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Teigh Raisa
Eep...double post. Sorry about that.
4/12/2006 . Edited 4/12/2006 #91
White Rabbit Tale
Oh my god! You're Khrysalis's cousin! That Filly! Wow. You know people have like a shrine for you. =] Because you're the reason for Sandalwood and Spring Wind. 'ermazing. Welcome. Glad to have ya aboard.
4/12/2006 #92
Teigh Raisa
Yep, that's me. A shrine? O_o Really? Whoa... She's going to kill me. But, yeah, Sandalwood is MY story. Actually, I've been pretty evil about that one since the beginning. I'm not TRYING to drive her crazy. I swear! It just kind of happens. Hehe.
4/12/2006 #93
Teigh Raisa
Er...thought I'd better clarify. Sandalwood and Spring Wind is being written FOR me, but I'm not the one writing it. So it's mine in that loose kind of way. I just tell her things I'd like to see happen, and she does her best to write them in. Like when I told her I wanted Kenshin to wind up n*** in the story, you should have seen her gawk at me and yell, "You idiot, Kenshin's not IN the story!" But she managed it, by way of a flashback. :D She's having a tiny bit of trouble with the next chapter of the story because she and I are arguing a little about what's going to happen, but we'll work it out eventually.
4/12/2006 #94
White Rabbit Tale
I understood what you meant. ^^
4/12/2006 #95
AHA! SO YOU'RE THE ONE! *bows to your feet* Please keep bugging her! *looks around with shifty eyes* But you didn't hear that from me. *runs away before your cousin finds me*
4/12/2006 #96
Oh, no. (-Runs hand down face-) Little Cousin, I have no personal grudge against you, but you must die for the new era. An era where this unworthy writer is not being slowly driven to whole new heights of insanity by her own flesh and blood--(-eye twitch-)--ahhh, screw it! It IS a personal grudge, and I'm going to kill you just to reduce my migranes! Shrines indeed! If I find out you're leaving the ranks of shadow reviewers just to recruit follows to your cause--you can't hide behind Kenshin's disapproval for taking lives forever! Umm... (-looks around, blushes miserably-) Oh, dear. Um, I'm okay now. Sorry... Didn't mean to make a scene. Everybody please go back to what you were doing, and I'll, ah...go back to writing my next chapter. Under a very big rock. (-fleas forum-)
4/12/2006 #97
*bows to your feet* Don't stress out! Hehe, I do hope you know I wasn't being serious. It's just my goofy way of saying: YOU'RE WRITING ROCKS!
4/13/2006 #98
No worries; I wasn't being serious either. ;D That's just how my idiot cousin and I play off each other. She does something to annoy me and I over-react...just a little bit. Well...there are these times when she gets a little too enthusiastic and I'm banging my head on my computer moniter that are somewhat genuine, but I suppose its best not to have it any other way. I think. Maybe. Oh, well. :)
4/13/2006 #99
Teigh Raisa, welcome to the forums! Speaking of shrines, I have one for you! :follows everyone else in bowing humbly: because you are Khrysalis together brought about the beautiful one shot "Only Waiting". Hope you enjoy browsing the forums!
4/13/2006 #100
Summoner Lenne10
^__^ Hello you two. Filly, I love you, lol. Because of you we have TONS of beautiful fics now. My favorite is "Brother of Dragons" *slinks away* I actually sorta wrote a fanfic for it- I showed it to Khryalis-sama... *Slinks away embarrased*
4/13/2006 #101
:points to unicorn:... a fanfic of a fanfic, now that's dedication, you should be proud young one.
4/13/2006 #102
Teigh Raisa
*Grin!* Now, now, Krissy-Oneesama, you know you love your baby cousin. Kenshin wouldn't approve of that kind of talk. Brother of Dragons is a great story, isn't it? She's been writing about Taura the Crystal Drake and Drake people and things like that for a long time, and when she mixed Rurouni Kenshin into it, something very sweet came out. But the new version she's writing is very nice too. She showed me your story too, Unicorn. She was smiling for days because somebody wrote a fanfic of her fanfic. And Only Waiting turned out very nice too! Better than I expected, and I was expecting high. She's always finding new ways to surprise me. She draws too, and she's been drawing some interesting things, a new idea for a fanfic. She tried to hide them from me, but I found them! Mwa ha ha! They're great, if a little scary. Actually, I think the whole story's kind of scary, what I've forced her to tell me. Can't say what the pictures are of, exactly, 'cause that'll give away the story. No need to work too hard getting her to plot this one out. If she's drawing it, then that means it'll get written eventually. I think she going to call it "Doll." And now, my cousin's informed me that I'm not allowed to write stuff on this particular forum thread because it's supposed to be for introductions, and I no longer need introducing. If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was implying that I talk to much. Now I better go and hide before she finds out I was talking about Doll. *manical laughter*
4/13/2006 #103
Summoner Lenne10
LOL. DON'T worry, this forum is KNOWN for getting off-topic everywhere. And yyyayyyy! I made her happy ^_^. And yes, a fanfic of a fanfic. Lol. Lalala...
