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I am new to this site, and just published my first fanfic for The Hunger Games. There has been a guest review notified to me by email:

From: scientology (Guest) ------------------- scientology:You stolre this you plagiarizing theif! this is from my sister's fictionpres. you changed the names of the characters and a few details about the setting but you stole the entire plot and dialogue from my sister!1! are you on drugs? The dystopia will be real in the future because of plagiarizing theves like you! Bad!

I am sure I did not plagiarise, I wrote the story 1st hand. I'm scared this review will appear on my actual story. How

do I delete/remove this spam review?


10/8/2012 #1

Yes, you can just delete it. If you go to your account pages on the site, hopefully it will be obvious how to do so before it appears at all (I don't use that setting, so I don't know exactly how you do it, but hopefully someone else will be along to explain it to you shortly).

10/8/2012 #2

Um, where? Sorry, I have no idea. :P

10/8/2012 #3

On your home page for the site, go to the review button on the left side of the page. Click it and then the button that says Moderate Reviews. From there it will be pretty clear since it will show in a window with the option to approve of the review or disapprove. Just disapprove.

10/8/2012 #4

Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to writing more on this site!

10/9/2012 #5

Click your user name at top right to get to your management area then click Reviews on the left.

Tip: Never respond verbally to obvious and extreme abuse, eg, in author's notes, profile, etc. They are just trolling (fishing) for your reactions. They are like Dementors, feeding on other people's negative feelings. Feed them and they grow stronger. How sad is that? Ignore them except for blocking, deleting, reporting, etc.

10/9/2012 #6

i did remove it from the remove review area in my account but how come it still shows it still there?

5/2/2014 #7

I'm curious to know this too, seeing that not even a hour after I updated some chapters to my story, I got hit with 3 spam reviews. Deleted them, but still see them in the reviews section. Any input on this, folks?

11/16/2014 #8

There's a lag for everything you do on the site. Give it a few hours after you delete them.

11/16/2014 #9

If it matters to you for them never to show at all, just set your account to "moderate reviews". Then you have three days to delete guest reviews before anyone else sees them.

11/17/2014 #10
Then you have three days to delete guest reviews before anyone else sees them.

A couple of us recently discovered that it's 36 hours now. We all thought it was 3 days too.

11/17/2014 #11
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