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12/18/2005 . Edited by AbCarter, 5/3/2013 #1
Howdy, my name is Squeekness and I've been writing a large fanfiction for awhile now. It's huge so if you don't like long, drawn out things, pass me by! :)

Author- squeekness

Title - Taken (part one of a huge series)

link - Taken chapter1

Rating - M (it's got some violence and some sexual situations so no young readers, please)

Category -- X-men

Summary - Logan, Gambit and Beast get kidnapped by off world slavers and make some new friends along the way.

Lead character -- This is tough. I focus around the three X-men but I introduce and keep a good number of my own people. Some of you may not like that, but I've been told by most of my reviewers that my OCs are good enough that they didn't care there were so many. My main OC is a living hologram who finds himself trying to adapt to life out in the real world. Gambit tries to help him out.

Complete (sorta) - I posted this series in books and each book is complete when I post it (I try to put up a new one each week but the sereis itself is not complete, I have 22 books up so far.)

I've been working on this monster for six years and only got the courage to post it recently. I've gotten some decent reviews so I think it doesn't suck -- most of the complaints I did get revolved around me having so many OCs. I wrote it in such a way that anyone who is not familiar with the X-men can read it. I set up a forum for my work so if you read it and want to tell me if ya hate it or not, you can let me know there. :)

12/19/2005 . Edited 12/19/2005 #2
Dark Reb
Author: Dark Reb

Title: Code Chaos

Rating: T

Category: Code Lyoko

Genre: Adventure

Summary: XANA has been gone for five months but Odd has had wierd dreams. The newest being Sam taken over by XANA. At the same time, earth is in total chaos. Cities destroyed and countries ravaged by unknown forces. Could XANA be back, and is Sam alive?

Lead/main character: Odd

Pairings: J/A, U/Y

Complete/Incomplete: incomplete

12/21/2005 #3
Author: TimeIncursion

Title: Broken

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2304933/1/

Rating: T

Category: Anime Chobits

Genre: Drama/Romance

Summary: A young guy is given a persocom somebody abandoned at a shop. She is in decent condition, except she cannot talk.

Lead/Main Character: One of my own making. A young, fresh out of college tech nut.

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete as of now but nearing the end.

Tis my first fic. It looks to be popular but still go easy on me :)

12/22/2005 #4
A.J. Starhiker
Author: A.J. Starhiker

Title: Time Crunch

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1493918/1/

Rating: K+

Category: X-Men

Genre: General

Summary: Logan reflects on his first protege...and the first time he encountered Kitty Pryde

Lead/main character: Wolverine

Pairings: None

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

12/23/2005 #5
Here's something seasonal:

Author: markmark261

Title: Snow

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1909667/1/

Rating: T

Category: Smallville

Genre: General/Humor

Summary: A stranger tells Clark what Smallville would be like if he'd never arrived

Lead/main character: Edward Scissorhands

Pairings: Pete/Lana

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

12/24/2005 #6
Rhea Silverkeys
Author: Rhea Silverkeys

Title: My Life As A Mary Sue

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2201237/1/My_Life_as_a_Mary_Sue

Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: humour, parody

Summary: It’s hard being a Mary Sue, it really is. You wouldn’t think so, but it is. I mean, look what I have to go through. Boys chasing you all the time? I mean, sure, the attention is nice, but really. I have a limit. And all these powers...the perfect looks...

Lead/main character: Diaranay Lightborn (OC)

Pairings: Diaranay Lightborn/Harry Potter, Diaranay Lightborn/Draco Malfoy, a bit of Diaranay Lightborn/Ron Weasley (she is a Mary Sue, after all)

Complete/Incomplete: Complete, 4 chapters

12/25/2005 . Edited 7/16/2007 #7
Author: Esther-Channah

Title: Locked Inside the Facade

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2511175/1/

Rating: T

Category: Batman

Genre: Drama/Tragedy

Summary: This story was inspired by a rumor posted at Lying in the Gutters (a semi-reliable comic book rumor mill). According to them, in 2006, Batman would be committed to an insane asylum and Nightwing (D*** Grayson, the former Robin)would be Batman. I read the rumour... and my first reaction was... "this has GOT to be the DUMBEST idea DC comics had come up with in a very long time! There's NO WAY it could work properly." And then, one more thought sprang into my mind. One single word. That word was "unless..." And the wheels started to turn.

WARNING: This fic was written to show a way for the above rumor to be carried off convincingly and without ANY intention of putting things back "to rights" afterwards, although a sequel hasn't been ruled out. Do not go looking for a happy ending... the closest you'll get is a 'hopeful, grin-and-bear-it, life-goes-on' ending.

