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Rhea Silverkeys

You can now post stories from the app but it is beta functionality described briefly below. You can also do it on your mobile or tablet by loading the desktop version of the website, but we recommend using a computer to post stories.

After reading the guide, if there are any further questions or comments, feel free to PM me or any of the mods, or post in this topic only. All uploading and posting issues are only to be discussed here. Also, if you find the guide confusing or find it needs updating, just let me know!

Contents of this post:

I. Creating a story

II. Posting a new story

III. How to add additional chapters

IV. How to edit stories

V. Uploading from a mobile phone, tablet, Kindle, or the app

VI. Solutions to common uploading problems

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I. Creating a story

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Have you already written your story on your device and have the file saved? If you have, great! Go down to the next section. If you haven't, start here. This is meant to be an archive site, not a place to actually write.

2. Open the word processing program of your choice. All it has to be able to do is save in an accepted file format. Suggested programs by the site (in order of preference, along with the file formats to be used) are: LibreOffice/OpenOffice (.odt, .sxw), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Works (.wps), WinWord or WordPad (.rtf), WordPerfect (.wp, .wpd), HTML (.htm, .html), Plain Text or NotePad (.txt).

i. If you don't have a program that meets these criteria, you can download LibreOffice for free. There's a link to it on the site's homepage, or go to www.libreoffice.org.

ii. If you use a program that saves to the cloud, such as GoogleDocs or Dropbox, that's fine. However, you will probably need to use the site's copy/paste feature (more detail on that in Part II).

iii. If your device cannot support a word processing program, you can use Copy/Paste option in the document manager to type. However, it's recommended that your story be saved elsewhere, whether that's in a spiral notebook, a notes app, or even an e-mail to yourself.

3. Type away, and be sure to save it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

II. Posting a new story

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Break up the chapters into individual files on your computer. This is the single easiest way to create different chapters. You can either simply start a new document whenever you start a new chapter, or have a designated file to copy chapters to from the main file. This is less of an issue if you are using the copy/paste method (see Section I, step 2 iii).

2. Upload the(se) file(s) (via the document manager) to the website. To use the document manager:

i. Log on to the desktop version of the site. This is covered in more detail in Section V, but using the regular version of the site is the only known way to access all the requisite features to upload. If you are already logged in, click your username in the upper-right corner of the screen.

(Note to app users: As of this update there is a feature to access the document manager and publish stories [at least on the android version]; see section V for details. However, it is a beta feature, so we will continue to recommend using the desktop version of the site for uploading and posting.)

ii. On the left of the screen click on the "Publish" tab, then move down and click "Doc Manager".

iii. In the box "Create New Document" you will see three fields to fill out. They're pretty self-explanatory:

  • 'Label' - This is so you can identify your chapter after you've uploaded it, don't bother with file extensions as they sometimes confuse the system.
  • 'Method' - You can choose 'File Upload' or 'Copy-N-Paste', we recommend 'File Upload'. Click "Browse" to select the file you wish to upload.
  • 'Format' - You can choose between 'Story' and 'DocX'. If you're uploading a story, click 'Story'. A little box below these fields explain what these two words mean. DocX should not be used unless you are sending it to a specific site member, such as a beta reader.

iv. Click "Submit Document".

v. You should now see the file in the "Doc Manager". (Little note on what the 'Life' column in the document manager means: it tells you how many days your document - not your story - stays in the document manager. After a certain number of days the document will be automatically deleted, however this does not mean your story is deleted. Putting your document in the document manager does not mean you have posted your story yet.)

3. Click on "New Story" on the left.

i. In the text-box there will most likely be a message stating that you have not agreed to the guidelines. Even if you have previously, if it was longer than 7 days ago you need to do it again.

ii. Click the underlined "Guidelines".

iii. Read them (they tell you what sort of stories and what sort of fandoms are not allowed) and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on "I accept".

