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"Well lately I've come to appreciate okinomiyaki... I have a friend that's uses her family's recipe... but I also really like a good american cheeseburger with the works! Because I can't eat meat on the job so to speak"


"Hmmm... question, question... What was your most awe inspiring moment?"

1/12/2012 #2,881
Knightmare Frame Razgriz

Ishitora: "I think it was that one time when Takashi stopped a pair of Sutherlands dead with one shot from a Barrett... Seriously, that was one HELL of a shot."

Kai: "When Naruto came out of his room with Anko and Yuugao clinging to him... And grinning and glowing like they... Just don't tell him I said that, eh?"

Takao: "I put a 20mm round through a Britannian G-1 and made it explode... Seriously... That sh** was f***ing awesome."

Q: If you could kill any one person in existence, who would it be?

1/12/2012 #2,882

"Well, some of the people here I've been thinking would qualify for that--!!" Guardian growled angrily, her eyes lowered and hidden under her bangs, a tightly clenched fist slowly rising. Moon quietly trying to creep away at the tone of her voice. "To be honest a certain baka Panda and a preverted martial arts freak would qualify as well! But what's with all this talk of Death and destruction?! Honestly! It sounds like that's all anyone is interested in is Killing things! nobody wins that way..." *Punching the wall, knocking all the glass from the window behind her. Guardian flinched then, her cheeks fluching in embarressment. "Gomen Nasai..."

"Okay here's my question. Have you ever created something? I don't mean like a gun or a tank or something that is used to destroy... but have you ever Created something... like a garden, or a painting. maybe a treehouse for the neighborhood kids, or anything that the purpose for making it was because it brought life or beauty to others?"

1/12/2012 . Edited 1/12/2012 #2,883

A: In art class sure. I don't know whether it was beautiful or anything but I passed.

Q: I'm sexy and I know it - are you?

1/12/2012 #2,884
Knightmare Frame Razgriz

Ishitora, Kai & Takao: "Damn straight!"

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

1/12/2012 #2,885

"Hmmm... interesting question,,, " :)

"well, I've never thought of myself as sexy per se... Cute definately, pretty possibly... But then again half the male population of Furinkan High isn't going to challenge someone en masse every day just because they think someone is cute ne? "

*Absently reaches over to scritch Moon's neck, finding empty air* "Where did Moon go?" *Confused*

"I think for the most part sexy is an attitude, a mood that you project... it can be a smile, a movement of your hand, a glance at someone... and it can be a game that is played between others...

"Okay. one day while going to school/work/a meeting/whatever you meet a new person that has just moved into the area. they are a very nice person and you find they are assigned to work fairly close to you. the two of you become friends, but as you get to know them better you come to realise your friend has a secret. one they seem desperate to hide that they have. What do you do, and why?" :)

1/12/2012 #2,886

[I did forget, sorry TXJ. It was 1 in the morning my time and I was irritated finally finding the question buried in the middle of answers. Btw, Ridgewolfe, mind marking your question clearly? I saw someone bold their question in an earlier post and it was very helpful. I hate having to search for a question in there...wait...why do you have quotations around everything? I'm guessing that last line is the question, not the Moon one...]

Depends on the person and the secret. I actually do this a lot. Usually they have some kind of power, but if it's a shapeshifter...well, let's just say I tread carefully around shapeshifters. I may have to get the authorities involved. I can befriend a lot of really shady people, so it's not hard for me to cut them loose or set them up when I need to.

~Fallen Knight

Q: You arrived in a parallel universe that looks just like yours, except you're popular and everyone likes you...and the trees are purple. Your best friend invites you to a slumber party and you all play truth or dare:

Truth: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

Dare: They dare you to go into the basement with a mirror, turn out the lights and say 'Bloody Mary' three times. Do you risk it in this parallel universe where magic may be real?

1/13/2012 #2,887

Airam Surana: Trees are purple? Is this... some kind of provocation? May I burn them down? Please? If this universe is the same as mine, then magic is real here. I'd first try if my own magic works... by casting a fireball at those trees, for example. If it works, I'd choose the basement. Let's see if this Bloody Mary is more bloody than I am. If it doesn't work... well. Telling a lie is sometimes a good thing.

(for explanation: Airam has purple eyes and purple hair, so I couldn't resist xD)

Q: You were captured by an evil entity, much more powerful and stronger than you. It said to you to entertain it for one whole hour... or you'll and people important for you will die. What do you do?

