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Yuli Ban

FFN has another glitch...

Whenever you go back to edit something (or write it), never drag-and-backspace if it's too long.

So I decided to vent my frustration with a general chat thread about the Glitch of the Day where we can all vent about the glitches.

6/22/2012 #1

Are you on IE? I kept getting that when I couldn't log in with Firefox.

Ctrl-Z will put you back how you used to be.

6/22/2012 #2
Tzatziki Bongwater

Augh, damn it. Accidentally pressed Ctrl-Z while typing Ctrl-Z!

I ran into the same problem. What the heck's up with all these glitches? This site's glitchier than Sonic '06.

6/22/2012 #3
Yuli Ban

Are you on IE? I kept getting that when I couldn't log in with Firefox.

No, Google Chrome. Funny thing is, it only happens on the forums here.

6/22/2012 . Edited 6/22/2012 #4

Happens all the time on the forum. Nowhere else though. And yes, Sonic 06 has less glitches than the new FF.Net

6/22/2012 #5
Lord Kelvin

Forum unsubscribe links don't work for me.

Edit: The ones in the notification emails don't. Can still unsubscribe using the icon on top.

6/22/2012 . Edited 6/22/2012 #6

I went through some of my stories today and I saw that spaces between words in italics disappeared, again. How many times I have to fix it? I already did it twice, re-uploaded all chapters. Now it's all wrong again. :( If anything drives me away from FFN, it won't be some so-called purge, it will be this.

6/22/2012 #7

What, without you editing them?

I get that on forum posts if I edit them, but I've never seen it on a story. (Just checked. Paranoid.)

6/22/2012 #8

Well, yes, it's after I edit the story. But in the Doc Manager, everything is fine. The moment I publish it, spaces randomly disappear. Like in the first chapter of my multichapter story. There are several flashbacks, written in italics - and all is fine. But there are two words that I also bolded - and they're stuck together. I checked the document at my PC, but there it's normal. Go figure. Same things happens in other chapters, even if it's not bold.

6/22/2012 #9

That would drive me nuts too.

Does it help if you don't use the Doc Manager editor, you just upload and publish (having edited it on your own PC)?

I'm posting a story tomorrow, so I'll keep an eye open for weirdnesses.

6/22/2012 #10

Looks like today's glitch involves sending messages to email. I have received several PMs from writers in my inbox here today but none of them have gone to my email. Nor have they gone into the other's writers. Any other glitches out there that you have noticed?

7/5/2012 #11
Kanarah J

Ugh, I've had the same issue with both posting on forums (selecting a bit of text delete = EVERYTHING deleted) and with the italics (everything looks perfect in the document manager, but then the spaces between the italics and normal script are magically gone). The issue with posting was an issue I experienced last month or so, and I've learned my lesson since then. The advice about ctrl-z is extremely helpful.

As far as italics disappearing, I've had that problem for years. In fact, that started happening since my first story here in 2005. I thought the issue had been resolved since then, but right before my hiatus from the site, I noticed that the problem had returned. It's beyond frustrating.

Glitches I've seen recently revolved around getting into the website itself. A friend and I were sitting next to each other at her computer to read some PMs, but the site wouldn't allow her to access her account profile. Everything other link on the website worked perfectly, but once she clicked on her profile, an error message appeared. The problem was resolved the next day, but it was still really problematic. My suspicion is that all of these recent glitches are due to the formatting changes here. I hope they'll be resolved soon.

7/5/2012 #12

I think I'm having that problem too. A "DA" writer that I'm following posted a new chapter of a fic yesterday, but I didn't get the email till this morning. Another "DA" writer I follow just posted a new oneshot, but I haven't gotten an email notification.

7/6/2012 . Edited 7/6/2012 #13
Lord Kelvin

You can now make posts 1 hours ago. There is no singular.

7/6/2012 #14

Hey, you guys do know that if you accidentally delete stuff, you can hit ctrlZ to undo, and if you undo a bit of writing, ctrly will redo it, right?

7/7/2012 #15
That Way

Prompted by the whole sort-by-#-of-reviews features, I came across a very minor glitch today and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

The site lists my fic as having 7 less reviews than it actually does. Like all of the reviews are there and viewable by myself or anyone else, but going by 15 reviews/page and then adding the remainder on the last page I count 7 more than the site lists next to my story.

Not really a problem or anything, but peculiar nonetheless. I don't know for sure since I've never bothered to compare the two numbers before, but I suspect this is a recent problem, possibly due to the implementation of the Moderate Guest Reviews feature. I've disabled the feature since I don't really bother deleting reviews anyway, so I guess we'll see if the problem persists.

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #16

Anyone else having a hard time with the site registering a new chapter? I've tried several times and NOTHING! :( My last chapter of that story too. It just not want to end. LOL!

7/20/2012 #17

Lovely timing on FF's part -- I was also planning to post the final chapter of a story today.

7/20/2012 #18
My Evanescent Lady
This site likes to ignore my 'EnterKey' clicks. All my writing goes into a text wall.
7/20/2012 #19

Yup, clicking on links in story alert emails are getting the response URL cannot be found...again (sigh).

7/20/2012 #20
Corinne Tate

Some things on the site seem to be taking forever to load today. I was wondering if anyone else was having difficulty, or perhaps it's on my end.

Add to this, the forum thread "fighting writer boredom" for some reason just hangs there when I try to post. It's really strange, as it's the only one doing that.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #21

Is anyone else having difficulties with trying to upload a new document? I click the manage documents but it doesn't seemed to even register it. None of my side buttons on my page are working.

8/30/2012 #22

It sounds like your browser cache is full. Close down your browser and then try again.

8/30/2012 #23

What ever it was it is fixed now but I tried with 2 different computers and three browsers so go figure.

8/30/2012 #24
Psychedelicate Poltergeist

Twice, I had icons on forums randomly switching places. For example, the gold admin crown would become a padlock, and those without avatars get a pin avatar. I've asked around but no one else has ever had the glitch.

8/31/2012 #25
Lord Kelvin

Admins are just playing with icons because the current ones suck. Not a glitch.

8/31/2012 #26
June Sujare

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but seemed closest. Please point me in the right direction if I'm wrong.

Sometimes I like to access the site on my phone, to check if I've gotten a review, or to just read a story. I'm not able to log in because my phone is a piece of crap, it can't handle the security code thing, but I'm usually able to navigate around the site. Lately though, I can't click any buttons, including "Next" for the next chapter, or "Go" to sort the search results. So I can basically read any story, but only the first chapter. This wasn't the case last month, I could click the "next" button.

Anyway, I'm just wondering what's changed and if there are any plans to make it work again. I have an LG Rumor 2, if it's relevant, browser version: (it won't let me list it because it looks like a URL. It is 7 point 2 point 7 point 2 point 531.) Thanks.

9/5/2012 #27


I would suggest that you post this on the site's blog and let them know what's going on and you might possibly get a reply either by the owner of the site or others that have the same issue. Its a great place to ask questions about the operation of the site and its bugs. :D

9/5/2012 #28
June Sujare

Thanks very much. I'll do that.

9/5/2012 #29
I've been looking at fanfics on the mobile site lately and it hasn't been showing new stories since about last Thursday. I know for sure it's not a lack of writers, 'cause the archive in question clears about a page per day, so I'd like an explanation/fix/you get the idea. Anyone know what this is about?
9/8/2012 #30
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