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So in June Jump Square magazine officially announced that the Rurouni Kenshin anime is being rebooted. It is as of yet unclear if it is only going to be a completion of the last arc - Jinchuu - or if it is going to be a complete reboot. If they do start at the beginning it is safe to say there will be no filler episodes involving sumo wrestlers, the circus, or anything remotely resembling the third season which was a hot mess and had way to much Feng Shui.

(One of the many links regarding this announcement is here: but if you google 'new kenshin anime' or anything resembling that, you're going to Attacked With Links.

What can also safely assumed is that it is going to have no relation to Samurai X: Reflection/Seisohen, most notably because Watsuki was open and honest about his dislike of it, even going so far as to announce it wasn't really canon. (I'm to lazy to find links, sorry.)

So what are you all hoping for? An animation of the Jinchuu arc only? A full reboot from the beginning, or an FMA: Brotherhood reboot that smashes the beginning into a few episodes? I myself am hoping for a full reboot, very tightly, and Jinchuu played to the hilt. Crazy Nerves!Enishi and all. ;)

Thoughts, fandom??

5/9/2011 #1

I am just finding this out, and it's absolutely the best news I've had in a while. I cannot believe a reboot is finally in the works (AND a Watsuki-helmed live action on top of it!). Seriously, I can barely bring myself to care about story arcs or fillers or whatnot. It's been so long, so terribly long, since the original anime that I'll pretty much be happy with anything. This will bring new fans to the series, and the fandom may just come alive again - and God, I just can't wait!

11/30/2011 #2
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