Who is better looking? Edmund or Peter? Skandar or William? And which of them is just an allround better kind of guy? Any views and opinions welcomed!
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I think both actors are pretty good looking. However, i prefer Skandar to William, but Peter to Edmund...weird i know. i just like Peter's character better than Edmund's, but i've only seen the 2005 movie and haven't actually read the book so i can't really judge that well...
4/10/2007 #1
IMHO, I personally like William better. Character wise, they both have their faults, ya know? But I would probably say Peter too...
4/11/2007 #2
yeah, like Peter can sometimes be so...annoying?...i don't know how to describe it, but he just irkes me sometimes... (btw, what does IMHO mean? i'm a bit clueless :D)
4/12/2007 #3
I find Peter to be a bit harsh and bossy sometimes. (I still like him better than Edmund though.) "IMHO"-In my humble opinion. :)
4/12/2007 #4
Yeah, but to be honest, the person who plays Edmund has WAY better acting skills than William. It just seems like the lines are much more forced when William says them than when Skandar says his bits...but that's just my opinion...i think all of the children in the film can't act terribly well, but it's not as if i can do any better :D (thanx for explaining!)
4/13/2007 #5
I was referring to the character of Peter himself, not the actor. And then again, you're compairing two different parts here that require the actors to be different from one another. Personally, I think they both were convincing for being teenagers.
4/13/2007 #6
yeah, i suppose you're right, but i still think they could have done a bit better. However, i do think the film was cast very well.
4/15/2007 #7
Especially Georgie Henley (sp?) who played Lucy! I was very impressed with her performance for someone being so young.
4/15/2007 #8
yeah! she was only about 9 years old when it was filmed!
4/17/2007 #9
Hmm....personally I like both Edmund and Skandar better, and I'll explain why. First of all, I don't really like guys that EVERYONE likes (when I saw the movie with my friends, most of them thought Will looked like a young Brad Pitt or something....), plus, I just like Skandar (hehe, that made no sense). And I like Edmund more, well, mostly because he's the black sheep and I sort of....feel for him? Plus I can relate to him a lot (in terms of personality).
5/17/2007 #10
That's a pretty good explaination. =) Like I said before, both guys have their good points and their bad points. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. [q]First of all, I don't really like guys that EVERYONE likes[/q] To tell you the truth, I'm like that too most of the time. Occasionally I'll make an exception, but I'm often the odd one out when it comes to celeb crushes. ;)
5/17/2007 . Edited 5/17/2007 #11

Me and my friend personally LOVE Edmund/Skander. But Peter's OK i guess. No offence to anyone who's a lover of Peter. He's not a bad character at all. It's just I'm mad about Edmund/Skander.

5/31/2008 #12

I like Peter, but I'm an Edmund/Skandar fangirl all the way. I don't really have any good reason for it... I just LIKE him, you know? And plus Peter usually gets all the attention, and for me it's just sorta annoying...


6/5/2008 #13

Ok Well I personally LOVE both Skander & Edmund my reason(s) being that, one like a couple of you mentioned earlier I am the odd one out when it comes to celeb crushs. All my friends (well the few that I have) and I went to go and see Prince Caspian and all of them ethier liked Caspian (ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!) or Peter and then there was me I liked Edmund...ya i got crap for but I don't mind I'm used to it. Second Edmund is the black sheep in his family the misunderstood one you could say and I am too. Plus I could relate to him not only in that aspect but personality wise as well. Plus Skander is soooooooo totally Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but I mean come on!!!

Peter is my second Favorite But he can be so bossy and annoying at times! But he is a good fighter, kind and would protect his family at all costs. Not that Edmund is kind or wouldn't do that for his family but Peter shows it a bit more than he does. Edmund is a really good fighter too but again they focus on Pter more but in Prince Caspian Edmund had a couple of parts that they showed him fighting. Peter is cute but Edmund beats him hands down though! But Peter would be my second choice if I couldn't have Edmund, not that I can have ethier of them in the 1st ok I'm done now!

6/24/2008 #14

SkaterGirl- I agree with you on the Caspian thing (Gag)

Everyone else- WILLIAM MOSELEY IS THE HOTTEST THING TO HAVE WALKED THIS EARTH!!!! But then again it was the same thing with Daniel Racliffe and then he did that nude thing and then it just kinda made me turn my attention elsewhere. William! Its nice to have ones fantasies (not the nude part, im still too young for that) so thats why this website rocks!

