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Okay, a lot of you may have different opinions. So share 'em. Review whores are authors who whore for reviews.

Whoring comes in different ways. Denying updates, saying you'll abandon a story, demanding so and so many reviews or you won't update, adding things just for reviews and so on. Sickening really.

Mkay, there really is no reason to be so obsessed with reviews.

Let's break down WHY we all love reviews so much, and we all do. Don't deny it, I won't cause I love 'em too!

Okay. We love reviews cause we love to get comments, compliments and hear that people are reading our fics. It literally boosts are egos.

Then we see stories with 100 review posts. Then we look at our stories and see a lesser amount. We get anxious, we get jealous... we just want lots of d*mn reviews!

...And this is where reviews become addictions.

I still love reviews but I know better now. See there was a time I was denied writing. I literally lost everything and that included my computer. I couldn't write, I couldn't read. I had stories I wanted to write, I had idea's to add to work-in-progess fics and the truth remained. I COULDN'T write them. So they all went to waste. I never thought I'd be able to write again. Back before it all happened... I was a review whore.

Okay now I've seen many MANY people review whoring and they would deny it this way. A lot of people will use these excuses but dears, there is no excuse.

"I like the feedback."

Okay, we like feedback but this is a non-profit site. We use fanfiction as a sourse for our OWN enjoyment. We have a specific genre we like and we read what WE would like to happen or we WRITE what we'd like to happen if no one has our specific idea's in mind.

Feedback is great but it's up to you to write the story. Feedback doesn't write the story, we do and if we all get such little feedback, which most do, then no stories would be written.

"It helps me improve as a writer."

That would be great! If only it were true. It only takes one comment to tell you what you can do to improve. They can tell you it all in one comment and come on... let's be truthful here. Most comments host sayings like, "OMG GREAT!", "MORE SOON!", "LGJLRSFGMJ UPDATE!" "YOU ARE THE BEST, THIS STORY IS THE BEST HERE! UPDATE!" yeah, where in those comments did you hear something that makes you improve?

... yeah, didn't think so. Those comments did one thing and that was make us feel good. In the real world you get good comments but ALWAYS with critism or you get MEAN comments that tell us all the bad it has. Oh and most the good comments are just summaries of what the story has to offer. Yeah, this is a fansite after all. You really have no right to let your ego go when all the comments given have no acual relevance to the work.

--- The number ONE thing that pissed me off most though, would be that so many good stories are tossed to the "discontinued" section because they got little or no reviews. Either dicontinued or left un-updated for ridiculous amounts of time.

So tell me what you feel when you are reading a story that is so GOOD and then you come to the last updated chapter to find that it won't be completed or updated until so or so many reviews are given. When you read such great works that are discontinued for lack of review attention. Have you never got upset?

You end up begging the author to update but sometimes the ego's get so inflated they want TONS of reviews or be like I used to and want LONG/DESCRIPTIVE reviews too.

What do you think about Review Whoring?