Lead/main character: Batman (with D*** Grayson under the cowl more than Bruce Wayne)

Pairings: D*** Grayson/Barbara Gordon

Complete/Incomplete: (whether the story is completed or not): Complete

12/25/2005 . Edited 12/25/2005 #8
My bad for not seeing this earlier for fic plugging.

Author: Verto-Briefs

Title: DBV Series (1-5 currently posted)

Link to profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/617105/

Rating: T

Category: Dragonball Z

Genre: Action/adventure, but its a mixed bag

Summary: Basically its mostly about my OC, Verto. This is a new Saiyan introduced into the DBZ world and the story of his trials, adventures, hardships and eventual development into a powerful warrior. (Not a "Marty-Stu", or at least not by definition).

Pairings: I'm not really into doing romance pairings so this remains blank. There are some story elements in there regarding it but they aren't a major plot point.

Complete: First 5 Sagas are finished and posted, currently working on the 6th (16 planned).

12/29/2005 #9
Author: SuperSanne

Title: Beam me up Goku?

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2177702/1/

Rating: T (for mild language)

Category: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure

Genre: Dragonball Z, Star Trek Voyager

Summary: It's a DBZ/STVOY crossover (you have been warned, I suck at summaries!). Two alien sisters living on the U.S.S Voyager, decide to take the Delta Flyer for a spin. Unfortunateley, they end up in the DBZ dimension and when try to get help in Ginger Town, things just continue to go downhill...

Lead/main character: Susan and Lara (my OC's), Cell, and a few unwelcome visitors from the Delta Quadrant...

Pairings: Sorry, this would ruin the surprise ^_^

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

12/30/2005 #10
Cathartic Trance
Author: xCR1MS0N-T3ARSx

Title: Finding the Light

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2650747/1/

Rating: T

Category: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance

Summary: Darkness is superior when all someone's ever felt is pain. A story of how two people help each other to heal they're inner wounds and find happiness. AU

Lead/main character: Tifa Lockheart, Vincent Valentine

Pairings: Tifa Lockheart and Vincent Valentine

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete, but unlike my other stories, I WILL finish it!!!

1/8/2006 #11
Mr. Peachfuzz
I have a fic... a fairly sick fic... a fic so sick it made my brother lose his *ahem* Eheheheheheh... ^.^;;

Author: Tenshi no Eikou (aka meself)

Title: Morpheus

Link/URL: Clickeh or die.

Rating: T for language, some violence

Category: Final Fantasy crossovers

Genre: General/Romance

Summary: A strange silverhaired man has begun to appear in Rikku's dreams. Is he there to help them or harm them? And why is the sun gone? (OMG crappeh summary! There's so much more to it than that though...)

Lead/main character: Kadaj, Rikku, various others who get their own little spotlight as well but mostly them two :P

Pairings: KadajxRikku, YazooxPaine, TidusxYuna.

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete.

Thank God for fic-w***. :D

1/17/2006 #12
Lady Psychic
Author: Lady Psychic

Title: Nightmares and Phenomenon

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2445392/1/

Rating: M

Category: Final Fantasy 7

Genre: Supernatural/angst

Summary: Cloud keeps on having disterbing dreams involving Aeris' death. Then bizzare occurances begin to happen.

Lead/main character: Cloud

Pairings: There isn't any pairings (or what I would consider would qualify as a pairing). However, if you looked really hard you could say there are tiny hints of Cloud X Tifa and mabe even tiner hints of Cloud X Aeris. However, it is also easy to say there aren't any 'real' pairings (read the story and you will understand why).

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Author: Lady Psychic

Title: As It Comes Crumbling Down

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2617940/1/

Rating: T

Category: Radiata Stories

Genre: Tragety/angst

Summary: Ganz's thoughts at the end of the game

Lead/main character: Ganz

Pairings: hints of implied Jack/Ridley

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

1/23/2006 . Edited 1/24/2006 #13
Author: Esther-Channah

Title: DC2 Nightwing: The Great Unknown

Link/URL: DC2 Nightwing: The Great Unknown

Rating: T

Category: Nightwing

Genre: Tragedy/Drama

Summary: AU Nightwing Year 1. Eighteen year old D*** Grayson is about to learn some harsh lessons and do some fast growing up

Lead/main character: Nightwing

Pairings: Not really. DGxBG but it's peripheral and pretty much onesided


2/1/2006 #14
Darth Red
Author: Darth Red

Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure

Location: Star Wars movies section

Name: The Story of forgotten Jedi Owen Sun

I'm very proud of my story "The Story of forgotten Jedi Owen Sun" and wanted you guys to check it out. You might ask yourself 'why did he choose forgotten in his story title', well while i was watching the movies i self-consciously thought of a great character that would of melded with the movies perfectly. The story will basically take you throw the time before Episode I and into Episode I then Episode II and of coarse Episode III. From his birth to his death it is all covered, from Episode I era, through the Clone Wars, and finally his acention to the Jedi Council in Episode III. The character itself is covered in great and interesting detail from where he's from to his appearance. I created this character and find his story needs to be told so go check it out, i'm 10 chapters in.....Thanks Darth Red.....