1/13/2012 #2,888

I'd dance. I may be King's champion, but that doesn't erase the years of ballet, jazz and ballroom that my mother forced on me. Besides, it will give me a chance to move about the area, scope for any excapes and weaknesses. And if I'm really luck said evil entity will honor me with a dance, then I can plant a nice little dager in its back.

Is the glass half full or half empty? (you do use a glass right?)

1/13/2012 #2,889

Phoebe: It's half full. The important thing is that if I'm thirsty, there's about one cup of water in the lower half of that glass, right now. What good does the "empty" part do me?

Q: Have you ever skinned a dead animal so you could use its hide for something? If so, tell us about the last time you had to do that, please.

1/13/2012 #2,890

Airam: Yes. We skinned a High Dranon. We gave the scales to the best smith in Denerim, who made four lovely and powerful armours of it.

Zevran: We? You mean, Me, Alistair and Leliana skinned a High Dragon, if you might remember. You did not do anything, if I remember. You were taking your beauty sleep.

Airam: I was not having a beauty sleep! That High Dragon almot ate me, if you rememer! I almost died there, you insensitive b***!

Alistair: But it spat you out, in the end. Your taste must be disgusting. And you dare to complain about my lamb stew...

Q: An evil mage cast a spell that changed you into food, based on your character, for a little moment. What were you? Were you tasty?

1/13/2012 #2,891

Phoebe: Something both sweet and spicy is definitely called for. Barbecued chicken, heavy on the sauce? Yes, of course I'm tasty; what do you think I am, poisonous?

Q: If you chose to (or had to) retire from regular labor right now, where would you live? Do you even have a place you could retire to at this point -- such as a house of your own, or a friend or relative who would take you in as a permanent resident?

1/13/2012 #2,892

Retirement? Are you serious?! Wait, he didn't tell you I could retire, did he? Oh man, thank GOD! Did he say I could go home? Please tell me I can go home. I don't even care that I won't really fit in, I'm just sick of all this s***! Any shred of my old life is all I ask for. I don't even care about not having the powers anymore. Wow...Thank you--Thank you!

~West, Champion of Darkness

[Needless to say, he's been wishing for that for a REALLY long time! The guy is over 160, and been doing this since his teens!]

Q: You've got ten seconds left to live and your only working body part is your mouth. The nurses will only let you see one person. Who do you see and what do you say to them?

1/13/2012 #2,893
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: High improbable that any of this would happen to me in the first place, but since it has I'll ask for Evans. He can use his healing powers on me to save me from mortal injuries or death.

Evans: And vice versa. Raven and I share the same powers, but we can't use them on ourselves.

Amber: Beg Raven or Evans to come. C'mon, we all know they're Dreamers, despite their vicious attempts at hiding it!

Q: What is that on the bottom of your shoe/sandal/whatever you call it?

1/13/2012 #2,894

*Looks down*

*Looks up*

It's called a boot. Are you okay? Do you know what year it is?

Oh, and that's just a tack. Gotham's littered with all kinds of crap.

~East, Champion of Light

Q: What's that off in the distance? It's moving impossibly fast!

1/13/2012 #2,895

OC: *sees that the object is moving straight towards him* Oh sh-- move! *lunges out of the way just in time* That better not be what I think it is... I've had more than enough crap from those guys already! Somebody keep an eye out in case it comes back!

Q: Has anyone ever had a crush on you, whetther or not it turned into love later on?

1/13/2012 #2,896

Ayana: ...If I tell you,I'd have to kill you if you say anything got it? Okay: ...Kakashi Hatake.

Q: Um...who let all the giant bunnie's loose? ^^;

1/13/2012 #2,897
Knightmare Frame Razgriz

Ishitora: "Sorry about that, we had all this surplus ammunition in the base, and food stocks were running low..."

Takao: "... Rabbit season!"

Kai: "Man, those guys get all the fun... Last time Anko just let loose a horde of demonic rabbits from the Forest of Death... It was good eating afterwards, anyway. One helluva fight, to say the least."

Q: THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE IS HERE! If you could choose one person to fight alongside of during it, who would it be?

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #2,898

Jimmy: Newsflash: the Zombiecalypse already arrived several weeks ago, d***. But if I had to choose one person I can trust to guard my back, it's my dad. He's a war veteran, you see. And boy, am I glad that he was paranoid enough to make me bring a shotgun on that camping trip. Else we'd be zombie food.

Q: Someone suddenly attacks you with an axe, while you're completely unarmed. What do you do, and why is he doing that?

1/13/2012 #2,899
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: Just smile and dodge, smile and dodge. I tend to attract trouble, so there is no good reason why he would be attacking me. Probably something to do with my father again.

