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I HATE Sally Acorn! I'm close to HATING Princess Elise! What about you? If you hate 'em too, this is the forum for you!
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SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
I'm really on the fence about her to be honest. Half the time, I hate her. Really HATE her! The other half, I don't want to hate her. The part of me that hates her says: "SHE KISSED SONIC!!! HOW CAN I NOT HATE HER!?!" Then I remember... Sonic loves Amy! Or... at least...he use to... ATTENTION! PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLAYED SONIC NEXT GEN.: Tell me about that 'Test of love' thing I keep seeing on 'YouTube'. One person said it didn't matter which girl you chose. Is this true? I'm also curious to know: Has anyone else noticed that Sonic's treating Blaze and Shahra the same way he treats Elise? It seems like Amy is the one Sonic treats differently. I'm a HUGE SonAmy fan, but even I have to wonder...Dose Sonic act nervous around Amy because he's in love with her? Is it because he likes her and she's so agressive? I know Sonic dosen't hate Amy. I thought he was in love with Amy, espicially after 'Sonic X' episode 52 (Japanese is better:)) But now... I'm not sure what to think... What's your opinion?
4/6/2007 #1
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
All doubts about Sonic being in love with Amy are gone!! LOOK AT THIS!!! "A PAGE IN THE 'SPECIAL BOOK OF SONIC AND THE SECRET RINGS' CLAIMS AMY TO BE "SONIC'S LOVE INTEREST". This is from 'Wikipedia'!! FINALLY!!!!! NO MORE 'Would BE' or 'Possible' love interest!!! YOU LOSE ELISE!!!! Sonic loves AMY, NOT ELISE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! AMY WINS!!!! :) (Like it was even a compitition...) SonAmy and ShadMaria fan :)
4/22/2007 #2
Luna MoonDragon
YES!!! I HATE ELISE!!! I mean, I like Maria, but other than her, human characters are unnessecary! (sp?) Amy is so much better, despite her being pink. (I hate pink, no offense.) I've loved Sonamy for a while, and when Elise comes along, I'm like @_@ WHO THE HECK IS THIS FREAK??!?!?! I swear Sonic Next Gen ruined SEGA. A weird human princess freak comes along and kills the spirit of all Sonamy fans, Shadow is now doomed thanks to one of his only friends, and he can't do anything about it, there are hints of SHADOUGE in it, and then the best character ever, Blaze the Cat, DIES! Bless her trapped soul. I'M SO MAD!!! ESPECIALLY AT THE SHADOUGE HINTS! ShadMaria or ShadxOC (coughreadmyfanficcough) are SO MUCH BETTER!!!! GAH! ELISE SHALL BURN AND DIE IN IBLIS' SOUL!!!!
4/23/2007 #3
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
"Shadow the Hedgehog gets freaky!" is the "youtube" video. Be warned...its...weird...O.O I have no idea HOW to link to it... I HATE THE SHADOW/ROUGE PAIRING HINTS TOO!!! Rouge should be with Knuckles!!!! SEGA, BRING MARIA BACK!!!!!!! I'm a ShadMaria till the end!! Amy completely LOVES Sonic and he DEFINITELY LOVES Amy too!!! Did you see the artical on 'Wikipedia' about 'Sonic and the secret rings' Special Book?! I was TRILLED to read that!! It said this: "A page in the Special Book of Sonic and the Secret Rings claims Amy to be "Sonic's love interest"." YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW: I have an Anti-Sonic/Elise story posted. I'm going to put up an 'Elise Haters' ending (And a good one for the Elise fans...) But, I can't decide...suicide or spend the rest of her life mourning Sonic... HMMMMM...maybe both!! DOWN WITH ELISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shadow/Maria and SonAmy 4EVER!!!
4/23/2007 #4
I read on Wikipedia the part where Elise brings back Sonic with a kiss and I swear to God I had an internal hemhorrage (I hope I'm spelling that right). Let's look at something here: Amy - Saved by Sonic from Eggman, then falls in love with him. Elise - Saved by Sonic from Eggman, then falls in love with him. In case you haven't noticed, Sonic met Elise the EXACT same way he met Amy. We're expected to believe Sonic brushes off the girl who's HIS SPECIES, can defend herself, and who he's had an relationship with for YEARS for a HUMAN princess who is totally helpless and seems to only make situations worse (coughreleaseIbliscough). Give me a break. If Sega brings Elise back, I'm going to start (dare I say it?) to question the very sanity of Yuji Naka.
