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Psychedelicate Poltergeist

Hey, all. I'm new here and I have a question.

Is it possible to use Image Manager on iPad??? I really want to get an avatar (probably of Rima from Vampire Knight) but I don't know how!

7/30/2012 #1
Hi pocky pox! Remember me? You answered my question! Now I have an iPad too and I've been trying to figure that out! I don think there is a way to upload avatar pics onto the website but you never know... Fanfiction could just make a way soon.
7/31/2012 #2
Psychedelicate Poltergeist

Hello, Alninja! I uploaded my first story yesterday, just so you know. :)

Anyways, I think we should make a petition for Fanfiction to make its own app. Or at least make the Image Manger compatible with iPads. I'm glad the Doc Manager is now compatible – and just in time for me getting an account, too – but it really would be nice if iPad users can get an avatar and stuff! Gah, I'm akready getting sick of being faceless.

7/31/2012 #3

Hey pocky kiss I see you eventually got an avatar,would you mind telling me how you did it? Thanks

12/9/2013 #4

Hopefully somebody still goes on here lol

12/9/2013 #5

I'm not sure about iPads, but I seem to have no trouble uploading pictuers on FFN with my Android phone. It really depends on the browser as some browsers are not able to perform this kind lf action. And the connection too, naturally. I use Chrome or Opera to do complicated tasks on my phone.

12/10/2013 #6

Oh ok, thanks a lot :)

12/10/2013 #7

I use my iPad mini a lot for my account combined with pages, and I have only a few problems.

One: having to use copy & paste for the doc manager is a bit of a pain, especially when it doesn't do any bold, italics, or underlining.

Two: the image manager works, I uploaded pictures and they seem alright. The only problem is when I assign a picture as a cover image to a story, it doesnt appear in my menu. It appears sometimes when browsing through stories, or when I open the story though. Don't know why it does that.

IPad does work with the site; I wish FF would make their own app so we don't have to use the browser.

12/11/2013 #8

Apple products aren't known for their practicality, that's why I stay as far away from them as I can. I just use a third party office app on my phone and upload documents like I would from my PC.

As for images not appearing, I think that has to do with FFN itself, as my image took three days to appear properly, even though I had uploaded it from my PC.

12/11/2013 #9

How do you upload images to an iPad for fanfiction I'm completely lost on this subject!?!?!?!?!?!

10/8/2014 #10

Can your Ipad do screenshots, Or save a image file from the internet? If so. these files should end up in your picture folder on Ipad. Allowing you to use them on image manager. See if any of this works.

10/8/2014 #11

I'm unclear exactly what problem you're having and what you're trying to do - I do a lot of my uploading and editing from my iPad and I've not had an issue, so might be able to help if I have more detail. I haven't had any problems so I'm having trouble guessing what problem you're having!

10/8/2014 #12

Im just very confused of how to upload images on my fanfiction, and I'm not sure if I can upload images from my iPad, because I use my iPad for all my fanfiction writing, updating chapters, replying to PM's, etc. but I don't get how to upload a picture onto fanfiction using your iPad.

10/8/2014 #13

In the normal browser there's a button to search your computer for image files (click profile - image manager - manage (upload)). Do you not have that?

10/8/2014 #14

Go to image manager, then manage (upload), then choose file. It's very similar to how you'd do it from any other computer.

Unless you are trying to put an image into the text of your fanfic? I don't think that fanfiction.net allows that, which might explain why you can do it!

Besides that I'm confused: it seems pretty self explanatory so I'm kind of lost how to help!

10/9/2014 #15

What I'm confused about is how to upload them when I go to choose file it won't allow me to put any pictures

10/9/2014 #16

If you had pictures saved on/taken with/edited by your iPad, they should come up when you click on choose. To be honest I don't know if I can help beyond that: if you have pictures saved to your iPad then you should have that option. Are you sure you have pictures on your iPad? I mean saved to your iPad?

10/10/2014 #17

I'm positive I have pictures on my iPad over 100 actually, which Is kind of embaressing

10/10/2014 #18

Hmmm that's weird. On my iPad if I click choose file it just brings up my photograph albums. I really can't figure out what your issue is - sorry :-/

10/12/2014 #19

It's ok, really, thanks anyway :)

10/12/2014 #20

Ironically I've found in the last few days I can't upload pictures either - it selects them just fine but they won't upload for love nor money *headdesk*

Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch...

10/15/2014 #21
Fiction lover250

My problem is that I can't choose the 'choose file' stuff, it won't let me

11/9/2014 #22

That's what my problem was I figured out how to do it on my phone but I still don't know why it won't let me do it on my iPad

11/9/2014 #23
Lilly flower forever

Is this still going?

I am having problems too! It is annoying. I tried on my phone but I couldn't assess the account setting if you know what I mean.

My computer isn't working so I have to use my iPad and it doesn't let me upload pictures on the image manager.

I agree. They should make an app. It would make life so much easier! Especially if it doesn't require Internet access. :P

1/18/2015 #24

I know I'm WAY late, but I figured it out.

1: Download the "Google chrome" app from the App Store.

2: Then, go to FanFiction.net through the app.

3: Upload you're image from the image manager and you're done!

Hope I helped!

6/8/2015 #25
Unique Snowflake Jsky25

I have no problems doing fanfiction on iPad. I'm actually happy I got great advice from others on how to do so!

7/3/2015 #26
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