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Notary Sojac

Ia: I would try my hardest to activate my teleport device, assuming I was wearing it.

Thishan: I would close my eyes, wish that I could have had this body for a bit longer, and hope that I would be a bit taller next time around.

Anya: As I am in enough danger on a regular basis already without intentionally risking my life, I wouldn't even be skydiving. If I did find myself in that unfortunate situation, though, and that happened to me, I would try my best to wake up.

Q: Someone is playing a clarinet next to you, and it is painful to listen to. What do you do?

1/5/2012 #2,821

Jimmy:Tell him, "Don't you have anything better to do than waste your time when you could be helping the rest of us?"

Mia: I-I have ear p-plugs handy. M-my brother likes t-to cry a lot.

Q: Look out the window. What do you see?

1/5/2012 #2,822

Devastation. Complete and utter, devastation...

I see it now...Krypton had to die...

~East, Champion of Light

Q: Where were you when your son/daughter/niece/nephew/cousin was born?

1/5/2012 #2,823

A: In Florence ... a few centuries earlier. I never did see my nephew. Heh, I was an uncle. Weird.

Q: I'm so hungry - can I please have some more, sir/m'am?

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #2,824

Dude, that's my dinner! Who are you? *chuckles* Aw man, Lisa, sorry. What was up with that guy?

~Kal Landers

Q: You have no choice, you must choose or die: Lose the use of your legs or become a scarred and horrid mess so ugly no living being would ever look at you?

1/6/2012 #2,825

A: Empty. Threat. *breaths in, and hands glow* Want to dance?

Q: Do you like summer storms?

1/6/2012 #2,826

[Dude, that's cheating! I wanted a real answer. XD I demand a recount!]

I just like rain...they're peaceful. And people tend to quiet down and settle in for the day. I can walk a street and almost feel like I'm the only one there...


Q: This morning you woke up and found that whenever you did something, music would play (just like in the movies) but you can't seem to find the source of the music. What's your next step?

1/6/2012 #2,827

[Well it was either die, lose legs, or be scarred technically. By fighting back she sentenced herself to death. As she didn't 'choose', she had to 'die'. - its a worrying aspect of her character. - however she'd take being scarred if it was between the two ... because then at least she can keep freedom of movement - appeased?]

A: Go talk to Brian - he tends to be able to sort these things out. He's good like that.

Q: What are you trying to steal there?

1/6/2012 #2,828

[Lol, okay. Thanks, sure, why not? Btw, I laughed at a lot of your earlier responses from when I wasn't here, they were great. I also liked how you answered every other question I posed. Sweet. :D]

I'm not stealing, I'm just looking for evidence. Mind closing the door on you way out? I'll be taking the window.

~Fallen Knight

Q: Where have you been? You're late for dinner! Elenore is sooo mad...!

1/6/2012 #2,829

[Glad you are enjoying :D ]

A: Who on earth is Eleanor? And I am not *checks watch* - oh s***. She the new minder, is she? I never get these first impressions right. C'mon, lets go then!

A2: Well, I was ... just ... *sweats* you wouldn't believe me if I told you, sir.

[Yeah, I'm whipping out both of my OCs ... deal with it :P]

Q: What religion do you follow?

1/6/2012 #2,830

Jimmy: Religion? Huh, that's kinda hard to answer. Catholic, I guess? Mom was Catholic, but none of us ever went to Mass. I'm not even sure whether I'm baptized or not.

Mia: I-I don't b-believe in G-God.

Q: What do you think of your current king/president/ruler?

1/6/2012 #2,831

A: He's doing the best he can considering. Bit of a prick though.

A2: Our Queen is fantastic - may her golden reign continue. As for Gladstone - my father seems to like him.

Q: Do you believe in the possibility of magic?

1/6/2012 #2,832

Jimmy: Magic? Nah, that's just ridiculous.

Mia: B-but Jimmy, w-we f-fight zombies. H-how can you d-deny that m-magic ex-exists? I-it's not like c-corpses can r-reanimate th-thems-selves.


Q: Something you regret, but you'd do again without a moment's hesitation.

1/6/2012 #2,833

Ayana:...As I said before,I have no regrets for anything I did: You have to keep moving foreward,my father always taught me that.

Q: Do you have any parents?

1/6/2012 #2,834

A: 'Had' is the key word and answer.

A2: Yeah, course I do - my mother is the one who wears the pants.

Q: Are you just a man? (by man I mean 'human')

1/6/2012 #2,835

*sarcastically* Oh, well, thanks for clarifying, because no one else counts as a person, right? I am a man. I'm a Kryptonian. Deal with it.

And screw you!

~East, Champion of Light

Q: What's the weirdest, wildest, most outlandish thing you ever saw that we probably wouldn't even believe? But tell us anyway.

1/6/2012 #2,836

Phoebe: A candidate for President of the United States was, in a public appearance, truthfully and specifically answering each question that arose about his intended policies and his personal beliefs. (Okay, so he didn't have a prayer of winning that primary, much less the party nomination, much less a national election -- but it was still a jawdropping moment for me. Much more startling than the time I had the dubious pleasure of seeing two Hydras getting, er, amorously involved with each other.)