4/25/2007 #5
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
Just be glad you didn't see it!!! I watched it on 'Youtube', having no idea what was going to happen, and almost fainted!! THEN, there was the `Trial of Love` or 'Test of Love'!! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!! Second, I don't see Sonic with a HELPLESS girl!!(And she really did make things worse!!) HOW could Sega/Sonic Team do this to the SonAmy fans?!?! They said in an interview, from a disney adventure magazine'Top ten gaming questions'(I did not see this, I just heard about it), and I quoute: Q: "Why doesn't Sonic confess his love to Amy Rose?" A: "Although Sonic is clearly interested in her, Sonic has always been too shy to declare his feelings." WHY DID THEY MAKE ELISE?!?!?!?! I'm not against Human/Hedgehog relationships. I LOVE Shadow/Maria and I think Elise/Silver is cute(YES, I know he likes Blaze) But THIS is ridicules!! Wait, WHEN did ELISE save Sonic from Eggman?!!
4/26/2007 #6
Test of Love? Would that be my video? :) I'm 'ChrissieGirl' on Youtube by the way. In answer to your question, yes, it doesn't matter which girl you pick, you still come out with an easy S rank either way. :D
5/8/2007 #7
I actually agree with you. I don't hate Elise, but I hate the Sonic/Elise pairing. I don't really care who people pair who with! I usually support all couples and respect all peoples opinions. It just creeps me out that Sonic was paired with Elise in the game. I mean, Amy's been trying to win over Sonic's love for years and some princess comes along and gets Sonic to fall in love with her in... WHAT??? ONE DAY???? IT'S JUST STUPID!!
6/2/2007 #8
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
I KNOW!!! ITS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!! But, I'm wondering...has it ever been confirmed that Sonic DOES have feelings for Elise? We all know Elise fell for Sonic, but did he REALLY fall for Elise THAT FAST?! And I realized, in the 'Test of love' vid on 'Youtube' (From Sonic Next Gen.), when you choose Amy, that guy says to Sonic: "I've chosen your long-time love." SOOOOO...that says Sonic has had feelings for Amy since...'SA1' started the hints so... That confirms Sonic was nervous around Amy because he likes her. The fact that Sonic is calm around Elise suggests that they are only least from Sonic's P.O.V. Another thing, SEGA/'Sonic Team' have never seemed to be so obvious about couples before...Makes ya' wonder...
6/4/2007 #9
I agree with ya'! It was never confirmed weather or not he has feelings for her, but it was implied that he does! I like the nex-gen game, but Sega is beginning to get more 'pushy' with couples! First KnuckleXRouge,next ShadowXMaria, then ShadowXRouge, now SonicXElise!!!! I can get if they drop little hints in ShadowXRouge case, but KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/11/2007 #10
Pink Fire Starter
I understand COMPLETELY how you all feel.Sonic Next-Gen is a HORRIBLE scar on Sonic's value,and the hearts of many fans. Why?One big problem is a 17 year old princess named Elise.At 1st,I didn't think too badly of her,but now I just want to KILL HER!!!!!! Here's a list of reasons for it...1st 2 with her,and last with next-gen. 1.She's such a damn pansy-I know it's some thing that's been going on for years,but this is just STUPID!She can't do S*** to save herself,and ALWAYS needs Sonic to save her.Even Peach is tougher than her!Even though she gets kiddnapped ALOT,she still has value,and once in a while,she'll fight,yes I said it,fight with Mario,like in Mario Bros.2,and in Super Smash Bros. Melee,and got to be the star of her own game,Super Princess Peach.Now,any girl that's being compared to Peach,and Peach comes up on top,that is something Sega SHOULD NOT BE PROUD OF.It means in a coded laguage,PEOPLE HATE HER GUTS IF THEY COMPARE HER WITH PEACH! 2.She's stealing Sonic from Amy-It's obvious Sonic is a ladies man,er hedgehog,but the way she just sucks up to him is RIDICTULOUS!She's just all "Feel sorry for me!" and "I love you so much!".Amy's sort of the same way,but the way she does it is cute.Also,it's pretty obvious that Sonic has NO intrest in Elise.You know,I don't think he has any inrest in that genie from Secret Rings either!You want to know the real reason he's nervous around Amy?She has power.Sonic's been around girls like Elise alot,helpless with no ability at all,and has been used to that.But Amy CAN fight and HAS a personality,so he doesn't know WHAT to think.But for some reason,he likes it.He likes it ALOT.That's why he treats Amy diffrent from Elise and the genie,she has power and personality. 