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The Lauderdale

Author: The Lauderdale

Title: Treed

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2737517/1/Treed

Rating: M

Category: Lord of the Rings

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Fifteen years after the Ring War, an Elven family that stayed in Middle-earth faces harsh Fourth Age consequences when Orcs disturb their peaceful woodland. Rated for coarse language, harsh subject matter and Orcs being themselves.

Lead/main character: All original characters: Elves and Orcs.

Pairings: n/a

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Additional: This is a novel-length story set in the world of Middle-earth. No canon characters, and it isn't the most reviewed story (about four per chapter) but I've always been very happy with the reviews I received... Still, when I saw this forum I couldn't resist!

7/2/2010 #451

Author: Toxic64

Title: Pyrrhic Victory: Faith

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6109188/1/Pyrrhic_Victory_Faith, but a better formatted version exists on my website at

Rating: T

Category: Misc books

Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi

Summary: A young man reunites with his brother while in college and ends up becoming an assassin.

Lead/main character: Michael/Raphael

Pairings: N/A

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

7/4/2010 #452

Hello, writers! Alright, here's the rundown.

Author: kgregs

Title: Never Down and Out (credit goes to The Academy is...)

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6066955/1/Never_Down_and_Out

Rating: M

Category: Wrestling (yeah, I know it's far from the most popular fandom on here)

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: An '09 Divas Draft and a stalled career in TNA bring Ashley and Anna together on SmackDown. They become finalists in the race to be crowned the first-ever WWE Women's Tag Champs; and they only wish they were so lucky in love. OC/Morrison, Sabin/OC/Punk.

Lead/main character: My OCs, Ashley Steele and Anna Von G

Pairings: Ashley Steele/John Morrison; Chris Sabin/Anna Von G/CM Punk

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete, updated every Saturday.

ANY constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks!

7/8/2010 #453
Lunar Skky

Author: Lunarskky

Title: Familiar Changes

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6034503/1/

Rating: T

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: romance, drama

Summary: Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin are best friends, they have been since birth, and their friendship is one which everyone aspires to have in their lifetime. The only thing wrong with their friendship came in the form of two persons: Rubin Malfoy and Minette St. Cloud, their significant others. Will they be able to look beyond the disgruntled mumblings of their partners to save their friendship or will they have to make a choice, and if so which will they choose? Unfortunately for this pair that is not the only trial they must face on the road to adulthood.

Pairings: Teddy L/Victoire W

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

8/6/2010 #454

author: protector91

Title: Horror Icons


Category: Supernatural

Genre: supernatural, suspense

Summary: Sam and Dean never met a creature that they couldn't handle. But when Lilith forces The Trickster to bring several of the most dangerous horror monsters to life, they find themselves in the fight of their lives with monster that never stay down. Scream crossover.


8/14/2010 #455
Rhea Silverkeys

Author: Rhea Silverkeys

Title: Wishful Thinking

Link/URL: Clickety click!

Rating: PG-13

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: Angst

Summary: Sometimes there are good days. Sometimes there are bad. And sometimes you just close your eyes and pretend everything is okay again. Angelina meets George more than half a year after the battle of Hogwarts. Angelina/Fred.

Lead/main character: Angelina Johnson

Pairings: Angelina/Fred

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

8/22/2010 . Edited 8/22/2010 #456

Author: protector91

Title: Blast to the Past (originally titled 'Where it All Began')


Rating: T

Category: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Genre: Adventure/Sci-fi

Summary: Sequel to Future Shock. 3 months after his defeat Cromatire returns from the scrap heap and begins construction on a new time displacement device. When John goes to stop him the ensuing battle puts the fate of both the resistance and the world at great risk.

Lead/Main Characters: John Connor, Cameron Phillips, and Allison Young


8/31/2010 . Edited 8/31/2010 #457

author: protector91

title: When Universes Collide : Angels and Demons


Rating: T

Category: Smallville, Supernatural, Buffy Crossover

Summary: Part 3 of my When Universes Collide reboot. Dean's time is up. With only hours left to live he, Sam, and Buffy travel to Metropolis to kill Lilith. Meanwhile Angelus returns with a devious plan in mind while Tess contemplats making a demon deal of her own. What will happen when these events unfold?

Lead Characters: Sam, Dean, Buffy, Clark and others


9/4/2010 #458

Hi! I would Really appreciate it fi you guys would read my first attempt at a story well, a one shot. I think its pretty good but, Ill let you guys decide!