4. Click "New Story" again. What follows is some very basic step by step instructions. When you're filling out the fields, the only one that might be might be misleading is "Document". This seems to be where many people make their mistake. You can only select a file you have already uploaded to your "Doc Manager" (That was step 2, so if you've been following this guide you should be covered!), it does not allow you to take them straight from your computer.

i. There is apparently a bug on the website where if your account is registered with an e-mail address ending at mail dot com, the 'New Story' screen doesn't work properly. The only way around this is to register your account with a different e-mail address. To do this, go to Account, Settings, Email, Change.

5. Click "Submit Story". You now have a story on FF.net.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

III. How to add additional chapters

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Upload the next chapter if it's not in your Doc Manager (Steps 1-2 of Part II).

2. Go to "Publish".

3. Click on "Manage Stories".

4. Click on the title of the story that you want to edit.

5. Click on "Content/Chapters", it's near the top.

6. i. Click 'Post New Chapter', then fill in the chapter title and choose the appropriate document in 'B. Chapter Content (Document)'.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

IV. How to edit stories

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Click on "Manage Stories".

2. Click the title of the story you wish to edit.

3. Here you can make any superficial changes to the story (title, summary, rating, etc.) Remember to click "Save Changes" at the bottom when you are done.

4. To make changes to the actual content of the story, click "Content/Chapters" near the top of the page.

5. Next to each chapter you will see four buttons. I will explain each of these in turn:

i. The pencil icon (Edit): This allows you to edit the chapter title and change its position. Just click the icon to make changes, and remember to press 'Save'. NOT for changing the content of the chapter.

ii. Export: Very useful, moves a copy of the chapter to your document manager. A copy of the chapter you export also remains where it is, you can replace it later.

iii. Download: Brings up a page with only the text of your story on, convenient for copying and pasting back into word (or equivalent).

iv. Delete: Pretty obvious. Deletes the chapter.

6. What you do next depends on how much editing you have to do. If you only have to change a few typos, then it's probably easiest to do it in the editor provided in the document manager:

i. Click "Export". A link to the exported chapter in the document manager (Doc Manager) is provided. Click that and move on to step iv.


ii. Click "Doc Manager" on the left of the screen. You are shown a list of documents that are available in the Doc Manager.

iii. Click "Edit/Preview" for the chapter required.

iv. Make the changes.

v. Click "Save changes". Jump down to step 7.

If you have some heavy editing to do (entire passages for example), you will most likely prefer to do this in word (or equivalent) on your computer. If you have a copy saved to your hard drive that is exactly the same as is up on the site, then simply edit on your computer and resubmit it, using the steps from Section II, Step 2 to get it into the document manager.

If you don't have the original document anymore, you can download a backup copy from the website by clicking 'Download' as per Step 5 (iii), then:

i. In the new window simply highlight the text (or press Ctrl A)

ii. Right click anywhere on it

iii. Click "copy"

iv. Open up a new word document

v. Right click in the blank space (or click "edit")

vi. Click "paste"

vii. Make your changes, remembering to save them at the end.

ix. Follow the instructions for getting it in the document manager as described in Section II, Step 2.

7. Once your updated chapter is in the Document Manager, follow steps 1-5 in Section III (adding additional chapters), but instead of clicking on "post new chapter", click on the link next to it: "Replace/Update chapter". Fill in the drop-down boxes as titled and hit the button below. The change may be on a delay, but should take effect soon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

V. Uploading from a mobile phone, tablet, Kindle, or the FFN app

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A) Mobile phone or tablet

1. Make sure you are loading the standard version of the site, not the mobile version as it will not let you post stories. To load the standard version of the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit 'Desktop/Tablet Mode'.

2. Make sure you have your story or chapter document in your mobile phone / tablet or somewhere accessible from your mobile phone / tablet. You can download apps that enable you to save document files in your mobile phone / tablet.

i. Suggestions for apps include Dropbox and OpenDocument, which are free and allow synchronisation with a computer, so you can type on both (and transfer files) easily. Switchback says:

Regarding writing on tablets and phones, if I may, I personally use two applications. The first is Dropbox, which I have installed on both my computer and Android phone which allows me to save my story on a cloud based storage system among other files. The second is OpenDocument, which allows me to open OpenOffice documents on my phone to edit.

