Made Up Mortal Kombat Characters
I'm making a Mortal Kombat Fan Fiction and need your made up MK Kharacters... I mean Characters!
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Here Is The Info I Need: Name: Age: Gender: Species: Element: Country of Origin: What Is Their Job?: What Do They Do At That Job?: Color of Clothes: Personality: Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Allies: Enemies: History: Here Is My Made Up Character (He WILL Be In The fic): Name: Pyro Age: 24 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Demon Element: Fire Country of Origin: Japan What Is Their Job?: Ninja What Do They Do At That Job?: Kill Color of Clothes: Red (Sleaves), Blue (Mask), Yellow (Body Piece), Orange (Pants and Shoes), Boston Red and Chicogo White (Socks!) (Sorry, Couldn't Resist!) Personality: Depends... Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Neutral Allies: Shinnock, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermack, Noob Saibot, Smoke, Sector Enemies: Raiden, Gorro, Cyrax, Johnny Cage, Jax, Sonya Blade, Lui Kang History: At the age of five, he learned how to be a assain. Nothing else known... Now, do your own! [q]Mortal Kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooombaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! - Some Guy Named Earl[/q]
3/28/2007 #1
Prince Doopliss
Name: Minx Age: 14 Gender:Male Species:Flower Demon Element: Grass/Poison Country of Origin: Japan What Is Their Job?: Medical school What Do They Do At That Job?:Learn to be a doctor Color of Clothes:Purple(sleaves), Black(Hat), Green(Body Piece), Red(Pants and Air Breathing Sneakers), and Orange(socks) Personality:Shy Good, Evil, or Neutral?:Good Allies: None Enemies:All Bad Guys (Except His Mom) History:Minx Always wanted to be a doctor. But then he Heard his mother was a evil demon and his dad is a good one so he decide to yous his deamons powsers for and not evil and didn't want be neutral.
5/24/2007 . Edited 10/4/2007 #2
Prince Doopliss
I fore got to put good but still is the profifle ok though? [q]"Tea at the bar taste like pee. But tea bought at a store or made taste good evan at rusants and fast foods. I like sweet and non-sweet tea." Prince Doopliss[/q]
5/25/2007 #3
Bound- by the way
Name: Hannah Age: 18 Gender: Female Species: Human Element: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind Country of Origin: China What Is Their Job?: Protect the Realms What Do They Do At That Job?: Prevent them from destruction Color of Clothes: White striped shirt, grey sweats, ninjas black shoes Personality: NONE Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Good Allies: All, (exept for those who want to destroy or control the realms) Enemies: those who want to destroy or control the realms History: as a child she was given this duty...
8/5/2007 #4
Name: Greg Age: 23 Gender: Male Species: Human Element: Electricty Country of Origin: Scotland What Is Their Job?: Ninja (Last member of the Scotryu Clan) What Do They Do At That Job?: Kill Color of Clothes: Exactly Like Sub-Zeros costume but a darker blue Personality: Loner, Gothic (sometimes) Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Good Allies: Ermac Enemies: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rain, Reptile, Liu Kang History: The Last member of the ancient Scotrtyu clan that origined from the country of scotland. Members of his clam were killed by Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rain, Reptile and even Liu Kang. He found friendship and Ermac who has helped him regain his life. Greg will not rest till his foes are destroyed
8/31/2007 #5
Prince Doopliss
The G.F.M.G.B.S.U.A.C. Detcives are seing what will mortal kombat characters is he related. Eavan dead people and fake ones to.
10/4/2007 #6
Name: chen lee Age:24 Gender:male Species: human Element: fire Country of Origin: china What Is Their Job?: club bouncer What Do They Do At That Job?:to throw out trouble makers Color of Clothes: white shirt, black jeans,black boots Personality: his kind, cocky, loves fighting Good, Evil, or Neutral?:good Allies:daniel wong, mira sanchez,sarah mikian, li mei, mileena, liu kang, johnny cage, Enemies: nobunaga, Shang Tsung History: chen lee is a former shaolin monk who was kicked out of the order cause he refused to enter the Armageddon tournament to fight for earthrealm but after learning that his best friend liu kang died in that tournament he entered the next one to avenge his friend's death.
10/15/2007 #7
mk ruler
name:sub-reptermacorpioobmoke age:unknown gender:none species:eldergods element(s):smoke,acid,fire,ice,mental abilitys a.k.a phykick contry of orgin:Japan job:god of ninjas what they do at job:watch the ninjas and help put them in shape cloths:scorpion (head) reptile (left arm) subzero (right arm) smoke (leftleg) noob (right leg) ermack(head) persenality:strict if the ninja does evan one move wrong 500 pushups. (good evil [h]neutral[/h]) allies:noob,smoke,ermack,scorpion,subzero,reptile,chamelon enemies:onaga,jonneycage,stryker(dont we all hate stryker lol) history:as a little kid he could do more than a ninja he had all of the star ninjas powers and grew up as he wanted and evan became his greatest dream,ninja god
12/17/2007 #8
mk ruler
sorry but i cant edit but it is supposed to be scorpionsc torso
12/17/2007 #9
Name: Hydra Age: 19 Gender: Female Species: Human Element: Water Country of Origin: Norway What is their Job? Ninja assassin What do they do at their job? Kill designated targets Color of clothes: Aqua colored headband and face mask, aqua colored top consisting mainly of laces (somewhat revealing), aqua bottom (similar to Kitana's alternate costume), aqua ankle boots. Silver whip hangs from the hip. Face mask is decorated with the kanji "mizu" (water). Personality: Very serious, sympathetic to others, steadfast, traditional Good, Evil or Neutral? Neutral Allies: Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang Enemies: Shao Khan, Mileena, Baraka History: Hydra is a member of an obscure ninja clan, and has control over water. After her partner, Kitsoon, disappears into the Outworld to find her missing twin brother, she is assigned by her clan to locate her and return safely with her to Earthrealm.
1/30/2008 . Edited 1/30/2008 #10