Author: Gabycaldemeraz

Title: Be honest

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6369861/1/Be_Honest

Rating: T

Category: Twilight

Genre: (e.g. romance, action/adventure)

Summary: One shot. Leah finds herself wishing Jacob could be honest about his feelings towards her. She decides to write it down in a poem..

Lead/main character: Leah

Pairings: Leah/ Jacob

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

10/3/2010 #459

This is the sequel to my first Scott Pilgrim story titled 'Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau vs. The Arcade'.

Author: protector91

Title: Scott Pilgrim vs The Indigo Prophecy (And Other Things)


Rating: T

Category: Scott Pilgrim

genre: humor:adventure

Summary: Scott's precious little life takes a complicated turn when what could be described as his childhood fantasy turns into his worst nightmare. Can Scott and the gang take on this evil threat set on destorying them. Probably not, but they'll sure try anyway.

lead/main character: everyone

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #460

One of the very few one shots that I've ever written.

Author: protector91

Title: 45 minutes of Hell


Rating: T

Category: Supernatural

genre: Horror/suspense

Summary: The events before, during, and after the episode Jus In Bellos as seen through the eyes of Nancy the secretary.

lead/main character: Nancy Fitzgerald

status: complete

10/12/2010 #461
The Unholy Trio

Author: The Unholy Trio

Title: The Serpent

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6416244/1/The_Serpent

Rating: M

Category: Resident Evil

Genre: Angst/Tragedy

Summary: Not everything concludes with the end of the world. Spurred by instinct, forced by guilt and driven by ambition, life continues for the rueful few who survived the apocalypse. JillxWesker, JillxChris, mature content.

Lead/main character: Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield

Pairings: JillxWesker, JillxChris

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete, updates weekly.

10/26/2010 #462
Nathaniel Cardeu

Author: Nathaniel Cardeu

Title: Skip to me Loo

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6412964/1/Skip_to_me_Loo

Rating: K

Category: Phineas & Ferb

Genre: Humor/Action

Summary: It's a fine day in Danville and Buford demands that the boys help him out! Meanwhile Perry is on a mission to find out what Doofenshmirtz is up to due his suspicous behaviour in the supermarket!

Lead/main characters: Most of the regulars

Pairings: n/a

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #463

Author: protector91

Title: Welcome to Forks


Category: Buffy and Twilight crossover

genre: Adventure/Suspense

Summary: It's Buffy's birthday, but no one's singing happy birthday when a gag gift gone wrong traps the Slayer in a world where vampires don't follow the rules. How did his happen and will Buffy be able to return home?

Main/lead characters: Buffy Summers and Bella Swan

pairings: N/A at the moment

complete/incomplete: incomplete

11/2/2010 #464
Thundarr The Barbarian

My name is Tony, but my pen name is Thundarr. I have written several fan fiction stories set in the Thundarr Storyverse. I encourage you all to read them, and feel free to post your opinions in a review.

Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian & The Lost Children

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/Dungeons_and_Dragons_andThundarr_The_Barbarian_Crossovers/945/5718/

Rating: K+ (For cartoonishe action & violence)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian/Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure - Science Fiction

Summary: The six young adventurers finally make it back to Earth, but an accident mistakenly sends them over two thousand years into the future. Now the young ones must team up with Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla in order to find a way home. But Venger has other ideas.

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Princess Ariel, Ookla The Mok, Hank The Ranger, Eric The Cavalier, Bobby The Barbarian, Sheila The Thief, Presto The Wizard, Diana The Acrobat, Venger, and Sabian.


Author's Note: This was my first attempt at writing fan fiction. I hope you enjoy it.


Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in Curse Of The Vampire

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/Dracula_and_Thundarr_The_Barbarian_Crossovers/937/5718/

Rating; Teen (For violence and some adult, though not graphic, content)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian/Dracula Crossover

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy-Adventure/Horror

Summary: The false wizard, Yando, resurrects Count Dracula, the King Of All Vampires, from his prison in Area 51. Now Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla must team up with the descendants of the very men who first defeated the vampire lord in order to put him back into his coffin.

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Ookla The Mok, Princess Ariel, Vanessa Van Helsing, Bram Stoker XIII, Womac/Yando, Count Dracula

Pairings: Ariel/Bram Stoker, Thundarr/Vanessa Van Helsing



Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in The Book Of The Dead

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/Evil_Dead_Army_of_Darkness_and_Thundarr_The_Barbarian_Crossovers/63/5718/

Rating: Teen (For violence, mild course language, and some adult content)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian/Army Of Darkness Crossover

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure/Action/Horror

Summary: The conquered wizard, Infernus, finds and reads from the dreaded Necronomicon, bringing forth an army of deadites to exact his revenge upon Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla. Now those three heroes must team up with Ash J. Williams in order to stop the wizard's plans. Can they get along long enough to win out in the end? Will Ash make it back to the 20th century? Will Ariel "give him some sugar"? Only one way to find out!

