3

Yeah, I think I linked that link a few times trying to give people a good place to go for questions.

11/9/2009 #4

Well, the thread has gotten a new url, so you will have to update that, but other than that, I hope that (soon) it will still be a good place to go for questions and answers.

Amita: The only question regarding code I found for you was "Anyone got any ideas?". I guess you meant how the center command is closed. Since center is part of the style of [p], center is closed when [/p].

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #5

Greatly appreciated. Support actually answered my plea for help and I was told, "One needs to highlight the section/paragraph that needs to be centered."


I've formatted and posted 57 chapters here. I think I know how to center text. I don't think they even looked at the coding I included. I was really hoping someone who knew that sort of thing here could at least tell me if anything is missing. I don't remember ever seeing the [p style = ...] commands before so fixing the formatting through HTML is not as straight forward as I recall.

And a post or two above mine was someone having the same problem so it will answer two people's questions if a solution is found. A good start for a new Q&A thread, yes? :o)

EDIT: Or perhaps this would now go under "Questions About Stories"? Just let me know where to look :o).

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #6

Eeps, you replied just before I had changed my post to answer your question.

Ffnet keeps changing what they allow in html. Though I think [p style=center] has existed for a while (just not with text-align in there). I know because I copy the html after I've uploaded a document here to work on the code for my website, and then change all the style=center for class=center because I use CSS. I'm not a fan of putting a lot of text after style=, but apparently that is recommended coding.

I have to revise another question about what coding can be used on this site.

11/9/2009 #7

"One needs to highlight the section/paragraph that needs to be centered."


I just assumed you'd done that already. XD Are there programs where you don't have to?

11/9/2009 #8

EDIT: DW: Thank you for assuming that (because I did numerous times). Evidently ff.n doesn't think the average user tries that first.

Amita: The only question regarding code I found for you was "Anyone got any ideas?". I guess you meant how the center command is closed. Since center is part of the style of [p], center is closed when [/p].

That's the one, and that's what I was thinking, the [/p] should close the command and so the line should display as centered You can see in the coding I posted, that every line has [p style="text align:center"] in front and a [/p] at it's end, but nothing displays as centered.

Nor can I figure out where it switches to 'justified right' (there is no command for that that I can see), and yet the entire document is justified right and nothing is centered (even though 'text align: center' is the only visible alignment command).

I'm confuzzled.

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #9

Right align is a glitch that won't change no matter how many times you try to change it back. Same as superscript, strikethrough, underline and whatever else FFN doesn't even allow you to toggle.

Anyway, I'd try reuploading the document and see if that changes anything. Usually if it doesn't allow you to save a change everyone else can do, it's a document glitch.

11/9/2009 #10

I'm begining to believe its a browser conflict. Support answered me (YEA!) and went in and centered a few paragraphs and saved - no problem. They bolded what they centered just to prove it. They go in it's centered AND bolded. I go in... its bolded. I think my browser is missing something.

This is the first chapter I've loaded since MS put out Service Pack 3, I'm still using IE 7 and XP Pro... who knows where the issue is. I loaded the chapter anyways.... go check out the last chapter of MyCoR 4: Turn About and see if you see the first several lines centered. (and then I'd love to know your configuration.)

11/11/2009 #11

Is 'Turn About' chapter 7? All I see is six chapters right now. Maybe there hasn't been enough time for it to appear. I'll check back later.

In any case, I have no idea what my configuration is, and I could only guess at how to check it out. Let me know please.

11/11/2009 #12

No, it was chapter 12 I posted and have had 2 reviews so I know it's available. It has been over a month scince 11 was posted so I have no idea whay you can't see past 6... *SCRATCHES HEAD*

Configuration would be you operating system - it should show up when your booting - Windows XP, Vista, etc.

... your browser - click HELP on your browser menu and then ABOUT (name of browser). It should pop up with the version number.

... might also be helpful to know what word processor and version of that you have. HELP and ABOUT on your word processor should have that too.

11/11/2009 #13

Windows Vista or XP, can't remember offhand. I think it's Vista. I've got Word 2007, but I've used Works 2003 for most of my uploading.

My browser is Windows internet explorer. I'll check the specifics later.

This is what I see:

MyCoR 4: Nigh Unto Christmas » reviews

“I got him... I would'a never guessed he had such a soft spot in his little heart. Children in peril. He's stupid like that...” – Johns' Chase Log [TCoR: Pitch Black DVD bonus material] Hmm, could there be a story there? UPDATED! Chap 6 up!Pitch Black / Riddick - Rated: T - English - Spiritual/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 6 - Words: 27,670 - Reviews: 19 - Updated: 11-21-07 - Published: 1-1-07 11/11/2009 #14

I think Amita meant MyCor 3: Turn About. That has twelve chapters.

I see bold, I see centered, and I see my browser taking an awful lot of time loading the whole thing.

