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Here we have a running list of betas offering their services. If you're offering to beta, post here with the information below (and please use this template, it neatens everything up - add in your own comments, but please include the template):

Fandoms: What fandoms you can beta for, or if you have no preference say so.

Genre: What kinds of stories can you beta for, or no preference.

Skill set: What strengths do you bring to your beta services? Are you good with plot, dialogue, keeping to canon and keeping characters in character, or are you a huge grammar nazi?

Language: If you are capable of betaing in another language or want to help with translations, mention which language you can help in.

Work load: Indicate how much you can beta, the lengths of the stories, etc. Indicate if you are willing to do only one shots and individual chapters or take on a running story over a period of time. Also indicate how long it will take you to beta a 5000 word piece.

To keep things clean post only once. If some information changes, edit your post by clicking the 'mod' button at the bottom right of your post and then 'edit'.

Also, as betas primarily help with grammar and spelling, I expect everyone volunteering to post with good grammar and spelling. The logic behind this? If you don't bother using proper English in your post, how do you expect to convince people looking for betas, who have no idea who you are, that you are good? That said, anyone who posts with many mistakes will be PMed asking for an edit, and failing that I will delete them off the list.

If you are looking for a beta for your story don't post here, just contact one of the people who have posted here through their profile. I will delete without further notice anyone asking for a beta in this topic.

A tip for those looking for betas, press these buttons 'Ctrl' 'F' and then in the box that appears type in the fandom of the story you want betaed, and your browser should find all mentions of those words on this page. (This of course assuming the betas have spelled and capitalised their fandoms properly XD) A good idea, too, is to check out their profiles and the stories that they've written - that way you get a good idea on their writing style, etc. and whether or not you think you could work together well.

If you're not sure what a beta is, Wikipedia has an article here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_reader

We also have a discussion on betas that you might find interesting here: www.fanfiction.net/topic/2872/3411696/1/

12/21/2007 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 10/20/2015 #1
[b]Hey guys, I'm rachelprue. Just so you know, right off the bat, I'm a very personal beta- I prefer dealing through emails, with one on one chatting about how stories can be ameliorated.[/b] [b]Fandoms:[/b] [i]Harry Potter[/i] would be the biggest. I can also do any TV show (I've literally watched everything), plus movies and cartoons. For video games, I'm well versed in [i]Kingdom Hearts[/i] and pretty much anything made by Nintendo. In manga, I know the [i]Death Note[/i] universe, as well as [i]Cardcaptors[/i]. Plus I have a soft spot for [i]Sailor Moon[/i]. [b]Genre:[/b] I can beta for anything. [b]Language:[/b] I'm fluent in English, French, and Hebrew. I also speak Latin (don't ask me why.) [b]Skill set:[/b] I'm a grammar freak (editor of the school newspaper), plus I'm good with canon, plot, and dialogue. I'm also good with spelling. [b]Work load:[/b] I can literally do anything, whether it be long-term or a one-shot. I'm good with beta-ing, and a 1000 word piece takes me about half an hour to do. [b]Please note:[/b] I have no tolerance for people who expect betas to just correct their horrible grammar, so don't send me in a piece that looks like it was typed by a monkey and not expect me to make any comments. That being said, I love beta-ing. PM me if you're interested.
12/23/2007 . Edited 1/5/2008 #2