5/1/2007 . Edited 4/17/2012 #1
Hmm... I'd love it if my GW/SM got any review at this point, though since I haven't done what anyone expected, I doubt that it'll happen. Not loosing any sleep over it, though, as I've been here since 2002 and I know better than to expect reviews, let alone anything resembling coherance when I do finally get one (and those "ZOMGUPDATEPLZ" reviews make me want to bash my head against a desk and weep for the grammatical future of the world). Sure, it's nice to get a long review, but those eat up time I don't have anymore and, worse, I hardly have the time to update more than twice a year anyway! So yeah. Ignored pile for me, the woefully slow updater of fanfiction. Sad part is, I see people doing ALOT of review whoring on this site - polling, etc - instead of actually making a decision about the characters and plot and sticking to it. If I get stuck, I grab dragon dice, name a value for the numbers and start rolling. Now, I'm not opposed to giving a treat to reviewers and letting them feel like they're involved with a cameo appearance or something decided upon in a forum or email but the polling in stories MUST STOP. It is driving me out of my mind. Half of me desires to be desperately cruel and reply, "Begging gets you nowhere. Make a decision for yourself, stick with it and stop whining." Logic rears its snarky head and says that would be a very bad idea and would be giving them the attention they crave..
5/8/2007 #2
I agree, wholeheartedly. Polls(Fx-Fixed from Poles) only exsit to feed review hunger. If they need the readers help so much that they need polls(Fx) and stuff to get reviews then they can't write on their own. Sadly... I have an updating problem too. Except it doesn't have to do with reviews... even though I am fighting the cravings... Nah my problem is because I was away from writing so long that even if I got these great ideas that I know are great I just can't word it... literally. Sometimes I can't even type a single word, it's horribe and sad. Then after I manage a word or sentance I hate it and it doesn't(Fx from don't.. ew bad slang, not even the okay slang.) sound right... lord and lady help me. Oh... right, back on topic. Anyone can deny it, seriously, they can but what I wanna see is proof. Otherwise it's just review whoring. As for the "Wanna tell them to stop the polls(Fx) in reviews but it feeds the fire more then douses the flames" is very correct. It's sad how having nasty attitude is the only thing that gets us furhter nowadays. So, I'd say PM the authors, be nice at first or be mean right away and tell them what ya think. I try to be nice but sometimes being mean is the only solution. It gets the point across futher... That should be a new topic. In fact I'll make it now!
5/9/2007 . Edited 5/12/2007 #3
I agree with the whole demanding reviews thing. It is stupid. If I ever demand/ask/beg for reviews, I am counting on you to shoot me. The polls thing doesn't bother me though. Not all, but some authors really have a good intention in mind when they post them. They might want to write a story that people will like or want people to give them something diverse so they can test out their skills and expand their boundries. Sometimes, even things that are not even up for polls get turned into them. For example, in my fic 'Teardrops on My Heart', I stated it would either be a ReiTrowa or ReiTrowaHeero pairing, and then everyone reviewed telling me what couple they wanted, some of them not even being stated. I barely got any useful information or anything I could use to help myself improve. I was very upset. That is in fact one time when polls make me angry, even though it was unintentional. With the being mean thing... I don't believe that anyone should be mean to someone on this site. The only times I find it appropriate is when someone breaks a rule or if someone is being a little b**** to others. The only time I have ever been rude on this site is when someone flamed an author and began to insult their intellectual abilities. They began to go on about how dumb they were and that they could not and had no buisness writing stories. I thought it was so degrading. I cannot even begin to imagine flaming someone, much less to that extent. Telling someone they are stupid and that it is 'all wrong' is not helpful. Besides, in my opinion, I don't think anyone has a place to say if the idea is good or not. Everyone has idea's and I think that people should respect those who are brave enough to show those idea's to the world. Funny thing is, most of the people that I have found flaming, are the ones who haven't posted a story. With updating... I suck at it. Like you said, so many idea's... but you can't find out how to write it down! I hate that! I sit there for like an hour, and maybe have a paragraph. I get mad at myself sometimes. XD Anyway, sorry for the long reply. I just wanted to respond! :) Silence
5/26/2007 #4


I don't like review whores. I get the bare minimum reviews. If I became a review whore I'd only have stories with 1 chapter up.

I just ask once for people to review and point out I accept non members to review I used to say "Its a fanfiction crime to read and no review" but I stopped it because I didn't want to be asscociated with Review whores. I have to wait ages for some stuff to be updated...I think review whoring is wrong.

Another thing with reviews that really annoys me is people who just add it to faveroites, also people who review in the PM system (Sorry, I know thats off topic).

"It helps me improve as a writer." For me its true. I got some comments that really helped me along.

Also, everything I read I review, I review everything because I know how happy it can make people!


7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #5

c: yey more fans!

I absolutely adore reviews, don't get me wrong. My prefrence is critique reviews though, just as you said. It's also taught me a great deal in writing and I am VERY thankful for that. Heh, flames taught my stubborn as to pay attention to critiques so I DON'T get flamed :c either way, it was a learning experience.

I agree. I get angry when it comes to review whores. Here's a WONDERFUL story that won't be finished for SELFISH reasons.

God, I wish it were only reviews that held me back from writing. Life has seemed to have gotten in the way... and I want to branch out and try something original and not fan. However I will finish them :C I just need my imagination back. God when I was a depressed child I was rampent with ideas... now I've got them but they're lesser in my eyes and I hate what I write and draw...

