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Merlyn Pyndragon

"The part about consistency reminds me of a story: And so God invited the man to His kingdom and said: "Ask, and ye shall receive, but may it be known to ye that thy neighbour will receive twice as much." And so the man said: "God, stab me in the eye."

FFN works on abuse reports. You can write one yourself or turn to people that would do it for you."

That makes you a good person, does it?

Why don't you hear my story? A thief goes out one day and decides, "I'm going to steal from the weavers." He goes to the weavers and climbs through the window in the dark. Suddenly, he loses his balance and falls into a spinning wheel, poking out his eye. He's outraged. He goes to the Council and says, "I tried to steal from the weaver but his stupid wheel poked my eye out! I demand compensation!" So the Council summons the weaver and tells him, "Your wheel poked this thief's eye out. We must remove yours now in payment." The weaver pleads, "But Council, I am a weaver. I need both eyes! My neighbour, however, is just a tanner. He doesn't need them both. Take his eye instead." So the Council summons the tanner and removes his eye. Justice is served.


6/11/2012 #331

t3HPrO wrote:Fair enough, I overreacted and exaggerated. But I think it's safe to say about half the works on this site would probably be gone in the purge. They're going to go through with the purge tomorrow, not today. Which is why everything seems normal to you for now. Chain PM message that directed me here and sent me to the petition.

For real? There's a chain PM sending people to the Writers Anonymous forum to complain? Why here?

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #332
Here here I whole heartedly agree! I as someone over the age of 18 feel I should be allowed to read adult material. Ashmerlin
6/11/2012 #333

No one's stopping you from reading adult material, Ashmerlin. You just can't read it here because it's against site rules. Just like you can't go to McDonald's for a five star, four course, grand prix fixe.

6/11/2012 #334
From the latest AO3 update: "As we mentioned in our previous post on performance issues, the biggest reason for the site slowdowns is that site usage has increased dramatically! We've almost doubled our traffic since January, and since the beginning of May the pace of expansion has accelerated rapidly. In the last month, more than 8,000 new user accounts were created, and more than 31,000 new works were posted. This is a massive increase: April saw just 4,000 new users and 19,000 new works. In addition to the growing number of registered users, we know we've had a LOT more people visiting the site: between 10 May and 9 June we had over 3,498.622 GB of traffic. In the past week, there were over 12.2 million page views - this number only includes the ones where the page loaded successfully, so it represents a lot of site usage! This sudden and dramatic expansion has come about largely as a result of changes on Fanfiction.net, who have recently introduced more stringent enforcement of their policies relating to explicit fanworks which have resulted in some fans no longer being able to host their works there. One of the primary reasons the AO3 was created was in order to provide a home for fanworks which were at risk of deletion elsewhere, so we're very keen to welcome these new users, but in the short term this does present us with some challenges!" One of the main reasons that ff.net became as popular as it did was that the terms of service were not enforced, so people were able to post fiction of all different ratings. Any site that decides to strictly enforce a policy of censorship is going to become less popular, because it alienates a massive chunk of potential users. So maybe writers who violated the TOS deserved to have their stories removed. Maybe they didn't. Either way they're still going to leave, ff.net is still going to lose money (AO3 has already made enough from new donations alone to purchase a new server). If your service sucks then another will take its place.
6/11/2012 #335

For real? There's a chain PM sending people to the Writers Anonymous forum to complain? Why here?

At least that explains why so many are coming here, though why is beyond me. None on this forum has any special connection to the adm of the site. And it does seem like almost all the traffic comes here, and not to other forums. The purge, if about 1% of the total stories can be called a purge, is over, anyway. It was in the beginning of June, and have, as far as I have understood, died down. Whatever stories are disappearing, is either the site reacting quicker to reports, but authors taking the stories down themselves. One story I commented on, has disappeared, but I suspect it was taken down by the author herself. It did violate the guidelines, and she was warned that it did (not for wrong rating or MA content, mind), so I am guessing that she took it down after being warned. I don't know of anyone reporting it.

6/11/2012 #336

@ devovitquesuasartes

That's what I've been trying to say all along. Sort of anyway. If people are really unhappy with FFN, they're welcome to leave and leaving will make a much bigger impact on the administration than a petition. Boycotts just tend to be more heavy hitting to a private business than a petition.

6/11/2012 #337
The Lauderdale

At least that explains why so many are coming here, though why is beyond me. None on this forum has any special connection to the adm of the site.

It's called "Writers Anonymous," which is a nice general sounding name, and it's at the top of the forums. Superficially it looks like it has some official sanction or function, even though it doesn't. Furthered, I guess, by the scads of topics and conversations on the topic: people see the conversation going on and say, "Oh, this is the place!" (That and we *do* have threads offering general FFN site answers and assistance.)

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #338

That is what I thought at first as well, Laud. But I found it strange that no other forum seem to be affected this way.

Makes me (sort of) long for the days when the forum was buried at the fourth or fifth page.

6/11/2012 #339
Just to be clear, I'm not going elsewhere as an act of boycott, which would imply moral outrage. Admittedly I hate censorship, but the admins have the right to impose whatever rules they want on their own website, and indeed to make it as rubbish as they like. I already dislike ff.net's interface, the difficulty of logging in and staying logged in, and the overly complicated process of posting and editing stories. The only thing about the site that appealed to me was the range and diversity of the content, and the lack of censorship. With that gone and another site offering a superior product, with everything ff.net has and much more besides, what's the point of sticking around? No wonder people are transferring to AO3 so fast that they're breaking the servers.
6/11/2012 #340

AO3? May I inquire as to what that is? A link perhaps?