Name: Sayuri

Age: 28

Gender: female

Element: ice

Species: human

Country of origin: outworld

What is their job: ninja assasin hired by Shao Khan

What do they do at that job: her task is mainly about killing

Color of clothes: she has a blue lin kuei mask, long blue gloves, her shirt is like frost's lin kuei shirt, pants like kira but in black and blue, and ninja boots.

Personality: she gets mad easily, loyal to her master, determined to do her job, intelligent, but very deeply she feels alone

Good, evil, or neutral?: at first evil, but at the end good.

Allies: more like her masters... : Quan Chi, Shao Khan, Shang Tsung, Kano is like her partner but she despises him, (she likes to work alone)

Enemies: just the ones that she is ordered to kill

History: she was a girl when she was kidnapped and transformed to a grown-up by magic, just to be a special assasin for Shao Khan. If you would like to know the rest, read my fanfic , just click my name and the fanfic is called "My cold life as an assasin".

-Mortal Kombat fan forever!!

5/3/2008 #11
The Ghost Child

Name: Dark_Light



Element: Dark and light

Species: Human

Country of origin: Black hole

What is there job: Xin Chi ninja leader

What do they do at there job: switch people from good to bad or bad to good.

Color of clothes: Black and white ninja suit

Personality: he trys to do what is best for his clan,kind to other ,caring to others

Good,evil or neutral: neutral

Allies: Scorpion

Enemies: Quan Chi, Shao Khan , Shang Tsung , Kano

History: He was just a boy when his famiy started dieing do to leaser burns,smashed in heads,Missing souls( taken),chunks of skin that looks like it was burned and bit into. shortly after that he started training his powers over dark and light like no one in his clan has seen before so that one day his could kill them

5/6/2008 #12
The Crimson Nutcase

Name:lais grey





Country of Origin:outworld

What Is Their Job?: Mercenary

What Do They Do At That Job?:works for the highest paying person

Color of Clothes:red leather jacket the reachs feet,a black tank top and a black


Good, Evil, or Neutral?:neutral

Allies: any one who pays and her partners mostly Shao Kahn because he pays and give them a place to stay ( am going to make up in mk fic i am going to write in)

Enemies:any one who she has to kill or gets in her way

History:has a brother who teached her to fight and use the sowrd she has

7/30/2008 #13

Name: Vincent

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Element: None

Country of Origin: United States of America

What Is Their Job?: Assassin (formerly a Skilled Thief)

What Do They Do At That Job?: Killing

Color of Clothes: Dark Green (Corset), Black and Green (Bell Bottoms) and Black (Platform Boots)

