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Same here . . . It's the weirdest thing. It also sucks b*lls, too. They have to have noticed it by now, right? Gosh, they'd better fix this quick . . . I have a captivated audience waiting with baited breath for the next chapter in my story! (Not really, but I'd still like to get it out so I don't have to worry about it anymore)

3/4/2012 #511
Ms. Chaos

Oh, thank God! I thought it was me and my computer's fault. I seem to be having the problems with the Doc Manager too which is strange because last night(West coast) I uploaded the first chapter of my fic just fine and was able to edit it about half way. I clicked save changes, thinking I can come back to it to edit it some more the next day but nope! I was near tears with frustration but now I'm glad it's not just me with this problem. Now, what do we do? Just wait for it to be fixed?

3/4/2012 #512

Waiting seems to be all we can do. Besides sending in complaints, but I'm not sure how to do that

3/4/2012 #513
Kitsune no Tora

You can send emails relating to the issue to FFN's Support email, which is listed under Help, which is available at the top right of every page.

But yes, the only thing we can do is wait. There doesn't seem to be any way to access the Document Manager while circumventing the error.

3/4/2012 #514
Ms. Chaos

Well, I guess I can use this time of working on my second chapter. I publish my first chapter of my fic anyways since it was already saved on here. I wanted to edit and write more but I didn't have the patience and was sort of worried that it would be lost. I should have probably waited. Oh, well. On to work on chapter 2.

3/4/2012 #515
Kitsune no Tora

It's fixed now.

3/4/2012 #516

hehe - I slept through all this one - but awoke to 77 emails which I assumed was an old backlog? Or will it it be 70+ new ones reporting this problem?

3/4/2012 #517
Kitsune no Tora

Is that total emails, or from this thread alone? O.o

There was a lot going on in the Help Desk that you probably got emails from, but not as much here.

Edit: Ugh, when will FFN stop unsubscribing me to forums? I had no idea so many threads had been started recently here at WA, and I just resubscribed myself last week...

3/4/2012 . Edited 3/4/2012 #518

All but two of the emails were from fanfiction.net. But now I'm in doubt as the actual number. I'd just woken up and my eyes were blurry and emails flooded in and off the bottom of the window and I thought I saw 77 and groaned. It was at least a couple of panels fulls which I see is about 40 or 50 or 60 on my email program setting so I dunno now. I delete all such alerts once I've followed them. Now I've worked through them none of them were old backlog.

3/5/2012 #519
Hai I'm Flame, another author or user of FFN. I have a question about my private messages....It keeps cutting off on me and I really do not know what's going on. :/ I tried connecting back or enabling my pm's on my profile but someone or something constantly disconnects it. I don't know what happening! Please help me with my question and excuse me from not introducing myself earlier properly but I dearly need you help. ----Flame
3/5/2012 #520

Yeah, it's working for me, too. They must've fixed it last night.

3/5/2012 #521
Unfriendly Fire

How do I add a line through my stories to indicate a change of setting or add author's comments?

3/8/2012 #522

In your text editor you need to find a button or menu insert option that inserts a horizontal line or rule. In Document Manager this is a button just above the editing panel.

An alternative is to insert a sequence of characters then centre them with the centre button but this is limited to three ... or single characters or spaces in sequence eg, o-o-o ~ ~ ~ ~ etc

It's a matter of choice. Personally I prefer a short sequence of centred characters for scene separators and a full horizontal rule to separate author's notes.

3/8/2012 #523
Unfriendly Fire

When I attempt to edit the existing chapter by editing the document and replacing the original with the edited one, nothing happens.

3/9/2012 #524

There are two possibilities here:

If the change does not show in the document in Document Manager then:

. Click the Save button first.

. Perform the edit.

. Click the Save button again.

. Check that the change is still there.

. Then replace the chapter in Manage Stories.