Okay, my turn. I posted this below, but since this topic is stickied, it might get a better chance of being seen. [b]Fandoms[/b]: [i]Disgaea, Harvest Moon, King of Fighters, Mega Man (classic series)[/i] or [i]Mario[/i] preferred, but I can also help out with [i]Azumanga Daioh, Bleach[/i] (up to and including characters from the Soul Society arc), [i]Death Note, Excel Saga, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya[/i] or [i]The Slayers[/i] if necessary. [b]Genre[/b]: Just about anything except angst or tragedy. I don't deal too well with sadness. [b]Language[/b]: English is the only language I'm fluent in, so that's the only one I can use to beta. [b]Skill Set[/b]: Count on me if you need assistance with grammar, spelling, or characterization. [b]Work Load[/b]: Because of my work schedule, I can only do a single story at a time. I prefer one-shots, but I can do multi-chaptered ones, as long as they're not [i]too[/i] wordy. It'll take me at most three days to beta a 5000-word story.
12/29/2007 . Edited 1/5/2008 #3
Fandom: Harry Potter, Naruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, The Melachonaly of Haruhi Suzumia, Kyou Kara Maou, Charmed, Hana-Kimi, Gilmore Girls, CCS, and if I don't know it I'll start (because if its getting posted than it has to be good right?) Genre: any I guess, though I like romance and tragedy's better, but I'll read it if you type it. Skill Set: I'm good with everything except spelling (sadly) but I could use my microsoft or dictonary's to look them up. (also for the anime's I know great j**. dict online so I can help you there just ask) Work Load: I can do any amount as long as I can breathe, and I would love to do chapter storys, but one-shots are cool to Just PM me if you want me to beta!
1/2/2008 #4
Beta reading is something I really take pleasure in doing simply because it benefits me and the author I'm helping out. Just PM me or check out my site at writershaven dot TK. Fandoms: It really doesn't matter, but I'm better off with Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Death Note, Naruto and Inuyasha. Genre: I can beta for any genre because I've had experience with writing in any genre and I've read just about any kind. However, my favorites are well done romances and horrors. Skill set: I can correct grammar, but that's not my specialty. I'm better off correcting plot, characterization, conflict, and anything in that category. Work load: I can beta anything you like. Doing a 5000 word beta would take me no more than 30 minutes to an hour in order to go over it and make sure I've checked nearly everything. Language: I specialize in English, but I know vasic Spanish and will know a lot more by the end of this year. I am also an extremely fast learner.
1/2/2008 . Edited 1/5/2008 #5
I'm always available for anime fangirls with problems. Fandoms: Nearly any anime, though my specialties are Sailor Moon, Eyeshield 21, Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shaman King, Ranma 1/2, and Tenchi Muyo. Other stuff: Family Guy, most Cartoon Network and old-school Nickelodeon shows, Two and a Half Men, most major webcomics, Jhonen Vasquez, most 80s British musicals. Novel-wise, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Princess Diaries, most John Grisham (if he's even allowed on the site...), some random classics, LOTF. If you have any doubts, PM me, I'll tell you if I know it. Genre: anything, minus PWP. But even that I might beta if I like the pairing. Skill set: Story flow, continuity within a series/within the story, and grammar. I'm a grammar Nazi. Language: I only speak English, but if you are undertaking a fanfic project in 1337-5|*34|< , I congratulate you and can help. Work Load: Whatever's necessary, though try sending only one or two chapters at a time, so my computer doesn't explode. I'm not very fast, but I'm a perfectionist. Other: Since I don't have my email listed for various reasons, please PM me with your beta request, and I'll PM you back and see where things go from there.
1/2/2008 . Edited 2/7/2008 #6

