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Mmm.... Why didn't I see this before. :) I think I might make an effort then and start being more chatty in my A/N at the end of each chapter. It can't do any harm I don't think.

This idea of responding to comments/reviews in the A/N I was put off that idea because the reviewer probably won't see it (he/she's already moved on to the next chapter or gone away.) But if the purpose is not to reply to that person but to stimulate chat and more reviews then I might try that to. I like the idea of public dialog anyway.

Another question about reviews. Do they stimulate more people to read? Are readers more attracted to a story with lots of reviews as some indication of its popularity? Dunno. The actual number doesn't show in the summary but at least it shows there are some reviews. It does show at the top of chapters though but then the reader has already clicked at least the first page. Would them seeing a high reviews number affect whether they stay? I never take any notice of reviews until I'm ready to review myself.

2/13/2012 #301

The actual number doesn't show in the summary but at least it shows there are some reviews.

The actual number is shown in the third line - below the summary, right after chapter count and word count.

I do click on stories with large numbers of reviews, but then large numbers of reviews are very unusual in my fandoms.

2/13/2012 #302

This idea of responding to comments/reviews in the A/N I was put off that idea because the reviewer probably won't see it (he/she's already moved on to the next chapter or gone away.) But if the purpose is not to reply to that person but to stimulate chat and more reviews then I might try that to. I like the idea of public dialog anyway.

I usually put the answer to their question at the top of the next chapter I post so they do see it. But I always also PM the person the answer, I just like to address questions publicly since other people might see the question in the review and be curious of the answer. But it has seemed to spur more questions (some by review and some by pm).

I personally am attracted to stories with lots of reviews, but that's mainly because I want to see what they did that was so deserving of 200 comments (although I usually don't see anything spectacular, but that's another issue). I think it does sort of invoke curiosity. It's kind of like being on the NY Times Best Seller List. People see that it's a popular story, so they figure it must have something good in it.

And like the other response said, it does have the exact number of reviews in the summary. It's in the light grey line under the summary. This is from one of your stories, I highlighted the number of reviews so you can see where it is:

Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 30 - Words: 176,268 - Reviews: 18 - Updated: 2-8-12 - Published: 8-27-11 - Harry P.

2/13/2012 #303

Mmm.. I don't think I've noticed that before - though as I say, I don't really look for review numbers until I've at least read the first chapter.

So, it does then seem likely that some proportion of readers do look at numbers of reviews while looking for something to read. Not something I want to do because reviews are not generally proportional to quality but to networking, getting known as an author, sneakily chatting in author's notes and so on. hehe. Well, if you can't beat 'em then join 'em I say. I think I'll also finally put something on my profile - probably about the stories because I'm not particularly interesting. I don't want to bore people away.

2/13/2012 #304

Hello everyone I am new to this site ( just joined and I hope to become a good author.. .if this is the wrong forum forgive me.

My first story will be harry potter/lord of the rings main character harry... I read lots of the crossover I will have the chapter uploaded in a month or two.

And if it sucks let me know so I can improve thanks. ( Note sry for advertising my story if this is the wrong forum.)

2/13/2012 #305
I'll read it when it comes out. Come back and remind us when u publish it.
2/13/2012 #306

Hey, this is my first actual full length story I've posted on this site. I only joined a week or so ago so I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate properly. If you're into Star Wars The Clone Wars and you're interested in a read, I would really love some feedback on my writing style and plot so I can improve.

To Win a Lightsaber



Info: General Grievous and Jedi knight, Sahree, crash land on the frozen planet of Hoosthregard. They must struggle through the treacherous land to reach civilization. That is, if they don't kill each other first.

It's approximately 10,000 words, probably less if you don't read my notes on the bottom of each chapter.