However, if it is correctly changed in the document but will not copy across to the Story it might be it just needs time. I usually see it within minutes in the preview (I never look at the published story because it would count me as a visitor.) Others I believe have reported hours before the change appears.

3/9/2012 #525

Looking for a section IN harry potter fan fiction community about him and Quidditch

for example he gets like job offers to join a quidditch national team like england.

Plz If anyone could answer this question it would help a lot and if their is a Harry potter Quidditch section in Community can you post the

link thanks. ( sry for double posting but my question will never problley answered in HELP ME FIND THIS STORY THREAD! )

3/10/2012 #526

Is this a specific story or just in general? If you don't get a specific answer here then all I can suggest is you click Search at the top and enter quidditch. That will come up with lots of results but you can narrow it down in the boxes on the right to Harry Potter, English language, and I'd recommend 5K for the minimum size unless you think it's very short. Then if you're sure it's a complete finished story click that too and it should narrow it down to about 400 stories. Good luck.

3/10/2012 #527

Thanks you just think Quidditch would be popular Harry is good at it

3/10/2012 #528
Ms. Chaos

I got a quick question here.

I'm not getting much reviews with my current fic but it is getting some of story alerts. That's considered as liking my fic, right? LOL

3/10/2012 #529

quick answer: yes. :)

3/10/2012 #530
Ms. Chaos

Ok, great but why not leave a review? LOL Ohh, I'll stop whining and shut up now. I'm lucky enough that any one is reading my fic at this point. lol

3/10/2012 #531

Hello! This is a question about other accounts on the website.

Some of the authors on the website have written really excellent stories. However, some of them are incomplete, and their accounts or stories haven't been updated in a few years. Does this mean that they will not be returning to the website? And if so, are fans of the story allowed to continue the unfinished work?

3/12/2012 #532

If no work has been done on an incomplete story for a couple of years or more then it is unlikely though not certain that it is abandoned. However, every fanfic author has the rights to their own story - at least to the story plot and OCs. It's an interesting question actually. My first thought is you cannot continue someone else's story without permission but it will be interesting to see what others say. Normally you would try to contact the author and get permission to continue it.

3/12/2012 #533
Yuli Ban
Legally, there's nothing they can do to stop you. Fanfiction is, in itself, borderline illegal. But understand that they can attempt to try you if they're that egotistic to feel offended, although not one will ever get anywhere as the author does not own the material they're writing about, even in plot and OC's. It's best to just not do it unless given permission or if you know for a fact the original author won't mind or won't care.
3/12/2012 #534

Thank you both (Hippothestrowl and The Sky Hedgehogian) for your advice. I will attempt to contact the author(s).

3/12/2012 #535

If we have no rights at all then it would be an interesting case if a big movie producer got permission from the original author then produced a huge blockbuster movie using someone's fanfic story plot. Often the basic plots are the best aspects of fanfics even they are not written particularly well technically. I've read quite a few that would make crackin' movies.

3/12/2012 #536
Can I have advice on how I can get peeps to join my RPs?
3/14/2012 #537

Well, where are your RPs? You can't run RPs as stories here - interactive stories are banned. You might be better off trying a specific RP site. Although some people do use forums for them.

3/15/2012 #538
Kitsune no Tora

They probably mean forum RPs.

Generally RPs manage to flourish with a strong core of RPers that are there from the beginning. You start out with three or more people who RP on the forum regularly, and once the post count goes up people will find it and might ask to join. After that, if you can manage to keep MOST of your core people, and gain new core roleplayers, the RP should be relatively self-sustaining until too many people lose interest.

It also doesn't hurt to make friends on other forums then ask them if they would like to join.

3/15/2012 #539
Wish Lost

I have a small question. I have a few fanfictions that are based off bands aka the people from the bands are in the fanfiction. Is there another site for this or basically should I just stick with posting stories to livejournal?

(Forgive me for replying to someone if I did, didn't know another way to reply to the topic ;;)

3/15/2012 #540
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