Fandoms: Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, Legend of Mana primarily, though I can beta for Final Fantasy, DBZ, Inu Yasha(Anime only) Ranma 1/2 (Anime only), Ghost in the Shell.

Genre: I like romance, but I'll do anything except horror or humor. I don't dislike them I just know I'm not the person to ask for help with them. Just about the only thing I refuse to do is M rated yaoi. Send me the raunchiest het or yuri and I'll gladly read it. I will do yaoi, so long as it isn't too suggestive.

Skill set: I'm good with plot, dialog, and sticking to canon, If I know the character well I can keep them in character.

Work load: I can finish a 10,000 word story in a few days if I'm not too bussy. If you give me something longer just give me a while longer. I'll do one shots and chaptered stories.

1/3/2008 . Edited 12/29/2008 #7
[b]Fandoms:[/b] No preference [b]Genre:[/b] No preference [b]Skill set:[/b] My strength include grammar, spelling, plot development, characterization, and sentence structure. If I beta for you then you'll find that I don't only go though your fic, but I use a lot of color. I have a whole key of different colors that I highlight the fics in. I believe that doing that actually helps the author learn more about grammar spelling and other things that make a good writer. I can also help writers that are what I call "speed demons." AKA: people that write really fast. In addition, I can help you with making chapters longer and adding more to your chapters. [b]Language:[/b] I know a little bit of quite a few different languages. English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Hebrew. [b]Work load:[/b] I can take on a maximum of 10 to 15 people. I already have two people so I can take on quite a few more. If you want a sample of my work then please contact me. Do not look at the fanfic I have posted for it was written a few years ago before I got an amazing grammar lesson from my friend.
1/3/2008 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 1/8/2008 #8
Fandoms: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, CSI, Dark Shadows, Eragon, Full House, Hercules, High School Musical, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Left Behind, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors, The Nanny, Pocahontas, Phil of the Future, RENT, Sherlock Holmes, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Twilight. If your fandom isn't listed here, you can always PM me. I'm familiar with a good number of shows and movies. I can edit grammar for almost any fandom, but I won't be able to help with characterization much. Genre: Pretty much anything. The only things I won't beta are slash stories. Skill set: I would say my greatest strength is grammar, followed by characterization and description. Work load: I'm willing to beta any length of story, whether it's complete or a work in progress. A 5000 word piece would probably take me two or three days at most, depending on my schedule. Language: English is my first language. I can also beta some Spanish.
1/3/2008 . Edited 1/18/2008 #9
I am interested in doing beta work. Fandoms-Harry Potter, Twilight, and His Dark Materials Genre-I prefer K-T fics, being a teen myself. I like pieces with thought put into them, so longer stories-not really oneshots. Skill-set- I have a big thing for spelling and am a grammar fiend as well. What I am good at though is probably helping keep things from sounding OOC. Language-Just English, sorry! Work load-I have never betaed before, but I would like to help with long fics, except for I am in school, so I wouldn't be able to help every day.
1/9/2008 #10
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, Titanic. Is your fandom unlisted? Please, ask me about it! I'm familiar with a multitude of smaller fandoms (Green Street Hooligans, Ned Kelly, Mirrormask, The Patriot, etc.) and would be more than happy to take on fics from them. I'm also unfamiliar with all anime, but could still beta it for grammar, spelling, and so on. Genre: I can beta for any genre. I don't mind slash or OCs! Skill set: I'm good at correcting grammatical flaws like misplaced punctuation, proper use of paragraphs and spelling. I can also help with exposition (Show Don't Tell), continuity and other common errors (affect/effect, all right/alright, your/you're). I excel with dialogue, POV and character development. Language: English and a bit of French. Work load: I can beta one-shots or epic, multi-chapter fics. I'm prompt and could possibly have a 5000 word piece back in a day or two, depending on how much editing you would like me to do. Simple spelling and grammatical corrections? Probably a day or so. Help with character development, ideas for future chapters, heavy editing and corrections? Up to three or four days. The only thing I ask is if you're going to do a long, multi-chapter story, please commit to it. I understand that life can get in the way of writing sometimes, and I also understand that it could take a few weeks to punch out a really awesome chapter, but if you get bored or hung up on the thirteenth or fourteenth chapter, please don't leave me hanging. Ask for help, I'd be more than willing to try and help you find your muse again. :)
1/16/2008 #11
Hi I'm Saphiranna, Just so you know I prefer to work through e-mail after initial PM contact, but I will beta through PMs if I must. Depending on what you like I can either be a hard critic or very nice, but I'm always constructive. Also I won't tell you I like something if I don't. On bad thing about me: I might disappear randomly every now and then (cluster headaches), if you can't tolerate the odd delay I'm not the beta for you. [b]Fandoms:[/b] Anime: Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Seed, Naruto, Inuyasha, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Bayblade, Digimon, Escaflowne, Yu-Gi-Oh, Princess Mononoke, Shaman King, Spirited Away, Vampire Hunter D, Howl's Moving Castle, and Hamtaro Books: Twilight, David Eddings, DragonLance, and Harry Potter Games: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX [b]Genre: [/b] I will beta for any genre and am very open minded [b]Skill set:[/b] My strong points are grammar, spelling, sentence structure. I do all my changes in blue and [b]bold [/b] so their easy to spot. [b]Language:[/b] I can only beta English fics, but I do know a little German, French, Spanish and Japanese. [b]Work load:[/b] I beta fics of all size from oneshot to full length. Depending on the size of the piece and how many jobs I'm working on my return time ranges from a day to a week. As of now I'm going into a temporary retirement, and am not taking on any new stories. I'll remove this when I'm ready for more work.
1/16/2008 . Edited 1/25/2008 #12
leaving now
Heya, Moongazer or stargazer here. Call me whatever you want. Fandoms: Harry Potter, gee I've practically read the books a million times. I am not surprised if I actually memorized them without knowing. I can tell you anything right off the bat. Genre: anything except Romance or angst Skill set: I like to do more basic and beginner writers the type of people who don't write as well, and wants to improve. Just don't mind my sarcasm. I can do cannonization, and plot. If you have trouble with coming up with a plot completely we can work on that. I will mostly just fix your grammar and spelling, lecturing you on it. I'll of course lecture on everything else. Well, not literally leccture, but kind of talk about it. I can also do new English learners, and fix sstuff. No, I won't harshly critique you for anything, because I have actually gone through it, and realize how hard it is. Language: Wish I could, but I can only do English. Work load: Um, I can do multi chapter, and send them to me whenever you want. The time depends, I'll tell you when I reply. It's because sometimes I am busy and sometimes I am not. I might also askfor you to please hold off for a little.
1/21/2008 . Edited 1/21/2008 #13

I'm interested in being a beta.