Specs: Apple 10.4, browser SeaMonkey 1.1.18

11/12/2009 #15
Rhea Silverkeys

Amita: Looked at chapter 12, and it looks ok? There's bits there that are both centred and in bold.

11/12/2009 #16

Okay, that makes more sense. Yes, centered and bolded.

Windows Internet Explorer version 8.0.6001.18702IC

Windows Vista...idk. I leave while the computer boots up. It takes forever and it's boring to watch.

11/12/2009 #17

Oops - Yes, MyCoR 3: Turn About. Thanks. EDIT: It is a long chapter... might that account for the load time?

Well, after all you were saying you say it centered, I went in and looked at as if I were a reader and there it is... centered (for which I am exceedingly grateful :o) but in the document editor it is still showing up justified right no matter what I do. Go figure.

At least it's displaying properly now.

Thanks to all who went and looked for me!

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #18

I've been having formatting issues with FF. Specifically, FF.net loves to take away spaces (or at least make it appear as though my space key isn't working properly)when I italicize. I'm a bit of a "neat freak" with my fics - this has been going on as long as I've been posting - and it makes me nuts! Any suggestions (other than going back where it looks wrong on the website and inserting double spaces between italics and regular font? Is it a Word vs. FF issue, or just one of those irritating bugs in the site?



11/28/2009 #19

In my experience, "just one of those irritating bugs in the site". I've just made a habit of always putting two spaces after any formatted text when typing in the forum. What really frustrates me is I can be long winded at times, and when I'm smart enough to remember to type it in WORD first so I don't lose everything if it glitches when I post, then when I cut and paste from WORD, after I post, I frequently find ff.n has edited out ALL spacing between my sentences. GRRR to say the least.

11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #20

Thanks - I was guessing the same. Very frustrating. I'll go back and edit if it looks horrible, putting in 2 spaces instead of one. It usually works to make it look right, but not always....

12/1/2009 #21

Go ahead and put your extra spaces in as you type. FF.n edits out extra spaces anyway, and it your are lucky, it will leave one after the formatted text. If it works, you don't have to go back and edit. If it doesn't, well, you were willing to go fix it anyways. Putting them in earlier, might save you a step.

I will also, if I remember, hit the preview button. Usually (although not always, for some odd reason) it will edit out the spaces in the process of preparing it for the preview and I can catch them before I post. I've had a couple times it didn't and I had to go back in after the fact, but sometimes it does and it's easier to fix in the writing stage.

12/1/2009 #22

Thanks - I'll try that!


12/2/2009 #23

Is there a way where can I report a user? And if so how?

12/13/2009 #24

There seems to be: reportabuse(at)fanfiction(dot)com. The quick way to send them a message is clicking the support/help link on the top right of the screen (the reportabuse e-mail is shown there as a clickable link). But they are not known for answering their e-mails quickly or at all.

12/13/2009 #25
nirvana heart

I'm constantly forgetting how to insert links into my profile to a story, and put its own title there too. Anyone know how to do this?

12/13/2009 #26

I think you can use the "add link" button for that. First select some text (e.g. the title of the fic) for the button to become active. Then click the button that shows the linked chains. It opens a pop-up window (make sure your browser allows these), type in or copy/paste the url, and add a title. In this example, I've selected the text "active" and made a link to FFnet's main page. The link is called "FFnet". (It's a bit odd that FFnet did not replace the selected text with the new title, as I had expected it would.)

If the "add link" button isn't working, you can use the html. Click the "html" button, which will open a pop-up window and type: [a href="url"]story title[/a] Make sure you replace the square brackets with the angular brackets.

It works the same on profiles as it does on the forums. Except that on profiles it is possible to link to things outside FFnet, and on forums it is not.

12/14/2009 #27


i'm kinda new to the forum here and was wondering if it was allright to post a "looking for writer" post here

i s*ck at writing, but i have a story in my head i'd love to have written.

12/25/2009 #28
Rhea Silverkeys

It's fine as long as you read the rules topic before posting and categorise your topic.

12/25/2009 #29

Why not just do your best to learn how to write? Honestly, it's so much more fun and fullfilling to try it yourself, even if you do suck. Heck, you could even try it yourself while someone else is writing it too, then compare to see how you can improve!

Really, when I started, I couldn't hold a coherent storyline longer than one scene and I couldn't continue a scene for more than 700 words. There was almost no description, either!

But now, just five years later, I'm giving other people advice on how to write stories, getting bored of the profesional books I used to love that I now see are so chock full of flaws that I can't enjoy them anymore, and having a hell of a time finding betas that can actually help me improve! Really, sometimes you just have to try. I never thought I could tell a story. I tried so many times to make stuff up when my family would take turns making up parts of stories and I was never good at it. But after practicing a lot, I've become great.

12/26/2009 #30
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