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Independent Dude

Latest update on the front page - anybody figured it out yet? What's it mean?

10/13/2013 #1

It means that people are waaay too into their own head-canon.

10/13/2013 #2
Drowned Hopes

Unless I'm mistaken, it means that we will now stories will be categorized by which characters are paired (if any) instead of just which characters are present.

So, before, an author would be able to mark that their fic was about Alice and Bob; now they can mark that their fic is about Alice and Bob as a pairing -- or, alternatively, not mark it as a pairing. Or if someone writers a fanfic about Alice, Bob, and Casper, they'll be able to mark that the fic is about Bob and Casper in a relationship and Alice is just a random third character.

[This is just my guess.]

10/13/2013 #3
perhAps it is about netorare. the true pairing is netorare based.
10/14/2013 #4

Ignoring Rantaid's apparent netorare fetish . . .

I'm a little embarrassed, but when the OP first mentioned it, I thought that it was sort of lingo used to refer to someone's head-canon pairing as the only 'legitimate' pairing. I was waay off the mark. After checking FFN's blog, I realize now that the character search feature was never meant to be an indicator of pairings, but simply a way to search for one's favorite characters. Because this feature originally allowed for only two characters, it's been commonly mistaken as a pairing-search feature. This is where the "true pairing" feature comes into play.

10/14/2013 #5

It's a complete mess.

Not because it's being offered as an option for new stories, but because when part 2 of the update goes live, all existing stories with two listed characters will be assumed to be a story pairing those two characters. You can't turn it off for that story until part 2 is live.

Which leaves me in the delightful position of knowing that, when the site makes part 2 live, I'll have a Kplus rated story which the site considers to be father-son i***.


10/14/2013 #6
Kaizen Kitty

Cool! I like this new feature. Thanks for the heads up ;-)

Oh, sorry cathrl...that really does sound bad. We won't have any control over it at all? Surely, the feature should not work for non-romance stories.

EDIT: This is so STUPID!

I have a love story that's OCxDeidara and OCxItachi...but when I add in the characters...in the RIGHT order and use Pairing Mode, the system automatically shifts to alphabetic order:


(facepalmsss))) my story is NOT a yaoi...the OC is female!

EDIT 2: ...It does work. First you have to save the pairing, and THEN add another character.

10/14/2013 . Edited 10/14/2013 #7

I don't understand this pairing filter at all. When I look through my "manage story" tab, I can see that I can turn a pairing button on or off. But how would you search (or not search) for a certain pairing then? There's no clear way to do it on the filter in the archives. If I put two characters in, I get both pairing and non-pairing stories. Seems like you could just filter for "romance" or tell it not to show romance results, and it's exactly the same as it was. I am so lost.

10/14/2013 #8
Kaizen Kitty

@ M.Giry:

The search option will only be introduced in Pairing Mode Two, we'll have to wait on that...

10/14/2013 #9
We won't have any control over it at all?

As I understand it, we will have control in the future - but the default for older stories with two characters will be that it is turned on, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that turning-on happening when part 2 goes live. Except remove the characters, I suppose...but for goodness sake, site admin, the default for a Kplus action-adventure story should not be "this is a shipfic".

10/14/2013 #10
Kaizen Kitty

That sounds disturbing. It's not like we can/want to reupload old stories...

10/14/2013 #11
Drowned Hopes
but for goodness sake, site admin, the default for a Kplus action-adventure story should not be "this is a shipfic".

That's a good point. They should have made it so the "default to shipping for stories with only two characters marked" thing happens only to stories listed as romance.

10/14/2013 #12
I'm confused. Okay, so when part 2 goes live I'll now have a bunch of innocent K-rated one shots listed by the site as in*cest. But I can just go in and manually turn the pairing option off again... Right?? It's still ludicrous when you consider the hundreds/thousands of fics now listed as smut from authors who don't use this site anymore, but those authors who are still around should surely be able to toggle the filter off their own past works...
10/14/2013 #13

I noticed on the thread about the new copy protection feature that Kaizen Kitty still can copy in IE. The browser seems to matter, as I'm using Firefox and can't get the pairing feature to work the way I want it at all (it keeps mixing up the wrong characters, no matter what order I try adding them in). It works in Safari though.

Edhla, as far as I understand that's it - the "true pairing" will kick in automatically with the update, but you can then turn it off as soon as you log on again. Which of course is no help for those who aren't active.

10/14/2013 . Edited 10/14/2013 #14
Corinne Tate

Did they have to call it "true pairing?" Now that should get some fans up in arms over anyone messing with their OTP. It's a good thing I'm not really writing fan fiction anymore, or I'd write triangles. Better yet, I'd find the oddest characters and ship them. Snape and Nearly Headless Nick? It occurs to me that I'm operating a computer with a serious sleep deficiency -- this stuff shouldn't be so funny to me.

10/14/2013 #15

Contemplating writing...not a triangle, but basically looking at getting both my fandom's competing OTPs some air time--er, page time? Implicit time in bed together?--but not actually going for an OT3, because it amuses me more to have the two guys look at each other and go, in unison, "No way!"--I have no idea how I'd use this one.

/ amused

I think I'll refrain from even attempting it, as neither ship is officially canon.

10/16/2013 #16
Snape and Nearly Headless Nick?