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Ookla The Mok; Princess Ariel, Ash J. Williams, Infernus The Wizard

Pairings: Unknown (Ash/Ariel maybe?)



Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in Hunted

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/Aliens_Predator_and_Thundarr_The_Barbarian_Crossovers/72/5718/

Rating: Teen (For violence and some adult content)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian/Predator Crossover

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure

Summary: Someone, or something, has been hunting moks and carocks for sport in the Florida Everglades. Both tribes blame the other for these atrocities, but Princess Ariel suspects something else is to blame. It's up to her, Thundarr, and Ookla to discover the truth before the two clans go to war.

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Ookla The Mok, and Princess Ariel

Pairings: None



Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in The Wrath Of Crom

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/Thundarr_The_Barbarian_and_Conan_The_Adventurer_Crossovers/5718/7436/

Rating: Teen (For violence and some adult content)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian/Conan The Adventurer Crossover

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure

Summary: The evil wizard, Crom, seeks revenge on Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla, and banishes them to another world. There they meet another barbarian every bit as powerful as Thundarr. Will they be able to cooperate long enough to defeat the wizard Wrath-Amon? Will Ariel and Grey Wolf's combined magics be able to get them home? Only one way to find out!

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Ookla The Mok, Princess Ariel, Conan The Barbarian, Prince Zula, Jasmine The Acrobat, Grey Wolf The Wizard, Needle The Baby Phoenix, Wrath-Amon, and the wizard Crom.

Pairings: Unknown (Thundarr/Jasmine maybe? Or Ariel/Grey Wolf?)


Edit: A couple I almost forgot . . .

Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in Dead Of Night

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5447051/1/Thundarr_The_Barbarian_in_Dead_Of_Night

Rating: Teen (For violent action)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure/Horror

Summary: Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla must come to the rescue of a village which has barricaded themselves in the ruins of Alcatraz from a horde of flesh eating zombies. This story is pretty much a direct sequel to the classic episode Battle Of The Barbarians, and to a lesser extent the episodes Den Of The Sleeping Demon and Prophesy Of Peril.

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Princess Ariel, Ookla The Mok, Shara The Barbarian, Merlik The Sorcerer, Valerie Storm, Queen Maya, and Synda

Pairings: None



Author: Thundarr

Title: Thundarr The Barbarian in Return Of The Pirate Queen

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5447038/1/Thundarr_in_Return_Of_The_Pirate-Queen

Rating: Teen (For violence and some sexual, though not graphic, content)

Category: Thundarr The Barbarian

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure

Summary: Captain Corden, Queen Of The River Pirates, has escaped from prison and seeks revenge on the mok village that has held her captive all these years. Chief Ogrot's rebellious teenage daughter, Princess Eekra, asks Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla for their help in stopping her. This is a direct sequel to the classic episode Treasure Of The Moks, and to a lesser extent the final episode, Trial By Terror.

Lead/Main Character(s): Thundarr The Barbarian, Princess Ariel, Ookla The Mok, Captain Corden, Princess Eekra (OC), and Artemis The Wizard

Pairings: Ookla/Eekra


From mod: Please do not double-post.

11/3/2010 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 11/7/2010 #465

Hello there, I'm Deadbeard and I've finally gotten back to FF writing. Hooray!

Author: Deadbeard

Title: The War for the Vacant Throne

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6475828/1/The_War_for_the_Vacant_Throne

Rating: M (for violence and language)

Category: Bleach

Genre: Drama/Fantasy, though I like to use humor a lot

Summary: The story of Bleach starting at the Karakura Battle Arc, retold without the plotholes and character derailment...hopefully. Includes many many changes

Lead/main character: Nominally, Ichigo, but he doesn't show up for a loooong while, so early focus is on Gin, Tosen, and Aizen

Pairings: Not really. Possibly Ichi/Orihime, but not a focus

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete, updating weekly if I can manage it.

11/19/2010 #466

Author: breaktherules

Title: Crazy Love

Link/Url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6406823/1/

rating: M for sex, language and violence

Category: Death Note

Genre: Angst/Romance

Lead main character: Mello and Matt

Parings: Matt/Mello

Complete/incomplete- incomplete


Author: breaktherules

Title: Everything to Save

Link/Url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4829480/1/

Rating: T for mild sex, violence

Category: Death Note

Genre: Supernatural/Romance/Angst

Lead main character: L

Pairings: Light and L

Complete/Incomplete: I just updated it with the 16th chapter.

