Writers Anonymous
Writers, come in. Talk about your stories, problems, any advice you need, critique, etc. You don't have to be good, you just need to want to write! Fanfic or original fic writers, all are welcome. Read the rules before posting or risk Rhea's displeasure.
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Rhea Silverkeys

Hello and welcome to the Writers Anonymous forum! We're here to help you with any writing questions or problems you have, and generally just discuss writing. Please note that I am in no way affiliated with the creators of this website: I am merely a user who likes to write, just like you!

As with any other forum, we have a set of in-house rules, listed below; please read them, and we will be very happy =)

  • Post #1 lists the rules
  • Post #2 deals with how to report spam
  • Post #3 has a how-to on using the forum (how to post a new topic, reply to a topic, and edit your own post)
  • Post #6 explains the thread filters which float around the top of the forum, under the main 'Topic' header.

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1. Anyone can post a new topic.

Do keep in mind that this is a general writing forum, with a primary focus on writing - so, for instance, we're not interested in RPGs or chatting about particular fandoms (that's what fandom specific forums are for). We have an FAQ topic where you can ask questions, either about the website, the forum etc. - basically any question that requires a simple answer. We also have a guide to posting stories, and other pinned topics that are worth looking at.

We don't have an introductory thread - just jump right in to a conversation or start a new one! If you have not used the forums at ff.net before, please read post #3: How to Post on the Forum.

New topics cannot be created for the promotion of stories, otherwise known as self-plugs. We will delete those. We have dedicated threads for people to promote their stories here.

Our forum index is located here. The forum has been around since 2005, so you can imagine what a treasure trove of information the index is ;) You may find something interesting there, or an answer to a question. We like resurrecting old threads, too, so please feel free to do so!

The moderators have the right to lock or delete any topic - if this occurs, it will probably be because they are self-plugs; irrelevant or inappropriate to the focus of the forum; a repeat of something that already exists; or spam. Moderators may edit another member's post, but this will always be followed by a note explaining what has been modified (generally, if a post is modified, it is to remove a link or categorise a thread). Moderators will not edit another member's post to 'sabotage' the member.

2. Please watch your language.

No rudeness, people bashing, personal attacks, etc. Please be civil. We do not name and shame in this forum.

3. Before posting, topic titles have to be categorised.

Before the title of your topic, state what category it's in by manually typing it into the 'Topic Title' box, before the title of your topic. Do not use the drop-down box that appears when you create a new topic. The drop-down box should always read 'General'. I know this might seem confusing, but there is a method to our madness, as explained in Post #6. The categories are:

  • Writing - Anything to do with the process of writing a story (i.e. plot, style, etc. not site or beta issues).
  • Critique - Post extracts of your story/fanfiction and we'll critique and give opinions etc. If you post a link to your story or the entire chapter, or ask for general constructive criticism without posting an extract, we will lock your topic. If you would like general constructive criticism you may request it here. Only there may you post links to your story. For a list of current Critique topics click here.
  • Research - If you're looking for info from your fandom or real life things.
  • Beta - If you're looking for a beta reader. If offering services as a beta, post here.
  • Rec - Recommend your favourite stories and favourite authors under the existing topics. (See here for list links)
  • Self-plug - Promote your stories or sites. Story, C2 and forum plugs have their own existing topics and you can only plug your stories there. (See here for list links)
  • Game - Strictly for writing games or challenges that will keep you from getting rusty and to exercise creativity. All new suggestions of games should be run by me first. Any games posted that have nothing to do with writing will be locked. For a list of the games, go to the forum index here.
  • Poll - Only to be used by mods of the forum. If you have a poll you'd like posted on the forum, let one of the mods know and if it's suitable, we'll post it up here.
  • General - For anything else that doesn't fit into the other categories.

4. Double-posting is not allowed within a day of your original post.

Double-posting is defined as posting twice in a row without another user's post separating the two or editing the previous post. Edit your post if you want to add something. To edit a post, click on the gear icon at the bottom right of your post. A list of other options will appear, one of them 'Edit'.