3.Too pushy and uselessness-I AM A ULTIMATE FAN OF SHADOWxROUGE!!!!!I ADORE THAT COUPLE SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!But like the other people,I have to agree that the hints that they put in this game were stupid and unecessary.Rouge being rescued...WHAT!?She's a SECRET AGENT!THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AT ALL!!!I can understand when she tells him she'll always be by his side,but there's NO NEED FOR IT!!!!SEGA,WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!?Another thing with being too pushy,is the start of adventure games.1st bacholrette for Knuckles is Tikal.Same species,have great connection,this could work.I had my eyes on the paring for a long time,and I still do.But then they show hints with Rouge,then Shadow with Maria,then Rouge so now you're confused!!!!WHO LIKES WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Same thing for Sonic and Pansylise,er,Elise.They introduce Amy,get people with it,then they bring in a weaker than Peach,Maria ripoff that KISSES,yes,KISSES Sonic!!!!!!This is the moment I came to the conclusion she'll be on my hate list.My long,long,LONG hate list,which she's near the top!!!!! And so there you have it.My reasons for hating Elise and Next-Gen.
6/20/2007 #11
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
:nods: Elise is SOOOO a Maria ripoff!!! Its so stupid what they've done with the pairings too. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE!!!! I've always been a ShadMaria fan myself, as well as a SonAmy, and Elise's very EXISTANTS is an insult to BOTH pairings!! Why?! WHAT were they thinking when they made her!!!??? This might sound strange considering how much I hate Elise, and DON"T want her and Sonic together but...what makes you think he has no interest in Elise? I've seen the cutscenes on 'Youtube' and all I can think about when I see them is what people say to prove he likes Elise. I HATE IT!! So, what convinced you he doesn't have feelings for her? Did you see the vid on 'youtube' called 'Trial of love' Its from the game. In the trial, if you choose Amy, some guy says to Sonic... "I've choosen you long-time love." That's the ONLY thing that really goes AGAINST Sonic having feelings for Elise. That's the only one the SonElise people can't really argue with. BTW: I have 'Sonic and the secret rings' and I can say for FACT: Sonic and Shahra(the genie girl) are just friends!
7/12/2007 #12
Okay... I've finally come up with some conclusions about the whole Shadow/Maria Vs. Sonic/Elise thing... Most people are like Shadow/Maria but don't like SonicXElise. Those fans ask, why is that? Shadow and Maria were only hinted as being a couple, which left fans to dream. Sonic and Elise, with the whole kissing thing, were defenitely a couple, which which angered many SonicXAnyone fans. It's not the humanXanimal relationship that we hate. It's just the situations for the couples. Examples: Shadow/Maria- Maria basically died at the end. She was also introdcued alongside Shadow, so fans couldn't really say that thier personalities clashed. They didn't know them yet. The were only protrayed in the games as brother/sister or long time friends, nothing more. I'm not saying that they are nothing more, I'm saying that Sega protrayed them as nothing more. Fans were left to decide what happened to their relationship. Sonic/Elise- Yeah, their memories were wiped at the end of the game, but that still doesn't make up for the kissing. It's obvious that Sonic remembers Elise at the end. (I do have to admit that some of their cutscenes were pretty cute...) While Shadow and Maria had a logn time friend relationship. Sonic and Elise were more like a fan writen couple. They fell in love in a day!!!!! I don't hate Elise; I just hate they way that they introduced her. Shadow/Maria- Maria's got guts. I mean, she sacrificed herself so Shadow could escape. She even had the energy to ask Shadow to help the people in the end. The people that killed her! She wanted Shadow to help them