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Darth Red

Not many reading or reviewing your stories? Here's your chance to get the word out! If you're having trouble getting people to read and review then here's your chance tell everyone about your story and get the word out. The main focus of this thread is for people to advertise their low hit stories and to spread the word around about them to get more people to read and review them.

Alright, so if you've got a one-shot with less than ten reviews, or a chaptered story with less than 7 reviews per chapter (on average), post here. If not, please go on to the main "Promote Your Story" thread here. And remember to follow the template!





Category: (e.g. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings)

Genre: (e.g. romance, action/adventure)


Lead/main character:


Complete/Incomplete: (whether the story is completed or not)

Note from admin: If anyone's wondering, the templates aren't to make your work harder - they're so potential readers get all the info they need.

Update Aug 2015: If your story has 'graduated', i.e. achieved the review numbers mentioned above, congratulations! This thread will be checked occasionally and any links posted here that achieve the review numbers above will be deleted, to ensure that only low hit stories are represented in this thread.

3/14/2006 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 19m #1
Darth Red
Alright, I'll get the ball rolling..... Story Name: The Story of forgotten Jedi Owen Sun Location: Star Wars movie section Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure Rating: T My story takes place during and around the time of Episodes I, II, and III. It is the life story of Jedi Owen Sun from his birth to his death, from events even before Episode I, into the Clone Wars, and finishing up around the end of Revenge of the Sith. I could go into a long process of telling you the story but I'll keep it short and sweet, if your a fan of star wars in any capacity you'll enjoy reading this story, I promise you. If not then there's plenty of excitment and action to suck you into the Star Wars universe, so drop what your doing go now and take a look at it, trust me you won't regret it, it's an amazing story of an incredible Jedi created by yours truly, Darth Red.
3/14/2006 #2
Janet Martini de La Ley
Ok, this is my lowest hit and reviewed story: Author: [u:811545:Janet Martini] Title: Fred Link: [s:2620095:Fred] Rating: T Category: Spider-Man Genre: Tragedy/Angst Summary: A cat wanders into Doc Ock's pier and is adopted by the lonely man, but fate continues to be cruel to him. Main Character: Doc Ock Pairings: MJ and John J. (mentioned briefly) Status: Complete FYI: this fic was written in memory of my first cat, Fred.
3/17/2006 #3
Author: Esther-Channah Title: Lantern Boo Link/URL: [s:2853891:Lantern Boo] Rating: K Category: DC Superheroes (Animaniacs Xover) Genre: Comedy Summary: When John Stewart is called away, the JLA gets a new GL Lead/main character: Chicken Boo Pairings: None Complete/Incomplete: Complete
3/21/2006 #4
Look, I haven't even gotten any hits for this so at this point I'd be happy if someone just clicked on the link. Thanks! Author: [u:358976:AmberTiger666] Title: Till Human Voices Wakes Us Link/URL: (Chapter = 1): [s:2851895:Till Human Voices Wake Us] Rating: K+ Category: Blade Runner Genre: Angst/Romance Summary: Title comes from the T.S. Elliot poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Deckard and Rachael have been living out in the woods a la 'Blade Runner Down' would have had them. A little over three years have gone by since they ran away. Seemingly out of the blue, Rachael him a question. Lead/main character: Deckard Pairings: Deckard/Rachael Complete/Incomplete: Complete
3/26/2006 . Edited 3/26/2006 #5
Author: Briticism Title: Hothouse Link/URL:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2347924/1/ Rating: T Category: British Comedy - The Brittas Empire Genre: Romance/Comedy/Angst Summary: I made it so that it would be hopefully understandable by people who haven't seen the show, but it follows the second episode of the show. Tim and Gavin go to work, and Mr Brittas, their boss, soon puts his foot in it and upsets them both. Lead/main character: Tim and Gavin Pairings: Tim/Gavin (canon) Complete/Incomplete: incomplete Author: Briticism Title: Various Link/URL:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2463845/1/ Rating: K + Category: British Comedy - The Brittas Empire Genre: Romance/Comedy/Angst Summary: They're drabbles, unconnected, and there's two of them. Lead/main character: Tim and Gavin Pairings: Tim/Gavin (canon) Complete/Incomplete: complete Author: Briticism Title: Telling Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2567243/1/ Rating: T Category: British Comedy - The Brittas Empire Genre: Angst/Comedy Summary: Tim is in his late teens, and he's got something to tell his mum Lead/main character: Tim Pairings: Tim/Gavin... sort of (canon) Complete/Incomplete: complete Author: Briticism Title: Telling Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2576542/1/ Rating: T Category: Other- Billy Elliot Genre: Romance/Angst Summary: Michael is pining away now his only friend (and crush) has moved away to ballet school. Then he gets a letter Pairings: one sided Michael/Billy Complete/Incomplete: complete
