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I know this is lazy but I was skimming through stories to read and after 5 years on FF.net I'm getting a little tired to read to the end of a story description to see if its what I'm looking for or not. Most writers put the labels and pairings at the end. I like a couple slash pairings but for the majority of the fics I look up I'm not looking for slash as the main pairing/focus of the story, and it turns out nearly half are. So it would be kinda nice for writers to do this with their warnings, ESPECIALLY if its adult/minor. When I am looking for slash its easy to put in 'Romance' as the genre, even if it does limit the possible stories a bit

EDIT: A het/slash filter would be great, or some way to filter in/out the main pairing. But I think that would be hard to implement though, and I'm already grateful for the new filters.


7/28/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #1
The Lauderdale

"No, heck, no!" is my short answer. I find warnings for slash objectionable, and while I think non-judgmental labeling is okay, I don't think it should be mandatory.

I also don't think het needs to be labeled as such either, but I find it interesting that while you call for slash to be labeled, the current summary for your story doesn't mention "het" at the beginning - or at all.

7/28/2012 #2

Personally I find the implications of putting a slash filter without a het or gen filter to be, to be bad for lack or a better word. It kind of implies that homosexual relationships are objectionable in some manner.

The better way to approach this is, if there was a way to not include a genre, i.e you search the pairing, and you set it to search every other genre, except the ones you selected. For example you could search or A and B as characters, but you set it to exclude tragedy and angst, or romance. Therefore you get everything with those two characters and it's not romance, or what ever genre you don't want, without the unfortunate implications of filtering slash.

7/28/2012 #3

Yes thats a good idea Tash, I always wish the genre filter was a little more specific. If it was more specific in regard to main pairings that would make some peoples search easier, that is what Im trying to say. No need to take this personally guys, it doesn't imply anything, its just an easier way to find a story you want whether slash or het. I was expressing things from my POV so maybe it seemed one sided. Like I said, except for one or two pairings I generally dont read slash yet its very popular in all the fandoms. I was searching for a story about two characters and half the page came up with the main focus of the story a slash pairing, and I wasn't intersted but I didn't want to limit my options to adventure or watev, but I also dont want to exclude romance because there could be other pairings in the story and that is why the writer labled it romance. See?

Until that filter could happen though, if word could get around to put the pairings, slash or het, in the front instead of at the end in the front it would be nice.

7/28/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #4

We have a rule at this forum that all forum threads must start with a category so that it is easier for people to determine whether they will be interested in a certain topic.

How ironic that in a thread where you ask for story labels to be at the front you do not supply a category in the thread title.

The category rule is explained in the 'Welcome' thread (and petition is not one of the accepted categories).

7/29/2012 #5

I'm against it as well, for the same reasons the others have so far listed.

7/29/2012 #6
Absolutely not. There is no reason to require a pairing be listed ever. If you want an archive that requires that or that otherwise caters to your specific tastes in filtering, the Internet is a big place. Go buy the server space, learn to code, and make your own archive. And no, I'm not being very nice about this, but this is the second instance of "writers should always list pairings" that have come up in the last few weeks and I believe it was sufficiently hashed out there.
7/29/2012 #7

I will join the chorus of those thinking it is a bad idea. For one, I agree with Laud that slash is not something that needs warning for, any more than het, and while I do like to be able to search for the kind of stories I would want to read, I find that even on sites with more options, it is not really more easy to target the type of story.

I also do not think authors are required to list pairings, and don't find the summaries all that long so that it is such a bit hassle to read it to the end to find the slash-label for those authors that label their stories.

Labeling is fine, though I like it most when it is used to attract the target audience, rather than warn off potential readers that might object. A label does, of course, serve both those functions. And I think the writer is the one that best knows what kind of marketing she thinks is best for her story. If a pairing is supposed to be part of what brings tension to a story, then I see no reason that she should be obligated to state a paring. Or a label of het, slash or gen.

7/29/2012 #8

TS NOT MANDATORY. Geeze. The only thing that's mandatory is language and rating, yet you choose other filters to don't you? If you don't want to be helpful, don't be. Your deal. I'm just saying it would be helpful. Its the same as picking characters so that people can find it or not. Why shouldn't pairings be part of a filter just like genre or characters? I'm not saying is should be part of warnings. Are you guys always this sensitive? I think its you guys who are being unfair. Anyway, I'm clearly in the minority, ill probably delete this topic soon so everyone can stop being bothered for no reason....

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #9

As a person who writes m/m pairing - NO. I will not put it on the beginning of the summary or anywhere else. It is not a primary focus of my story, but with such label, it would appear so. Also, pairings don't always indicate romantic pairings. Besides, there is already option to search stories by two characters. I don't see any additional value of another such filter.

And yes, this is a sensitive topic, so of course reactions are strong. :)

7/29/2012 #10

It is not :)

7/29/2012 #11

The allowed length of short description is much too short to list all of the pairings in a story.

The character filter is useless for indicating pairings.

10/1/2012 #12
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