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The Slytherin Defender

Raven: ...it varies. Pro-life, I suppose, is great, unless a twelve year old girl got r***. Then what? It wasn't her fault that she got pregnant, so why is she forced to have a child?

Evans: Who gives a crap? They're going to die anyhow if we can't keep the Annihilators from taking over!

Amber: What's abortion?

Q: What is your favorite work of literature (book, poem, essay, article, song)?

1/3/2012 #2,791
Notary Sojac

Ia: The Imperial battle plans. Selling those made me a mint!

Thishan: Ia, I don't think that was what she meant by that. Anyhow, my favorite books are probably the Harry Potter series. For something made by apes, they are a fun read!

Anya: *glares at Thishan for the ape remark* My favorite would probably be Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I remember poring over it as a kid, imagining the wonders of the Universe, and just wishing that I could go there someday.

Q: If there was one, what was the moment in your life that most affected who you are now?

1/3/2012 . Edited 1/3/2012 #2,792
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: I can't remember it, but Evans has told me a thousand times the story of how he found me. I was a scarce six months old when my parents were supposedly killed (never discovered, so it can't be said either way) and Evans was a widower soldier that found me and my dog, Scumps, on the side of the road. He picked us up and took us to Earth with him, and I would have died without him.

Evans: It was the day I was nearly forced to brand my sister. I learned not to be a hero, to surrender if you know you can't do something. That's what I did: I looked the kidnapper in the eye and told him that I couldn't brand my own sister. Still to this day, her agonized screams torture me in my dreams as he pressed the branding iron to her skin.

Amber: It was the day I met the love of my life. He was the best thing I ever saw and ever will see, even though we only got to spend three months together, it was the love of a lifetime. We only love once during our lives. My heart will forever belong to him.

Q: You see one of your elders beating a puppy, one you've come to love quite a lot. Do you tell off your elder or avoid trouble?

1/3/2012 #2,793

A: Yes. You tell the tosser off. You do not beat up puppies. Unless its the only way to save the entire universe. But otherwise god no.

Q: Are you left or right wing when it comes to politics?

1/3/2012 #2,794

OC: Neither. Both will crush you in between them like a blacksmith hammers a melee weapon on the anvil. You're better off a libertarian, but don't just jump on anybody's bandwagon if you get me.

Q: Is your government as noble and purehearted as they say they are?

1/3/2012 #2,795
Notary Sojac

Ia: The Empire? Why are you even asking this question? I thought it was common knowledge that all of the leaders are a bunch of-

Thishan: That will be enough from you, there, missy! My government isn't either noble or corrupt, as last time I checked it was on a planet that got blown up.

Q: Do you like opera?

1/3/2012 #2,796

[You see one of your elders beating a puppy, one you've come to love quite a lot. Do you tell off your elder or avoid trouble? Lol, in RL, my grandmother casually whacked a cat off the table because the cat being up there annoyed her. I was horrified and chewed her out for it, and made it perfectly clear she would never do that again in my presence. Lol, everyone was impressed. I don't really get the big deal though, since she's a bitter old hag I care nothing about that has absolutely no value to me. She isn't even wise or anything.]

...Uhhhh....No, not really. Honestly, it always sounded like a whole lot of caterwauling to me. When I hear it, I want to take off my shoe and throw it at the source of the noise!


Q: What's your favorite kind of music?

1/3/2012 #2,797
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: Headbanging metal. It blares the cares of the world out of my ears.

Evans: Who has time for music anymore? I only casually listen to recordings of my late wife and daughter playing the piano; they were both quite good.

Amber: I like soft classical that tells a story with no words.

Question: Eww! It's a big bug! Kill it!

1/4/2012 #2,798

OC: How 'bout not and say I did? *looks at the bug while it just sits there*

Q: Umm... what's that over there?

1/4/2012 #2,799

Ayana: What?! Is it an enemy?! *throws kunai*

Q: What's falling from the sky? (Yeah I dunno)...

1/4/2012 #2,800

Oh, that's just Superman. Don't worry, he'll be fine. Kryptonians don't stay dead very long.

~West, Champion of Darkness

Q: Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my bedroom?