even thought they killed her! That must have took some courage and forgivness. She knew that she would be killed, but still did it. Sonic/Elise- Elise was probably captured more times in one game than Amy was in entrie Sonic history! I mean, every other scene showed her getting kidnapped, Sonic saving her, Elise gettign kidnapped again... It was repitutive! It was like she was some old century damsel in distress! True, she did escape once, but only with help from Amy. She was the complete opposite of girl power. And then at the end, she was the only one who could save Sonic! The girl who got captured I don't know how many times! She was like some old 'mary-sue'. I just wanted to say that, because event though I hate Sonic/Elise, I still love the idea of Shadow/Maria. Most of the Sonlise fans think we hate this couple because of humanXhedgehog thing. I don't. These are the reasons why I don't like Sonic/Elise; not one of them is because of the human/hedgehog deal.
8/19/2007 #13
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan
You said it!!!!!!!! [q] It's not the humanXanimal relationship that we hate. It's just the situations for the couples.[/q] I hope so. But, alot of people on youtube won't shut up about the horror of the Hedgehog/Human couple. I mean, I get WHY they're talking about b*** and all BUT COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! THE DUDES WALKIN' ON TWO FEET AND IS PRACTICLY FLUANTE IN TWO LANGUAGES!!!!!!! IT ONLY COUNTS IF HE DOESN'T SPEAK "HUMAN"(insert chosen language here) [q]It's obvious that Sonic remembers Elise at the end.[/q] WAAAAAAAA!!!! I hope not!!!! [q]Elise was probably captured more times in one game than Amy was in entrie Sonic history! I mean, every other scene showed her getting kidnapped, Sonic saving her, Elise gettign kidnapped again... It was repitutive! It was like she was some old century damsel in distress![/q] ABSOLUTLY!!!!!!! She got kidnapped AT LEAST FOUR TIMES!!!! And they DARE call Amy weak... [q]I just wanted to say that, because event though I hate Sonic/Elise, I still love the idea of Shadow/Maria. Most of the Sonlise fans think we hate this couple because of humanXhedgehog thing. I don't. [/q] OMG, I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!!!! I LOVE ShadMaria and HATE SonElise!!!!
8/20/2007 #14
I really don't understand what all the fuss is about over Amy and Elise. If Sonic doesn't like Amy, he doesn't like her. You CANNOT force someone to fall in love with you when they are CLEARLY NOT INTERESTED! =O Amy's clingy, she's possessive---she always calls Sonic "Her Sonic"---AND persistant! I mean, if a chick like that were chasing you around 24/7, and you weren't interested, wouldn't you RUN THE FREAK AWAY!? I thought so... Don't get me wrong---I like Amy, but she can barely sit three SECONDS around Sonic without ordering and yelling at him to marry her. While, Elise doesn't. See the difference? =O
9/9/2007 #15
...I don't like Amy or Elise I feel a little out of place with all the Sonamy fans here... ELISE IS A GIRL VERSION OF CHRIS FROM SONIC X! There, I said it! She is people. She gets captured too much, she basically clings to Sonic, she almost destroys the world because she won't be able to see Sonic anymore (Season finale of Sonic X, anyone?) too much. Really. Die Elise.
12/20/2007 #16
Well, Elise kind of sucks... but I don't hate her, she's a random character for me... but I really hate sonicxelise :/ first, I don't like human/animal xD that includes mariaxshadow sorry, I think they look really cute as friends or almost brothers, but not as a couple, anyways, other thing is that... damn, Elise have to be the most pathetic female character ever... she can't do anything to help herself, and everytime sonic's saves her, she get kidnape again... at least Amy have show she's strong enough to even kick sonic's a** (you can see that in some games like sonic fighters, sonic battle, etc). other thing is that... COME ON! amy has been with sonic since 93 and she have not kiss Sonic yet and elise do it in her first appearence.. what makes me feel better is that Sonic doesn't like Elise, no matter what people says... he is not the guy who shows his love feelings in that way... I assume he see Elise just as a friend :/ sorry if I don't spell somethings well, I don't speak english very well u_u
1/5/2008 #17