Fandoms: Alex Rider (I've read all the canon except Secret Weapon) Artemis Fowl (All) Harry Potter (All) and Twilight (All.)

I love fantasy and science fiction.

Genre: K-T, no preference, but I generally enjoy angst.

Language: American English (although I know a bit of British English just from reading a lot of British fanfiction.) :D

I've taken Latin as a foreign language before, so I'm familiar with it- just DON'T ask me about Latin grammar. *shudders*

Skill set: Punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Length: No real preference.

Return time: Within four days at most, faster if you get it to me before a weekend, as I'm still in school.

PM me if you're interested.

I'll be unavailable for a week during Spring Break, and for most of the summer.

1/30/2008 . Edited 5/18/2008 #14

Hi, my name is SMARTALIENQT. I am now skilled in the Ways of the Doc X (thanks to my beta hooloovoo-too), and I can use it without too much difficulty. I can also tell you how to use it, if you want. Here we go:

Fandoms : I'm best at Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce, Twilight, and High School Musical. Numb3rs is also good, but harder. Same with His Dark Materials. I know almost every Disney movie (don't ask why), new (like PotC) or old (like Snow White). I'm a minor (minor!) Trekker, and I watch NCIS and Criminal Minds, as well. I've also read tons of fantasy books too innumerable to list, so I'll just say PM me and ask me if I've read it. I'll add things as I see them. If you want to know if I know about something, PM me.

Genre : No preference

Skill set : I am good with everything. Keeping in character is a weak point, but I'm not horrible.

Language : English. I can do German interjections and very small sentences (Du bist ein Idiot!), but that's it.

Workload : One-shots and chapters are best for me. If I were to beta one chapter at a time for a long story, that would work, but don't dump fifteen chapters in my lap and expect me to beta them all at the same time.

This information is subject to change.

A note: I can grammar and spell-check everything, even if I have no idea about what it is (like anime), but I can't do canon stuff for it if I don't know about it.


2/2/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #15
Oracle Five


Anime/Manga: Dothack (Sign, Legend of Twilight, IMOQ, GU, Roots, Another Birth), Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, Hellsing, Naruto, Card Captor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X, Full Metal Alchemist, Claymore

Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon (up to Silver/Gold)

Cartoons: Batman Beyond, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Transformers/Beast Wars, Reboot

Books: Animorphs, His Dark Materials, Lord of the Rings

TV Shows/Movies: Knight Rider, Star Trek (TOS), Star Wars (all six movies, Extended Universe both pre and post-retcon)

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure. Not so much on pure horror, and NOT with romance.

Language: English, and if you want to splice in Japanese I can help in that area as well (I'm not 100% fluent in Japanese yet)

Skill Set: Canon-related issues, pace and flow, plot and dialogue, some grammar and spelling as well.

Work Load: Size is not an issue. Just bear in mind that longer works means I need more to work on it. I will let you know when/if I lack time to properly beta your story. Just please make sure to let me know if you're working towards a deadline so that I know to get back to you ASAP.

I will be updating this as my fandom experience changes. I hope I can be of some help to someone! ~_~

*I reserve the right to refuse service if your story has had no effort put into it whatsoever*

2/18/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #16
[i]Hello there forum browser XD[/i] [b]Fandoms:[/b]Beyblade, Fruits Basket, Thunderbirds, Naruto, Danny Phantom, Doctor Who, Eragon, Stardust, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Scrubs, Cardcaptors, Teen Titians, Harry Potter, Friends, Ugly Betty, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Pita-Ten and I could also do most Disney shows/films. [b]Genre:[/b] I don't really mind, I mostly read Yaoi myself (see profile) but it's not a problem if you don't write that. [b]Skill set:[/b] Spelling, Paragraphs, Grammer, Word order/meanings and I can keep the characters in...well character lol [b]Language:[/b] Only English I'm afraid, what with living in England and all lol. [b]Work load:[/b] I'll do one-shots (long or short) and I'd be willing to stay with you through out a running fic, and I will inform you if and/or when I won't be available for a period of time (e.g. if I go on holiday etc.). A 5000 word piece, takes me around 10 minuets to read, so to beta it I'd imagine it would take around 30 minuets or an hour at the most. If you want to know more please visit my profile, but feel free to e-mail me, it's not a problem - I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. If any more reassurance is needed I wouldn't read the fics listed on my profile as I wrote them along time ago, but I am proud to say I have improved greatly since then and because of this I hope I can be of some help to my fellow FanFiction-ers lmao. Thanks for reading! Laura.x.
2/23/2008 #17

Thekk here, I like to beta!

Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon (anything "Pre May/Max"), Naruto (manga current), Bleach (manga current), Fullmetal Alchemist (Show+Movie and Manga), Tsubasa Chronicles (manga current), Harry Potter (all books/movies), His Dark Materials (books only), Gemma Doyle Trilogy (all three), Kyle XY, Danny Phantom, Inuyasha (manga/anime/movies current), Ouran High School Host Club (manga current), Twilight (will have read Breaking Dawn within hours of release :D), GetBackers (not manga current), Full Moon wo Sagashite (manga/anime), Final Fantasy X (not X-2), Fruits Basket (manga/anime), many other various book/movie/television fandoms.

Genre: All kinds, though I prefer to avoid anything i*** (Naruto fandom NejiHina exception, Harry Potter Fred/George exception, Ouran Hitachiin-cest exception) and anything Adult X Pre-pubescent child and no r*** please. I also prefer to avoid original characters as the main character in the story or paired with a main character as the main focus of the story. Unsure if that fits your story? Just ask. I also like to say I'm pretty open-minded, so I will beta shounen-ai/shoujo-ai/polyamory (actually this is a favorite of mine :D)/m-preg (another favorite when done well).

Skill set: Grammar/Spelling Nazi to the max, strong with flow, characterization, and following canon. Weak with formatting, though.

Language: Native language is American English (British spellings/phrases/words may confuse me, but I catch on quickly), I am mostly fluent in French as well.

Work load: I don't care how long the piece is, but if you want me to beta over time I like that you are mostly consistent with updating (emergencies and unexpected leaves disregarded) and that you keep in touch with me and get to know me. I like making friends. :D. 5000 words will take me less than a day to beta, but depending on my schedule may not come back to you the same day.

I hope to hear from people!

2/24/2008 . Edited 7/31/2008 #18
Hey! I'm Nikki and I want to be YOUR beta. Maybe. Fandoms: I'm willing to beta for anything, excluding anime, but my favorite fandoms are The O.C, Harry Potter, and High School Musical. Genre: Almost any genre. Not horror or sci-fi. Skill set: I am a grammar nazi (I come from a family of teachers). I love writing dialogue, so I find editing it to be one of my assets. Within fandoms I'm familiar with, I'm very good at characterization and staying within the constraints of canon. I can be quite... harsh, but I'm trying to ease up on it. If you're easily offended, I am NOT the beta for you. Language: Sorry, just an English speaker! Work load: I'm willing to take on no more than five one-shots at a time and two or three chaptered fics. Turn around on fics under 5000 words is usually 2 to 3 days. Turn around on fics over 5000 words will be up to 4 or 5 days. This will vary based on the amount of work needed. I've been writing in general for years and beta'ing seriously for 2 or 3 years. I'm completely free now, so it's really a first come, first serve basis. Please just drop me a line giving me a brief overview of your fic, including fandom, pairing (if any), possible genres, and length and I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)
2/28/2008 #19
Hi, I'm Rah. [b]Fandoms:[/b] I can beta in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Chamed, The Dresden Files, Animorphs, Power Rangers, CSI, Criminal Minds, Numbers, Law & Order: SVU, Moonlight, Life, Cupid and The 4400. [b]Genre:[/b] I'll read most genres so just ask. I will not however beta anything that advocates child abuse or i***. [b]Skill set:[/b] I am a bit of a grammar nazi I must admit. Additionally, I am big on keeping characters in canon unless a piece is specified as alternate universe. I'm good with dialogue and general plot. [b]Language:[/b] I can beta in English [b]Work load:[/b] Currently, I am not as available as I like to be but that is the nature of the beast. I can beta any length story. The only thing I ask is that you understand that I am a full time college student and my schoolwork (thesis research and LSAT prep) come first. Depending on my time constraints, I could turn around a 5,000 word piece in a couple hours to the next day. Please don't hesitate to contact me via PM if you would like my help.
2/28/2008 #20
Kurai Himitsu
Um, I hope you don't mind if I steal your format, Rah-san. . . [b]Fandoms:[/b] I can beta in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Yami no Matsuei, and Rurouni Kenshin--my profile also says Mantantei Loki Ragnarok, but I'm not as proficient in that fandom, although I have a good knowledge of the anime. [b]Genre:[/b] I'll read any genre. [b]Skill set:[/b] I'm a bit of a stickler for spelling and grammar, though I won't say I'm perfect. I'm best if I may first give pointers--and knowing the plot ahead of time would be helpful, though is not required. I tend to value plot above grammar, though I will tend to both in due time. I also do a good job of keeping characters as IC as possible for the situation. [b]Language:[/b] I beta in English [b]Preferences:[/b] KisaIta. ^_^U Odd pairings handled seriously. O.o I don't mind yaoi or het--I doubt yuri would bother me either--neither does mpreg. I do fairly well with angst and drama genres. I don't have much I won't read. No Mary-Sue's/Gary-Stu's, please. If presented with one, I will do my best, but I learned my own lesson concerning them a while ago. No h*** either, please. I like humor, but I'm not the best humor writer. . . [b]Work load:[/b] Um, Real Life interferes occasionally, but I will always get back to you with in a few days. I won't leave you hanging. I'm an old FF vet--over two years, almost three--so I know my way around and I know all those interesting unspoken rules. Drop me a line if you would like some help. ^_^
3/12/2008 #21
Hey, MimozaBlooming on receiving end. [b]I'll do my absolute best to bring the best out in you![/b] I've haunted ff.net for three years now, but got around to getting an account very recently. [b]Fandom:[/b] Anything (But here's what I've read: almost all the manga on thespectrum.net or onemanga.com, Harry Potter, A Separate Piece, Cather in the Rye, The Da Vincy code, Lord of the Rings, The hobbit, English Patient, The Giver, Inkheart, tons of novels by Jane Austen, Virginia Wolf, Beckett, Les miserables, Lord of the flies, Maximum Ride, Memoirs of a Geisha, Wuthering Heights, many Victor Hugo novels, To kill a mockingbird, tons of books by Tamora Pierce, Sherlock Holmes, lots of Sheakespear, Peter Pan, the Odyssey, etc...) [b]Genre:[/b] Anything but horror, tragedy, spiritual or western. [b]Skill set:[/b] I'll be able to help you with grammar, syntax, flow, plot development, pace, character development, balance of narration to dialogue to action, overall quality of writing. If I've read/watched the work your story originates from, I'll be able to evaluate how realisticly you've portrayed a particular universe, a particular person. [b]Language:[/b] English, Russian [b]Work load:[/b] Any length, for any period of time. I will read your story as I would read my favorite book: with infinite attention, and endless appreciation for the fact that you're writing. I'd love to stick with your story from beginning to end. But take into account: I'm in college, no infinite free time - Private Messege me, I will reply to you within a day, but it might take me longer to beta your story.
3/14/2008 . Edited 3/14/2008 #22