5. The 'Edit' function cannot be used to remove the contents of a post.

We've sadly had a few instances where people post something, regret what they say, find that they can't delete it, and then edit their post to remove the contents of it. In many cases this means that anyone coming to the thread later on cannot follow the conversation and are essentially reading gibberish. For the moderators, this means it's difficult for us to do our jobs and ascertain what the true story is and whether any rule-breaking has occurred.

Therefore, if a moderator finds that someone has edited their post in such a way that the original conversation cannot be followed, they will give that person a warning via PM and/or in the forum. If the person ignores the warning and continues to break this rule, they will be banned from posting in the forum for a period of at least 3 days.

So when can you edit a post? You can edit a post to add in something further (and avoid double posting), to clarify a point, to correct a typo or spelling mistake - what you cannot do is delete the entire contents of your original post or edit the originally posted content so that it is unrecognisable from the original. If you find yourself regularly regretting what you have posted, please take the time to think about what you have written before you hit the 'Post' button.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoy it here and look forward to seeing your first post!

12/18/2005 . Edited 11/13/2016 #1

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Over the last few days we had an interesting discussion about spam on forums brought on by the question: how do you stop someone from spamming you on other people's forums? The answer to that question is: you report them to the forum moderators. Those are the people listed as moderators at the bottom of the thread. The moderators will then act accordingly.

To report them to the moderators, click on the Gear icon at the bottom right of the spam post and then 'Report Abuse'.

I thought it would also be helpful to list what is considered spam on this forum. Spam are inappropriate posts, including:

  • Commercial spam - trying to sell something or get you to visit a website.
  • Posts that bear no relevance to the topic of discussion, such as "hi, how is everyone?" posts. This is a forum for discussing anything related to reading and writing (fan)fiction. It is not a chatroom.
  • Posts in which the poster is harassing or insulting another member of the forum. Note: it is not harassment if you are having a discussion with someone and they are disagreeing with you. Things can get a little heated in debates, but that can usually be sorted out by asking both debaters to "cool down".
  • Public pillory or naming and shaming posts. If someone did something to you (flaming for instance) you can talk about it here in general terms to get it off your chest or to get advice on how to handle it. Don't mention names. The accused party has the right to defend themselves, which they can't if they're not a visitor of this forum as well. That would make it look like we were talking behind their back. Besides, wouldn't you feel stupid if you found out you had falsely accused someone?
  • Double posts are also a form of spam. Accidental double posts happen when FFnet or your browser don't seem to respond properly. One of those posts is deleted and no mention of it is made. On other occasions you may want to add something to your own post. To do that click on the Gear symbol next to the reply-link of your post and click edit to edit your post. In case you want to reply to multiple previous posts and quote segments of it in your own post, but your browser has the nasty habit of refreshing the page if you go back and forth in the same window (so the text you typed gets lost) right click on the reply link and select "open in a new window". This will allow you to go back and forth between the thread and your reply without losing information.

How we deal with spam:

  • We can edit the posts, or if there really isn't anything to the post we can delete it.
  • Multiple offenders who just won't stop, not even when asked nicely, can be blocked from posting by the moderators.

How can you prevent spam on the forum? By not doing any of the above. That includes replying to a nonsense-post with the words "that was nonsense" as it would leave us with two nonsense posts in a row. If the spam post is commercial spam, however, feel free to add a 'Reported' post after reporting it to the moderators. That way, anyone else who comes by the post will know that it has been reported, and they don't need to report it as well.

Also, don't share your account with someone else. If you are sharing a computer log off of FFnet before you leave the computer (click log in at the top of the screen and then log out a little lower). You don't know what others will do with your account when you're not supervising their use. To block someone from your own forums log in and click the "block" link. Fill in the userid of the person (their userid can be found on their profile page) and click enter. This person will no longer be able to review you, PM you, or post on your forum.

1/7/2007 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 8/11/2016 #2
Rhea Silverkeys

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Making a New Topic

Press 'New' on the top right of the forum.