2/26/2006 . Edited 2/26/2006 #15

Title:Sickness of the heart



Category: Peter Pan


Summary: It's been a year since Peter last saw Wendy. A strange dream and the echoing voice of Hook brings Peter back to the Darling house in order to prove the pirates words wrong. But something isn't right. The window is locked and the curtains are closed. Someone in the Darling house is trying to keep Peter from her. Wendy isn't doing well herself. Leaving the land that she wasn't ment to leave had an unexplainable effect on her. Now it's up to Peter to try and save Wendy from a horrible fate, and unlock the secrete behind the person who is working against him.

Lead/main character: Wendy

Pairings: Peter/Wendy


3/13/2006 #16
Rhea Silverkeys
Just bumping this up to the first page...so people will know this thread is here...
6/3/2006 #17
Jonathan Watts
Author: Voxxyn

Title: A Moment of Understanding

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2744556/1/

Rating: T

Category: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Genre: Angst/Drama

Summary: After having a severe breakdown that results in an altercation with the house's residents, Frankie begrudgingly discovers that her soulmate in life could be a young girl with a dangerously big imagination. Inspired by the episode "Go Goo Go"; but it's also my response to the way Frankie was COMPLETELY AND UNFAIRLY screwed in "Imposter's Home For, Um... Make 'Em Up Pals".

Lead/main character: Frances "Frankie" Foster, Goo Goo Gaga, Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, and an OC that is basically Bendy's evil personality mixed with Goofball's reckless behavior.

Pairings: None, but it plants the seeds for a sisterly bond between Frankie and Goo.

Complete/Incomplete: Still incomplete -_-

6/5/2006 #18
E. Harper
Author: E. Harper

Title: Misunderstood- A Twisted Trilogy

Link: None. Right now, I haven't even posted it yet- I need concept feedback and would like someone to tell me if the idea sounds good (or at least unlike all the other DC comic book pairings)

Rating: T for action violence, references to physical abuse/r***, and disturbing images.

Category: Batman Begins

Genre: Action/Drama

Summary: Scarecrow (AKA Dr. J. Crane) is on the hunt for an ancient artifact -the Orb of Nightmares- a weapon created by the League of Shadows' founders. He thinks it may be hidden in Gotham, but its last guardian, the ninja Black Bird, disappeared nearly ten years ago. In the midst of this search, Scarecrow's minions stumble across a homeless pantaphobe named Dorothy Reigh. Though perpetually in the grip of mortal terror, an unusual reflex has kept her alive: extreme threats convert her into an instinctual creature capable of wholesale destruction.

She is taken prisoner for use as a "control group" in Scarecrow's ongoing study of fear, but he soon extracts some startling information: she may have once known the mysterious Black Bird, and could be the key to his goal. Ignoring his better judgement, he holds her life ransom in exchange for the help she can provide. Unfortunately, as the stakes rise in his deadly bid for the artifact, it becomes more difficult to ignore the echoes of his own misery in her tortured soul...

First story of three. More summaries to follow on request.

Lead Character: POV alternates between Scarecrow and Miss Reigh throughout the narrative.

Pairings: It doesn't take a genius to figure out Scarecrow and Miss Reigh will be paired by the end, but I want to downplay that element. I want to take the development of thier relationship as slowly as possible, so when they finally do get together, it yanks the proverbial rug out from under the reader. Still, I'm afraid of going too slow, because I want the pacing to be convincing. That is the problem that costs me sleep at night lately.

The motivation -a perceived mutual neediness- is solid enough. But weakness can only take a relationship so far, as the sequel demonstrates. (I've been planning two sequels AND a spin-off from square one.)

Incomplete?: Very. See parenthesis above.

6/7/2006 #19
Aquamoon Angel
For the record, I wanted a crtique, wasn't trying to plug my story...

Author: Aquamoon Angel

Title: KH2: Supercondensed

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2980242/1/

Rating: T (for safety)

Category: Kingdom Hearts

Genre: Humor

Summary: Revokov's excellent supercondensations have inspired me to do the same to Kingdom Hearts 2. Why this supercondesation hasn't happened yet I do not know. Plot spoilers are contained within. Rated for safety.