4/14/2006 #104
White Rabbit Tale
Fanfic of a fanfic...that's like Siriusfan's forum! *plug plug* No seriously, go take a look at it. It's really cool. And it involved collaboration. And EVERYONE loves that!
4/17/2006 #105
Hey pplz... I'm new to RK dreams and fanfiction in general and i see wat u guys ment when u said " hijacked by Off-topicness"... :D So i'm 16, male(so few of us ne? *sigh* :P) and from a place quite a few of u have never heard of, and am struggling with my first fic... i'v been an Rk fan since forever and finally have a place to spew out my errr... Anyway... i heard abt this place from a dear friend and cudn't help taking a look... In the way of writing, i tend to go too far and way too deep for stuff to make all that much sense... i luv to write angst and fightscenes(as some1 put it... i'm a guy, thats wat guys do :P)... I have way too many interests for my own good(won't even start... wud take a forum all on itself :P) but am currently splitting breathing time with rNr-ing... Nice to meet u all.... Cya..
4/19/2006 #106
Summoner Lenne10
Nice to meet you ^_^. Ahh, we need more guys truthfully. When all we have is girls mostly all we get is smut. Truly, Rk is an angst/fight scenes buffet.... not, well.... Smut. Which MAY be why they WRITE so much of it but *sighs*. So it'd be nice to actually see fics more RK-like. I'd love to see a fic that was truly RK. Shonen, tons of good messages, evil people trying to tkae over the world, so little romance you almost miss it, crazy fight scenes, characters that are NOT possible but Watsuki gets you to believe are possible... then you see they arn't. Ahh. *Sighs* The good 'ol days. And off-topicness? It's god here ^_^.
5/14/2006 #107
Hey Unicornfan... Haha... not a smut fan? Me neither... i have sorta stopped Well i got a head start, a shonen(Rk old school :D) fic in the works and another on the planning stage... or so i hope hehee.. But honestly does it have to be a guy to keep the romance and the waff to a minimum? *scrathing head* lol!.. all hail off-topicness ^.^ ...
5/15/2006 #108
Srry for this hehe... ...i have sorta stopped looking at the Just In, i had meant... but sheesh... i shud go get some sleep... *sheepish grin*... Cya
5/15/2006 #109
[q]But honestly does it have to be a guy to keep the romance and the waff to a minimum? *scrathing head* [/q] Hey, I'm not a guy and I haven't done a single smut!fic. A couple of waffy one shots, maybe ... but I'm a shonen gen ficcer, mostly. ^_^ So there!
5/15/2006 #110
There u go... Keep up the awesome shonen work Nekotsuki sama ^_^
5/15/2006 #111
I'm not the only one. ^_^ Try Conspirator or haku baikou or Calger. They're all gen ficcers.
5/15/2006 #112
Just here to say that I don't normally write romance fics. I'll hint at it from time to time because really it's hard to stay away from all of it when Rurouni Kenshin's full title is: Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story. But none of my Bakumatsu fics have romance in it. And most of my Meiji fics only hint at romance. So it doesn't take a guy to write non-smut fics. In fact, I've seen guys write plenty of smut before.
5/15/2006 #113
Well, I think it's just that there are so much smut fics now that people get sick of it. It would be really nice if there could be a balance between canon and true-to-RK fics and the really AU fics.
5/15/2006 #114
Well, I think I should just introduce myself...I'm 13. Transfer student. Male. Working on one fic only. Updates once every 1 or 2 days. Loves RK since 5. Struggling with integers. -_-"
11/12/2006 #115
Welcome to the forum, sho-kenki :)
11/12/2006 #116
Hiya, I'm new here and I just thought I'd pop a note on the forums introducing myself. My name is Laura, I'm 17 and I live in England. I've watched all of the RK anime and I loved it up till the end of the Kyoto Arc. I'm currently working on a Misao/Soujiro match-up story and I hope to have it finished soon.
6/27/2007 . Edited 6/27/2007 #117
Ello i guess i'm entering a little late but looks like i'm not the only one but i love RK. i've read the whole series!
7/4/2007 #118
Light bulb-sama
HI i'm new here. um i'm not exactly sure how to use this forum thing cause i'm challenged when it comes to anything involving computers but i'm obessed with rurouni kenshin, so thats good, it was the first manga series i ever read and the best in my opinion.soooo HI all !!!!!
7/6/2007 #119
XD hey this forum was getting lonely i thought no one was going to talk to me but welcome...i guess(welcoming you to someone elses forum) Go RK
7/6/2007 #120
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