well. i don't really like anything about elise herself and i agree with most of the people here. i don't like sonic x elise. sonamy forever!

the couple, sonic x elise, is just really not believeable. i mean amy developed feelings over the years that she was with sonic. elise is just like a random OC that begins to like sonic too. if elise got to know sonic longer than i wouldn't really mind but she only knew him for what? 1-3 days? really... and you expect anyone to believe that?

oh i also found more proof that sonic DOESN'T like elise. i'm not really sure just correct me if im wrong. it was after amy saved elise and they were walking around soleanna. they had a conversation that went something like this.

AMY- His advice... Hmm.... You wouldn't happen to have some feelings for this person, would you? ELISE- What? No! Of course not. AMY- It's OK. Really. Once a girl falls in love, everything changes. It feels like every little moment in your life is huge! Doesn't it? So, what does this guy look like? Have you already been on a date with him? ELISE- Well, no... I really haven't... AMY- A one-way love!? That's so cute. Come on, there's no need to be shy. Look, you're a Princess and you're super cute. That guy's the lucky one! I also have someone that I'm pursuing, too. I wish us both luck!"

like i said, i think its proof but im not really sure. but like amy said, sonic x elise, is mostly onesided. and no im not against human/hedgehog parings.

--to SonAmy and ShadMaria fan: just found your Maria and Shadow: A ShadMaria story today and im hooked! its a really good fic. update soon!

4/26/2008 #18
Sonic Phantom

Okay...I've been reading what you said in your forum, and I have to are completely missing the point.

Elise is not a Maria rip-off. Have you even played the games to understand both girls? Because, to me, your just ranting about it. I'm so sick and tired of people who have to bash another character just because they were paired with another character in the game.

You say that Sonise is an insult to Shadria and SonAmy pairings? I say you fail entirely.

In a way, a pairing can be UNIQUE, and I find SonicxElise a unique pairing depite the species difference. It's something new and refreshing when it comes to pairings and romance. If you want proof, go to my profile and check out a story of mine called 'A sad princess.' It's a SonicxZelda fic. If you like, let me know and I'd like to hear about what you think about it.

Quoted by SonAmy and Shadria fan: WHAT were they thinking when they made her!!!???

Maybe they wanted her to have a role in the Sonic 06 game? And you have to admit, Elise's story was just as deep and tragic as Maria's story.

I don't nkow if Sonic had feelings for Elise or not, but Elise had some strange feelinsg for Sonic. Don't ask me what, for I don't have the answer.

Now I will admit, I didn't like SonicxElise either, but after thinking about it, I realized that ShadowXMaria was just about the same thing as Sonise (except Elise was a princess and Maria wasn't). And after watching the cutscences with Sonic and Elise more and more times, I find it less weird and really sweet.

I have Sonic and the Secret Rings as well, and I agree that both Sonic and Shara were friends.

