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I know this seems really wierd but hey, I never finish my stuff and I really want to read some fics.

Setting: Zero games (all of them)

Pairing: Zero x Leviathan

Requested Length: min 2000 words per chapter, min 4 chapters

Request Summary: After fighting Zero for the first time Leviathen finds herself struggling with a strange feeling she's never had before, after facing Zero again (in the Zero 2 storyline) she realises she doesn't want him to leave, that she wants to stand by his side. Zero spends pretty much the entire story doing what he does in the game, and generally getting confused by Leviathen after the Zero 2 fight, before slowly coming to accept Leviathan's advances... and generally being awkward as he starts to unlock his own feelings.

7/2/2010 #1

If this is a request thread, I've really been wanting to see some 'day in the life' fics for the robot masters. Not just hijinks at Wily's fortress or the Light household being cute, but real life.

The robot masters were people, they had lives outside of the wars. What it's like for Ringman as a cop (in Russia, mafiya with black-market anti-tank missiles and/or the more realistic outcome of a young girl getting kidnapped are some scenerios that jump out at me)? What do Toadman, Gutsman and the other ecology restoration bots think of nature and the humans who did this to it? Iceman dealing with an Antarctic research expedition? What was it like for the kidnapped and reprogrammed Lightbots when they were fixed and sent back to work?

Even Rock or Roll could fit the prompt, especially 'queen of the household' manga Roll cooking, cleaning, upgrading the security system... Or Rock actually being a lab assistant. What does Blues do all day in between wars besides spy/stalk? What happens to the Wilybots after Wily no longer really cares what they're up to (given that he does seem to keep rebuilding failures despite said failures, and kicks Shadowman out in the manga instead of doing anything permanent)?

I really want to see some fic written with the idea that these are robots, not humans, in mind that also takes into account that they're still people, with lives and interests, likes and dislikes, of their own.

If anyone has reccs, I'd really appreciate them, and I'd be willing to trade fic for fic if anyone's interested and I'm up to writing the request.

10/7/2010 #2
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