Personality: Vindictive, Ruthless, Loyal, Trustworthy

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Neutral

Allies: Mileena, Sheeva, Sonya, Tanya, Jade and Sindel

Enemies: Everyone but her Allies (Mostly Men)

History: On her 13th Birthday, Vincent seen her little sister get murdered and left her home to find the killer. Five years later, she got caught stealing and her right eye was cut out and was forced to wear an eye-patch. During the two years of Thieving and Assassinating many people she came across the Special forces and met Sonya and Sindel. She searched onward to find the murderer and a year after, met Mileena and Sheeva. Four years later, she meets Her Allies again and made an Oath to be there for each other.

8/1/2008 #14
Agato - The Hadou Inari

James Trevor (unkown brother of lisa trevor)



T-viral humanoid (if you know resident evil), his right arm transforms into a mutant sword(like krausers but bigger and on his right arm) he can also sprout bone wings on his back.

speed (10xs faster than wesker)



Whatever he's hired for

black combat boots, black leather tight pants, knee pads(grey), muscle shirt(white), black body vest, elbow pads(grey), long black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves

Cold-hearted (since the time he was infected and the loss of his family)

Nuetral (in his red eyes he doesnt need anyones help and he has always been a loner)


All (unless you make it to where a side convinces him to join)

When he was infected with the t-virus he partially bonded with it causing some tellekinetic abilities (levitation, bending un-animated objects to his will) and his incredible speed.(the un-partiall bonding caused the wings and arm mutation)

9/17/2008 #15

heres a man

Name: Ben Li

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human/scorcereor

Element: Fire

Country of Origin: Outworld

What Is Their Job?: guard

What Do They Do At That Job?: protects earthrealm portal from tarkatan and outworld invaders

Color of Clothes: black robe with red colored dragon sash wearing bloody dragonscale armor carring sword

Personality: very vengeful but is a gentle giant

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: good

Allies: raiden,stryker,sonya,kung lao,shujinko,liu kang,taven

Enemies:scorpion,kano,daigon,shang tsung,quan chi,onaga,molach

History:ben li was born kuan tsung son of shang but abandoned his father after seeing the suffering of the souls,he then left to seido and trained as a seiden guard then left to become an earthrealm guard befernding special forces,task force and the shaolin monks on his journey later on in life he befrended a man by the name of huang jou lee who was later killed in the tournement and transformed into ermacs many souls ben fought shang but lost he then was relocated and givin the name ben li to avoid assasins hired by shao khan and tsung he vows revenge and to complete tsungs deadly tournement killing shang in the process

11/23/2008 #16

Name: Cyclone

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: Human

Element: wind,ice

Country of Origin:the lin kuei temple,China

What Is Their Job?: ice ninja/wind ninja

What Do They Do At That Job?: follow orders given by the overlords/helps his brother with odd jobs.

Color of Clothes: sub zero's lin kuei outfit: but blue,black,and grey

Personality: shy,butoutspoken and intelligent

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: good

Allies: sub-zero, smoke, rain, kitana, sindel and jade(he has a crush on her)

Enemies: anyone evil exept kano and kabal

History: a very unerrecognized and underappreciated ninja in the clan,cyclone is the forgotten younger brother of sub-zero and noob-saibot.doesn't talk much because he is slightly afraid of girls(but for some reason it attracts them even more.)but doesn't talk to any of them beacause he has a crush on jade.

3/4/2009 #17


Age: 20

Gender: female



Country of Origin: china

What is their job: unknown

What do they do at that job: Unknown

Color of clothes: White cut of shirt, Dark grey jacket, Ripped black pants, Black high top boots, Hair is down.

Personality:can bean mean at times but she's mostly nice.

Good, evil, Neutral: Neutral

Allies: Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Ember (her sis), Scorpion, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage

Enemies: Shang Tsung, Quan chi, Jax, Goro, Cyrax, Jade

History: When she first came to mortal Kombat, She found her powers while fighting Jade. Her sister,Ember, Was killed by Goro and Shang Tsung. She decided to avenge her sister by killing her sister's murderers

3/8/2009 #18
Hylander McLeod

here goes

Code Name/Alias - Phoenix (just as Sub-Zero or Scorpion would a code name)

Real Name- undisclosed

Age- 12000+

Gender- Male

Species- Edenian

Element- the Soul (also part fire and part wind)

Best Skill- hand to hand combat, evasion

Known Family- Princess Kitana (stepsister),

Colors- White and Gold uniform, Torqouise headband, wristbands, Black Boots (not definite yet)

Personality- Secretive. despite what he has to say one can almost guess he knows more than what he is letting on and is not telling something.