Snape and Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat.

Let it be known, that I never claimed to be the epitome of maturity.

10/16/2013 #17

It seems as if the automatic pairing feature actually wasn't implemented in the end. The blog doesn't make it explicit, but the next update has gone ahead and all characters seem to have defaulted to no pairing. Common sense clearly prevailed in the end...

10/18/2013 #18

I think a pairing feature would have actually been a good thing for those of us who are romance readers. I'm not one of those rabid people who read one ship and foam at the mouth at everything else, but it would be nice to be able to search for stuff that no one seems to be doing. What would be bad, is if non-romance stories were to be forced into listing non-existant pairings, or something like that.

10/18/2013 #19

Sorry, my post was as clear as mud...

As far as I can tell the 'true pairing' feature is live but not yet searchable. However, FFN didn't go for the nuclear option of converting all existing two-character fics to pairings when implementing it. Instead they seem to have opted to leave characters as they were, leaving the choice of pairing them up or not to the writer.

10/18/2013 #20

Oh . . . thank the gods.

10/18/2013 #21

It's settled now but pairings are shown in square brackets. Why oh why does FFN have to be different to the established method of using a slash? I mean, triples can still be linked with a slash. Oh well, at least it seems to work - though I've not checked Search yet.

10/18/2013 #22

The profile and story properties summary views are wrong. They only show the first character from each pairing even if they are not dominant. For example, if you have a story about a Harry and Ginny romance which includes brief mentions of Ron/Hermione then obviously the dominant characters are Harry and Ginny. The story is about them. Yet the summaries show Harry and Ron!

10/18/2013 #23

I noticed this when I started getting reviews about how I would have to kill off Draco in the fic I had tagged with him as part of the 'true pairing'... As before trying to fix it in Firefox didn't work, but after deleting all the characters and starting again I got it the way I wanted it in Safari.

Now, I only hope the Ron-shippers who started reading before I could change this won't hunt me down after reading a 100k plus words about a pairing they don't like. They're all anonymous reviews too, so there's nothing much I can do!

10/19/2013 #24

My pairings are showing up correctly, but I've noticed a whopping drop in reviews - between 55 and 90% for this month. Guess I'll be taking it off again...

10/19/2013 #25

The drop in monthly stats must be a separate issue because the pairing has only just happened a few hours ago.

I had a 50% drop on the overall story when I uploaded last week and a 66% drop a few weeks ago. However, the odd thing is that the actual chapter that was uploaded is about normal hits for a chapter. So that suggests the drop was caused by readers not going via the first chapter (which counts as a separate hit.) But that makes no sense at all. I think it's FFN messing with the way stats are processed.

10/19/2013 #26
Debrah Clachair

In the multi-chapter fic I'm keeping up, the second-to-last chapter I posted had an extremely low response -- then I found out a few days later I'd posted on the day FFN was changing systems (their blog had complaints from people not being able to fave/follow). Over time response to that chapter rose to the level of previous chapters. Then the chapter I posted last Wednesday had twice the interest of any I'd posted before (woo-hoo). Another multi-chapter fic I'd completed in May had an enormous jump in hits (basically 4x any individual posting had reached before) nearly every day of the first week it was marked "complete" which dropped to a not unflattering level that continued all the way up to last week when it bottomed out.

So... I think FFN actually fiddling with their system on the day you post is going to have an effect, but I think one's own effort is still the key factor. An update will get a response which will drop away until the next update, and completing a fic brings in new readership and will continue to bring in the casual FFN user looking for completed fics until they too have chosen to read or not read the story.

10/19/2013 . Edited 10/19/2013 #27

Those are good points. I was a little alarmed to see one fic have 11 hits yesterday (the first day of the True Pairing implementation) when on no day in the past two months has it ever fallen under 27, and reached over 90 three times...

10/19/2013 . Edited 10/19/2013 #28
Debrah Clachair

FFN's new pairing function brings to mind a discussion on this board (don't remember which thread) from a while back. Sometimes one wants to state the pairing upfront, e.g., one's fandom is known to pic fics based on pairing. Sometimes one doesn't, e.g., getting the two characters together is the journey of surprises one wants the reader to experience. FFN's choice to continue providing all characters and allow you to indicate a pairing for any two -- or not -- is a great solution to that dilemma.

Also, it allows one to list two characters that form a fan 'ship fave without readers ASSUMING you're placing them in that ship. For example, the HP story I wrote stars Harry and Snape in their canonical relationship, which I find very interesting. It's nice that readers won't be expecting a NAMBLA relationship. In a Once Upon a Time story, when we were limited to two characters, I listed the lead character of the two separate, intertwining threads and received a couple of PM's asking if I was shipping them.

10/19/2013 . Edited 10/19/2013 #29
Now, I only hope the Ron-shippers who started reading before I could change this won't hunt me down after reading a 100k plus words about a pairing they don't like. They're all anonymous reviews too, so there's nothing much I can do!

I normally only read things with romance as part of the genre. There was this one fic that was tagged for romance, but made no mention of the pairing in the summary. I decided to just go for it and read it blind. It turned out to be one of the best stories that I've read in the fandom, but there was no romance. I didn't feel like hunting the author down, might do so to shower them with praise, but nothing involving knives or guns.

10/19/2013 #30
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