Sorry, I couldn't help myself from ranting...

A while back I got very angry with an author of a very intriguing story. It makes me angrier when they lie and say the story is finished. It's very clear to see it wasn't. I was upset, it had so much potential!

Alas... I don't know what to do.

Honestly, the best policy to prevent it would be to COMPLETE the story before posting and then post once every week. A decent amount of time for reviews and suspense and it keeps the readers happy.

Waiting long can end up making people lose interest, whether it's good or not.

I don't review every story I must say but that's mainly because I review poeple with opinions or critiques, it's very rare that I leave a spastic "UPDATE" review lol but I do ahaha! Oh I get spazzy...

8/15/2009 #6

Ahh, I forgot, I tend to read completed stories now and it's very sad that in EVERY section it seems, that the total of completed stories is not even half of the entire catagory but a small 3 sometimes, rarely 10 percent is complete. 50 percent, well now, that would be DISCONTINUED stories, which in my eyes, if you never plan on finishing it, then delete it instead of having it waste space and giving false hope...

8/15/2009 #7
Katie Duggan's Niece

You've really said it so well that there's barely anything to add, but I will mention that when I first looked up the how-to tips for getting more reviews on my stories (not a proud moment, I assure you), I was stunned to read that A) an astonishing percentage of fanfiction goes unreviewed and B) a lesser but no less astonishing percentage of it goes unread.

I notice too that stories seem to get stuck in a sort of limbo where no one reviews for quite some time. It's no reflection on the value of the stories but probably only down to the mathematics of fandoms, hits, links, reciprocal relationships, etc. There are always reciprocal relationships where a pair or group of writers make a point of reviewing each other's stories, and faithfully, but that too is an exception.

Recently I was reading a story by a talented writer whose stories I read and review regularly, and in her introductory remarks for the chapter she bemoaned that "only" a certain percentage of readers were reviewing. Everyone reading this has already guessed that the figure she named was surprisingly high, a figure that would make a great many of us green with envy.

Then again, be careful what you wish for. It can be time-consuming to respond to a plethora of reviews! The main thing is to strive to improve as a writer, be gracious to readers and fellow writers, and keep reading, writing, and reviewing.

Thanks for this forum topic.


5/16/2010 #8

Alright, so...

Everyone knows that little moment where your heart jumps into your throat after you update, you keep your email open in one tab and continuously glance over to see if the number has jumped. If it has, you dash over immediately to see, and your stomach writhes when you see its from FFN.

... Or maybe that's just me?

The whole 'ego' thing is true. It's positively, utterly true. Many FF writers have disorders, a lot of the time with self-esteem. Things like Borderline, Narcissism, Histrionic, (I have two of these) Bipolar, OCD.

It makes people truly, genuinely happy and excited to know that they made a complete stranger happy with their work, particularly for us serious writers who are published or nearly published.

The few reviews that do have critiques are very useful, and even if I feel a little stung, I accept them graciously and I acknowledge what they say and keep it in mind. I know there are people that don't do that, *eh hem.*

In any case, however, there's something addictive about reviews. I'm one of those people who has stories with 100+ reviews. Like any other addiction, it only makes it worse. But isn't that also what writing is about? An addiction? You ALWAYS want to get better?

12/31/2010 #9


See, here's the thing with those semi-completed stories.

I have a half-finished trilogy on a really long possible multi-year hiatus, if it's not discontinued.

I decided to be... as gracious as I could be, and I added in what was going to happen in one long big chapter, explaining what I had intended.

12/31/2010 #10

@Katie and ListensToGreenDay

Sadly, reviews are rare to come by now, not because of cliques or friends but because Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing are VERY old anime/mangas, our fandom here has dwindled because most who wrote and read here, no longer even come to this website as they've grown up, and moved on, which is sad. A hobby is a hobby and that's why I've been here since 1998 and still at 23 years old, try my best to continue with my hooby because I love to write and I LOVE to read but hardly ANY stories are being written anymore.

