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April Dawn Irene
I mean to ask if you have any offline friends or family that write too. My middle sister (I'm the youngest) and my eldest nephew also write. In fact my morning has been spent helping my nephew develop an idea he has for a story. I also have two close friends who also write.
9/23/2012 #1
Aspiring Hobby

Yup, I am the only one. No one that I know of in my circle writes. 8(

9/23/2012 #2
One B.A. Human

I'm the same as you Alice. Nobody hit me up to this site; I just found it. I haven't really thought about spreading it either, although it's a great site. And I don't know of anybody else who uses it.

9/23/2012 #3
Sara Mackken

Im probably the only one who reads books..l

9/23/2012 #4

LOL!! Sara, I'm in the same boat! I don't think anyone in my immediate circle reads or writes either. My former Sister-in-law used to write a little but not like myself and she has stopped due to health reasons but she does try to read my work. I've even printed some out (THICK notebooks worth) so that she can read when she doesn't have the net.

9/23/2012 #5
Hamfast Gamgee

I think I am too. People seem to think that peculiar. Especially at work or on the pub!

9/23/2012 #6

One of my friends tried writing a Twilight AU. I would have never spoken to him again, but for the fact that he's nearly as scatterbrained as me and soon moved on...

To My Little Pony. *headdesk*

9/23/2012 #7
Lux Hart

Two of my other friends are interested in writing - that I know of. There could be other closeted writers, I'm not sure. Two of us write fanfiction.

9/23/2012 #8

My family has many writers, but we're at different levels, with different goals, etc. so we're effectively all isolated. I write fantasy, sci.fi, and fanfic, but I try to be 'serious'. The other fficer in my family is a starting writer, so we really don't appreciate the effort put into one another's works. The last member of my family who writes writes "autobiographical fiction", so that's only one story, and she's not exactly eager to share it with the rest of us, so ...

we all end up pursuing this as a very solitary avocation.

9/23/2012 #9
The Lauderdale
To My Little Pony. *headdesk*

I haven't actually seen MLP, but I've heard that it's a pretty respectable little fandom.

9/23/2012 #10
deadly maelstrom

I'm a senior in high school and my group usually does have writers in it. One is looking for a serious career and three as a hobby(myself being one). Also, the only thing I know about MLP is that Rainbow Dash could beat Starscream(Transformers) in a fight then eat his spark.

9/23/2012 #11
The Lauderdale
beat Starscream(Transformers) in a fight then eat his spark.

...that has sexual implications in some corners of fandom.

9/23/2012 #12
deadly maelstrom

I mean that literally. Search Rainbow Dash vs Starscream on Youtube.

9/23/2012 #13

Most of my friends are bookworms, but I am the only writer.

9/23/2012 #14


I make my friends write by blackmailing them.

Too bad they write badly and/or write too slowly and/or don't give in to the blackmail. D:

9/23/2012 #15

I am the only person in my group of friends that writes, although I do know some acquaintances that do some writing as well. I've been trying to get the people I know to actually read my stuff, but most of my friends and relatives relegate me to that "crazy person " status. One of my closer friends actually asked me if my story is in a web comic form. When I said no, he said he wasn't interested in reading my stuff heh.

9/24/2012 #16

I've friends who write original fiction, and some who do fanfiction... But we don't always mesh on the fandoms.

9/24/2012 #17

Tiringly enough, I find myself sharing the "writer" status with another, year-younger acquaintance of mine. She's nice and all, but her writing is extremely lacking grammar-wise, is filled with Mary Sues and self-inserts, and worst of all she has a complete aversion to my desperate attempts to improve it. It makes me feel like the over-harsh critic every time I try to explain where it needs improvement, but I feel obligated to continue helping her with her writing; and every time she tuts, explains to me that I don't understand her work, and writes some more. So I try to help her some more. It's a vicious circle.

9/24/2012 #18
Sara Mackken
Don't give up! I used to be that girl. *Shudders*
9/24/2012 #19

*sighs* As did I; in fact, my writing style used to be exactly like hers four years ago. It's part of the reason I keep offering to beta for her; she has a fair amount of nice ideas, hidden under her "Let's make me and mai best friend the two main characters and OMG they have a evil stepbrother" style.

