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Okay, so I'm a huge a** fan of the Tales Of series (Might even consider emulators and such to play the playstation games) and I'm plotting up my own story which will be named "Tales Of Betrayal" either that or "Tales Of Yin and Yang" or maybe just "Tales of Balance"

the centerpoint of the story is just a simple re-telling of the classic story The Prince and The Pauper, however there are quite a few Tales Of curveballs thrown in. (I'm open for ideas on sub plots as most Tales Of games are heavily plot focused/driven.) One of which the "prince" character and the "pauper" character are actually blood relatives. Something not often depicted in that particular story troupe.

My problem though, is I'm not sure whether to count it as fanfiction or original fiction. Because even though it's all original characters, the core of the story is basically fanfiction of one series of stories that happens in a totally different series of stories.

1/11/2013 #1

This sounds more like it would be original fiction "inspired by" the series--or I could say equally, by The Prince and the Pauper.

When you say "there are quite a few Tales Of curveballs thrown in"...would a casual fan of the series, if they came upon the work you're creating in a context where you didn't draw attention to it as inspired by Tales Of, immediately be likely to say, "Oh, hey, this is totally like 'Tales Of'" and identify it as intended either to mesh into that series, or at least look like a new installment of of it? Unless there's something really distinctive and characteristic of the series built into it, beyond just "Tales Of" in the title, I'd hesitate to call it fan fiction as such.

1/11/2013 #2

That's a hard line to choose between.

How AU is it?

1/11/2013 #3

Roughly a Third of the story is just a re-telling of The Prince And The Pauper, while the other two thirds unfold in typical "tales of" manor. Casual fans might recognize the pattern of the story arcs and be "hey, this seems familiar" and hard core fans would be more "Oh yeah, this is a "Tales Of" all right :3 "

Generally there are around eight or nine characters, and four bad characters.

Generally the villains seem evil in their purpose but turn out to be good people underneath all that mess.

There are strong references to the other games in the series, particularly the characters which are based on various characters from the games. For instance the Prince character is strongly based on Natalia from Tales of Abyss.

The remainder of the story is heavily driven by sub-plots that focus on individual characters, a common thing in the Tales of series.

In a sense, it's an Addition to the "Tales Of" universe rather than fanfiction of a particular game. I actually hope it gets made into a game someday, cause it's been a while since we've had a "new" Tales Of game. Each game takes place in it's own world unless spesifically mentioned in the title. Like Tales of Symphonia 2 for example is a sequel to Tales of Symphonia and continues on from that story/world.

1/11/2013 #4

Well then stick it in the fanfiction section then. Make a back up copy somewhere in case they remove it. If they remove it, put it in the fiction section instead.

1/11/2013 #5

With that added, I'd agree. It might be at the "light" end of fan fiction, in terms of not referencing anything more than the series' pattern, but if you've got enough for fans who know it to recognize the inspiration, it would still seem to be in range for fanfic.

1/11/2013 #6

Maybe write some author notes, explaining succinctly your decisions/story, for fans who are not as knowledgeable? Some fandoms are nothing but a universe (think popular MMOs), so I think what you're doing is still good.

1/11/2013 #7

There are references, like common monster names from the games (monsters seem to be the only global thing in TO games and some spells) and there are characters who follow similar behavior patterns.

1/12/2013 #8
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