Not simply because fans of this section have dwindled and left but also because since there is so very little people visiting this particular section of ff.n, that means even less people to review. Out of 100 percent, only 30 percent will review, and that's based on a story with 100+ reviews. Most people don't review, they just enjoy the read.

Writing should NOT be about reviews, while we love them as authors, a lot of people on this site, whether they have an account or not, like to read stories more then actually write and THAT is what writing is about. Enjoying creating your own story with characters that you love, recreating and imagining so many new ideas and then maybe even one day making characters of your own and writing your very own works, that "future" aside, it really is just because people love a certain series that they write about that series. Not for any other reason.

So it's sad that stories aren't getting updating and even SADDER still, that new stories are a rare commodity. I love to read, that's how it was for a while until I started writing, I would simply visit FF.N to read, and before I discovered FF.N I was reading on fanfic sites made by fans that would post stories or their own and others, and I'd search the web for stories, TO READ.

The best way to respond to reviews, isn't to post it in a chapter, or PM them or anything. The best way to say thank you to a review is to keep writing. That's all any reviewer really wants, is to know you will update and to say that they liked your story IN HOPES of more to come or if it's finished, for you to write a NEW story. Yes some kids will flame, or just be stupid and not even critique, lol it's probably cause they're bored and have no lives and want a reaction from someone.

Writing should only be about how you love to read about these characters, and then you get inspired by someone elses fanfic or get an idea and want to write your own.

@ListensToGreenDay, quote.

Everyone knows that little moment where your heart jumps into your throat after you update, you keep your email open in one tab and continuously glance over to see if the number has jumped. If it has, you dash over immediately to see, and your stomach writhes when you see its from FFN.

@End Quote.

Oh yes, I have been there, you explained it perfectly. I've also was there so long, I stopped writing for a few years and finally realized, it's not reviews and no, they are not the reason why we write, that would be pointless to any author fanfic write or not. It was never that from the start, it became that, and one has to mature and grow as a writer to realize it's not about the reviews.

Take a look around. How often is a new story written here in GW/SM, how OFTEN is it updated? This is the cause and effect of addiction to reviews. Aside from people moving on, they've also moved on because of this reason, it's become pointless to even write because they feel useless as a writer.

Does a drug addict become useless without drugs? No. They become useful and can actually see more then black and white and can think for themselves with nothing clouding their judgement. (I smoke pot, I like pot, that's different. Lol.) SO cut the addiction, get our writers back, bring back our readers.

I too am very seldom here, in this section because why should I be, if theres only an update of ANY story once every 6 months or longer, a new story hasn't been written in over a year. Ladies and Gentlemen, cut the addiction so we can flourish and enjoy once more.

PS ListenstoGreenDay if you have a story, post it, encourage people to post and update too.

1/2/2011 #11


Sorry for the double post earlier, BTW, guys.

Yeah, I just despise shameless advertising. As if I'm the one to talk, as I just took all of my old reviewers from a popular story that had 162 reviewers, I PM'ed all my regulars, letting them know that the other was on hiatus for now because the plot bunnies were dead.

I agree with you about that whole review thing.

I went on a hiatus of about a year or two and just recently came back. In that time, I'd written a full-fledged novel.

I think an addiction to reviews can be compared to an eating disorder or an alcoholic. You can get off of it, but it never goes away forever. People are always going to LOVE having the ego boost, especially since many people on this website, maybe at least 60% or more are social rejects in one way or another, or are absolutely insane. Or just really really intelligent older people.

I personally love FFN simply for this:

I love being able to do what I want with a story that's already been punched out for me, I just need to finish it up. I love the reviews and having the power of updating, but I also love writing in itself. It's a great tool for writers like me who need to keep up their work. (The worst feeling in the world is looking at your work a couple years ago and realizing, 'Ooh, damn. I SUCK NOW!')

I got this a while ago, and it's a TERRIBLE feeling. Blech. Sooo, I finished watching an anime and I was suffering from post-series stress syndrome. (I think most of us are familar with this phenomonon. You finish a series/book/movie that you've been focusing on for the past few weeks and realize, "Oh, shit. What will I do with my life now?" It's like your life seems empty without that.

And so we turn to fanfiction and find solace in that.

Anyone know what I'm saying?