I have been on FF for...how long have I been on here? I don't even remember. At any rate: I'm old; been a member of FF since forever, and been lurking on here since the site started. I used to beta sporadically, then went off to hone my skill. Now, I hope to offer some good advice to a younger generation.

Fandoms: I read all. No fandom is too strange or bizarre. However, if you give me something Twilight-related, I will be much harder than if you gave me anything else (because I have so much hatred for Meyers).

Genre: No preference. At all.

Skill set: I am a plot Nazi. Obsessed with making good prose. Helping you rise above your capacities. Grammar is a given. Sound advice? Look no further

Language: English. And bad English. And prose (yes, it is a language).

Work load: The longer the better. If it's short, make sure it's a vignette.

As such an oldie on FF, I have seen much. One can benefit from the experience. I will aim to help you develop your skill, hone your craft, and perfect your creations. I am very traditionalist in my view towards writing; it makes me blunt, and very honest. If you give me crap, I will tell you so, then tell you whether to start anew, or how to make it better. Nothing is too strange or bizarre for me. If you simply wish to ask for advice on plots, I am available as well.

At any rate, for all you aspiring writers, in the words of Oscar Wilde, remember this above all: "The artist is the creator of beautiful things."

3/28/2008 . Edited 3/28/2008 #23

Fandoms: Science Fiction TV - many assorted USA, Canadian and UK. I've seen every episode of ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST:DS9 and ST:VOY. I enjoy Farscape, Babylon V, Firefly, Alien Nation, Threshold, BattleStar Galactica and The 4400. My heart is in outer space with the classics, or at least among aliens. I also loved the original Outer Limits episodes. Their good episodes asked the question "What is man." For UK stuff, I was impressed by Moonbase 3, The Prisoner and Starcops. I enjoy Primeval. It's fluffy but fun. I enjoyed Invasion Earth and the first season of Survivors (1975 Sci Fi). UFO and the better first season Space 1999 was OK. I dislike Dr. Who and Torchwood - wildly too inconsistent and fluffy for me. Space Precinct was too Earth like. Tripods and Doomwatch bored me. Heroes doesn't send me. Andromeda turned into cheap Kung Fu fighting and snores. I don't like horror, even like Omega Factor. Grand Star leaves me cold.

