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This thread gives answers to frequently asked questions about reviews. Is your question not answered in this thread, then perhaps it is answered in one of the other FAQ threads. If not, don't hesitate to ask.

Links to other FAQ threads:

1. The main FAQ for general questions;

2. Questions about stories e.g. questions on how to publish and update stories;

3. Questions about Fanfiction.net;

4. Questions about accounts;

5. Questions about this forum.

11/11/2009 . Edited 1/29/2010 #1

* Where do I read my reviews?

If you get a notification that you have received a review it's in that notification.

If you visited the category list and saw you had a review click on the red text that says "reviews". Note that sometimes the site doesn't update properly, so it can say review, but you can't visit the reviews page.

You could also go to your stats page and click on the link in the reviews column.

11/11/2009 #2

* Should I ask people to review?

Sure. Just ask nicely. Don't hold your story for randsom.

11/11/2009 #3

* Should I ask people not to flame?

Probably not a good idea. It may encourage people to flame you still, although most flamers don't need any kind of encouragement to flame.

11/11/2009 #4

* Should I ask people to review?

Sure. Just ask nicely. Don't hold your story for randsom.

It doesn't upset me when I see people begging for reviews on their new story -- in the summary, for instance -- but it does seem redundant. I've said before that I have serious trouble believing the following sequence of events ever happens:

1. The author posts the story here on FF.

2. A reader looks at the story.

3. The reader sees a request for reviews.

4. The reader suddenly slaps her forehead and says, in all sincerity: "Whoa! It never occurred to me that he might have posted this story here because he wanted to get some feedback from other people! I was about to just leave quietly and go read another story! But now that he has told me he wants to know what we thought, I guess I'll take the time to post a quick review after all!"

(On the other hand, if someone really wants to announce that he is holding his own story for ransom, not to be updated with a fresh chapter until he receives X number of reviews, I'm more amused than anything else. I can just imagine someone in that situation getting ten reviews which each say, "Stop being so immature!" and then the author cheers and says, "Yay! I finally got ten reviews! Now I'll go ahead and post a new chapter for my adoring public!")

11/11/2009 #5

Yeah, I don't like seeing review requests in summaries. Space there is at a premium, so it just seems like wasted space to me. Besides, it's better in the A/N anyway since the request has nothing to do with what your fic is about.

But more than straight out asking for reviews (which review w*** are wont to do, and I hate feeding into them--not to mention my reviews are wasted on them anyway) I prefer seeing the author ask for help on specific problems they think they might have or want any opinion on. This tells me they actually want concrit. Plus, it give me an idea of where they need the most help. There are also plenty who have no idea what to say in a review or if they should mention a problem and risk being flamed. If the author has asked for help determining if something needs fixing, the reviewer is more likely to speak up and offer an opinion on it.

11/11/2009 #6

I don´t think a "I would be happy about feedback" or something along the lines is that offensive.

What do you guys think about something like "I don´t mind crit", I feel like writing that in my ANs along with a problem sometimes to encourage people who aren´t sure if a writer can deal with crit and therefore choose not to review, however, I have the feeling that a lot of others who write such a thing actually throw a fit IF they get real crit instead of praise and I am a bit irked if someone would think I only wrote that as an alibi.

1/29/2010 #7

I don´t think a "I would be happy about feedback" or something along the lines is that offensive.

No, that isn't. Please review! is because of all the Pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeease! from beggars that it reminds you of.

however, I have the feeling that a lot of others who write such a thing actually throw a fit IF they get real crit instead of praise and I am a bit irked if someone would think I only wrote that as an alibi.

Well, that sucks. I've never thrown a fit, even when I really, really, really wanted to.

1/29/2010 #8
Corinne Tate

I ask for reviews in the a/n if I have a reason I want to hear comments. I remind them that good reviews make me smile, and bad reviews make me work harder to improve. My first review was my only bad one, and I did address the problem, but they never came back to finish the story. I don't care if I get flamed, so long as they read the story. Okay so that was a blatant lie; I do care! But it would be ridiculous to start a war over an opinion.

4/9/2010 #9
Kermit Kills

is there times when it is not okay to review? i know there are lots of people who read a story and they obiously like or dislike it, yet you get no review. why? whats the point of having revieas if so many don't give feedback?

4/20/2010 #10

There are several reasons why someone might not review, maybe they just feel like if they don´t have anything constructive to say they don´t wan´t to say anything. I always have problems with mediocore stories that are okay but not really good.

Also someone might not have had the time, or simply doesn´t want to review. There is no way you can force anyone to review.

