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i absolutely agree on this couple!!! after watching episode 132.. it was like!! -lightbulb lights up- she's the one!!! kawaii!! why didn't think about that in the first place!!!!
3/26/2008 #1

haha yea it was fun watching that ep. hitsugaya is cute to watch so.

they dont have any signs of it in the manga right?

3/27/2008 #2

Hmm i'm not sure if it is in the manga. my firend said he saw a chapter with it either in or hinted a, but he could remeber the number. so iv'e been searching through Archive and havent seen ay yet. I hope there will be because this pair is suited towards each other. i love them in all stories posted on here, and if it is/will be in the manga it will be funny seeing Ichigo's reaction.

I don't really see why People think Hinamori is a great character. she's attack our little shiro, sings the praises of the Aizen (the BAD GUY) and is obbsessed with him. Sure they grew up together, but so did Byakuya and Yourichi, Rukia Renji and Ichigo Tatsuki, and yeah people have written stories for all these pairings but their is NO concrete evidence in the manga or anime.

The whole HitsuHina Story line is getting boring now. they keep tormenting poor Toushiro " oh your childhood friend still like you, even though she attacked you and is willing to kill to kill you and everyone that opposes the great Aizen". HitsuKarin stirs things up a bit. their so diffrent and alike at the same time. Their both stubborn and unwilling to show poeple how they really feel (shiro in general and karin after masaki's death)

hope to see more of this parining on here and in the manga!

Thats my ramble finished


7/13/2008 #3

yeah totally i agree!! i've never liked hinamori at all and i was a fan of hitsukarin before ep 132 was out becuase they were my favourite characters so i put them together in my mind. they're so good together and i love them together not just for the heck of a crack pairing, they really go well together! i also believe that hitsukarin is breaking out there in the bleach fic archive recently!! its an awesome thing!! :) hurrayyy!!

8/23/2008 #4

hehe your right Emichii,

i don't even consider Hitsukarin a crack pairing because they fit so well together. I check the archives every few days to keep up with the newly published and updated fics! snd hopefully i am trying to get back in to writing by putting up my first hitsukarin story, its a crappy little one-shot of no importance but if it add's to the ever growing numbers of our favourite paring then i will try to write more!

i love challenges! BRING IT ON HITSUHINA!

8/23/2008 #5



Enough said.

9/29/2008 #6

well i think there aren't any hitsukarin moments in the manga though....episode 132 was only a filler..

the last time i visited the site (like three months ago)...i searched for hitsukarin fics.. but sadly... i only found a couple of them..this time (or was it two days ago?) well i was... O.O!!!! then i started jumping off my seat...


10/23/2008 #7

You know what?

I NEVER WATCH filler episodes (in the beginning)

so when everyone was on ffn going HITSUKARIN HITSUKARIN!

and I was like HUH?

then I watched it and I thought..wait Hitsugaya's thinking about Hinamori. Just because he helped her out in a football match doesn't mean they have feelings for each other!


I want that couple to disappear from the face of this earth.



10/23/2008 #8

I didn't see a sign when i joined that said you could't support any couple. Hitsukarin is a favourite of some of the fans just like ichirukia, renjitatsuki and others.

We choose to like a diffrent couple so what?

to me hitsuhina is like ByakuyaRukia. sure their not blood related, but they were brought up as family and to me thats the way it should stay. its not like byakuya is going to come out and say " SRSLY RUKIA ILU!" so why should hitsu.

PLus theirs the whole Aizen thing going on. Hinamori tried to kill a childhood friend on the word of a dead guy. if that doesnt show how easily manipulated Hinamori is then i dont know what. frankly, after that stunt i dont think she deserves our little shiro chan

Hitsukarin is way more romantic and fun.

and it's here to stay! get used to it :D

10/23/2008 #9

And hopefully when Shiro was sitting on that guard rail he was thinking, "screw Hinamori, she dumped me for a superman wannabe" and then karin showed up!

Its so romantic :)

10/23/2008 #10


Uhmm when a guy says "it brings back memories" and it shows a boy and girl watching the sun go down, it really is quite romantic

Yeah Hinamori is OBSESSED with aizen but she's not in love with him.