2/14/2012 #307
Blackcurrant Bonbons

Title: Mortal Coil

Fandom: Sherlock

Rating: T


Help!: I was really proud of this work, but the small number of reviews has really knocked my confidence, so I'd love some feedback about plot/writing style/structure etc please! Thank you! :D

2/15/2012 #308

I've recently published my new novel, which is available on just about any ereader, and the paperback version is found on Amazon.com. Here's the information you requested:

Title: Storytale

Link: https://sites.google.com/site/poeticauthorkevinjackson/storytale

Fandom: Harry Potter, Superman

Rating: PG

Summary: I've created this novel using poetic devices. So, in addition to a very descriptive setting of a world never introduced to us before, a couple of my characters speak in iambic pentameter. This is a skill I learned in my sonnet writing, and I've never seen it implemented in a novel this way. For the plot, a young man from the mass, Dymetrice, escapes the potential scrutiny of a rapacious king. He finds safety in Pithlyn's Queen Bidellia. Makail, the man from Dymetrice, has supernatural powers inherited from his parents. The queen throws Makail in her castle's confinary (prison), and it is up to Makail to make another escape and save Pithlyn and Queen Bidellia from a Dymetrice attack.

Help: This is the first novel I've actually published, and I'm interested to know your thoughts on it. Do the story become flat at points? Did you want to continue reading or throw it away at any point? Any feedback, positive or negative, will be very appreciated!

Thank you.

Kevin Jackson

2/20/2012 #309

Title: Common Worlds Link:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7799218/1/Common_Worlds

Fandom: MAR + Yu Yu Hakusho

Rating: T

Summary: A psychic opens a rift to the other world, but it brings danger to both.

Help: Anything :D

2/21/2012 #310

Title: Halo: Project T.O.Z.O.A.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7858514/1/Halo_Project_TOZOA

Fandom: Halo

Rating: M (lots of cursing)

Summery: The year is 2552, a force greater then we could ever know has found its way to our doorstep, The covenant, the most lethal force in the entire galaxy has found earth and they are here to glass our world and kill us all. humanity is fighting on its last leg to stop these monsters, but they may be too strong, it may be up to a few loyal humans to stop them, or maybe a traitor from the covenant will join the fight against its own kind... yet again this fight is long from over...

Help: I know I'm not the best at Grammar and sentence structure but I'm more worried about the canon aspects I do not want my story to overlap with the actual Halo Timeline.

2/21/2012 #311
Hope the Ghost Writer

Nobody's really reading my Sonic fanfic, so I'm curious as to why. I mean, it's eighteen chapters later, and I've only gotten about 300 total views, and all of the reviews are from the same person.

Title: An Instrument of Destruction

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7763501/1/An_Instrument_of_Destruction

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

Rating: T (for language and some violence)

Summary: Voca the chinchilla comes to Station Square for a more interesting life than the one she lived in her small hometown. After finding an ancient artifact on Emerald Coast, she's thrown into an adventure that stretches across several time periods. The time-space continuum is fragile, though, and one mistake could bring about disaster spanning across generations. What's even worse is that there's a futuristic overlord residing in the future who will stop at nothing to control Voca and seal the world's grim future.

Help: I mostly want to know why nobody's reading it. TT_TT My Pokemon fanfic's plot didn't even have a complex plot--hell, it was pretty predictable, too--and it's nearing 20k views. (It's been done for two months, and it's attracted about 1000 views this month alone.) The worst part is that stories with bad grammar seem to be doing better than my story. -_-;