2. Replying to an Existing Topic

Click 'Reply' on the bottom right of any post in a topic/thread that you want to reply to.

3. Editing Your Post

Click on the gear symbol at the bottom right of your post and a set of options will appear, one of them 'Edit'.

8/1/2011 . Edited 5/25/2016 #3

I'm going to make a very slight change to forum protocol at this point.

Previously we've always said that out-of-place threads, including self-plug threads, will be locked. But for self-plugs, nobody cares. They weren't expecting replies anyway, they just want to advertise. A locked thread is as good to them as an unlocked thread.

I'm going to start deleting self-plug threads. Please read the forum rules and post your self-plugs in the existing threads.

11/18/2014 #4

And here's a link to Sda's collection of all our critique threads... (thanks Sda for doing this!)


5/1/2015 #5
Rhea Silverkeys

We now have thread filters! These are the tags floating around the top of the forum, under the main 'Topic' header. So, what are they?

Basically, an easy way for you to find interesting topics or view all the critique topics, review games, etc. Just click on the thread filter you want to look at and all the associated threads will be shown.

Now, to incorporate the thread filters I turned on ff.net's 'Forum Topic Categories/Sub-Forums' feature, which means that when you now create a new topic, you also get a drop-down menu saying 'Categories'. DO NOT change this drop-down menu. It should always read 'General' when you create a new topic. I know it's a little confusing as I ask you to categorise your topics, but that's in your topic title, i.e. the 'Topic Title' box. So, to sum up, please continue to categorise your topics the way you've always done it, and ignore the new drop-down box ;)

I'd like to ask for all feedback and questions regarding this feature to go in the 'Announcements: Mission Forum Organisation' thread here, not this thread. Similarly, if you think a topic should be included in one of the thread filters, please make a suggestion in that thread, not this one.

10/20/2015 #6

If you want to post a link in your forum post then this is now significantly difficult, as the site hides almost all of them.

Your link will be fine if it is to another page on this site (i.e. it contains "www.fanfiction.net").

Otherwise, your best option is to copy-paste the complete link as it appears in the bar of your browser. Then go to the start of the link and delete the "http://". There's no need to add spaces or obfuscate it in any other way. It won't be clickable, but other people will be able to copy-paste it into the bar of their own browser and it will work fine.

If you read an older post which you think should have a useful link in but you can't see the link, please ask - a moderator can edit the post to take the http bit out and make it visible for everyone. I've done a fair few of them, but we have many years of archives...

12/31/2015 . Edited 12/31/2015 #7
Rhea Silverkeys

New rule added, please see Rule number 5 in the first post.

8/11/2016 #8
How can you prevent spam on the forum? By not doing any of the above. That includes replying to a nonsense-post with the words "that was nonsense" as it would leave us with two nonsense posts in a row.

I just had a thought. I wonder what this forum's policy is in regards to following up with spam that is obviously commercial or scam in nature?

In some forums that I visit, it is considered good practice to post a follow-up "Reported" statement to indicate that you've already reported the user. On high traffic forums, this prevents the moderation team from being spammed by multiple reports of the same post. Not sure if this forum can be considered "high traffic" enough to warrant that kind of practice, though.

8/11/2016 #9
Rhea Silverkeys

Putting a "Reported" statement would be a good idea. Sometimes we do get multiple reports on the same commercial spam. Good idea! Whichever moderator deletes the spam topic or post could also remove the 'reported' post at the same time.

8/11/2016 #10
Hannah forever

I may have double posted on accident..... Sorry!

6/8 #11

Okay I made a forum on here and it got locked for no reason whatsoever and I have already looked at the guideline and there was nothing wrong with what I posted.

6/16 #12

Cara, we don't have introductory threads here (because we have dozens of new posters a day, we'd have nothing else visible on the first page). If you want to participate, jump right in and start chatting.

If you wanted to make your own forum, you're in the wrong place. You need to do that in the Forums tab in your profile.

6/16 #13
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