4/20/2010 #11

You should check out the 'Lack of Reviews' thread. We discussed the different reasons in there a lot.

4/20/2010 #12
Kermit Kills

kay, i suppose i get a decent amount of reviews. but here is my real problem. i write Michael Jackson essay type fics. i want my opinion/essay pieces to be read by non mj fans. but people are so biased against him because of child molestation stuff they will not touch it. how can i attract non mj fans to read my stuff?

4/22/2010 #13

Well, on here you can't. This site is for fiction, and it doesn't accept stories about real people. I think you need to find a MJ fan site...or a site which accepts essays in general.

4/23/2010 #14

Yeah, FFN is only for fiction about fictional people. As for the MJ thing...I think you're pretty much stuck there. The only way to get around the p*** thing is to write about someone else.

4/24/2010 #15

I split up a fic to post it, and now it's 4 chapters instead of 1. I want to get it back to being 1 chapter (delete 3 of them, and replace the remaining one with the entire fic), but I don't want to lose any of my reviews if I delete the other chapters. Will they automatically disappear? Is there a way to stop them from doing so?

7/18/2010 #16

Reviews will only disappear if you delete the story completely, deleting single chapters won´t do any harm as long as 1 chapter remains.

7/19/2010 #17

Good to hear, thanks. Now I can unsplice at will!

7/19/2010 #18
Amy Cahill

Someone keeps insulting my user name, not my story, is super rude, insults me A LOT, but I can't insult them because they're an anoymous user. What can I do?

8/8/2010 #19
remove their reviews, or block anonymous reviews if they keep coming back.
8/8/2010 #20

There is a thread above labeled "Requests for constructive criticism and Tips for Writing/Getting Reviews." I interpreted that as "tips for writing reviews," but there don't appear to be any. So, is there a thread that offers tips on how to review? I have looked through the thread mentioned above, and the forum directory in the rules thread, but I haven't found anything, and I don't plan to browse through all 1,000+ threads. If anyone has a link to a thread where this question has already been asked, I would be happy if they shared it.

8/8/2010 #21

This is the thread you are looking for: Help writing constructive reviews

8/8/2010 #22

Thank you~

8/9/2010 #23
Aspiring Mythmaker

I'm in a bit of a bind. I promised I'd review someone's story but...it's pretty bad. I can't think of a single positive thing about it. I don't want to back out, but I don't want to sound like a j*** either.

I'm not sure if this fits the criteria for a question in this topic, but can I get some advice? I've never come across this situation before.

8/11/2010 #24

Reviews don't have to contain positive things :p What you can do is review the author and point out the worst things about the story and gives tips on how to improve the problems.

8/12/2010 #25

I'm in a bit of a bind. I promised I'd review someone's story but...it's pretty bad. I can't think of a single positive thing about it.

In that case, I'd pick three reasonably easy things to implement (if it's that bad, probably spellcheck, paragraphs, and correct use of capital letters) and write a review saying how much better her story will be for just that bit more effort on them.

8/12/2010 #26

I don´t think a "I would be happy about feedback" or something along the lines is that offensive.

If anything, when someone asks nicely for feedback or just sort of nonchalantly mentions that they'd like it at the end of an author's note, I'm more motivated to write a review. I write reviews for almost everything I read anyway, but a little request like that usually makes me give the author more feedback because I know that they do want it, or if I'm particularly lazy that day and didn't want to review their fic, makes me review it anyways.

8/12/2010 #27

I promised I'd review someone's story but...it's pretty bad.

Sure, this is the sort of question you can ask here.

I've had this sort of problem too. The author asked me personally for a review. At times even after I've given them a bad review and they want to know if they have improved. I just can't do it when the story is still bad.

I liked cathrl's suggestion. You've reviewed, you didn't tear into their story like a manic (though they may still feel that way), and you didn't have to lie.

8/13/2010 #28

I promised I'd review someone's story but...it's pretty bad.

This happened to me once, but what I found is that if you give them a helpful review, the author will improve if they decide to take your advice. The author of the story who asked me to read it at first had a very choppy writing style, but I've read their more recent works, and while there is still room for improvement they're certainly getting better. I don't know if it was from what I suggested in my reviews or experience, or a combination of the two, but do give the person a helpful review.

8/13/2010 . Edited 8/13/2010 #29

I understand that FFnet has a way for you to backup your stories, but is there a way to also backup the reviews along with the story? Or perhaps just the reviews itself? Copying and pasting is such a pain and formatting is always a mess when I try.

It'd be much appreciated if you guys could point me in the right direction~

9/18/2010 #30
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