If you don't Sonise, that's fine. But I don't understand why yuo have to make such a big deal out of the pairing. So, it's not a perfect pairing, but either way you look at it, it's still a pairing.

Do I like the Sonise pairing? Yes. But I don't force other people to like what I like. EVERYONE has different opinions, but forcing other people to support what you don't like is simply stupid and wrong.

Note that this isn't a flame, it's something you should know and I hope you take this into consideration. And for I and the people who do like what you don't, won't have to listen to unfounded complaints. End of Story.

5/27/2008 #19
Sonic Phantom

Note to Fiinikusu Hime: While I do respect your opinion, I think your overreacting as well.

1. I don't really Elise as a "pansy". Elise isn't a perfect character, but Peach isn't any better. I doubt that Sega was trying to compare Elise to Peach.

While she may have the title as "the damsel in distress", doesn't mean she has feelings for Mario. Like in the ending of Paper Mario 2 where she says "Will I ever get to dance at the Mushroom Ball again?". That proved that she cared less about Mario and proves that she just wanted to get back to some dance.

2. I have played Next Gen enough to know that Elise was good friends with Amy and whether she had love for Sonic or not wasn't going to change that. So, how "exactly" is Elise trying to steal Sonic from Amy?

I don't like Amy on how she always goes after Sonic because it's too damn annoying for my tastes. Sonic, IMO, is too good for Amy. But I don't complain about the pairing, I just deal with it. Oh, and the genie's name is Sharah.

3. Is the real reason you hate Elise is because she KISSED Sonic near the end of the game? If that IS the reason...then you are total troll. She only kissed him because he was dead. She brought him back with "a kiss of life" to save him, not because she loved him. I don't understand why you had to take the pairing so seriously and start acting a lunatic.

So I guess in conclusion, you hate Elise and like Peach. I hate Peach and like Elise. That means, we have different opinions. You made your point I made mine so just stop being so whiny about SonicxElise and grow up. Your acting like a total b*** when it comes to a topic about Sonic liking a different girl and only liking Amy as a friend.

6/3/2008 #20

Elise sucks...that's all I have to say about her, and also, I really don't get this whoel thing, are they from earth or Mobius? IS SONIC X THE ONLY SERIES THAT EVER EXPLAINS THESE CONSTANT CROSSOVERS!!!???

6/20/2008 #21
Pink Fire Starter
Oh sorry if you thought I only hated her for that. But I kind off was in a depressive outburst(I have a SLIGHT metal disorder),and I was just real angry at the time. Not at this, but just how things were going. I just mainley don't like Elise at all. But Peach isn't any better, you're right. Sorry I went overboard, but I wasn't in the sanest terms at the time.
7/23/2008 #22

yeah, I don't like her either, she's just the annying princess in disrtress constantlly.

7/23/2008 #23

Okay, I've been looking over a few of the replies I wrote a couple months ago, and I know I sounded like a SonAmy fanbrat, so let me clear some things up. One, I don't just think that Sonic and Amy are the only ones for each other. Anyone who has read my newer stories knows that I am in fact a huge fan of SilverXAmy and to some extent SonicXBlaze.

Why was I comparing SonicXElise's relationship to SonAmy then? I was only comparing it because that's one of the more 'solid' pairings portrayed in the Sonic universe. Sadly, it is also one of the more muddled. I just hate how Sega introduced this new pairing without even clearing up the old one for us. I know they said Amy will still chase Sonic no matter what, but is it so hard for them to clear up Sonic's side of the story rather then creating another princess for him. (I think he's passed Link's harem of love interest by now. O_O wait... Nope Link still has him beat by about two, I think.)

Two, I didn't like the fact that the first kiss of the entire Sonic universe took place between a new character and the 'oldest' character. If I wanted a kiss in the Sonic universe I would want it to be between two characters that we have grown to love. While Elise's story was somewhat touching, we only got to see a minimal smig of her personality. You can never know a person until you see how they react during all situations and, let's face, Elise didn't get enough screen time for anyone to really connect with her. (at least from my point of view).