1/4/2012 #2,801

A: Yeah, about that. See sometimes when I clap my hands ... I kinda travel through time. Yeah. I'm not crazy. I swear. (pause) I should probably go.

Q: Would you rather a cheeseburger or a chicken wrap? Any sides with that?

1/5/2012 #2,802

Airam Surana: I have no idea what those are, but it sounds like food, so that's good enough to me. It can't be worse than Alistair's lamb stew anyway. And, uh... how big are those things? Us Wardens... we are known for our apetite, see.

Q: What was the most exotic thing you ate?

1/5/2012 #2,803

A: Snails. It wasn't pleasant.

Q: What country are you from and what's the year?

1/5/2012 #2,804

Ha! Wow, what a question...Well, I'm from the US, I can tell you that. I was born in both New York and California, then reborn again in Virginia. And the year I was born in California was 1985, but in New York I was born in 2023 and I was reborn in Virginia in 2003. Now ask me how many parents I have!

~West, Champion of Darkness

Q: Where would you go for the world's best ice cream?

1/5/2012 #2,805

A: Just off Charing Cross.

Q: How many parents do you have?

(I couldn't resist, DW)

1/5/2012 #2,806



*ten minutes later*


Oh man, you just had to, didn't you? Five. Four biological parents, plus a kinda-sorta stepdad. My brother, East, has seven because he also has two adoptive parents too!

~West, Champion of Darkness

Q: So, who's confused now?

1/5/2012 #2,807

A: Listen. I'm confused. How the hell does that even work?

Q: What's your kink?

1/5/2012 #2,808

Kink? Strange word for it. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just two people in one. I woke up one day with two sets of memories and a blended personality. It wouldn't have been a big deal if it weren't for the fact that I'm also possessed by an evil spirit whose personality supersedes my own. It's taken a while to learn how to deal with it. What, did you think I crawled back into someone else's whoha to get born again?

~West, Champion of Darkness

Q: Where the hell are you?

1/5/2012 #2,809

note from OC: "Wherever I am, you won't find me there."

Q: So, um... who's that over there?

1/5/2012 #2,810
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: Oh, don't mind my dog. He's just beating up the enemy because they killed his sister.

Evans: *doesn't look* I've fallen for that one many times, my friend.

Amber. My guitar. I should probably go get it.

Q: It's a bird! It's a plane! ....What is it?

1/5/2012 #2,811

Ayana:...A flying squirrel?

Q: One of your teamates is injured in a fight,do you leave them to defend yourself or help them?

1/5/2012 #2,812

A: It depends on the situation. Ideally you help them. In fact you should always try. But if the mission will be lost ... sometimes you have to keep going. Which is hard. Bloody hard.

A2: Help them. Every time.

Q: How do you feel about red meat?

1/5/2012 #2,813
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: It's okay, not the best food.

Evans: Better than nothing.

Amber: I love anything red! Red meat, red hair, red meat... just not red blood or red eyes.

Q: Who are you and why are you in my bathroom?

1/5/2012 . Edited 1/5/2012 #2,814

A: The real question is: why have you run out of toilet paper?

Q: What is your favourite TV show?

1/5/2012 #2,815

Jimmy: It's been way too long since the last time I've watched TV, but my fiancee would usually force us to watch soap operas, so... *shrugs* Well, there isn't even any electricity right now. The apocalypse does things like that.

Mia: Umm, what he said.

Q: Do you walk on the left side of the road, or on the right?

1/5/2012 . Edited 1/5/2012 #2,816

A: Depends.

Q: Do you tend to push doors marked pull? And vice versa?

1/5/2012 #2,817

Jimmy: No, why would I do something stupid like that? Dad would probably kill me for having such poor situational awareness.

Mia: Y-yes. Sometimes *blush* E-especially when I f-f-forget to wear my g-glasses.

Q: What kind of weapon would you use against a zombie?

1/5/2012 . Edited 1/5/2012 #2,818

A: A machete to behead it. Not that zombies exist. I mean, they can't ...

Q: Have you ever worked in the sex industry? Or used it?

1/5/2012 #2,819

Jimmy: Nah. Sophia would kill me if I did.

Mia: N-no! *blush* S-sorry...

Q: You're sky-diving. Your parachute fails to open. What do you do?

1/5/2012 #2,820
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