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #312
Author: Rini6 Title: Because it's the World Link/URL: www.fanfiction.net/s/7817091/1/Because_Its_the_World Rating: K+ Category: Once Upon a Time in Mexico Genre: romance/comedy Summary: Typical Sandsian fare. I'm a first time writer. Please correct the Spanish! Lead/main character: Sands, me Pairings: see above :) Complete/Incomplete: ?..still writing: Four chapters so farFeb 11th, Zero fiction writing experience. I am planning on an actual plat as the story goes on but would like constructive criticism. I know it needs work. I also understand that nor everyone wants to read OUATIM any more. Still... If anyone has time to take a gander. :)
2/22/2012 #313
Author: Rini6 Title: Comic Sands Link/URL: www.fanfiction.net/s/7817091/1/Because_Its_the_World Rating: K+ Category: Once Upon a Time in Mexico Genre: comedy/poetry Summary: Sands is such a ham :) Complete/Incomplete: finito Zero fiction writing experience. I thought the piece was funny. But that's me. I may be a teensy weensy bit biased.
2/22/2012 #314
Author: Rini6 Title: Comic Sands Link/URL: FanFiction.Net Genre: comedy/poetry Summary: Sands is such a ham :) Complete/Incomplete: finito Zero fiction writing experience. I thought the piece was funny. But that's me. I may be a teensy weensy bit biased.
2/22/2012 #315

rini6: You should read the forum rules in the Welcome thread pinned to the top of the forum. Double posting is not allowed on this forum. You can add the extra stories to the same thread by clicking the gear box in the corner of the post and clicking edit.

Just wanted to let you know!

2/22/2012 #316

The double post was an error.

2/22/2012 #317
Regina Hark

I would like a critique or a constructive review on my revised story Puella Serio Ribbon Signet. It's two chapter long and I would like some input on how I handled the chapter and if there is anything I should improve on. I'm asking because I've gotten a lack of reaction from my reviews and I'm unsure of my writing.


2/22/2012 #318

Title: Right Place, Wrong Time.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7624299/1/Right_Place_Wrong_Time

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: K

Summary: Dean Winchester goes to sleep in 2011 an wakes up in 1989 with a freaked out 6 year old Sammy to contend with.

Help: This is the fisrt time I've really attempted anything that isn't just a bit of drabble, so I'd just like some advice and constructive criticism to help me with anything I need to improve. Thanks :D

2/23/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #319

Still looking for reviews...

2/23/2012 #320

Title: Birthright

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7467323/1/Birthright

Fandom: My Little Pony

Rating: M (But please note, it's not gore, neither it's sexual, M rating is there for other reasons)

Summary: Since the earliest days, ponies have foolishly believed that the natural order would never change. That there would always be magic for them to use. That the princesses would rule the Equestria for all the eternity. They were wrong.

Help: It'd be more than happy if someone would see if there are any things wrong with my writing style. Judging by the fact the story didn't receive that many reviews indicates that there are some problems with my story, problems that I'll be more than happy to fix. So, pretty please, constructive criticism and any other help welcome! :)

2/23/2012 #321

Title: Naruto-Hunters

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5960764/1/Naruto_Hunters

Fandom: Naruto

Rating: T

Summary: The fourth hokage has just died, but the hunter's story is just beginning. Tora Uchiha leads his band of missing shinobi to acomplish what seems impossible; total control of the shinobi world.

Help: I'd love it if someone would help me see where the errors in my style are.

2/27/2012 #322

I like it and i don't see much wrong. Maybe add foot notes to "talk to" the readers? I'm not sure but still, could possibly help (in other words do what you feel comfortable with doing).

Title: Bleach: Ladon's Regret

(Title might change)


Fandom: Bleach, Zenonia

Rating: T

Summary: Regret never sought out anything before, but he now believes the reason why he is still alive is for revenge. He travels and travels until he stops at Kurakara Town where he meets new allies and enemies. he might even see a face which he dreaded for years. This is my master's story.

Help: Advice on what I can do to make this better.

2/27/2012 #323
Lung Tien Lien

Title: The Eventide of Heaven and Earth

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7865818/1/The_Eventide_of_Heaven_and_Earth

Fandom: Naruto

Rating: T

Summary: Essentially a sequel to Naruto: Shippuden, in which three heroes are chosen to save the world from the very evil that led to the creation of the tailed beasts and the division between the Uchiha and the Senju clans. However, there is more to this fight than simply good attempting to triumph over evil. Can Man ever truly choose his destiny, as he claims? And what, exactly, does it mean to be human?