Lead/main character: N/A

Pairings: N/A

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

6/9/2006 #20
Here are two of my fan fictions...

Author: BurningTheMidnightOil

Title: Enough

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2882894/1/

Rating: T

Category: Inuyasha

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst.

Summary: Every one has a breaking point, and she had just reached hers...

Exerpt from Chapter 1:

“Just what is it about her that makes her so special? What is it that she gives you that I don’t?”

She reached up, to touch his face... Her fingers lightly brushing his cheekbone, her voice soft, and low,

“Is she warm to your touch, Inuyasha? Can you feel her breath on your face? Does her scent please your

senses?” Her hand slipped down to his mouth...

Lead/main character: Kagome

Pairings: Inuyasha + Kagome

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete/In progress

Author: BurningTheMidnightOil

Title: Coin of Fate

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2455628/1/

Rating: T, violence, gore, and language.

Category: Forgotten Realms

Genre: romance, action, adventure

Summary: Exerpt from Chapter 1 A Stolen Life:

Anashra ran, her long white hair streaming behind her.

They were coming, and they would catch her. Then she would die.

She could hear them, the Elven rangers hunting, chasing after her.

She could hear their hearts beating and every breath they took intent upon her demise.

An arrow whipped past her and grazed her cheek, blood streamed down her ebony face.

Anashra ran faster, she ran for all she was worth; life was ahead of her and death swift behind.

Lead/main character: Anashra Thrade, OC

Pairings: Anashra Thrade + Thalen Nightshift

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

6/27/2006 #21
Rhea Silverkeys
Just bumping this up to the first page, so people'll know it's here...
7/28/2006 #22
Lady Psychic
Author: Lady psychic

Titile: Choices

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2758181/1/

Rating: K+

Category: Radiata Stories

Genre: Drama/Romance

Lead/Main chracter: Jack Russell

Pairing: Jack/Ridley

Summary: [Oneshot] Jack must decide whether to go to the meeting at the castle or to follow Ridley.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

7/28/2006 #23

Title: Protecting me



Category: Kingdom Hearts

Genre: Romance/comedy

Summary: Due to an accident involving two of the castles biggest idiots, Vexen is left with a ruined potion.Upon testing it on Roxas, the newly made potion turns Roxas into a toddler! Now Axel is left with a big problem on his hands, looking after his three year old best friend. The worst part of it is, it's beginning to make him realize his true feelings for Roxas.

Lead/main character:Axel

Pairings:Axel/Roxas , Demyx/Zexion

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete (chapter 3)

7/29/2006 #24
Rhea Silverkeys
Bumping this up to the first page so people will know it's here...
9/17/2006 #25
Lisa J Lisa J
Author: Lisa J Lisa J

Title: Lorelai

Link/URL: Click this Link

Rating: K+

Category: Power Rangers

Genre: Drama/General

Summary: What happens to a girl who has to uproot and move to a new home? Especially when that new home is Angel Grove? Read about her past as a child, and read about her present and her future with the teens of Angel Grove High. Timeline: MMPR through Turbo.

Lead/main character: Check the title

Pairings: If I tell you, then I have to kill you

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete - 5 chapters so far

9/17/2006 #26
Author: Michael2

Title: Dragon Quest VI

Link/URL: Dragon Quest VI

Rating: T

Category: Dragon Warrior Series

Genre: Action/Adventure/Msystery

Summary: novelization of Dragon Quest VI. After waking up from a horrid nightmare, a boy sets off to find a Spirit Crown for the village festival, which soon leads into a journey of self discovery.

Lead/main character: The Hero


Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

9/18/2006 #27

Title: It's Only Football



Category: Friday Night Lights (tv show)

Genre: angst

Summary: vignette set post pilot episode. Does contain some mild spoilers

Lead/main character:Coach Eric Taylor



9/21/2006 #28
Author: Crossfire

Title: A Fistful of Rodians

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3173792/1/

Rating: T

Category: Star Wars

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Summary: A private investigator investigates the disappearance of a man working for a powerful crime boss. Original characters in the SW Universe with a 1940's P.I. feel.

Lead/main character: Darien Power (original character)

Pairings: N/A

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete / In Progress

9/28/2006 #29

Title: Kissing Nene Romanova

Link/Url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2995139/1/

Rating: T

Category:Anime- Bubblegum Crisis

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary:Sylia, Priss and Linna play a prank on Nene with unexpected results. Set during BGC2040.

Lead/main characters: Knight Sabers, Nene



9/30/2006 #30
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