Q: Think back to the last time you were present in a court of law while it was in session. What was your role on that occasion? (Plaintiff, defendant, witness, legal counsel, etc.?)

1/6/2012 #2,837


*sigh* Of all the questions to ask me...

I was the defendant in a murder trial. My girlfriend was found dead at our apartment. I already knew she was an FBI agent assigned to get out of me information on some of the big fish I swim with. I knew it the moment I saw her. I mean, she had eleven predecessors and I made them all the first night I saw them. But we had a lot more in common than anyone knew. She convinced me to give up the contract killing. I may have only been killing killers, but I was still a killer myself. *sigh* It was the last thing I had to do. I was just planting a little evidence to implicate a murderer I couldn't dig up any real evidence on. And that's where they found me after she died. What could I do? I give my alibi and it not only destroys my chances of getting off on the murder charge, but it lets the other guy go free!

So...I went for the next best thing. I gave them every reason to send me to a mental institution, then fought it. The jury barely deliberated for five minutes.

~West, Champion of Darkness.

Q: What's the story of your life?

1/6/2012 #2,838

Ayana: I was raised since I was ten years old,to learn the way of the ninja...my mother is the greatest,teacher I have ever had same goes for my father. I've been told I'm 'cold hearted' and even 'snobbish' but deep down I do have feelings,I just don't show them much because ninja's are not supposed to reveal their feelings during battle...

Q: Do you have a dream? What is it?

1/6/2012 #2,839

A: Well, I was born. Naturally. Nothing really happened until I was about five when my parents were killed in an attack which resulted in me going to live in Central for the rest of my life. Boo hoo. Sob story there. Anyway when I was ten I was tested to see if I could join the Guard. Which I got in, might I add. It was during basic training that I met Brian - mentor, brother. The closest thing I have to family besides the kids back at the home and those in my unit. I was fifteen when I was sent on my first tour. And when I was eighteen I joined the Elite. Otherwise ... yeah. Thats it. And then of course a few months ago that all went to hell.

A2: Nothing special to report - except I'm the only boy born into my generation of the family which means I'm going to inherit everything since my grandfather is very traditional about that. That does create a lot of pressure but fortunately I live away from all that - my father is a member of Parliament so we live in London. (pause) To be honest - and I'm not being modest - I really haven't done anything. I read, write, play an instrument but well ... so does everyone else.

Q: Are you scared off the monsters under the bed?

1/6/2012 #2,840

(Ice got skipped, so I'll do hers first)

Yeah, there's this weird recurring dream that keeps coming back...there's a knife...and...I don't know, a guy? A shadow guy? And there's a bright light! But...I don't really remember.

~Kal Landers

Tch, no! My mommy's been teaching me all about how to shapeshift and she's the best shapeshifter in the world! If something tries to attack me, I can just turn into a Jaguar or mommy and rip its throat out!

'Sides, mommy and daddy are super powerful and they'd protect me!

~Melissa Silverson

Q: Have you lost your marbles?

1/6/2012 #2,841

What marbles? Are you saying I previously owned marbles, and then happened to misplace them? Or are you suggesting that losing the marbles was my fault? Well up yours, buddy, because my marbles are right here!

-Shows marbles-

I would be willing to partake in an exchange of marbles for an alcoholic beverage, though....


Q- What is your favorite time of day?

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #2,842

Ayana: The night. I love the calmness...

Q: Do you have a 'special' person in your life,or more?

1/6/2012 #2,843

Heh, well now that you mention it, there is kinda this girl I like, she's pretty awesome. But I dont worry about it, 'coz I could get like...any girl I wanted. *cocky grin*


What's the worst job you've ever had?

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #2,844

-Could an admin delete this damm double post -

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #2,845

A: Worst job? Um ... being in charge of toilet duty. That was not pleasant. At all.

Q: Where is the place you'd rather be from here you are now? Why?

1/8/2012 #2,846

The end of the road implies so many dark and ultimate conditions. Yet that's where my answers are. Perhaps I can shine a light on it and come back to tell the tale.

Q: How valuable to you is speech? To talk, to be heard, to sing?

1/8/2012 #2,847
Notary Sojac

Ia: Somewhat not, as I feel that nobody listens anyway, at least not when its important. Such as when there are killer aliens sneaking up on us and I try to warn everyone, and then guess who gets the blame for not warning them?

Thishan: I have seen as few as six words, in the right place at the right time, destroy a golden age and the career of a dear friend, and change the course of history forever, so I believe that speech when used right can be a very powerful and valuable thing.

Q: Is it better to be feared or loved?

1/8/2012 #2,848

Zevran Arainai: Loved by one, feared by all the others would be the best for me. I am an assassin after all.

Do you prefer quality (even if it's expensive and you have to save for a long time to get it) or quantity (cheaper, immediately available and 'almost the same' as the more expensive thing)?

1/9/2012 #2,849

OOC: Hey there, I'm kinda late coming into this, but I thought I would give itr a try, still reading the back posts to see what all the answers are ;)

OC: Well, speech is very important I think, or rather communication , in my profession... as a bard one must be able to tell the stories and songs of all the races you come across to others hearing them for the first time. also it helps when your trying to keep something big and ugly from munching on you :)

Ok Question!: Do you believe in magic?

1/9/2012 #2,850
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