Genre: Noir and angst is my favorite. Self struggle and tough decision making. I like to explore different aspects of the human experience through science fiction, as well as make up logical universes. When I do FanFic, I try to stick to the original characters when I use them, but I know that is difficult. Romance doesn't bother me but there are so many other human emotions I don't like to write a story centered around it. Normal sex is OK. I'm married so there's not much in the normal bedroom department that can surprise me. No slash or other weird stuff, please. I don't like cross-overs except as take-off gags.

I don't like one shots. Please structure and plot the story and then make a reasonable attempt to polish it.

I prefer novella length.

Skill set: I am an engineer, so don't be surprised if I call you on the mumbo jumbo. I'm also fairly well read in many areas including history and science. I also know how to research. I definitely think it's tougher to snow me than most people. I know guns. There's a pretty good chance any small arms you mention in a story I've own, been issued or at least shot on the range. I build my stories from elements known on Earth presently. I find nothing more alien than the truth.

I am not a strict grammar nazi but I am a native speaker of North American English and I expect reasonable care in grammar and spelling. I also expect craft in the word choices and a reasonable reading level. Please use paragraphs well. I'm assuming you use a spelling and grammar check feature like the one in Microsoft Word before you submit it to me.

I consider myself pretty good with emotional development, dialog and description. I can use help with plot.

Language: Just English, please.

Work load: Let me start with one. I have a full time job, a wife, two kids, etc.

3/29/2008 #24

Fandoms: I don't really have a preference, but I do have many fandoms that I consider myself an expert in. They include: (Black Cat/Death Note/Avatar/Naruto) (Tamora Pierce/David Clement-Davies/T*Witch/Bartimaeus Trilogy/Pendragon/Redwall/Twilight/Eragon/Harry Potter) (Most cartoons) (No comics, no games) (Most movies) (Pushing Daisies/Eli Stone/Burn Notice/Psych/Monk/House/Scrubs/Lost/Star Trek (any))

Even if your fandom isn't on this list, you can contact me about it and I will most likely agree to be your beta anyway. :)

Genre: Absolutely no preference. EXCEPT: I have to say no to any slash/yaoi. Sorry.

Skill set: I'm very well-rounded in terms of beta skills. I can do grammar, plot, character development, dramatic scenes...I'm a little weak in dialogue and action scenes, though, and for that I apologize.

Language: Nope, sorry.

Work load: I like oneshots just because they're short, sweet, and you can imply so much in only one, short spurt of words. But chapter stories can be fun to read as well, and I'm perfectly willing to beta one.

For 5000 words, I would estimate about 45 minutes to beta.

Please don't be afraid to contact me for ANY reason, I'd be more than happy to answer questions or help someone out. :D

5/3/2008 #25

Fandoms: I work exclusively in naruto.

Genre:I don't really have any preference

Skill set: I am good with plot, dialogue, and detail. ok in spelling and grammar. I am really good in keeping the flow.

Language: English only.

Work load:I can handle it all. Short, long, etc.

I do work a lot in yaoi, sasunarusasu. So that is what I would accept the most. I will work for other pairs though.

I can work in almost any fam done as long as you can get it on the internet for free. I should be able to find it and read/watch it in less then a week if long or days if short. I also like to beta through pm and e-mails. it might take a few days to get back because I have other duties and I like to have it perfect.

5/4/2008 #26

Fandoms: Mostly in anime fandom; exclusively for fandoms that I am fluent with. Full list is in my beta profile. Among the fandoms included are Code Geass, D.Gray-man, Yami no Matsuei. If the fandom are new, feel free to ask if I am familiar with said fandom. I'll take it if I do.

Genre: No particular preference though my strength had been in Angst and Action. As long as the plot interest me.

Skill set: As long as I caught up with the canons of the respective fandoms you can count on me on keeping to canon and in character. I'm okay at dialogues and can help in organizing plots flows. But it's nice to tell what part of canon was involved cos i don't keep up that often to new episodes.

Language: English. I knew a bit of Japanese at least for basic uses.

Work load: I rather not accept too much. Any length are welcomed but preferably one-shots. Depending on how busy I could be, time taken for the edits to be done would be within a day or at most a week unless something unexpected happen. Since lately, I have short attention span.

I don't mind any types of writing style as long as you do not present me with a very bad writing or a fic full of purple proses. Further info please refer to my beta profile.

