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So I can post up my TT story under a different category and eventually be able to move it?

3/23/2011 #421
Kitsune no Tora

You should move it when you post it or don't post at all. The idea is to bypass the error, not post it anywhere you feel like and break FFN rules just so you can have it up; because that's pointless.

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #422
Memento Mori - The Truth

excuse me... for a while now, I've been trying to update, but every time, it gives me this:

FanFiction.Net Error Type 2 An error has occurred while processing your request. Please email this error message to via . All errors are logged for administrative and security purposes. :72 /story/story_edit_property.php?storyid=6805380 2011-03-26 23:27:19can anyone help? This is what I did:1.logged in2.clicked sign in3.clicked my stories4.clicked the story i was trying to update5.gave me that page... 3/26/2011 #423

Yeah, people have been having this problem. I think it's only for the larger fandoms, but I'm not sure. You can send an email through the help ticket system, just in case they don't know, but it'll probably be one in a thousand. They'll likely fix it within the next few days or a week.

3/27/2011 #424
Kitsune no Tora

(I feel like a broken record. How many times have I linked this in various places, I wonder?)

There is a work around for both submitting new stories and updating existing ones, outlined here.

3/27/2011 #425

I have a query. When ever I'm editing in manager, or sending replying, writing this, or even receiving notifications via e-mail, (Has nothing to do with it, but I'm just worried about my document manager.) I cannot see the characters, and instead they are replaced by weird symbols, such as music notes, ticks, hearts, Capitals with accents over them and other weird things. I find it really frustrating not being able to see what I am writing. When I copy and paste the weird symbols, they come up as normal letters, and whenever I submit anything that has them, they turn out normally. It's really annoying, usually I'm having to type it all on word, or a search bar, then copy and paste it in to the text box, (Like I am now.... :P) but when I do copy and paste them in, them automatically come up as the weird symbols, any thoughts?

4/2/2011 #426

Where are you physically, and are you using a computer which is set up strangely, e.g. with a different keyboard?

That sounds really odd, but I'm wondering if it would happen if the site thinks you are using a different alphabet.

4/2/2011 #427

I'm on a Dell Insprion Laptop, so I don't have any external keyboards, and I'm in the UK.....

4/2/2011 #428

Hmmm...any chance you're able to get into the Keyboard Map for your computer? Maybe someone's been playing with it. It could also be the character encoding in your documents if you're using TXT or RTF format.

4/2/2011 #429

Yeah, it sounds like you're set to a wingdings font instead of a readable text font.

4/2/2011 #430

Sounds that way, but how do I change it back, any thoughts?

4/3/2011 #431

If it's per-file, when you save the file you should see a second box under where you select the file format labelled 'Encoding'. Make sure it's set to Unicode.

For system language and keyboard map...in Windows 7 it's under Region and Language in Control Panel (you need admin access to get that to work). Not sure about other operating system but I recall that it was really easy to screw around with keyboard map in Windows XP.

4/3/2011 #432

help! everytime I add Chapter 2 to my story and go to live preview and click on chapter 2 its still chapter 1 why?

4/12/2011 #433
Kitsune no Tora

I can think of two possible reasons for that, depending on what exactly you're trying to say (which I am having trouble understanding completely).

The first possible thing I think you might be asking is that when you go to live preview, you click on chapter two but the text is from chapter one. My guess for why this is is you accidentally uploaded the wrong document.

The second option for what I think you might be trying to say is when you try to get to chapter 2 in live preview, you can't and it keeps you at chapter one. The log in and submission areas have been disabled on and off the past...two days or so, I think? Anything new you post has a tendency to not show up for a while, finally show up, then disappear again. Chances are your chapter is there, just not available. If it doesn't show up by the time the current problems with the site appear to be fixed and finalized, you could delete the chapter and reupload if you'd like. I'd give it another day or so before you try that, though.

4/12/2011 #434

It seems FFnet is having some problems lately updating its servers. It seems to take a bit longer than usually.