Both apps are free and together they allow me to pull full chapters on to my phone, make minor edits or add paragraphs, then re-upload them to store once more on my computer. I'd heartily recommend both of them as together they work in perfect unison and allow me to write anywhere I wish.

3. Follow the steps in Section II. Posting a new story.

B) Kindle

The consensus seems to be that uploading stories from a Kindle is impossible, due to not being able to load up the website in desktop mode. Kindle Fire (HD 8 confirmed, others possible) can access the desktop version of the site, so should retain all functionality, but as of this update it hasn't been tested.

C) The FFN App

From ArkTaisch:

The current version of the app (at least the Android one): you tap the pen-tip icon - third down on the left-hand column from the home screen - to access the publishing section. There's the document manager, publish story, story manager, and image manager, which I think all work much like the ones on the full website. Some of the controls are a bit cryptic.

Document manager: to create a new document, tap the plus symbol at the top right of the document manager screen. To save and quit, I had to use the "back" button on the device, as the app didn't seem to have its own back button (but I may have missed it). It immediately auto-synced with the website version of the document, and vice versa.

Deleting things: in story manager, document manager, in the library section, etc.: you have to long-tap/tap-and-hold on the story. A check-box appears on the right side and the trash can icon shows up at the top of the screen. Select items, trash can to delete.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

VI. Solutions to common uploading problems

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is not a solution to every uploading problem, just general ones that people seem to come across often. Sometimes Often the site just bugs up completely and there's nothing anyone can do but wait for them to fix it, but you can report problems to them here: support at fanfiction.com (the same address can be found if you click the help link at the bottom of the page). In the meantime, check to see if anyone's posted about the problem here recently (i.e. check the last page of this thread). If there isn't a recent post, go ahead and add yours. Please be as specific as possible about what's going on. We can't actually fix anything, but we might be able to provide solutions or workarounds.

The first thing to always do is try and upload your chapter as a plain text file...I don't know why, but that does seem so solve a surprising amount of troubles.

A) If you click upload and come up with a blank screen

This bug happens pretty frequently. If you are using the Safari web browser, try uploading with another one. If you don't have another one, Firefox is a free download.

If that doesn't work, we've found a way around it. Although, it can only be used if you have at least one chapter previously submitted. If you're submitting your first chapter (i.e. creating your first story), then there's not a lot I can really suggest, other than: wait for the bug to sort itself out. Otherwise:

1. Log in and select the "publish" tab.

2. Click "Manage stories".

3. Click on the title of any story you have there, it doesn't matter which one.

4. Click "contents/chapters".

5. On the right, next to each chapter, you'll see the four buttons I've previously mentioned. Click on "Export" next to any chapter. Again, it doesn't matter which one. Now you'll have a document in the document manager. I'll note again that by clicking export a copy of the chapter goes to your document manager. The actual document remains where it is.

6. Click "Doc Manager" on the left.

7. There should be a copy of the document you exported sitting there. Click the "edit/preview" button.

8. Now you simply highlight all the text and delete it.

9. Open up the new chapter you wish to add in whatever word processor you use, and cut and paste it into the document you have open.

10. Click "Save Changes"! Believe me, you'll kick yourself if you forget.

11. Simply place this document that you've made into whatever story you wish, simply treat it as a normal document in your manager and, if necessary, follow the instructions in previous parts of this guide.

B) If you get a blank page after selecting categories while trying to publish, or if you can only access your saved categories

The most likely cause of this bug is that the e-mail address associated with your account is from mail.com. The only way around this is to register your account with a different e-mail address. To do this, go to Account, Settings, Email, Change. If you don't have another e-mail address, G-mail and Yahoo e-mail accounts are free (just don't put plus signs into your e-mail address - actually, I wouldn't try putting any 'special' characters in; stick to letters and numbers).