Affiliations- None

Allies- None

Enemies- Shao Kahn, Shinook, Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Rain, others

Life's Pursuit- Death of Shao Kahn and destruction of Outworld.

quote - "Whether I can save one or a miilion, at least my death will have a purpose"


Before King Jerod and Queen Sindel, his family were the rulers of Edenia. His mother had died and his father remarried Sindel (who in turn remarried Jerod later). Though the new line of royalty in Edinia treated Phoenix as an actual son he seemed to act more as an indentured servant or a member of the guard, having always reffered to his surrogate family by tittle rather than name or relation. When Shao Kahn threatened to overtake Edinia he began training under his own tutalage (often resulting in injuries) seeking to defend his realm. King Jerod would not allow him to participate (though the true reason is unknown, Kitana and Phoenix both had their opinion on the matter) The result caused alot of friction between Phoenix and the royal family (which ended up as far as Phoenix sleeeping outside of the castle). Believing King Jerod doubted his skills Phoenix traveled to other worlds to seek and obtain power and skills based upon legend and heresay. But despite continuous defeats King Jerod would not allow Pheonix to take part in the next mortal kombat. As the tenth tournament began Phoenix left Edenia knowing there was no future there. He continued on his travels in hopes to to one day take back and restore his realm along with every other that outworld has destroyed. His hatred for anything evil is second only to his personal vandetta against Shao Kahn.

Sometime thereafter Phoenix had acquired two cursed powers (cursed in the sense that they were frowned upon by the elder gods): The Flame of the Phoenix (literal rebirth) (which is why he took the code name) and the Art of Conscience (changing of personality). Though these powers have made him a formidable oponent because of them they have serious drawbacks (The Flame of the Phoenix may revive him from death but he does not retain any of his memories. The Art of Conscience uses his own light aura to infect others thus slowly allowing more darker traits to surface) These two problems are the bigest he faces during his life's pursuit of defeating Shao Kahn.

Having known the burden he carries and the guilt of abonding your own Phoenix at times will attempt to offer wisdom to those are led astray. However he always speaks in riddles and is seldom direct in his intentions. Phoenix is a skilled fighter in hand to hand combat, with his amazing agility, speed, flight(partial) and other techniques only add to that. His apparent cruelty in battle stems from his long-lived life of guilt covered up by a uncaring facade. Unable to forgive himself for his own past actions he finds it beyond impossible to forgive his eneimies. He has long since stopped caring for his own life and has yet to learn of its value.

Note- Shao Kahn does not yet know of the relation between Phoenix and Kitana nor does anyone else. Yet!

about the two powers Phoenix controls

Flame of the Phoenix is literally a Phoenix flame trapped within his body. it allows him summon forth flames to surround him allowing him to manuever his body and have the flames burn his oponent through contact alone (air if close enough). It allows allows him some degree of levitation/flight with wings of fire emerging from his back. His animality technique which is literally a transformation into the bird of legend then into an inferno (all in one motion) obliterating everything around him.

Art of Conscience is more psychological move. It infects the person with a feeling in contradiction to their dispossition a complete polar opposite. (drives a madman sane, infects an overconfident person with fear and self doubt, etc.)

5/1/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #19

Name: Aruna Valentine


Gender: Female

Element: Spirit (controls ghosts)

Country of Origin: Canada

Species: Human

Job: Priestess

What they do at job: Prays, blesses people.

Color of clothes: black outer-robe, long, dark blue dress, blue boots, black gloves

Personality: Calm, kind, helpful, and scary when mad.

