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I was reading a thread and saw where one person claimed that there were plenty of other sites that were better than this one yet they were here so that seems like an odd statement to me. Still, I'm always interested in learning of other sites to find good stories to read so any suggestions for FF? I'm particularly interested in The Dukes of Hazzard fandom.

4/22/2012 #1

There's one discussed here:


The only active multifandom site I've been involved with (besides fanfiction.net) is this one:


It's sufficiently small that htere's a non-zero chance there are no Dukes of Hazzard writers on there at all - however, if you're a writer, they have a strong tradition of encouraging people to read and review in fandoms other than their own.

4/22/2012 . Edited 9/13/2015 #2

From what I saw, only one was really recommended. One that takes months to get an "Invite" to join. :(

4/22/2012 #3
The Lauderdale

Here is someone who made a point of listing different multi-fandom alternatives:


Someone else I showed this link to ended up joining a site called Lunaescence, so there are definitely other sites to recommend themselves besides FFN and AO3.

You can also look yourself for any sites or groups focusing on stories for your specific fandom or fandoms.

I was reading a thread and saw where one person claimed that there were plenty of other sites that were better than this one yet they were here so that seems like an odd statement to me.

Not that odd a statement. There are things I dislike about FFN, but I'm still here. It's still the largest and best-trafficked fanfiction site on the 'net.

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Corinne Tate

Does anyone have anything to say about other sites they use for writing of any kind? I have received suggestions to post my work on other sites, but I'm not the best at learning how to navigate these unfamiliar environments. Just finding a FAQ has proved challenging on most.

I signed up on Twilighted, and it had two different sign-ins and passwords -- one was for submitting and reading stories, and another was for the forums. I had trouble reading the security code, and couldn't generate a new one, so I had to type in every combination of the code and still couldn't get in. I finally backed out and started from scratch, resubmitting all the info.

After all the hassle, I'm not sure I want to submit anything there. I still haven't been confirmed as a member, as the application has to be personally approved by an admin. Then when a chapter is submitted, a Beta has to take charge of it, read it, and either approve or deny it. Any corrections must be made, or it will be denied. It can take up to two weeks for a Beta to look at your chapter. Then you may submit your next chapter to the queue. Every chapter must be read and approved, and you can't submit more than one chapter for a story to the queue! I'm not sure I'll live long enough to see a story finished at that rate!

A couple other drawbacks: The rating system was really weird. G rated stories have no violence, no profanity whatsoever, and no physical contact between romantic characters. PG allowed some minor profanity, and no kissing. PG-13 allowed kissing, but no sexual contact either implied or actual, and R could have sparse profanity, and fade to black intimacy. Almost every story was rated NC-17. If I submitted any of my stories from this site on that one, I'd have to rate them as NC-17, which baffles me.

The biggest drawback I saw for this site, was that the reviewers were no more articulate there than the are here. "Luv it, update soon!" was still rampant, and with it taking two weeks to work through the Beta system for an update, it would drive me nuts to read those kinds of reviews.

Fictionpress at least from my end, has fixed some of its issues -- finally! It's been six months since I could look at the traffic stats, or even update my profile. I really thought the site was dying, which is what made me go look for a new site.

I looked at Wattpad, which I think is a facebook writing site, but it was hard to figure out anything specific there. I saw a lot of PG-13 stories, and nothing higher, which makes me think it's not a place to submit stories that could have adult content. The comments and reviews looked even worse than here, as it seems anyone can chat about anything in the commentary - including back and forth comments to other reviewers.

I also didn't like the TOS there, as it seemed they had all the rights and the writer had zip.

Anyone have any good sites, and tips on how to use them?

4/25/2012 #5
I've just been looking around your forum a bit in the last day or two, finding it very interesting too. I write in a wide variety of fandoms and post on several sites. I know sites go down and/or experience technical issues all the time so part of my reasoning is simple insurance. Then some of my stories are too explicit for this site and must be posted elsewhere. Two sites I routinely post on are adultfanfiction .net and Wonderful World of MakeBelieve. Neither is difficult to use, though on adultfanfiction you must be 18 even to access the site. This doesn't of course stop anybody and they routinely have to delete accounts of underage users. Then there are yahoo groups dedicated to various fandoms. These can be particularly helpful when dealing with an obscure/small fandom. There are never enough stories in those types of fandoms on sites such as this one but if you find a yahoo group dedicated to it you can often find many more offerings.
4/26/2012 #6

I forgot Lunaescence! I'm actually a member there, but one of my fandoms is nonexistent and the other one has one writer besides me, who posts her stories on here anyway. And the forums were very quiet except for a lot of traffic around "reader insert stories", which as far as I can make out are stories where you leave a blank for the character's name. Not for me.

I posted one story, nobody read it, and I lost interest with the whole "we have to be sure you're up to our standards" thing. Bragging maybe, but it shouldn't take more than one chapter for someone to figure out I can spell, punctuate and use grammar correctly.

4/26/2012 #7
There's Dreamwidth, livejournal and Archive of our own (aka ao3) These sites have tons of fan fiction.
4/30/2012 #8
Corinne Tate

I tried Adultfanfiction.com, but I had more trouble than it's worth. Why do these sites require two different accounts for the stories and forums? It drives me nuts to have so many accounts and passwords to keep track of. I made the first account, and needed to ask for help immediately - which meant clicking through five screens to get to a support thread in the forum. Since I didn't have a forum account, i had to keep checking back to see if someone answered my question. Then their answer was inadequate, and it lost my subsequent question post. I was told I could post Twilight stories under books, but it wasn't listed there, and nowhere did it say where to request categories or even if they were necessary.

So I tried to look at a story, to see what kind of writers they attract. It wanted me to fill out another long agreement, again assuring them I was 18 (and damn I wish I was still 18, since then I'd understand how to navigate those sites without a 12 year old to guide me!) and I started wondering, just how many times will it ask me if I'm 18? If I could lie once, I could lie a thousand times. But as I was telling the truth the first time, it began to feel intrusively suspicious. I mean I can access pournography with one mouse click - if that's what I wanted to do!

I was also irritated by their insistence on the proper elements of a disclaimer. The disclaimer doesn't really protect anyone - it's just a feel good measure. Not that I was ready to buck the system, but I needed real guidance, not a reminder to read the disclaimer FAQ - which I had already done.

I guess the hoops other sites make one jump through, only make me appreciate it here more. And Writer's Anonymous is awesome when it comes to getting help and answers!

5/8/2012 #9

Why do these sites require two different accounts for the stories and forums?

On a purely practical level, because they're put together using kits by people who aren't programmers. They find a "build your own forum site" kit and a "build your own archive site" kit.

There are no kits which have both as one package, and they don't have the programming knowhow to do it themself.

This isn't a criticism - not everyone's a programmer, not everyone wants to be a programmer, not everyone should be a programmer. But that's why they work that way.

5/8/2012 #10
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