That aside, I remember when I first came to FanFiction.Net, I pumped out a thirty chapter story in like, two weeks? I was a horrible writer, then, and, some may disagree, as this is a very controversial thing, but this can be a VERY good thing.

It's kind of like NaNoWriMo for yourself, but less stress, and it's so much more... enjoyable. I positively loved pouring out this story. And yes, we authors shouldn't run on reviews like gasoline, but it's very nice for us semi-pro's and pro's, published and nearly published, bad and good, to know we appeal to somebody, and it's almost like, "Hmm. The more reviews I have, that's how good I am, so I should keep writing so I can get even better, then maybe I can make something out of this."

I, for one, have been writing since I was nine years old, and my first ever completed novel was a fanfiction, which is how I found this site. I was so proud of myself, and, although my work was crude, when somebody read it, it was rather staggering to see my character development, basic plotting skills, and vocabulary tied together with a pretty bow and presented.

So I kind of discovered I had a natural talent, and when I came to fanfiction, it was nice to know I was getting BETTER.

Four years later, I'm thirteen, and I'm still writing, but ten times better. And I know what I'm gonna do with my life. I'm going to be a writer, and, (Sorry, I've gotten off track here.) Reviews help me to realize if I'm getting better or not. Maybe this only applies to people who want to write for their entire lives and never stop, but everyone falls into ruts, and reviews tend to help me get through them, personally, so I don't lose my skill.

Am I just talking gibberish or making sense?

1/2/2011 #12
Aquilla Moore

When I write my stories I'm completely immersed in them, and enjoy every moment of that creation process. I have total confidence that people will like them, but then the reviews I get back are cold. It's either haybales rolling in the wind (ie nothing), or bubblegum reviews. I feel like, "Did that story just fall flat? Did I do something heinously wrong? How could I write such a heinous story? Blah! My story is rubbish, what was I thinking!" I start thinking everything I've written is really vile, unworthy material. The reviews, to me, are the only way to know if people have enjoyed it. To know if it was worthwhile. That really matters to me. Without people relaying their enjoyment back to me, I feel like the whole thing's been a waste of time. It makes me miserable.

To remedy this situation I looked through quite a few pages on how to get more reviews. I am stuck on this issue. It flies over my head that quality and quanity are two very different things. But when I sit down to think about it, I think if I got a hundred plus reviews of empty, bubblegum responses, I would be almost as sad if I got none. That amount of reviews is a high compliment and an ego boost that tempts me to want it, but it can't match the feeling I get from reading a few honest reviews that express the good points of the story which provided them with entertainment. It's very obvious when a person has taken more than 5 seconds to clatter away a response on their keyboard. I can tell when people really like my story, and I want more of that.

People just don't give enough reviews. It is starting to dawn on me that almost everyone on this site is a writter, not simply reader. Today, before writing here, I made a promise:

"I've decided to start a project:I must give a review for every one I get. Call it karma, or being fair, but I think people don't receive as many as they deserve for their hard work. I complain to myself about not getting enough reviews for my own stories, but then I realise that there are heaps of authors out there that aren't getting nearly as much feeback as they need. We can all be accused of wanting to recieve more than we want to give. Well, I'm going to change that in myself. Since I've been given 84 reviews all up and have given 30 (numbers will change as time goes by), that's 54 to go. My reviews can be in depth so it's going to take some effort, but I'm determined to do it."

I can't make people review my work, but at least I can make sure stories that bring me enjoyment are reviewed as they deserve to be.

4/18/2011 #13

Wow. I totally agree. I need to read reviews so I can improve my writing skills, thats the whole point of reviews afterall to give people feedback. When people don't review I don't know if my fic is any good and it can be quite heart breaking when I see fics that are newer with hundreds. I thought allowing annonymous reviews would solve the situation. Nope, only added 4 or 5 reviews to my total. There are some selfish people out there. I review everything I read. Another annoying thing is when authors add stories to there favourite stories list and not review. It hurts even more! Do these people know the damage they are doing? Why is it so hard for people to review, even a few choice words to tell me I'm doing a right thing, even a flame! Come on! These people seem to think we can evolve on our own as writers, we just need some comments to help move stuff along. Of course! People only review and read popular pairings, so? We write pairings everyone is currently reading? Even that doesn't work.

