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Title: Batman: Ascendancy

Help: I would like constructive criticism of it all really. Story structure, pacing, writing style. I would like to know if I'm writing a load of old rubbish and should I carry on and expand on the universe I've created/borrowed.

7/28/2012 . Edited by Maryilee, 7/29/2012 #1
Ficta Scriptor
Just thought you should be aware, when using speech marks put a comma at the end of what they're saying if you're going to finish with 'Person said' etc. E.g. "I said no," Batman said. Only use a full stop if you're going to move on to an action other than speaking or moving on to a different subject. E.g. "I said no." Batman turned away. I'll give this a proper read a bit later; I've only read the prologue so far.
7/28/2012 #2
Go and read the forum rules. This is a self-plug and there is a specific thread for that. This is also not categorized and if you'd taken five minutes to actually check the forum, you'd realize that similar threads have been summarily locked.
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There is already a thread stickied at the top, I believe, that is for putting links to stories where you are looking for con crit. Please do not start a thread just for your story. You can understand how if everyone did that, this forum would become overrun with these kinds of threads and nobody would come here anymore.

I will be deleting your link and locking the thread.

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