Anyways...Peters a better character too, but only up to a certain point and then they're both kind of the same and then all the focus shifts to Edmund so whatever but

SKANDAR IS THE WAY BETTER ACTOR even though they both kinda suck. My favorite parts in the prince caspian movie concerning Edmund is when he beats the DLF at sword fighting (cuz hes hot there), then when Skandy almost manages to keep that adorable smile off his face when Lucys like 'I wish you would stop acting like grownups' and then Trumpkins like, 'I am a grownup', and then of course the battles scenes cuz theres more hottness all around there, not to mention some neat stunts, then when they're slashing the Telmarines at Aslans How.

Its a very close tie

BTW-Did any one else besides me notice how the writers, directors and producers of the Narnia movies have taken a liking to making entire scenes on single sentences in the books? First there was the Blitz scene which was awesome, then in the Prince Caspian film they actually take Reeps advice and storm the castle. For the third book I think the Pirates that attack the Dawn Treader before the Pevensies are on are gona be the same ones that kidnap them and take them to the slave market. I can just picture Sweeny Todd and his faithful sidekick Legolas. Oh wait wrong movies.

7/18/2008 #15

NarnianFairyPirateatTwlight- Finally someone that agrees with me on that! I really don't get what they see in him!!!!

Yes I will admit William is good looking but still Skander is a lil more my type I think. Dude I still can't beileve Daniel did that!!!!! I mean why would he do something like that?!? That turned me off on Daniel too but in the HP movies the twins were always my favorites! hehe...they r so cute! but wrong place to talk bout them. And yes FANFICTION IS THE BEST!!!!!!

Ya they are both such good characters! hehe...I can't wait till Dawn Treader movie comes out...there's going to be alot more of Edmund....^.^

Yes Skander has become one of my all time Fav actors!!!!!! Why do you think they suck? I thought they were both amazing in P.C. and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe! but wayyy better in P.C.! I agree with you when Edmund fights DLF he was looking mighty fine.....same when they had the battle at Aslan's How! Oh and when Lucy was talking to him that one time like you mentioned. I also think he looked hot when the 1st get to Narnia and they still have their school cloths on and they're exploring Cair Parviel when he had his shirt untucked and sleeves rolled up and all I don't know what it is but I think he looks good! One more part that stood out is when Peter was making a light type thing and he asks Edmund for matches and Ed pulls out a flashlight his smile there is breathtaking!!!!!!!! ok I'm done babbling bout him and his hottness! lol ^.^ Oh one more thing The stunts and Battle scenes rocked!!!!!!!!!!

On the subject of the writers and such, I can't really say anything because I am still reading the books but when I finished maybe I'll get what you mean. Is Sweeny Todd a good movie? It looks good.

7/19/2008 #16

Fred DIES! i cried forever in that chapter she killed off Lypin and Tonks, those had to be like my most favorite characters in the series.

I know i got to school the next day and everybodyd like did you see Caspian?

They dont suck that much its just one of my ways that i deny that Skandar is better in anyway than William is. No Edmund doesnt suck hes actually good.

School uniforms are hot on any guy with a british accent. cept ron, thats another person that i dont understand how anybody could like.

Sweeny Todd is alright but they purposefully made the blood all orange so it looks really fake which they ment to do but... yeah its a good movie. Johnny Depp is way better in Pirates of the Caribbean though, thats like the only movie that i like better than Narnia.

7/22/2008 #17

I know he does!!!!!!!!!!! I cried forever when the found out he died and when Geroge got his ear cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonks is cool too i loved how her hair changed color with her mood and such! I also cried cuz Harry Potter is pretty much over all they have to do is finish the movies then thats it...... :( it makes me sad....

Lol ya....sad thing is no one asked me at all except 4 my aunt!

lol Well I love both of thier acting skills! But like I said Willaim comes in second to Sakndar everytime! ^.^

Ya good point British guys look hot in just bout anything! I agree with you on the Ron thing though he has a great personality and is an amazing friend but he doesn't have the looks......and I would never date him...but the thats a different story! ^.^

Lol Why did they purposefully make the blood orange and fake? Dude I LOVE The Pirates of the Caribbean!!!!!!!!!!!! Its tied wiht Narnia and HP though I can't choose between them! they r all soo amazing! R they going to make a 4th Pirates? And I personally think that Pirates is the only movie Johnny Depp is really good in.

P.S. I saw the FUNNIEST video of Skander William and Ben Barnes on youtube it cracked me up soooooo bad! ^.^

7/23/2008 #18

what was it?