9/24/2012 #20
Sara Mackken
Haha, I was the more the girl who was like " A girl who looks suspiciously like me only supermodel gorgeous is rich and famous and has the hottest boyfriend and designer clothes and the only problems she ever has is with jealous girls what 5 star restaurant to go on a date at or where she parked her Ferrari." Sheesh... These are the things that I look at when I'm feeling bad about my current writings...
9/24/2012 #21

Currently, yes, I am the only writer in my immediate social circle however one of my best friends is an editor (though I am not sure that counts), and one publishes comics. When I was attending school, many of my friends wrote but then "real" life got in the way, careers, children, etc and now I think I am the only one that writes regularly.

9/29/2012 #22
April Dawn Irene

Thaumarian, I think that many writers, who start young, wind up with that sort of behavior at first. If you really pay attention, it's the younger crowd who do the self-inserts for the most part.

Even I went through that phase even though it is quite embarrassing to think that.

9/29/2012 #23
That Way

Interesting question. I was an English creative Writing major in college so I naturally have a lot of 'friends' who are 'writers' to one extent or another. I don't see many of them all that often these days though and I'm not even sure how many of them have kept up with it since graduation.

As far as my more-typical group of friends, most of them write in some capacity. Heck, my closest group of friends were the ones who really got me to take my writing more seriously as we started a writing magazine together back in high school. I might be the only one who went into a writing field as a career, but quite a few still write essays or memoires or reviews or even short stories as a hobby.

It's kind of funny as they now see me as some sort of expert and always want to show me their stuff to get a 'writer's' opinion on it. But it balances it out since I know they in turn are genuinely interested in reading my own material. I'm just a lot more secretive than they are ;)

9/29/2012 #24
Corinne Tate

I think I'm the only writer in my social circle. I don't know, because I've only told one friend. I can take criticism, but I don't think I could take it from someone who knows me. Everyone I've let read my stuff, has remained silent on what they think of my writing, so I'm keeping this part of my life to myself until I publish something that can pay for lunch.

9/29/2012 #25

AFAIK I'm the only one. However, my wife knows someone who was a journalist (a reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, actually).

Given how most people are saying this, I guess it means that people with interest in writing are only a small proportion of the population.

Just as well. I think there's enough reading material to wade through as there is. But it does make me feel kind of lonely at times...

9/30/2012 #26

Sad to say I cant think of anyone friend or family that writes. It would have been great over these last few years of attempting short stories to have some one to refer my work to but sadly its not been the case.

At least there's fanficton.net :)

9/30/2012 #27

I wonder if anyone here shows their work to their friends/family and whether you are more apprehensive to show it to fellow writers in your circle or non-writers.

Most of my friends now are non-writers and I've only shown my fanfic work to a select few who I thought would enjoy it. When I was in college pretty much everyone I knew had interest in writing for some sort of medium. That was mostly because the college I attended was pretty much specialized to mass communication (TV/Film/Radio/Advertising/Creative Writing). Back then most of what I wrote was shared, either in classes or between friends for the bouncing of ideas, advice, etc.

Now, I mainly keep my writing to myself and online under a screen name (though maybe not for long as I am almost finished with an original work I hope to publish).

9/30/2012 #28
Aspiring Hobby
I wonder if anyone here shows their work to their friends/family and whether you are more apprehensive to show it to fellow writers in your circle or non-writers.

Well I for one don't. All of my friends and family do know that I write but none are interested in reading. They all just steer clear of me whenever I bring up the topic as such. My work is just limited to me and none other. Sometimes it is good for I am just afraid to show them to my friends but sometimes it just feels lonely. Well anyway I wonder if that is the case with everyone else as well...

9/30/2012 #29
That Way

I wonder if anyone here shows their work to their friends/family and whether you are more apprehensive to show it to fellow writers in your circle or non-writers.

I am more willing to show it to fellow writers. That way I know, even if them looking at it is merely a favor, it's one I can easily repay by looking at something of theirs in-return.

For nonwriters, I am incredibly hesitant to show my stuff. Many of those friends and family haven't read anything I've written in 7 years. They know I'm a writer and they still call me 'good' based on stuff I wrote at 15. So while it's nice to hear them tell me "your writing is wonderful" it unfortunately doesn't mean very much as the stuff I was writing seven years ago was garbage imo. The only time they read something of mine these days is when it's published, and usually they're more excited that it's actually in print than about anything to do with the actual story.

9/30/2012 #30
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