He wasnt thinking "screw hinamori"

You don't FALL IN LOVE when a random person helps you out with your football match

Ohhhhh btww

*looks hopeful* can youu guys read my story why all bleach couples do not work?

Coz it's got a hitsukarin interview

It's funny :P


10/23/2008 #11

i can understand the appeal of Hitsuhina, but i love Hitsukarin.

we'll never know anyway, Tite Kubo has said that their will be no romance in bleach. but hitsukarin has got quite a big fanbase that's still growing

and people are dying to find fresh new idea's for hitsu. i thinks its funny when in a FF Icihigo finds out who his little sister is seeing and either hilarity or embarrisment follows. i guess it is becuase hitsuhina has gotten kinda stale and people have gotten tired of waiting for hinamori to show up and either try to kill him (again) or for her a hitsu to get together.

whichever you support its fun to speculate and come up with good idea's or read others, its what ff is about ni?

(p.s and wasnt it Karin ans Toshiro who watched the suset together, then even though he didnt even know she was Ichigo's sister he still helped her. then he saved her even though she tried to defend herself from the hollow. then the amazingly romantic scene where the sun was in the background when she grabbed his shoulders and begged toushiro to tell her something about ichigo. way more romantic then being attacked by someone who you grew up with and treated as family, who then decided to trust their boss more then you :)_

10/23/2008 #12


well ive always liked hitsukarin before i knew it existed because hitsugaya and karin are my favourite characters!! so i LOVED ep 132!!! _

the hitsukarin fiction archive used to be really small but it keeps growing and growing now!! awesomeness!

my hitsukarin fic I'm a Soul Reaper, but I Love You is my most popular one ever still. truly 30 thousand hits is a lot!!!! therefore, we are not the only people out there who love hitsukarin!! im so happy that it keeps growing!! also, i found a hitsukarin fanclub on deviantart so now start watching out for more hitsukarin fanart out there!! HAHAHAHAHHAA!!

and for those of u who dont like hitsukarin, well... whatever.

GO HITSUKARIN!!! :) :) emichii

10/24/2008 #13

the reason why this is probably one of the most popular crack pairings is because it has a filler episode unlike all the other pairings


Hitsugaya's in love with hinamori anyway


10/24/2008 #14

you're right about that... the manga is what counts... and reminding me bleach is a Shonen manga and there are hardly any love stories emphasized there... and how can u tell hitsugaya is in love with hinamori and how can u tell there's spark between hitsukarin? coz' fans love it.. fans have different POV's and what matters is...

SHIROU-chan is still the best!!

i like hitsukarin but... hoping that they would pair up(like end up with each other) in the anime is not really goin to happen... i like the hitsukarin fics made by other hitsukarin supporters... i think fillers just show Hints..... on the ep 132.... it just shows hitsugaya misses momo a bit... and karin playing soccer reminded him of you know who....momo and shirou-chan had a really close relationship but as far as i can see... they're like family...


10/24/2008 #15
FullMetal Alchemistress

I love HitsuKarin. I mean, yeah, I think Hitsugaya has HAD feelings for her before, but I think it's more of a brother-sisterly love that shows between them.

11/20/2008 #16


Sorry for being rude earlier

LOL I came across this in google :P

but seriously, this couple wouldn't exist if it were not for bleach fillers.

Mind you, couples like Byakuga x Soifon exist which I never got...

I love making hitsugaya & Karin good friends.

I love HitsuRuki which makes sense to me, but no sense to anyone else.

Haha crack is more exciting than IchiRuki anyway

12/23/2008 #17

@ SamuraiGirl

I never got the appeal of HitsuKarin

so yeah...meh.

I think I would have grown to like HitsuKarin if it were not for the fact that Toshiro was thinking about Momo in the filler.

So yeah...

12/23/2008 #18

lol its kinda funny watching you guys argue but if tite kubo said that there wasnt going to be any romance then hitsuhina would have a small chance of happening but hitsukarin would have no chance cause they dont even met


1/17/2009 #19

OMG! I forgot about this forum!