Help: Really, I would like someone, anyone, to give me some constructive criticism/advice throughout this story. I haven't gotten any reviews yet, and I wonder if it's because of my writing style or something I put up front - it's happened before, so I want to be certain of the problem and make any changes that need to be made. Anyone willing to take some time to help out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

2/28/2012 #324
ryan eden21

Title : Negima : A New student.

Fandom: Negima

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7878772/1/Negima_A_New_Studen

Summary: As Negi and his friends get ready for a trip to Kyoto. A new student transfers in.

Rating: T

Help: I would really like it if someone read it and tell me how I'm doing so far. (And just a note my OC's personality isn't fully developed yet in these first 4 chapters. )

2/29/2012 #325
Sassmaster Omega 620

Title: Renewing Purposes (title of your story)

Link: See Above (link to your story)

Fandom: Percy Jackson & the Olympians (e.g. Naruto, Harry Potter)

Rating:K+ (some people don't read M ratings, so warning is nice)

Summary: Just the Gods contemplating their purposes in life. Set after the Son of Neptune, each chapter is a different god or godess. Lastest chapter: The Green Godess/Demeter. (summary of your story)

Help: I just want some one to tell me how I'm doing and what needs to be fixed such as OOCness, Spacing, grammer, spelling, and of that sort. Really I just need some constructive critismism. Please read all four chapters, Thank you so much! (what you want help with, which bits you're unsure of, why you want constructive criticism, etc.)

2/29/2012 #326

Hi, i am new to this so looking for some help please. I have posted 2 stories, one of them is complete, the other is not, and I am not get any reviews. How do I know if people like my stories? Do you have to request reviews? Or does it simply mean I should give up? I am really keen to write, but if no-one likes my writing there doesn't seem much point. I want to improve but I don't know where I am going wrong

My stories are both based on Twilight anb can be found here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7861368/1/The_alternative_second_life_of_Bree_Tanner this is the completed story

and the second one is here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7879824/1/Discovering_Immortality

Can someone tell me what I need to do to promote these stories to the right people so I get some reviews.

Many thanks

2/29/2012 #327

It takes time. There are various factors that affect the number of reviews. Read through this thread for suggestions. Also remember, sign in and look at the traffic option to see how many are reading even if they don't post a comment or a review.

2/29/2012 #328

Ok, thanks. Yes, I have read through the forum, and it does appear to be a little bit random who gets reviews and who doesn't. I was just a bit disconcerted as most of the stoires that were posted around the same time as mine, and even some that have been posted since, seem to have several reviews already. Well, not really reviews, just a load of people asking for more.

I'll be patient then. The stats are encouraging at least! I don't really want to start talking to my readers at the end of each chapter as some writers do - I personally find this a bit off-putting.

Thanks anyway.

3/1/2012 #329

You'll probably find those that posted about the same time as you already have a following. My stats were terrible when I started and reviews were about zero. Now after several months I have six stories up and... my stats are still terrible! Haha! No, seriously they are gradually improving and I can see my first story was not well written anyway. Also you notice when I add a chapter to my main story that it draws people to look at the others - all the stats for all the stories go up slightly when I add a chapter to just my current story. I estimated the other day I'm only getting about one comment/review for every 120 hits so don't expect too many comments.

Regarding author's notes at the end - I was inhibited at first but I introduced them gradually. You don't necessarily need to be chatty. First I put a standard 'thanks for any comments/reviews they are most welcome and very encouraging' then I added things about the chapter like parts that were difficult to write or sections I enjoy reading myself. Then things like 'next chapter is half-written but it's a long one so it may be a week or two. Latest one I reported a couple of minor canon errors I made in earlier chapters. Now I'm starting to respond to special points raised in reviews in the A/N so they are public. Always keep it polite though. ;)

3/1/2012 #330
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