5/30/2006 #6
Here goes: Author: BurningTheMidnightOil Title: Birthday Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2962030/1/ Rating: K Category: Naruto Genre: Romance/Drama... Complete & utter WAFF. Summary: On her birthday, Sakura recieves the one gift that's worth waiting for. Lead/main character: Sakura. Pairings: Sakura + Sasuke. Complete/Incomplete: Complete.
6/27/2006 #7
Author: BurningTheMidnightOil Title: Koishii Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2884148/1/ Rating: T, for foul language. Category: Inuyasha Genre: Drama Summary: What's in a command? Inuyasha learns the story of his Kotodama rosary. Lead/main character: Inuyasha Pairings: NONE. Complete/Incomplete: Complete
6/27/2006 #8
Well, just for the heck of it... Author: [u:745323:Chaltab] Title: [s:2675971:Legacy of the Tamaranian] Rating: T Category: Teen Titans Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Lead/main character: Starfire, Raven Pairings: Some light hints of Robin/Starfire, Raven/OC Complete Summary: Blackfire returns to Earth with bad tidings about the fate of Tamaran, and the key to powerful relics of her people. Now Starfire must set off on a quest to prevent these releics from the hands of an evil.. an evil that just might be within the Titan's ranks. (A bit of warning; I've been told that my original character seems like a Gary Stu in the first chapter, but that it goes away afterwards. Take that for what it's worth.)
6/28/2006 #9
Author: [u:366883:The Swedish Mystery] Title: [s:1925999:The Curse of Kalla B***] Rating: M Category: Charmed Genre: Drama/Angst Lead/main character: Paige In progress Summary: Set after season seven. The Elders discover that Paige might not be their real sister and The Charmed Ones are falling apart. Just when they need each other the most.
8/17/2006 #10
Hi, This was written a few months ago and just didn't do well. I'm afraid to ask why:) Author:breaktherules Title: Mireille Bouquet's Book Club Link/URL:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2992110/1/ Rating: T Catergory: Anime/NOIR Genre: Humor/Romance Lead/Main Characters: Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura Pairings: Mireille/Kirika Complete: Summary: Mireille Bouquet loves to read and quote from books. She forms a book club to show off her great knowledge of literature. But things NEVER go as planned! Other Anime characters make appearances- Faye Valentine, Yomiko Readman, ect.
10/1/2006 #11
Author: Michael2 Title: Dragon Quest VI Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2902745/1/ Rating: T Category: (e.g. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery Summary: A novelization of Dragon Quest VI. After waking up from a horrid nightmare, a boy sets off to find a Spirit Crown for the village festival, which soon leads into a journey of self discovery. Lead/main character: The Hero Pairings: Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete
10/2/2006 #12
Title: The Cauldron Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2883790/1/ Rating: M Category: Medal of Honor Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure Summary: Friedrich Himmel has fought in Southern Russia since Germany first invaded the USSR in June 1941. But as he retreats with his comrades through the Ukraine in the winter of 1943-44, Friedrich finds himself in a town near Korsun. Here he will face the struggle of his life, as blood mixes with the mud and snow. It is now just starting to get into the main story line. Expect some intense fights in the future. I try to give the story a sense of surreal horror. If you've ever seen Come and See or The Thin Red Line you'll know what I'm talking about. This is my first real serious forray into writing, so I will gladly take any constructive criticism. Enjoy.
10/19/2006 #13
Author: Michael2 Title: [s:3210906:The Butterfly Effect 0] Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3210906/1/ Rating: T Category: Butterfly Effect Genre: Sci-Fi/Tragedy Summary: Prequel A boy discovers his ability to relive parts of his life. Lead/main character: Pairings: Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete
10/23/2006 #14
Author: Kamikai-bunny Title: Broken Society Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3197466/1/ Rating: T/M Category: Poke/Digi Crossover Genre: Romance/General Summary: A behind the camera look at the Digimon and Pokemon world. Warning: Small hints of yaoi and yuri Lead/main character: More than one character get's a lead but the story seems to surround Ash(Miko) Pairings: Ash/Matt/Tai, Misty/Mimi, and others Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete Just try it out and give it a chance
11/11/2006 . Edited 11/11/2006 #15
Author: Athena_FL Title: A Freelancer Story Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2564161/1/ Rating: T Category: (e.g. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) Sci-fi (based on the epic Freelancer universe) Genre: (e.g. romance, action/adventure) action/adventure Summary: The chronicles of Tanya, a pilot embarking on an epic adventure of romance, action and intrigue in the Freelancer universe! Lead/main character: Tanya Ramirez Pairings: Complete/Incomplete: (whether the story is completed or not) Incomplete, Chapter 6 with more to come! I started this story a long time ago. I'm slowly finding time to post the rest. Please read it and any feedback is gratefully received. Thanks and ttfn!
11/16/2006 #16
Author: [u:24252:AnarchicQ] Title: BoogiePop Fable Link/URL: [s:2855215:Boogiepop Fable] Rating: M Category: Anime Crossovers Genre: Supernatural/Romance Summary: Meet Moroi Kagyuu and Korosu, two crazy kids just waiting for the Boogiepop to take them away. A Prequel to [s:1931469:Story's End] Lead/main character: OC Pairings: OC and another OC Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete
1/31/2007 #17
Is it okay if I plug two of my stories? Author: TheDramaticMonarch Title: A Letter Never Sent Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3275824/1/ Rating: K+ Category: RENT Genre: Angst/General Summary: A sleepless Collins writes a letter to Angel expressing his fears, concerns and the loss of his love. Lead/main character: Collins Pairings: Somewhat Collins/Angel (though it's post Angel's death) Complete/Incomplete: Complete (it's a one-shot) Author: TheDramaticMonarch Title: The Maniac of the Cabaret Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3278129/1/ Rating: T (may be bumped up to M) Category: Jhonen Vasquez Genre: Parody Summary: The cast of "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" star in this parody of "The Phantom of the Opera" Complete/Incomplete: In progress (It's at 5 chapters right now)
2/1/2007 #18
Author: sleepy.cat.zzz Title: Life in a Dictatorial Eden and an Anarchic Utopia Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3277321/1/ Rating: K+ Catagory: xxxholic Genre: Action/Adventure/Horror Summnary: One day, Watanuki gets his soul stolen and sold as bait meat in the war between heaven and hell. This is the story of how he survives his imprisonment and how Domeki chases after the wayward soul for as long as it takes to get him back. Lead/Main character: Watanuki and Domeki (they share pretty evenly) Pairings: lightly suggested possible Watanuki/Domeki if you squint and tilt your head at an 80.5 degree angle Complete/Incomplete: Will be completed guarenteed. Notes/Warnings: Sequel to "Fallen Angels and the Season of Tears", Watanuki torture, a touch confusing with POV swtiches, and sort of OCs left right and center although they never stay long. does the story/user links not work or something? i can't seem to get these links up.
2/15/2007 #19
Millen Stryker
Author: Millen Stryker Title: Crossbound Link/URL: [s:3158599:Crossbound] Rating: T Category: Ratchet and Clank Genre: General Summary: A story about a young hybrid named Ollie Morrison as he goes through life in a near xenophobic galaxy as he meets new friends and also enemies, along with crossing paths with two great galactic heroes. PreR&C 1, but goes on into UYA. Lead/main character: OC Pairings: None Complete/Incomplete: The story incomplete since it written in sagas.
2/17/2007 #20
Demon Overlord Laharl
Author: Laharl The Overlord (Dan) Title: The Reynolds/Bradshaw Connection Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3395113/1/ Rating: T Category: Miscellaneous Movies (D.E.B.S.) Genre: romance/action Summary: Lucy and Amy are happy living out their dreams in Barcelona until they are both sucked back into their former lives, while keeping each other in the dark. My idea of a D.E.B.S. sequel. Lead/main character: Lucy/Amy Pairings: Lucy/Amy, Scud/Janet Complete/Incomplete: In progress
2/19/2007 #21
AirGirl Phantom