I think what gets me is that some hitsukarin fans actually think this pairing WORKS. That's what so laughable about it.

Also, excluding one of my best friends on fanfiction who likes HitsuKarin, the majority of HitsuKarin are really really rude!

One said : If Hinamori was human, then Karin would beat her.

Actually, Hinamori got into Soul Society because she's strong. So I think in her past life, she'd kick Karin's a**. I do like Karin, just that she's ugly and useless.

People think Momo's useless but she's not. She's actually just naieve.

it really gets to me.


[just stating my opinion :P]

1/17/2009 #20

lol totally agree with you

i dont really understand why people think karin is pretty or cute.

and hinamori would totally kick pwne her. im not trying to be rude but ive seen alot of rude hitsukarin fans they bash hinamori cause they know that shes got a way higher chance of being with hitsugaya

XD just my opinion

1/17/2009 #21

I can't completely understand the appeal for Hitsuhina. But to me there just isn't enough to convice me personally that the would be good for each other. As far as i can see Hinamori has done nothing really productive in either the anime or the manga, and just holds Toushiro back.

people find the appeal of Hitsukarin because they just click. she's brash and headstrong, he's cool and controlled. however they both share the same goal of keeping the people close to them safe, and that's what makes them good together. Hitsugaya doesnt need to be mollycoddled by Hinamori, he needs someone who will contrast his personality, and so Hitsukarin just grew.

I'm not trying to be rude, but mearly bring about something that will show people why we are hitsukarin fans =P

1/17/2009 #22

But i think you can see why Hitsukarin fans get quite annoyed. Hitshina fans are always complaining about why we like hitsukarin. i don't think were trying to be rude on purpose, it's just frustrating being berated because we like this pairing. yes we know it might not actually happen, but that wont stop us from supporting them!

Hitsukarin is GO!!!! =3

1/17/2009 #23
FullMetal Alchemistress

But i think you can see why Hitsukarin fans get quite annoyed. Hitshina fans are always complaining about why we like hitsukarin. i don't think were trying to be rude on purpose, it's just frustrating being berated because we like this pairing. yes we know it might not actually happen, but that wont stop us from supporting them!

YES! THANK YOU! I like Hitsukarin BECAUSE I know it will never happen. I used to read AU Twilight fics where Edward and Bella have a baby because I didn't think it would actually happen, but once that failure Breaking Dawn came out, I stopped reading Twilight fanfics altogether. (And now with the fandom the wy it is, I scarcely say I'm a fan at all...)

But I love Hitsukarin just for the imposibility of it and the possibilities of the fanfics that come along with that impossibility.

1/17/2009 #24

Tbh, I don't mind you guys here because you're being quite polite to me :]]

But I still can't see why Hitsugaya would want to be with Karin.

There was no hint of romance in the episode.

For me, even me being a crack lover they have nothing in common.

[Except making Hitsugaya have an unusual ability]

1/17/2009 #25

sometimes i love pairings that have little possibility like around 10% chance but hitsukarin has like 0.001% chance cause they dont meet

srry if im being rude though i dont like people hating me

1/17/2009 #26
FullMetal Alchemistress

Theymeet in the anime (aslame an excuse as that is) And that's all the inspiration I need ^_^

1/17/2009 #27

That's what I'm saying.

If there was hint of romance, like it looked like they had feelings towards each other.

But it really didn't.

[Ichigo x Senna had hints of romance :P]

1/17/2009 #28
FullMetal Alchemistress

Eh...I didn't really see any IchigoxSenna hints in the movie, so I think that there proves that what each person believes is "fluff" (or whatever you want to call it) is different depending on the person. I saw Hitsukarin "fluff" in that episode, however light it was...

But whatever. Each person has their own opinion and is entitled to it. No one's is wrong and arguing isn't going to change anything or anyone's opinions.

1/17/2009 #29

at the end of the movie there was some hints of ichigo and senna but they werent that significant but they still were hints

in the episode where karin mets hitsugaya there were also hints of the pairing but it wasnt really romantic it was more of a couple argueing

1/17/2009 #30
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