6/11/2012 #341
The Lauderdale

That is what I thought at first as well, Laud. But I found it strange that no other forum seem to be affected this way.

There was that one post on Cabbages and Kings. Otherwise, we're pretty comfortable in 10th place. ;)

6/11/2012 #342

Archive of Our Own. Could give you a link, but considering the servers are overloaded at the moment it won't do much good.

6/11/2012 #343
The Lauderdale

Really? I just got onto it fine.


(ETA: I was just on there to read about the performance issues. That's a nice thing about the site: they're pretty good about communication, so if something is going on they do a good job of keeping people updated and informed.)

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #344

There was that one post on Cabbages and Kings. Otherwise, we're pretty comfortable in 10th place. ;)

And that was days after the first drama begun here. For once I knew about the drama early-- usually I only hear about it after it is long over.

6/11/2012 #345

Yeah, the twitter feed has been abuzz that they're still having problems, but they recently got enough donations for a new server so yay! Hopefully things will even out soon.

6/11/2012 #346
Corinne Tate

I've been here for two years, and I guess I'll stick it out a little longer. Maybe if something of mine was deleted, or even something from my favorites disappeared, I'd feel different. But I have not seen anything deleted that I'll miss (I'm not a big reader on the site.) Censorship bothers me, but so does flouting the rules for the sake of posting garbage.

I do think that someone in charge should post something to reassure the users here, that the site is not on an M rated witch hunt. The fear and panic over the deletions is really getting out of hand. If a lot of those who write M rated stories leave, then I can only assume that the overall age on the site will drop. That more than any purge, will make me more likely to leave.

6/11/2012 #347
The Lauderdale

And that was days after the first drama begun here. For once I knew about the drama early-- usually I only hear about it after it is long over.

I was in the middle of a lot of traveling when this whole thing broke, so I couldn't post during the initial ***panicRAGE***, which is just as well.

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #348


For real? There's a chain PM sending people to the Writers Anonymous forum to complain? Why here?

lol - why not? Have you seen the flame forums?

An author puts up her story - just over 200 words, first chapter - so pretty brief. Doesn't draw me in on first glance, but the author is starting to tell her story. Key words: "Starting". And "Her Story".

(edited by mod because we don't do name and shame here).

If this bunch of bullies can use the forums to harass and brow beat a young author - without repercussions - because she actually dared to say "don't like, don't read", then why can't a chain PM lead to this forum?

Edited to add:

anyone else find it funny that Literate Union members are reporting authors for bad grammar and spelling? "you where a funny stupid troll"... lmao

6/11/2012 . Edited by cathrl, 6/11/2012 #349

You know, I'm not saying what they did was right on any level and I firmly believe they should be reported for harassment, but it's against the rules of this forum to name and shame and you've put names - with links - to everyone who left a bad review on her fic. Again, not saying that I believe they should have behaved that way, but you are kinda breaking the rules of this forum at this moment.

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #350

Why can't a chain PM lead to this forum? Well it can, but this forum is unaffiliated with any flaming/critic/whatever groups so why should they come here?

If there is harassment, bring it up to the admins.

6/11/2012 #351


And only some people get away with breaking the rules, right? I guess some animals are more equal than others... report me for plaigiarism too.

6/11/2012 #352

You're not even making any sense.

6/11/2012 #353

CazPeak, if you have an issue with members of a particular forum, then you take it up with them on that forum. Not here.

We don't do name and shame, and we certainly don't do forum wars. But if you, or the writer in question, want to come here and discuss your writing, then you are very welcome.

(has no idea how a chain PM for organised reporting would end up pointing at this forum, since we do not do it.)

6/11/2012 #354


Well, I think that because this is a forum about the purge of fanfiction, they thought directing people here to voice their concerns on this topic. But I can only guess as I haven't seen the PM.

And the problem I have with harassment of this type is that it gets brought up individually. Someone says your story sucks and a mod says "get a thicker skin".

When you see all the evidence together you see that certain groups are allowed to bully and harass and get away with it. At least I assume get away with it, because no one does anything about it.

6/11/2012 #355


I can understand why you don't do name and shame here... much more imprtant that the bullies be protected than the authors who are their targets.


6/11/2012 #356
Corinne Tate

I must say, from observing both sides of the argument, it is disturbing to see people set themselves up as rules enforcers. My own house has too much glass for me to be throwing rocks.

6/11/2012 #357

Yeah, individually a bad review isn't harassment. However, if there is a concerted effort it's harassment. If you pointed out those threads and sequential reviews to the admins I'd say that the offenders would find themselves in hot water for once.

6/11/2012 #358

Ouch.. That is some really sharp sarcasm, but cathrl, he kinda does have a point. After all, we ALL know what happened with the mess that was the Literate Union, which pretty much exemplifies why most denizens in-the-know do not trust the moderation.

6/11/2012 #359

@ CazPeak

No one is saying that they shouldn't be punished for harassing that author. We're just saying that trying to shame them here does no good and is against the forum rules. Send those quotes to the site admin and show the people who can do something what's going on. This forum is about writing not the so-called "purge" and has no connection with the site admins. We can loathe the reprehensible behavior of the bully forums and FFN members all day long, but we can't actually do anything.

6/11/2012 #360
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