5/14/2008 . Edited 5/11/2013 #27

Hello. My name is Leki, and I'm looking to help fellow writers.


Fandoms: To many to name. Here are a few - Bleach, Chobits, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Fruits Basket, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Labyrinth, Legend of Zelda (Ocarina).

Genre: Any genre.

Skill Set: I have a large vocabulary, and have many fandoms (so a wide variety of topics can be beta-ed)

Language: English. I know abit of Latin, but it's limited. I can use it for small stuff like titles and quotes.

Work Load: I can do a few stories/chapters at a time, and am willing to take on long running stories. I can read an average story in about an hour or so, depending on length and my needed activities.


I am willing to work with word/sentence check. I will give advice on characters and stories if you need. (Doesn't mean writing out the story, of course.)


If you want me to Beta for you, please e-mail me. My e-mail is in my profile, since links don't work in the forums. I also have Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, and I can download others if needed.

5/14/2008 . Edited 5/20/2008 #28

Hey everyone! I'm Fae, and I'd love to help you with your work! I'm a very detailed beta. I will not only help you fix the "problems" but also help you see why they were "problems". Also, I'd prefer to work on a personal level, such as through e-mail, but I'm willing to do what's easiest for you. :D

Fandoms: I work almost exclusively with books. Anything Tolkien or Harry Potter are my top fandoms. I do, however have experience in several smaller fandoms, including a few of the Classics(full list upon request). I also am quite familiar with Pirates of the Carribean, Van Helsing, and basically everything Disney or Disney/Pixar.

Genres: Anything except Horror. As for the rest, please keep it K - T. No Ms, please.

Skill Set: I'm very good with plot and character development, and realistic dialoge. I'm a Nazi for canon, grammar, and punctuation.

Language: American English and quickly learning my way around in Continental French.

Workload: Summer+ joblesss= Lots of free time! I'm willing to take on anything you 5000 word pieces take maybe 2-3 hours, but allow for more if you want canon corrections, as I may need to dig a little.

I look forward to your stories!-- Fae

5/21/2008 #29

I go by Aliarcy and I love beta-reading. I really do prefer people who are friendly and talkative though because I always feel bad giving criticism to some person who is going to pout and brood over it for days on end. In exchange for you being nice and friendly, I'll be nice and friendly back. Yay. ^.^ For reasons you probably don't need to know nor want to, I don't have my own email account. I share with others so I really would prefer it if you'd pm me and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. I'm pretty sure anything else that I'd want to say will be said below this so I'll shut up now. :3

Fandoms: Books: Twilight, Harry Potter, Incarnations of Immortality, Stephen King, and some classics (Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, etc.). I really have read a ton more books then this but this is the main ones that come to mind. I'm willing to beta any book; if I haven't read it I'll go check it out at the library and read it so that I can help you out. :3 Manga/Anime: Host Club, Naruto, Faeries' Landing, Perfect Girl Evolution, Death Note, Gravitation, Loveless, Vampire Knights, Pretear, Hana Kimi and many, many more! Well...literally. I have this online anime website and I keep getting hooked on new animes. Anyways, I'm willing to beta any animes but I might get them confused some times so you'd have to be patient. Movies: Honestly the only movies I know well enough are Labyrinth, Princess Bride and Grease. Sad, I know. -Hides in shame- If you want to do a movie fanfic I'm probably not your best choice.

Genre: I'm not picky on genres, choose whatever you like and I'll read it. Plus, even if I did set lines for mine I'd get bored with them sooner or later and look for some different stories so send away! I'll read it! :3 The only thing though is I wont do 'hot and steamy', sorry, Teen is my limit.

Skill set: I can be a complete grammar nazi if that's what you need, I can also help out with plot lines (they may be a little...random but I'll give it my best), my strong point would not be character development but I'll try my best not to touch your character descriptions in case I mess something up but for my strong point, I'm pretty good at description! You just need to give me enough to work off of and I can help add onto your stories.

Language: English only, sorry! I really am thinking about taking up Spanish and learning how to speak it fluently but that's quite a ways off.

Work load: I'm pretty flexible here, I can do one-shots or lengthy chapter stories. I'm home schooled and it's summer so I have a good amount of free time. The only thing that you might want to consider is that I do have a few jobs but they're rather random. I can go weeks of free time then be booked but I'll be sure to put your story first in whatever free time I do happen to have. Other than that, I'd say I'm a pretty fast beta-reader and could get you your stories back pretty fast.

I'd love to see your fanfics sitting in my DocX box! Hope to talk to you soon ~Aliarcy

5/22/2008 #30
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