Alignment: Good

Allies: Kitana, Jade, Liu Kang, Kung Lao

Enemies: Goro, Mileena, Frost, Tanya

History: As a child, Aruna was taught to believe in peacefulness. She grew up secretly learning fighting from warriors from Edenia. Aruna loved to use her Chakrams as weapons. She never hurt anyone though. Then, her village was destroyed by strong warriors. She survived by hiding in a grandfather clock. Aruna was alone, until Jade, Kitana, and Liu Kang came along. They took her to Edenia where they, and Kung Lao, taught her more fighting. She then saught her family's murderers, hell-bent on vengeance. She left her job as a priestess, which started when she was ten.

1/12/2010 #20

Okay, story koming... er coming soon, everyone! Now if any one would like to know an actual date.... um... December...ish (Propbably later this moth, actually!) All submissions are great and I thank each and everyone of you. Not all kharacters... characters will be in chapter one, but they'll be in there

2/1/2010 #21

Name: Ben Duffy

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Element: Water and wind

Country of Origin: Canada

Job: Works at a factory

What do they do: Assiant mechanic

Color of clothes: White t shirt, light blue short sleeved vert, blue jeans

Personality: A bit of a joker but fights with honour and pride.

Allience: Good

Allies: Sub Zero, Lui Kang, Johhny Cage, Radien, Reptile.

Enemies: Jax, Shao Kahn, Noob and Goro.

History: A regular guy until he recived kung fu training at a local dojo and descovered he had talents. He uses blue ki and fights for Earthrealm in the tournament.

2/24/2010 #22

Name: Alex Vortex

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Actually a Phoenix)

Element: Fire

Country of Origin: Australia

What Is Their Job?: Video Games Salesman

What Do They Do At That Job?: Deadpan Snark

Color of Clothes: White t-shirt, red jacket he leaves unzipped, green camo cargo shorts, white sneakers and black fingerless leather gloves. Wild Black hair, blue eyes and a scar on left side of his bottom lip.

Personality: A rather quiet young man who only speaks to utter some snarky comment or swear, usually about whatever random trouble he's found himself in while being insanely genre savvy about the fact he's just found himself in what is essentially a super violent video game. He's also compulsively heroic, saving kittens from trees, protecting small children and saving the damsel in distress… all while complaining the entire time, and still managing to be funny. He preffers to fight with his feet since his arms aren't very strong, but he can shatter a ribcage with his feet.

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Good

Allies: Whoever isn't trying to kill him

Enemies: Whoever IS trying to kill him

History: Alex was a perfectly normal grouchy video game salesman who had a perfectly normal childhood with a normal, if slightly insane (in a good way), family. Other then studying tae kwon do from the age of fourteen nothing especially stood out about his life. It wasn't until his store was (bizarrely) attacked by some Outworld 'Mooks' (generic badguys) that Alex even heard of any of the crazy s*** that was going down in the world.

Initially he intended to stay the hell away from the 'loony bin of chaos' that had descended on the world until he was once again dragged into the fray by the story. As the story progresses his powers as a Phoenix will begin to manifest, and fully awaken should he be struck down… Did I mention he can jump high enough to fly kick a guy in the head? When they're riding a horse?

4/7/2010 #23
Jojo The Rainbow Bomber
name mercury age unknown species mercury humanoid element poison ice psychic storm and smoke country of origin china job ninja what do they do kill yo mofo a** color of clothes all subzeros just silver personality not that bad allience neutral allies subzero scorpin ermac rain noob saibot reptile cyrax sektor smoke and himself enemies anyone who messes with his brothers history a creation of mercury mixed with dark magic created him he met scorpin subzero and the rest of the ninja brothers
4/8/2010 #24
Cute Fierce Kitten

Am I the only one with an evil character? I have two made up characters that I plan to use for my future Mortal Kombat fanfic.

Name: Katalina

Age: 1000 yrs old (appears 25)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 132lbs.

Gender: Female Species: Unknown (appears Human)

Element: Energy

Resides: Outworld

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Personal Assassin and Sorceress

Weaponry: Ninja Sword and Shuriken daggers

Costume: Black female ninja attire (similar to Kitana, Mileena, and Jade's costume) She is the female palette version of Noob Saibot

Personality: She has a superiority complex and often condescends others. She is also a dedicated perfectionist, having perfected her fighting skills with stealth and precision, making her one of deadliest assassins of Outworld. She is also manipulative, as well as having sophisticated knowledge in black magic.