Author: AirGirl Phantom

Title: Wish For You

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2944300/1/

Rating: K+

Category: Teen Titans

Genre: General/Tragedy

Summary: Oneshot songfic. One Titan is thinking of another Titan, and wishing nothing but good to befall her... [BBxRae] Revised Version is now available.

Main character: Beast Boy and Raven

Pairings: Beast Boy/Raven hints

Complete/Incomplete: Complete, with revised version.

2/28/2007 . Edited 2/21/2009 #22
Author: Mystery Muse Title: The Same Routine Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3408059/1/ Rating: T Category: Anime- Noir Genre: Romance/Angst Summary: Mireille just can't forget.. Lead/main character: Mireille Bouquet pairings- Hints of Mireille and Kirika Complete/Incomplete: May write another chapter if anyone enjoys this.
2/28/2007 #23
Dr. Careidas
Author: Dr Careidas Title: A Deer in Headlights URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3417032/1/ Summary: A European journalist wakes up on a airplane, without knowing where he's going or why. When he realizes it, he's in for the revelation of a lifetime. Then a desperate fight for survival, stranded on Marcross Island, begins. Robotech/Macross - Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,870 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2-28-07 - Published: 2-28-07 The idea is to add more chapters to the story, if it attracts some interest from readers. Something that doesn't seem to be the case thus far. Basically the story puts a regular guy with a normal job from our universe, into the Robotech/Macross universe and as the story progresses, we'll find out how he will deal with being stucked somewhere he dosen't belong in the middle of space war, with no idea on how to return to his normal life. Aside from Robotech, the British TV series Life On Mars has been one source of inspiration here, as well as the Back to the Future triology. What separates my main character from most on Robotech, is that he has no desire to be any kind of war hero. His initial reaction is just to stay alive and then find away to go home. One main theme of the story will then be how does this new universe, with the people he meets and the events that occur, affects my protagonist- I sincerly hope that the fans of Robotech will appreciate this story, as it will provide a whole perspective on what went on during the Zentradi war and brings in a fresh character(s) to stir things up.
3/1/2007 #24
Author: shadowfaxluv7 Title: The Avenger (I know, it's a really original title :/ ) Link/URL: [s:3382032:The Avenger] Rating: T Category: Morrowind (game) Genre: action/adventure Summary: The story of a female khajiit who is captured and sold as a slave. Her change from helplessness into a maniacal killer, intent on destroying all those who practice slavery (I'm awful at summaries, and titles). Lead/main character: Sha'mirra Pairings: None Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete Okay, I don't know if this can be called a plug it's more like a "is my story worthy of a plug and/or continuation?" I just posted the first chapter of a fanfic I'm writing about my favorite game, Morrowind. I've always considered that I have next to no talent whatsoever for fiction of any sort, and would like some advise on: a. If the plot/characters have any merit b. If I should continue writing it or any other story The characters might be a little tough to grasp at first, I'm going to revise chapter 1 so it describes things that non-Morrowind players might not know. However it's a short chapter and if a few people would be willing to read it and give me their opinions that would be amazing!
3/2/2007 #25
Mr Firebunny
Author: Mr Firebunny Title: The Cup of Spirits Complete - Avatar: Last Airbender - Fiction Rated: T - English - Spiritual/Romance - Chapters: 1 Summary: Crafted by expert benders, the Cup of Spirits is a powerful and dangerous tool. The cup is currently in the hands of the young avatar. Zutara & Kataang.
3/2/2007 #26
xoxT A I N T E D L0VE
Author: xox TAINTED LOVE Title: Last Christmas Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3437085/1/ Rating: T Category: YuYu Hakusho Genre: Romance/Humor Summary: Cho has a crush on Kurama, but some girl is in her way! She's determined to gain his affection before Christmas . . . Even if that means destroying a few things, and injuring a few people. Lead/main character: Pairings: Kurama x OC Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete
3/13/2007 #27
Author: libriscrowe Title: "If It Were Not So" Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_preview.php?storyid=3331589 Rating: T Category: Miscellaneous Movies Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance Summary: What if you fell in love with a character in a movie and had the ability to bring him out into YOUR world? Rachel struggles with this as she attempts to connect with the former gunslinger, Cort, within the movie "The Quick and The Dead." Note: Alternative Universe/Science Fiction based. Lead/main character: Cort Pairings: Original Character-female Complete/Incomplete: Complete This story is the result of a writing experiment that snowballed. When we first began, we were still 'feeling' things and ideas out, but reading this story will set up the basis for the stories that follow.
3/17/2007 #28
The Sender Of Eight
Author: The Sender Of Eight Title: Fain's Return Link: [s:3448147:Fain's Return] Category: Wheel Of Time Genre: Fantasy/action/adventure Summary: Fain returns, desperately trying to destroy al'Thor. But there are other forces at play... Lead/Main characters: Dylaer (original character), Padan Fain, and an assortment of others... Pairings: None Complete/incomplete: Incomplete. WARNING: UNINTELLIGIBLE TO ANYONE THAT HAS NOT READ "KNIFE OF DREAMS" This is my first story, originally intended to be a oneshot of the battle at the manor house from Fain's POV, but has since expanded. If well liked, I will write more Dylaer fics.
3/22/2007 #29
Author: sephjnr Title: The Trio Link/URL: [s:3439773:The Trio] Rating: M, mostly for language Category: Elfen Lied Genre: Supernatural/Angst with some Humor, and Action to come later Summary: Lucy learns that death doesn't take any pain away, and encounters with her sworn enemy motivate her to seek another answer. Lead/main character: Lucy, Dr. Kurama, Mariko Pairings: Kurama/Hiromi, Lucy/Bando Complete/Incomplete: Completed; early May NOTES: This follows the Anime continuity, and I make allowances for any plotholes that contravene whatever the Manga says because I haven't read it. Aside a couple of Nana-centric one-shots this is my first major fanfic project, and although a LOT of behaviour from the central characters verges on OT-hood, the main concept is that when you die you've plenty of time to think about what you've done and what you can do next... R&R please!
4/1/2007 . Edited 5/20/2007 #30
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