And also, what was the whole point of erasing the events? Why even make the game then? To introduce Silver? Give Blaze CG screen shots? Make Omega really go downhill? (Getting off topic here.) I mean I would have liked if after they kissed they, you know, talked about it. Settled their relationship as just friends or possible love interests. (Even though that idea disgusts me.) What was the whole point in making them kiss then? Nothing happened! I almost feel like it was just a wasted Sonic game and Elise, unfortunately, was featured in at as the main heroine this time instead of characters we have grown to love, know, or ditest. I mean, why even put the game on the market with this kind of unestablished pairing? I feel if they were introduced in a later game, with more interaction, complications, and you know, resolving on Amy's part, they could have become somewhat likable.

But this game just...flopped. Once again, Elise didn't get enough time to stand out alone instead of a mary-sue which was what she was protrayed as. That's what made me dislike her. It seemed like she was some vague character that was suddenly thrust in and had a thing for the hero of the story. It's cliched and overdone. I want a heroine that can actually stand alone and has romance just as a side, with a personality and an actual character to match. Elise...just didn't accomplish that. Everybody, well, almost everybody, loved her and she was shown as...almost perfect. Perfection is impossible and that just made her seem...unlikable.

Am I making any sense here?

10/1/2008 #24

O.o...nope, you lost me at "Okay" JK...yes, you made sense. I still despise Elise though

10/1/2008 #25
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan


I don't know why Sega choose to erase everything... in the end, all the game did was upset people!

Being a ShadMaria and SilverBlaze, I found it completely unfair that Sonic got to go back in time to save Elise (when Eggman's ship blew up), when Sega could have just as easily had Elise and Eggman be seen escaping in a smaller ship. It is COMPLETELY unlikely that Eggman would just die with the ship, when he's escaped SO MANY TIMES BEFORE!!

I agree that Elise was not given enough screen time. Here she is, a completely new character, and we're suppose to just be okay that she's "Sonic's new Girlfriend"? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

She will be hated, and I wonder if that's what Sega wanted...

""I mean I would have liked if after they kissed they, you know, talked about it. Settled their relationship as just friends or possible love interests. (Even though that idea disgusts me.) ""

ABSOLUTLY!!!! All we know for sure is that Elise likes Sonic, but we DON'T know how he feels about her.

I still don't like Elise, (I'm starting to come down from the hate level), and I hope we NEVER see her again.

10/1/2008 #26
The Daily Dude

You are completly correct about that magazine, I saw that on Sonamy94's videos and it shows those exact words, I am going to be right back, I am going to find that link right now. Oh and I usually like the girl characters from Sonic (I like Amy, Tikal, Blaze, Rouge, and Maria) but when it comes to Elise well lets just say I rather see Shadow kill me then see Sonic and Elise togethor, anyway be right back.

1/26/2009 #27
The Daily Dude

Well here is the link

P.S. All Sonamy fans go to Sonic EX: After the Fact it is amazing, from the beginning to the end by Sonamy94 and sorry for changing the subject from hating Elise to Sonamy.

1/26/2009 . Edited 1/26/2009 #28
SonAmy and ShadMaria fan

OMG! I just saw that vid yesterday!!

I knew it existed, but hadn't seen it myself until that vid came along.

Don't worry about the minor topic change. I'd rather discuss SonAmy over that stupid Elise any day!

1/26/2009 #29
The Daily Dude

I hate Elise because of she ruins Sonic and Amy a lot, well actually she doesn't ruin it, the couple SonicXElise ruin it, so I hate SonicXElise, and I don't think Elise is copied off of Maria at all, at the beginning of the game Elise is like caring for the whole world and then at the end she only cares about Sonic and her, selfish when Maria still dies to save Shadow, that is true friendship / love

Oh and sorry for making three replys right next to each other, I was a little lazy to press edit each time, sue me.

1/26/2009 #30
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