To continue with my topic, people who fave but don't review really annoy me! They snatch that possibility of a review out from you like stealing candy author who needs the feedback. Stop faving and not reviewing those who do it, you are bad people! Its obvious they liked it or they wouldn't have faved it, would it be too hard for them to tell us what they thought of it and how they liked it, it would be swell, some of my fics would have alot more reviews but NO! They don't and leave us guessing. I need someone to physically tell me if my fics are good because everyone likes what they themselves read otherwise we wouldn't write it but we need to know if were writing what everyone wants to read.

To quote's reviewing window "A well rounded critique is often the most rewarding gift a reader can give . Please use this golden opportunity to offer a well deserved praise and/or tips for improvement." Seems this gets ignored by some. If I ran I'd make it so that if someone added a fic to the fave list they would have to leave a review too, which means I'd get rid of the drop down list on the bottom left hand corner that gives these evil readers a chance to fave but not review as when you try and just fave without giving a review, the window doesn't accept it and gives an error message. That "golden ticket" of a review is important to us, to me. When I see fics of mine with little reviews I think that I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what because no one has the common decency to leave a review. Even writing "please review" seems to be asking far too much these days.

Perhaps you are correct when people are more writing. I don't do alot of reading because I'm painfully slow at it and that puts me off but I do read some of my friends fics obviously when I get a chance to read them, or when I'm in the mood. I also don't read much because of my own fic projects take a while to finish. People do not receive as many reviews for there things anymore. I know what joy a review can bring to a reviewer so I try to review Beyblade fics that authors have who have reviewed mine, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth sort of thinking. They gave up there time to read and review so I will for them.

Yes. I give up most of my time to write these fics and when I get nothing in return for them it annoys me, all my hard work and time gone for nothing! Its on the same line of thinking that if I because a famous singer I'd let people listen to my songs for free without having to pay. This isn't a money thing, its just similar, if I was a singer that was famous I'd know poeple would like my work. Its different, I don't know if people like my stuff and sometimes I think people I know are only reviewing my stuff to be friendly and that there opinions could be biased because they don't want to hurt my feelings.

I too am suffering in the "reviewing depression" that has fallen over, go far, go wide, tell everyone how really important a review is. Spread the word!

4/19/2011 #14

Additional: I hate it when I go to authors who fave my work and then I go to one of there stories and there asking for reviews! They ask for reviews and don't give reviews. What's up with that? There hypocrites!

Sorry for my large rant, had to get it off my system

4/19/2011 #15

Sigh, indeed reviews are very addicting. I've read most of the posts on this thread, out of curiosity on what the other various inputs of authors in my position may have. Yes, I do still check my e-mail now and then to see if I get any feedback. And I agree with the person few posts before me who mentioned the "bubblegum reviews." There is one reader who likes several of my works, yet every single time she reviews she copy+pastes this one message, that is something along the lines of, "Good work, Keep it up!" and after looking at the favorite stories on her profile, I have found that she does that to her other favorite stories as well.

Well...a review is a review...but it is just slightly about "invalid" when someone is just giving back rather, empty feedback. Sigh. And yes, it appears people do not like to review anymore, at least not as much as they used to. In the certain category I write (which is Naruto x InuYasha crossover) it appears there are so many bandwagoners. They do not review the works they read, even if they enjoy them, but if it's something shall I say it, APPEALING to their...higher fantasies, they automatically want more. I assume this is why "Harem x Main Heroine" stories, and fics with too much lemons to actually be regarded stories, and of the likes are given far more reviews than actual stories. :/ Because like someone before in this thread had already claimed, 60% of the readers (especially of the InuYasha/Naruto series) appear to be...odd, real life wise. I suppose they like to be able to relate to a female character and fantasize about getting their hands on all these "gorgeous anime men" and doing their nasty things. _ But either way yes.