(Even if you don't have a mail.com e-mail, try switching it anyway; it still seems to work more often than not.)

C) If you can't select categories for any reason

If neither the above solutions work out or you can't access the category select popup in the first place, there is a workaround to get you a direct link. Disclaimer: This is not a fully-tested workaround. However, if it doesn't work for you, you can post the fandom (and media category) you're attempting to put your story in, and someone else who has a working category selection can pull up the direct link, either with this guide or by using the usual steps to publish.

Start with this template for a new story link: www.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_new_s2.php?story_mode=1&categoryid1=[Fandom1]&categoryid2=[Fandom2]

In another tab or window, pull up the source code for the category select popup. To do this, go through the steps of publishing a new stories until you get the category select popup, right-click on it, and select 'view source' in the menu. If that's not possible, this URL should do the trick in Firefox (at least): view-source:https://www.fanfiction.net/selectcategory.php?cat_s_id=1

This still may not work if you are the one with the issue, considering the nature of the errors that require this workaround; in which case I refer you to posting the fandom so others can help.

Anyway, once you have the source up, hit Ctrl-F to bring up the search bar and type in the required fandom. Then, find the option value for the fandom - the text will say "option value ="; you'll want the one before the fandom name. Copy this number and replace [Fandom1] in the template with it. Repeat this for the second fandom if the story is a crossover, replacing [Fandom2]. If the story is not a crossover, set this value to 0.

For example, this is the link for the Pokémon fandom (as put together through the 'view source' method, and shown to work): https://www.fanfiction.net/story/story_tab_new_s2.php?story_mode=1&categoryid1=80&categoryid2=0 Beware of accents or special characters in fandom names (such as Pokémon). Partial names in the search box can get around this.

