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The choices aaaaaaare.... Megaman Forte Blues Roll Megaman X Zero Axl Sigma Vile Zero (from Rockman Zero) Ciel Harpuia Leviathan Fefnir Phantom Yes, I've left out a few people but somehow, I don't think Elpizo or Eddie are getting votes. XDD Anyhow, tell me who your favorite is!
12/25/2005 #1
Rose Kitsune.EXE
Oh, You just had to tie me, didn't you? XD Well... Blues first, then Harupia. XD
12/26/2005 #2
Nasty question;-) You should have first asked us for each of the five series separately, but oh well. First in my list is Zero, of course. Well, both of them actually, but they are the same person... in a fashion ^_^ As for the second place... Tied for Leviathan, Harpuia and X, I suppose. I would also say Tron, but you apparently forgot to include the legends series;-D
12/26/2005 #3
Alas, I know crap about the Legend series. XDD Never liked it much. My own pick right now is... Harpuia! Followed by Axl and then by Forte, Blues and Zero. ^^ Rockman Zero and Fefnir tie for last place. Heh, you're right, I think I should have split the series. Hmm....
12/27/2005 #4
So many choices. O.O Hmm...if I had to narrow it down it would be Blues (because sunglasses+scarf+smirk= coolness), Vile (heehee...Boba Fett), Leviathan (power to the women! XD), Fernir (it takes a true man to wear pink), and Phantom (ninja...that is all I have to say). I guess out of all of them I choose Leviathan because she has attitude. XD But she's kind of anorexic. O.o Oh well, the verdict says Leviathan! ^_^
12/28/2005 #5
Rose Kitsune.EXE
I actually like X better than Zero for some reason... XD Which is odd considering I'm one of those hyper fangirls... XD
12/30/2005 #6
both Zero's (why does everyone hate anorexic Zero?) and Fefnir (he doesn't wear pink!)
1/3/2006 #7
oh wait a sec, you totally forgot Legends Roll, shes so cute! :)
1/3/2006 #8
Has to be Blues. Next would be Harpuia, then X.
1/7/2006 #9
My top three: Blues (He SOO rocks, in any form!) Zero (from MMX, I was so-so on the zero games) Mega
1/20/2006 #10
Proto Stryker
Heck yes, there are tons of Blues fans here. =3 I'm going with him, too, by the way.
1/21/2006 #11
Axl Blues Rock oddly i want to say that my favorit is now that guy from Rockman ZX that looks like Zero. Mr. Teacup is what we all started calling him in the bob and george forums.
1/24/2006 #12
Nave the DM
I like Mega Man the best. every version of him rocks. Mega Man.EXE is my favorate though.
1/31/2006 #13
You're right! Every version does rock. I particularly like X. My two overall favorites are Bass and Zero.
3/3/2006 #14
I`ll go with prodoman
5/22/2006 #15
I have to go with a list form to put my thoughts into text form on this one. Signas Douglas X Alia I like too many characters so I'll stick with X series. Don't know why but I do love the first two characters to death while I decided not to mention Zero because X has always been cast aside in faovr of looks, so hence I love the dude who's still saving the world Sigma one very bad Capcom game at a time. Alia, oh heck, she gives a nice smile and I am NOT a fan of X8 form nor anybody elses. Anybody else love Signas?
8/8/2006 #16
1. Vile: Why? Well I like his attitude, and I sense darker motives somewhere deep inside... can anyone say, New X series super villain? 2. Phantom: Basically the same reasons as Vile. plus i think ninjas are c00l. ^_^ 3. Zero (Zero Series) He kicks butt.
12/20/2006 #17
Shadow Saika
X. He has the look of an experienced soldier. Alia because she looks so damn nice. Protoman 'cause he's the mysterious type.
6/19/2007 #18
Vile, because he's both unpopular and awesome.
6/22/2007 #19
How come nobody said this? Green Biker Dude. :D
6/22/2007 #20
The Shadow Syndicate
Rock Light AKA The Original Blue Bomber himself, Megaman. Blues Light AKA The Original Protoman. Megaman X Albert Wesker (Iknow he is not Megaman but he is Capcom)
9/14/2007 #21

Of course...ZERO!!!! (both in X series n Rockman Zero series)--he's really cool!

Then...Blues n ForTe...

HaRpuia and Leviathan

And NEVER EVER...SIGMA!!! He's really ugly n disgusting!!!!! I hate him!!


5/7/2008 #22
Shadow Saika

Yeah, Vile is a spectacular villain in his own, sadistic way. He looks like a relative of Jango Fett from Star Wars! ^_^

5/7/2008 #23

so, that's "his name" in Star Wars...

5/9/2008 #24

Forte is too darn cool. For me it's a tie between him and Crystal Man. I don't care that Crystal Man isn't on the list. :P

6/12/2009 #25

Zero is my all-time Fav. Either series, don't matter.

Next would be Harpuia. I like his attitude.

X next, then Forte.

Zero just bleeds awesomeness. He gets things DONE!

3/5/2010 #26

Phantom and Zero from MMZ. Though my favourite are Mega Man Shooting Star and Mega Man EXE.

5/3/2010 #27

I'm very partial to Blues/Proto Man and Forte/Bass, but I've also got MAJOR Cut Man love.....

8/3/2010 #28

People...Zero is Zero no matter which series he is from. I have to say I like the lighter armor more...and the triangular Z-Saber. In battle, speed is your most important asset.

9/9/2010 #29

X - He does not get enough credit. He's a good man who does what he can in a world like that, who never gives up and never gives in to the temptation to let things be simple and go Knight Templar. Not the unrealistic Incorruptible Pure Pureness, but a person (human being or not) who is a hero. It's quite fair to say that he's the most noble and heroic character in the entire franchise.

Zero - Not a hero. In my own view of character alignments (where Good - Neutral - Evil is defined as concerned about other people - 'us' - the self alone) he's Lawful Neutral. It's just that his 'us,' the people he sees as worthy of caring about/fighting for, tends to be people like X and Ciel (Neutral Good). So fighting for them becomes fighting for the world they care about. He's very aware of the fact that he's not a good guy and he does what he can about it: that's really all that can be asked of anyone. The big paradox of X series is 'caring about everyone' vs. 'killing to protect', which X and Zero struggle with and Iris and Colonel portray halves of (and how the halves can't exist without each other). Unlike X, he's not naturally a good person but he tries very hard to be good, which has a nobility of its own.

Rock - Made of weapons-grade cute, especially in the manga. There's this AMV, 'The Chibi Things That Kill.' Badass Adorable. Quite bright, too. The reason he loses out to X and Zero, really, is that he's too good. He doesn't have to overcome the temptations X does and so on. He's certainly not a boring character, but I like my tragic heroes and the whole reason Capcom won't say why he dies is that Rock is the opposite of tragic.

Honorable mention: Blues and Roll. They have some CMOAs in the OVAs and Megamix manga, too. Especially Roll. There is someone in charge of the Light household, and it is not Dr. Light. Again, they and Rock would be my favorites if I weren't a sucker for epic... tragedies that allow life to go on? The X/Zero series and how it ends has quite a lot in common with Tales of the Abyss, really.

11/18/2010 #30
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