From mod: Please do not double-post in this forum.

11/19/2010 . Edited by Rhea Silverkeys, 11/29/2010 #467

Author: Hunnybee

Title: Walking Beside You

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6553389/1/

Rating: T

Category: Naruto

Genre: Romance

Summary: That day, was the day Hyuuga Hinata decided, that Uzumaki Naruto would no longer simply be walking past her.

Status: Complete

Pairing: Naruto/Hinata

12/13/2010 #468

Author: OrpheumZero

Title: Steambot Chronicles

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5560801/1/Steambot_Chronicles

Rating: T

Category: Steambot Chronicles/Bumpy Trot

Summary: A novelization of the game. Enjoy a unique take on the story that combines many elements into a more coherant and epic tale of a boy who washes ashare without memory, and into the life of a songtress whose happy face belies a terrible, tragic past.

Status: Ongoing (Up to 9 chapters now)

Pairings: None (yet)

12/13/2010 #469
The Forbidden Truth

Author: The Forbidden Truth

Title: An Innocent Affair

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6580950/1/

Rating: T

Category: Twilight

Genre: It's under Romance/Drama now but I might change it to Romance/Tragedy

Summary: Jasper/OC/AU. Jasper is having a hard time controlling his bloodlust and his family isn't helping by just sending him off to Alaska in exile. Bitter and confused, he tries to find confort in a new friend, Harrie. Warning: Anti Jasper/Alice pairing.

Lead/main character: Jasper

Pairings: Jasper/OFC

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete (currently on 2nd chapter; I plan to have 10 chapter in all)

I'd appreciate any kind of feedback at all (except flames of course). Thank you! :)

12/29/2010 #470

Author: QueenofNobodies

Title: Flesh and Blood

Link: Flesh and Blood

Rating: T

Category: Inuyasha

Genre: Action/Adventure/Suspense

Summary: The Sacred Jewel is almost complete, and Naraku is getting stronger by the minute. The best hope to defeat him is to work together. However, Naraku has something up his sleeve, and it is the key that'll rip Inuyasha and the others apart for good.

Lead/Main character: OC/ Inuyasha/ Sesshomaru

Pairings: None

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

I would love some feedback on the plot and characterizations.

12/30/2010 #471

Author: Reiberi

Title: The Ambassadors

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6663806/1/The_Ambassadors

Rating: T

Category: Pokemon

Genre: Drama

Summary: "What began as a raid of Cipher's laboratories quickly turns into a nightmare, as one police officer uncovers a secret project that created the unthinkable: pokemon-human hybrids. Three of these monsters approach him with a desperate request... for help."

Lead/main character: N/A

Pairings: N/A

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

1/17/2011 #472
Maria Anna Witt

Author: Mary Anna Witt

Title: Loving Severus

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6434009/1/Loving_Severus

Rating: M

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: romance

Summary: you can read the summary on my page, but for purposes of this forum, this story is a romance between Severus Snape and a Muggle. It is not canon of course, but I've tried to make it at least canon compatible, with a few exceptions. Shameless pandering to Severus Snape fangirls. M rating but not explicit.

Lead/main character: Pairings: Severus Snape and Original Character

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete but nearly complete.

I like this forum and hope to improve my writing.

1/19/2011 #473

Author: Werebazs

Title: A threat from the Wild Spaces

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6368392/1/A_threat_from_the_Wild_Spaces

Rating: T

Category: Star Wars The Clone Wars

Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure

Summary: Padmé was killed in the Battle of Geonosis. Now, a year later into the Clone Wars, a mysterious guy, who looks just like Anakin Skywalker appears from nowhere, and causes problems. After he's been dealt with, the Council assign's Anakin and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano to investigate, where did he come from. In the mean time Ahsoka must learn to control her freshly discovered new powers, and she also must deal with her strange new feelings for her Master. VERY strong AU Title may change.

Lead/main characters: Anakin and Ahsoka, some OC antagonists

Pairings: Anisoka

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

I'd like to improve my writing, grammar, and character portroyal.

1/25/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #474
so kiss me goodbye

Author: So Kiss Me Goodbye

Title: The Lambs

Link/URL: The_Lambs

Rating: T [Some descriptions of violence]

Category: The X-Files, colonization

Genre: Action/adventure

Summary: August, 2011. Ten-year-old Liam van de Kamp's life changes the day he and his parents are kidnapped by two FBI agents. Who are they, what do they want with the van de Kamps, and can they be trusted? Before Liam knows it, he's being pursued across the country by terrifying alien soldiers.

