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[Updated 2 Aug]

The category here is illegal! Oh noes Rhea's wrath awaits me! But I feel it justified in this case:

Further from the general topic "Deleting signed reviews", this topic is an 'official' petition to gather electronic signatures for the proposition below. This will then be sent to FF.net as a submission from the members of WA.


From the members of the FanFiction.net forum "Writers Anonymous".

We the undersigned have discussed the problems surrounding the abuse and misuse of the on site review system. For some time a certain element have been using the review system in order to disseminate spam, sustained personal attacks, and general abuse. You have recognised this and allowed users to delete unsigned posts, and report signed ones. However, the ability for people to simply create a new account and continue the attacks means that the quantity of such reported abuse is beyond that which we believe you can deal with in a timely manner.

Allowing users to delete any reviews posted on their stories is also open to some abuse; some users may delete unfavourable reviews and let only positive ones stand. While this is also an undesirable situation, we believe that it is the far lesser of two evils. Additionally those people who do this are not the kind of people that allow constructive criticism to benefit them - so on their heads be it.

For these reasons we request that users be able to delete any reviews that are posted on their own stories. This will solve the abuse in reviews problem, as well as reduce the amount of work that FanFiction.net staff need do.

Signed... list of WA members.


If you wish your name included in this email please add a "me too" post to this topic. We'll keep this open for a while until enough people have seen it and responded. Please don't post anything other than your electronic signature, if you want to discuss the petition/topic further you can do so here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/2872/5788919/1/ All further chat/discussion will be deleted from this topic.

Some people change their usernames often, so could you put down your user ID as well? For those who have already posted, just edit your original post. You can do that by pressing the Mod button on the bottom right of your post, and then 'Edit'.

Also, please make it clear if you wish to sign the petition, otherwise the mods won't know for sure if you want to sign it.

5/5/2008 . Edited 8/26/2009 #1

Me, too.

I've been following the discussion and think that a deleting option would have more advantages than disadvantages, therefore I'd like to sign this petition.

EDIT: ID 1385700

5/5/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #2
Oracle Five

"Me, too."

5/6/2008 #3

"Me, too."

5/6/2008 #4

Me, too.

5/6/2008 #5
Aislynn Crowdaughter

Me, too.

5/6/2008 #6

While I know that this proposed idea has some potentual to be abused I gotta say . . .


id: 474371

Sighn me up. My wife posted several stories, well written, no spelling problems or anything. And some guy flamed her story because he didn't like the pairing. She promptly removed all of her work from the site and has vowed never to return because that was her first impression of the community on the site. She still writes, but she posts other places instead. After some of the things I'v seen people say about other people's work (especialy people who didn't deserve it) I have been tempted to leave a few times myself.

5/6/2008 . Edited 8/6/2008 #7
Venomous Woe

Sign me up as well. :)

5/6/2008 #8
White Eyebrow

Me too


user id: 1222971

5/6/2008 . Edited 8/3/2008 #9
Rowena DeVandal

Me too

5/6/2008 #10
Rhea Silverkeys

Michael2, is that a vote for or against the petition?

"Me, too." Well, it's a given since I'll be sending the petition off but I'll say it anyway ^_^

5/7/2008 #11

Yes, it is a vote for the petition.


5/7/2008 #12
silver chipmunk

Me too.

Wow, this is totally not a problem in my one little fandom, I had no idea this was going on til I read the thread

edited to add my member number: 903421

5/7/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #13
Silver-hair Angel

Me too.

Writers should have more options.

5/8/2008 #14

You would have thought I'd noticed this sooner, lol.

Me too.

User ID: 751361

5/8/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #15
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Me too.

However, I do this sadly, and only because the admins have been to slow in removing reported obscene spam reviews lately. If they will not take out the trash, they must give us the option of doing so ourselves.

That said, fewer people will now be motivated to give a thoughtful review knowing that it may all be for naught.

5/8/2008 #16
We'll Run For Our Lives

Me too.

5/8/2008 #17


5/8/2008 #18

While I would certainly hate the fact that somebody would delete a review I would write with much thought, I'm still going to say

Me Too

Because I think it still be good to delete spam once and for all. I just hope no one posts with sockpuppets on this one...

ID Number: 1178674 (I just got the chance of re-reading the first post)

5/9/2008 . Edited 7/6/2008 #19

I thought this should always have been an option for the simple fact that if people are interested in improving their writing they can contact the reviewer and leave the review up for others to see. On the other hand if a writer wants to live in denial and trash anything that even hints at a critique because of ego, immaturity, or any number of other reasons, that should be their choice as well. And people who say they are "just trying to be helpful" and then go whining to *their* buds because a writer didn't take their wonderful and oh-so-well-intentioned advice were, perhaps, not so well intentioned after all.

In short, deleting spam or snark or anything you don't like off a board designed to give feedback on your story and not on your parentage should now be and should always have been an option.

5/9/2008 #20

Me, too.

I haven't had this problem myself, but I can definitely sympathize with the ones who need this kind of system availiable.

5/9/2008 #21
Nieriel Raina

I've been saying this for months.

Me Too

5/9/2008 #22

Me too.

Add me to the list.

5/10/2008 #23
Laburnum Steelfang

Thank God there's something like this finally happening. The Redwall section is full of obscene reviews, and since a lot of the readers there are young teens we really need to get rid of the things. I hereby sign too.

~L.S., ID 342558

5/13/2008 . Edited 5/25/2008 #24
Ansela Jonla

Add me to the list as well, please.

5/13/2008 #25
Agent Tomato

Me, too. This has gone on long enough.

5/13/2008 #26
Hufflepuff Writes

Add me too. It's just gotten out of hand, I think.

5/13/2008 #27

About time! Add me to the list!

5/13/2008 #28
Emerald Riddle
Me too!
5/13/2008 #29
Sumiregawa Nenene

Me too!

5/13/2008 #30
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