7/25/2008 #19

It was on youtube and it was a music video of the gay Barbie song where Edmund and Peter hate Susan and they're in love with Caspian. Don't get me wrong I have nothing againest Susan sure she's not my favorite but I don't hate her. But this vidoe just made me laugh...alot! hehe! You should find it and watch it just for grins. So ya.

7/25/2008 #20

I prefer William/Peter over Edmund/Skandar.... But both are still cute. =]

8/13/2008 #21

lol ya William/Peter is my second favorite. But Skander/Edmund is number one! hehehe. ^.^

8/23/2008 #22

I have to say that I prefer Skadner/Edmund to William/Peter because of the second movie. I thought that Skander was cute in the first movie, but he definitely got hotter in between filming, and then, Edmund was just a cooler character in Prince Caspian. Peter was way too macho, fighting with Caspian and all that, and both Peter and Caspian had to get bailed out by Edmund in a few points. I mean, come on, what's not to love?!


8/23/2008 #23

Nobodys posted anything here in a while so I felt like posting something.

So hows yall school going. Mine would be fine if I could get more sleep and if math didnt exist. I detest it, and now i hate it even more because my algbra 2 teachers voice is so monotonus ( i should probably work on my spelling too) litterally all I hear is loud mumble,mumble,mumble, blah, blah, blah. I don't even know how one can make a mumble soft, but he can.

Anyways whos hair is better. Peter or Edmunds, Wills or Skandys? Did anyone ever look at the pretty pictures in the book? It looks like Peter is actually supposed to be the one with dark hair and Edmund the blonde.

9/9/2008 #24

I know its kind of depressing that noboy's posted anything. =(

My school is going ok I mean its school so theres not a whole lot to say. I hate math with a purple passion! Along with Spanish it's my worst subject! . lol I am sorry about your math teacher that has to stink!

I have to say that I like em both but If I had to choose once again it would have to be Skander/Edmund. But Peter/William's is great hair too! lol I would so cry if Edmund's hair was blonde because since I saw the movies beofre I read the books when I think of Edmund I think of Skander and same with all the characters so if he went blonde....(Shudders) I can't begin to think how horrible that would

9/17/2008 #25
K.J. Almazan

Well, i am just going to say/type one sentence: William Moseley all the way!

10/31/2008 #26

I have to say I prefer Skandar to William. I was watching Prince Caspian with my friends and they were all gawking over William/Peter or Ben/Capian, but I was gawling at Skandar/Edmund.

It's got to be Edmund over Peter, this is because I can relate to Edmund in so many ways. And also I think after LWW he has a great personality, where ar Peter is too Proud and bossy.

12/27/2008 #27

ummm.... maybe slighlty irelevant but i was watching the movie last night and realized that with the exception of the piece at the end, prince caspian is wearing his pjs the ENTIRE movie. He gets woken up by the old man, he puts armor on, rides out, crashes into a tree, the badger takes it off, he puts it back on and so on.

2/4/2009 #28

First, let me just say that my opinion in here is a little skewed, because I'm way too old for Skandar. hahaha

Character wise: In the first movie, I hated Edmund. He was a tool. haha Selfish little brat (although he did redeem himself in the end so I got over it. haha). But I really liked him in the second movie - he evolved fantastically and I really wish they would have given him more screen time/lines.

Peter. I liked Peter in the first movie, loved him in the second. Why? Because I felt he was a very realistic character. I don't like perfection in a guy. I like a good guy - Peter is a good guy - but I don't mind a temper. I like that he was proud and stubborn because that made him human and it's the flaws that make the character.

Actors: Skandar is adorable. I just love that kid haha He's hilarious and super talented and I do not blame younger teenage girls for loving him. He's a cutie. But, ya know, he's 15. much too young for me. But I really think he has a bright future, acting wise.

I think William is gorgeous. Someone said they're friends called him a young brad pitt - I totally disagree. And I love Brad. I just don't think Will looks like Brad haha. Will has a love for the art of film making in general and the willingness to work at it to be the best he can be and I like that hard working, passionate quality because it is one that he and I share.

Both of them seem like great guys and I adore them

as I always say: Skandar is the Gilligan to my Skipper, Will is the Romeo to my Juliet ;) haha

3/14/2009 #29

Character-wise, I couldn't choose. Peter and Edmund both have their flaws (as well as their moments in both films) and I think that's what makes them so interesting. But if we're talking I've emphasized on other forums...SKANDAR KEYNES WINS HANDS DOWN. He's an amazing actor...and he's SUPER HOT!!! ^-^

3/29/2009 #30
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