Evans: Kill him dead with my super awesome Dreamer powers that no one is supposed to know about--besides Raven, of course, who shares them. I should fly off the handle at my sister for finding out, but it really wouldn't do any good to kill one of my greatest allies. No, I'll just kill the guy with the axe. He's just another Annihilator.

Amber: Walk up to him seductively and kiss him on the cheek. It always works. He's likely just wanting some attention from a beautiful woman, and while I'm not interested I make a pretty good matchmaker.

Q: If an axe killer comes into your work/school with a gun, what do you do?

1/14/2012 #2,900

Ayana: Simple...I'll kill them.

Q: One of your teamates has been held hostage by a enemy,your temate tells you to attack and forget about their safety though. What do you do?

1/14/2012 #2,901
Knightmare Frame Razgriz

Ishitora: "Well... Takao's a crazy SOB, I'd probably just call in the airstrike. He'll turn up a day later in his office with a bottle of sake and a handgun pointed at me, so what do I honestly have to worry about?"

Kai: "If Nobunaga told me that... I'd laugh my a** off and then remind him that he knows the Replacement Technique. As for Naruto... well, he wouldn't say that. He'd probably just kick the guy in the balls."

Takao: "Ishtora, that b***... I'd shoot him in the legs and massacre the rest of 'em, and he'd still be sitting on my Burai's cockpit when I got out. If he did that to me... I'd grab a bottle of sake and wait for him in my office with a .45."

Q: You have the resources to conquer one country/territory of your choice. What would it be?

1/14/2012 #2,902
The Slytherin Defender

Raven: Saudi Arabia! If I conquer it, then I can go live there, right?

Evans: Raven, get your head on straight. We have to conquer Pellentesque Tincidunt! Then we can destroy the Annihilators!

Amber: Both of you, listen up! Whoever said we have to conquer anything?

Q: What is your weapon of choice and why?

1/14/2012 #2,903

OC: My own two hands. Sometimes it's all I have and I can do a few things I wouldn't be able to do with other weapons too.

Q: ...Hello? Is anybody here...? I seem to be a bit lost...

(hey icedragon, were you surprised when i had my oc admit he had a crush on someone?)

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #2,904

(@coolnamegoeshere: I was actually O.O I didn't think,your OC had a crush on anybody.)

Ayana: Yes people are here,look around you idiot!

Q: What's your favorite form,of martial arts?

1/14/2012 #2,905

OC: I'm not really into martial arts much, but when I heard of one called 'Drunken Fist,' I was hooked. It looked so ridiculous yet you can still fight pretty well. Of course I'm not really going to train in that art, but iit's a blast to watch if you ask me.

Q: You notice that someone is trying to help you more than usual, yet when you thank them after the task is done, (s)he starts acting shy in front of you. How does that make you feel?

(@icedragon: heh heh, yeah, i can't let him be all sad and mopey all the time, but the reason i-- err, he, didn't give any details about his crush is the fact that i'm not restricting him to just one universe, generally speaking. i actually plan on letting other authors get a chance to use him for their story(ies) once i chip off the rough edges)

1/14/2012 #2,906
A. How would I know? If I help someone I'm always gonna be happy! Q. What's your favorite Manga?
1/14/2012 #2,907

(OOC: Please note that my OC's opinion doesn't necessarily reflect my own. He's just being IC.)

Jimmy: Manga? Oh geez, don't you think that I haveotherthings to do other than wasting my time reading stupid drawings that don't even make sense most of the time? I'd rather spend my time doing more important things. Like, say, beating away the zombie herd that's gotten into my backyard.

Q: Evil, man-eating plants are attacking your backyard. Things like ten foot tall Venus Flytraps, roses that emit toxic fumes etc. And they're moving. What do you do? (Save for the obvious, like getting some grade A herbicide)

1/15/2012 #2,908
Notary Sojac

Ia: I don't have a backyard...

Thishan: Iiiiiiiaaaaa! What did I tell you about stealing things?

Anya: I would wonder why I knowingly and willingly decided to live in a place where aliens invade every other week or so. Then I would get Sarah Jane.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

1/27/2012 . Edited 1/28/2012 #2,909

OC: *Chuckles to himself* Holy Grail... Classic. *shakes his head* I watch too many movies. At least, I did before I wound up here in the middle of fantasy land *grumbles*.

Q: If you had to choose, what kind of game would you play (video game, board game, sports game, etc...)?

1/27/2012 #2,910
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