Lead/main character: William van de Kamp (aka William Scully)

Pairings: M/S

Complete/Incomplete: WIP, two-thirds complete.

2/1/2011 #475
I am the antihero Calmasis

Author: Shioko no Fukou

Title: Xion's First Christmas

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6590629/1/Xions_First_Christmas

Rating: T

Category: Kingdom Hearts

Genre: I really didn't list one...I'm not exactly sure.

Summary: It's nearing Christmas and Xion is just exhilarated. What would you expect from a girl who only heard about it from books and her best friend? Will it turn out like she hopes? Or will there be something more?

Lead/main character: Xion

Pairings: RiShio (Riku x Xion)

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Thanks! ^^

2/10/2011 #476


Title:The Awakening of Haruhi Suzumiya


Rating:T for violence and UST

Category: Haruhi Suzumiya

Genre: Action with a dash of paranormal and romance

Summary: An OC slider comes to Haruhi's world with the intention of killing her for her warping of reality. The Integrated Data Sentient Entity reveals that it wanted Haruhi's power for itself to cause its Auto Evolution, and has decided that the most logical course of action is to take that power by force. The SOS Brigade has to kick things into high gear to both protect Haruhi from the new threats facing her and prevent her from unmaking the Universe herself. Plenty of shout outs and UST along the way!

Lead/main character: Every member of the SOS brigade will get a day in the lime light so to speak. Kyon is still our primary POV, but even Haruhi gets in on the POV action

Pairings:Kyonx(insert cannon character here) No OC characters get in on the action to speak of.

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

2/11/2011 #477
Bunni Munchies

Author: Bunnimunchies

Title: Soul Reaping Janitor of the Justice League

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6551856/1/Soul_Reaping_Janitor_of_the_Justice_League

Rating: M (for language)

Category: Bleach and Justice League Crossover

Genre: Romance/Humor (I'm thinking of changing it to Action/Humor later on)

Summary: When the Winter War doesn't go as planned, the Soul Society is forced to seek help in the last place they would expect to find it; in the janitor of the Justice League.

Lead/main character: Maximilienne Zaraki (OC)

Pairings: With the OC, none at the moment. Otherwise just regular pairings (i.e.- Green ArrowxBlack Canary

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

2/20/2011 #478

I feel kind of weird doing this, but here goes.

Author: StormyMonday

Title: Iridescent

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6328822/1/Iridescent

Rating: M (For now this is mostly for safety, but if all goes well it will be justified in future chapters)

Category: Anime/Gundam 00

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance (will drift into Angst and maybe Suspense as well as the obligatory Sci-Fi)

Summary: Love after loss is an inevitability however unlikely it may seem. And sometimes letting go means more than just coming to terms with the past.

Lead/Main Character(s): Neil and Lyle Dylandy (code name Lockon Stratos for both)

Pairings: Neil/OC, Lyle/OC

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Notes: First thing I want to point out is that the Dylandy brothers in the canon are from Ireland. However, I don't feel comfortable writing foreign dialects, so what I have written is very general. In the series they don't have heavy accents, so I saw no reason to change that. I also tend to go out of my way to not include any landmarks or specific locations. The OCs are female, and I've tried my best to keep them away from the Mary Sue pitfalls. This fic doesn't focus so much on the series as the characters and their motivations, so it may be possible to read without much knowlege of the series. Also, the writing style changes a bit around...chapter 4 I think. That's because I took to heart some tips from a friend of mine. If you're interested, please drop me a review. Thanks!

3/8/2011 . Edited 3/8/2011 #479
Undeniable Mystique

Author: Undeniable Mystique

Title: Retribution

Link/URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6670863/1/Retribution

Rating: T for swearing/violence/descriptions of blood and injury

Category: Final Fantasy VIII

Genre: Adventure/action/humour

Summary: Haunted by a mysterious woman who stirs disturbing memories, she seeks to escape the truth. Being dropped in an unknown world full of sorcery and combat sure as hell isn't going to help. But it might turn out to be fun, right? *Different sort of OC fic*

Lead/main character: Told from the OC's point of view, but most canon characters are also developed :)

Pairings: Canon pairings

Complete/Incomplete: Far from complete!

Reviews would be highly appreciated! :) *goes to read some fics from this forum*~

3/8/2011 #480
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