8/13/2007 . Edited by CrystalRei, 5/10 #1
A little additional information: the sort of tags you are allowed to use and the document formats FFnet accepts. In the document manager a list is given of which tags (when html coding your document) FFnet allows. Those are for linebreak (starts the next word on a new line), bold, italics, underline, horizontal line (to indicate a transition of scene), and paragraph. (code (between the pointy brackets): br, b, i, u, hr, and p). [html code is easy enough to learn. Upload a document, and go to edit. Look at what Ffnet does to your document under the html tab]. To avoid ffnet bunching all your text together you should put a blank line between paragraphs (hit enter twice) or use a "hard" enter (press shift+enter). I remember that a while back ffnet had a little trouble with word docs. It may have caused the layout problems you had. That problem should be fixed now. For Mac you can use any program that can save documents in the formats that FFnet allows for uploading: [q]# + OpenOffice (.sxw, .odt) # + NeoOffice (.sxw) # + Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) # + WinWord, WordPad (.rtf) # + StarOffice (.sdw) # + WordPerfect (.wp, .wpd) # * HTML (.htm, .html) # * Plain Text, NotePad (.txt)[/q] There is a link to NeoOffice for Mac on the frontpage of FFnet. There is Microsoft Word for Mac, but you have to pay for that. Besides, NeoOffice can save documents in Word format if you want. So can the AppleWorks program you probably already have on your Mac.
8/15/2007 #2
I have 2 questions. The first is automatic doublespacing. For example i want my name directly under the title with no space in between. Title by author but what i end up with is Title by author how do i fix that? My other question is, why won't it let me use the character @ in the story? If it matters, i use microsoft word
9/6/2007 #3
I'm surprised you didn't end up with: Title by author FFnet bunches everything together if you don't double space. So if you want a single space you should hold the shift key while hitting the enter key. This will leave you with a line break that FFnet recognizes. No, you can't do @ in a story. FFnet strips e-mail addresses from stories (to avoid spam and stuff). Contacting the author can be done through the profile. There is no other reason to have an @ in the story. If you are using it because one character tells another character an e-mail address you can write out the @ the way you would say it yourself (I doubt there is a sound for @). So: thisperson at thatdomain dot com
9/7/2007 #4
I'm having some troubling with my story. I followed the directions three times. It looks like my story has been posted. It is listed under Stories in my account. It is not, however, posted on the website. Basically, I can see it and it looks fine, but no one else can see it. Any ideas? Thanks!
10/30/2007 #5
Rowena DeVandal
It can sometimes take several hours for your story to appear in the story listing, because this site can be very slow at times. So don't worry, it'll show up eventually...:)
10/31/2007 #6
More peculiar: sometimes a story doesn't show up in the default K through T list, but it does show up when you select to see stories of all ratings or just the stories with the rating your story has. It is weird, but it happens.
10/31/2007 #7
Thanks! You were right - it just wasn't showing up with the default K-M search. Is there any way to stop or prevent that?
10/31/2007 #8
Nope. I think the reason for this glitch is that FFnet uses many servers to store its data on and not all those servers are updated at the same time. As a result, sometimes you see your story sometimes you don't. But usually it doesn't take that long (as in more than an hour) for all the servers to have been updated. So, uhm, patience little grasshopper.
11/1/2007 #9
For some reason I follwed your steps and it still won't let me down load my story. I wrote it in word documents, now do I have to move it to another spot. Please tell me step by step. By the way if you haven't guessed I'm new. Thank you for all your help.
11/2/2007 #10
If you follow the step by step it should work. Though, yesterday I was experiencing some problems reaching FFnet, so that could have been your problem too. Another option is that you still had the document opened in word when you tried to upload. I've experienced uploading difficulties over that as well. Close the document before you try to upload it, and follow the step by step. Hope that helps. If it didn't, could you be more specific about what kind of problem you run into. For instance: do you get an error message?
11/3/2007 #11
Query: Attempting to make a minor alteration to my summary (hyphenating a word that I forgot to). Am being told that no change is summary is detected. Does it count hyphens? Or am I going to have to redo my summary?
11/3/2007 . Edited 11/3/2007 #12
I don't think hyphens are accepted in summaries. At least they aren't in titles. In the A-Team section there are quite a few titles that are missing a hyphen, and that can't be because all those people happen to be incapable of proper typing.
11/3/2007 #13
[q]I don't think hyphens are accepted in summaries. At least they aren't in titles. In the A-Team section there are quite a few titles that are missing a hyphen, and that can't be because all those people happen to be incapable of proper typing.[/q] Argh. But fast-forward has ALWAYS been hyphenated, and I refuse to use a space instead of a hyphen!
11/4/2007 #14
Fear not, there are ways around this. You must use ascii codes in stead. And if I remember correctly, it may also work to copy-paste the symbol you need from the "character map" program Windows has. And yes, it may take a while for a story to show up.
11/5/2007 #15
Winter Skye
Wikipedia has the answer: I use & ndash; all the time in my fics, but I've never tried putting one in the summary. And this HTML 4.0 Character Entity Reference shows how the named and decimal character references look in one's browser