So, if you have added chapter 2 to your story in the way described in this thread than it has been added correctly. You just have to wait a bit longer for it to show up.

4/12/2011 #435

I have a question. :O I'm probably just freaking out over nothing, but I goofed up on the title of my new fic. Spelt a word wrong. xD So, I changed it and saved it, and I went to check if it has changed and there were no changes. Does it take some time for it to change? :O

4/16/2011 #436

Five minutes to an hour, depending on the server load (how many people are doing stuff) and what you've updated. I don't remember what is what, but if it hasn't updated by now, I'd send a help ticket through the help at the top right of every FFN webpage.

Sometimes, when there's lots of glitches going on, it can take longer than that, but usually you'll find that lots of other people have already asked about this problem if it affects everyone.

This time, it just sounds like you jumped the gun a little. When you post or edit stuff, it'll tell you how long a wait to expect.

4/16/2011 #437

Hey!Whenever I upload a new chapter,the site keeps editing it and shortening it=(Anyone know how I can prevent this?!Thank you!

4/21/2011 #438

You mean chopping off the end? Is your chapter really really long? What format is the file you're uploading in?

4/21/2011 #439
The Last Autumn Leaf

So, it seems like FF hates me. When I'm trying to upload to the DownloadManager, I click 'submit document' it goes white, and nothing happens. Refresh page, back at DownloadManager.

5/9/2011 #440
Kitsune no Tora

There's a lot of people having this problem. As far as I know the only way around the bug is to edit a document that was in the manager before it started acting up and copy and paste what you want to upload into that.

I haven't tested this myself, so I have no idea if it really works or not, but someone else did it and was successful so who knows?

5/9/2011 #441
The Last Autumn Leaf

But what if I don't have anything? I'm all new on FF

5/9/2011 #442
Kitsune no Tora

Unfortunately, I don't have an option for someone who doesn't have any documents in their manager yet. You'll just have to wait until it's fixed.

Edit: Actually, now I do! Check out this thread at the Fanfic Help Desk for a work around.

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #443

I have waited the two days for the Document Manager upload and it still says there is a delay. It is past the time it says it will be functional, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal? Will I be able to upload eventually?


5/14/2011 #444

It's been more than a week since the unsubscribe function has worked, but it says it should only have been down for about five hours.

I'm figuring you're in for quite a wait, but I'd like to try two other possibilities too:

When you say you're waiting for a Doc Manager upload, do you mean you're waiting for the function to work, or you're waiting for the doc to finish appearing after the upload? Also, do you know that once the doc is uploaded, in order to publish it as a story you have to go through the New Story tab to finish it off?

Regardless of what your answers are above, this may affect everyone, many people or just you. I won't know until others begin asking the same question. So just in case it's just you or a small group, I'd send a help ticket to FFN through the help link in the top right corner of every webpage so FFN will know you're having a problem and (hopefully) eventually fix it. Don't be discouraged if you end up waiting a week or two. Obviously FFN is backed up since unsubscribing still doesn't work, so it may be quite a while. Just keep reminding them until it's fixed though. I'm not sure if they ignore old stuff or just forget, but people seem to have more success when they keep on them about glitches.

5/14/2011 #445

I shall try that, thanks so much for the advice :D

5/14/2011 #446

Not a problem. Any time.

5/14/2011 #447
Sorry,computer wasn't working.... The site cuts parts out of the story and messes up words,or even deletes them.Is there any way I can stop the site from editing my story?
5/15/2011 #448

Are you using any kind of special formatting in the document you are uploading? FFnet only allows a minimum of formatting in stories. If you've used anything other than plain text and bold or italics this can affect your document.

If that wasn't the problem, try deleting the entire text and pasting it back in from your word processor.

5/15/2011 #449

I don't think that's particularly the problem. Even if you use a different type of formatting the site won't cut it out unless in a special form such as a chart or a graphic. If the document is simply in another font then it will automatically format to Verdana. It really just depends on what type of program you're using and whether what you're doing is compatible with this site.

5/16/2011 #450
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