Alignment: Evil

Allies: Shao Kahn

Enemies: Many

History: Katalina is the biological daughter of Shao Kahn. Her mother is said to be an otherworldly creature, who took a human form when she came to Outworld where she met Shao Kahn. Katalina's mother is as mysterious as her origin, an unnamed creature from an unnamed universe. As a child, Katalina was raised by an evil sorceress in the Chaos realm, where she gained a vast amount of knowledge of sorcery. Once she mastered the black arts, she learned a variety of fighting styles, preferably the ones with assassination techniques. She spent the first 700 years of her life learning new skills as she went between the six realms, after learning how to open portals to move from realm to realm undetectable from the Elder Gods. During the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, Katalina secretly trained under the apprenticeship of Shao Kahn and arose from the shadows as the new Princess of Outworld when Kitana left to join the Earth realm warriors. She remains loyal to her father and no one else.

Katalina will be one of the antagonists of my MK story!

Code Name: Flame (a character in contrast to Frost)

Age: 18

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120lbs.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Element: Fire

Resides: Earth realm (Japan)

Origin: Earth realm (born in New Mexico)

Occupation: Student

Weaponry: Kunai, Broad Swords, and Ninja sword

Costume: Female Ninja attire (similar to Frost's costume, but yellow)

Personality: A high spirited person with a careless attitude. She is somewhat mature, but playful.

Alignment: Good

Allies: Scorpion

Enemies: Shao Kahn and Quan Chi

History: Flame is a mysterious girl who was born in New Mexico, but raised in Japan. Her mother is a mixed Japanese American woman. According to Flame's mother, she is the only living descendant of the Shirai Ryu clan, thus having abilities to create and manipulate fire. It is unclear that she has any relation to Scorpion, even though she was born out of wedlock and her mother refused to disclose any information about her father, since they severed their ties before Flame's mother knew that she was pregnant. Flamed has trained under the apprenticeship of Scorpion, and has mastered her element. She will be the protagonist of my MK story!

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #25
The Mighty War Dog

Name: Gabriel Miles A.K.A. Rattle snake

Age: 26

Gender: male

Species: human

Element: Lightning

Country of Origin: America

What Is Their Job?: Texas Ranger

What Do They Do At That Job?: Find and kill criminals

Color of Clothes: black shirt, blue jeans, black gloves, rusty brown boots, and light brown hat

powers: he was gifted with the power of lightning at birth, he can produce electical waves, stick to metal surfaces, and shock his enemies, his full power is yet unknown

Personality: serious alot of the time, always has his eye on the prize, like to make friends, hates violence and will only commit a fatality if the person really deserves it

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: good

Allies: Jax briggs, Liu kang, Sonya blade, scorpion, Johnny Cage anyone good basically

Enemies: all evil characters, especially, Onaga, mileena, Shao kahn, Shang tsung, Kano, and Baraka

3/28/2011 . Edited 4/4/2011 #27

Name: Marcus Redbourn


Gender: Male

Species:Mind Control, Fast speed.


Country of Origin:Canada but born out side of the earth.

What Is Their Job?: to seek life the way it was along time ago.

What Do They Do At That Job?: to kill the wrong people to be alive and safe the insistent

Color of Clothes: Black Pants, Black T-Shirt, Black Shads, Black Leather Boots.

Personality: calm most of the time. P*** him off he will kill you.

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Neutral

Allies: Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermack, Noob Saibot, Smoke,

Enemies: bring it

History: As a child he was told about a planet called earth that had a tornament every 100 years so he wanted to join and win the prize.

3/29/2011 #28

Name: Marcus Redbourn


Gender: Male

Species:Mind Control, Fast speed.


Country of Origin:Canada but born out side of the earth.

What Is Their Job?: to seek life the way it was along time ago.

What Do They Do At That Job?: to kill the wrong people to be alive and safe the insistent

Color of Clothes: Black Pants, Black T-Shirt, Black Shads, Black Leather Boots.

Personality: calm most of the time. P*** him off he will kill you.

Good, Evil, or Neutral?: Neutral

Allies: Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermack, Noob Saibot, Smoke,

Enemies: bring it

History: As a child he was told about a planet called earth that had a tornament every 100 years so he wanted to join and win the prize.

3/29/2011 #29
The Mighty War Dog

(yo Im gonna start a story forum, is that ok)

3/30/2011 #30
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