11/5/2007 . Edited 11/5/2007 #16
Aleta Thuvis
I have noticed in other author's stories that the Submit Review and Chapter Map shows up at the end of their chapters. I have a story, that its chapters are not being ended that way. Instead it's "Back to top" which doesn't work when I click on the link. How do I fix this?
11/18/2007 #17
Ah, you're probably just previewing your fic, right? If you go to your account url and then click on the story, it will be normal. Don't worry, it's just you that views it like that. :] (Umm, that made sense, right? Just ask if you didn't get what I just said...)
11/18/2007 #18
It made sense to me. Mostly because a lot of times people paste links in this forum for their story which they copied while looking at the preview. That's not going to work, because your preview is secure; other people can't access it. What Hollefine said was: if you want to view your story in the same layout as other people's stories you have to access them in the same way. So go to the category where your story is listed, or to your profile page, and click the link to your story. That should show the chapter map and review button at the bottom.
11/19/2007 #19
All of this information is excellent. It successfully guided me through the whole submitting a story process. There was one thing that happened to me that, I don't think, was addressed before. I got up to the part in "New Stories" where you click on the category that you want to place your story in. I pressed "books" then they ask which book your story falls under. I scrolled through the list but the book that I was writing about wasn't there. There also was no option that allowed me to create a new link for the book I was looking for. Here's a brake-down of what I did and what happened: 1- I logged in 2- I clicked on "stories" 3- I clicked on "new stories" 4- I clicked on "first step: click to select category" 5- I clicked on "books" 6- I looked through the list and the book "shane" wasnt there, and there was no option for making your own book link Do I have to not include that story because it doesn't belong anywhere, or is there a solution? Hope this makes sense, and thanks for all your help.
12/13/2007 . Edited 12/13/2007 #20
[q] 6- I looked through the list and the book "shane" wasnt there, and there was no option for making your own book link[/q] If your choice of fandom isn't there (and in the case of books it some times helps to look under both the name of the author and the name of the series) you can post your story in the miscellaneous section. So Misc. books is for stories in book fandoms that don't have their own category (yet). To request a new category you can send a message to support@fanfiction.com
12/14/2007 #21
[q]6- I looked through the list and the book "shane" wasnt there, and there was no option for making your own book link Do I have to not include that story because it doesn't belong anywhere, or is there a solution? [/q] One thing you can try is looking to see whether the fandom exists somewhere else - I have a vague memory that they made a movie of Shane. Often (maybe always, I know there was talk of splitting LotR but not whether it happened) there's only one section per fandom on the site, even when there should logically be a book section and a TV or movie section. So people post Harry Potter fanfic in the book section, even if they're using the movies, and Thunderbirds fanfic in the TV shows section even if it's based on the movie for that.
12/14/2007 #22
Hey guys, Thanks you for your help and advice and prompt responses. In the end, I put my "Shane" story in Misc. X-overs. I think that ended up being the best spot for it. Again, thanks!
12/17/2007 . Edited 12/17/2007 #23
A Rose For My Silence
Hi, I'm new to Fanfiction, and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I checked and didn't find anything. Anyway, I was looking, and I noticed that even though I had asterisks and underscores in my document, they aren't appearing in my stories, and it looks bleh. If you know why, I'd appreciate some help ^___^;; Thanks.
12/18/2007 #24
Ah, yes, that question has been answered in the "I have a question" thread. There are certain forms of formating FFnet doesn't allow. Asterikses are part of that. FFnet does allow underscore. I've seen it in a fic fairly recently. (Just checked the document formating: it still has a button to underscore text). So, I don't know how you underlined your text, but a single line underneath the text should work. Check the "I have a question" thread for a list of the other symbols FFnet doesn't allow (they're listed somewhere in the first post), and for other questions you might have.
12/18/2007 #25
[q]Hey guys, Thanks you for your help and advice and prompt responses. In the end, I put my "Shane" story in Misc. X-overs. I think that ended up being the best spot for it. Again, thanks![/q] If it's not a crossover, I wouldn't. I really wouldn't. Sure, loads of people post non-crossovers in that section...but just click on a few of their reviews. You're highly likely to get flamed and reported for site abuse. Misc. Books (in the Books section) is a much better general place for it.
12/18/2007 #26
Ahhhhh yes, now THAT makes sense. I'll do it at once. Thanks for the help (again lol!)
12/18/2007 . Edited 12/18/2007 #27
A Rose For My Silence
Thank you =D But, I mean, not underlining text, but just putting an underscore in, like you would for a smiley (Sorry if that's what you meant).
12/19/2007 #28
*pokes to "I have a question" thread.* There's a work around in there. Also, a smile is not text, so shouldn't really be in a story.
12/20/2007 #29
[b]i edit it in the document but when i view it it [h]doesnt[/h] [u]show the changes i've made[/u] [/b]
12/30/2007 #30
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