I have come far from being the review whore I used to be. Back then about 4 years ago I couldn't function at all without feedback. Like literally, it was rather pathetic. Even if I was itching to get an idea out of my head and onto writing, I would hold myself back until the current chapter of the story in mind would at least get 10 reviews, and by the time it did I would have already lost the interest to write. After 4 years of breakin`, I've returned to this site with a better mindset. Meaning even without the masses of reviews I will still continue to write (though it's rather disturbing how 100+ people can view a single new chapter in one day, judging by the Hits, but only about 3 of them bother to review...?). Still, can't help but feel that reviews are nice though~

Sigh D: !

4/24/2011 #16


I double post sometimes, no biggy c:

I agree that the addiction is a disease. It's killing off this wonderful website! SailorMoon/GundamWing is updated every month sometimes months inbetween. The more people to keep on updating and creating works I notice it becomes a domino effect. If someone updates, more follow. If people would push out more stories and keep up with it, this section might come back alive. So many sections throughout this website ARE indeed dying off. Especially as newer and more popular manga/anime books and etc continue to be made, newer generations forget these wonderful series and the dying will simply die.

I like that PSSS, Post Series Stress Syndome. Yes I have definately felt lost when a series ended and then came straight here. Except when I'm basing a story off a series while it's still being created... Avatar: The Last Airbender... my creative juice for that is in coma since the series ended and I was making a story about the series ending... but I'll get over that. What really killed me is I had every chapter mapped out on what I was gonna write and then my computer for the HUNDRETH time crashed and I lost everything again for like the millionth time for that... Wow 8 computers, 3 of which were laptops and 1 a netbook.

Everyone get backup files, more then one cource too. Trust me! Disks, Hardrives etc! I'm stuck using my boyfriends computer and by the time I can write something he takes it away from me! U.U really sucks.

When I first started I was a horrible writer. I was reading since 1997 writing since 1999 in which I sucked was flamed to the point of deleting account and trying to write again the following year after which I had learned and improved but I still am everytime I write. I just need to remember to not be lazy and jump the gun and post before going over my work. (I often change too much and add too much and then have to beta my work all over again lol if I'm not lazy...)

P.S you make me feel old. I'm 24.

@Aquilla Moore

In regards to your email, lol I didn't realize I made it seem as if Jessica were manly. Jesse maaaybe but I was referring to Nerf-or-Nothing. An old friend had made this name up almost ten years ago... I'm going to need to update my profile ^^

As to your post, yes I completely agree with the bubblegum reviews. Those aren't the ones that bring that smile to your face, and the feeling of how a long critique review gives you... it's the best! However, I can't complain... because I am often very lazy and leave those bubblegum reviews too.

It's not that I don't enjoy the story as much as my more critiqued reviews, it's that I'm truly lazy or I don't have time to leave a long review but I want to show just at least some form of appreciation to the writer because I won't review a story unless it's a story I want to read an update from. The times I write a long winded review are either because someone is getting reviews that are so retarded (I.e. I've come across too many stories with reviews saying for the author to go die. How intelligent can that person really be?) So I often encourage the author and discourage that review. I'll give advice where it's needed or I'll comment on how something was very well done. I critique first person point of view a lot because while some think their doing it right, it's not and that is a giant pet peeve of mine. I don't want to think of the author picturing themselves as a character but actually read the stories as if I were reading the character's thoughts and that type of POV is EXTREMELY hard to accomplish and I've read few who've pulled it off.

I sadly... squeal in reviews when excited to (sdkfhjsdgh OMG!) Yeah. I've done that. I'll admit it. That is because I LOVE the story. Most times I'm speechless I CAN'T write something. Sometimes I can! Because I feel inferior to a very well written story but mainly if I am in awe and I don't need to critique I don't and I agree! That's NOT fair.

...But to me, if I see hits on my story, if I see reviews (and yes I love some reviews more then others. I too look back and reread them lol.) I feel as of my story is appreciated, because someone took the time to READ it, or leave a little review even. It still puts a smile on my face even if I love the long ones the most.

Quite a few of you posted and said there are more writers then readers, but that is not true at all. There are so many people browsing this website from ALL over the world, who simple enjoy to read. That was me, that is WHY I write now. There are also more people with no computer and unable to write then those that do. There are readers who would love more then anything to be able to write and can't and so their passon is to simply read.

To be honest, I love to read more then I love to write. I have all these great ideas, as I'm sure we all do, but 98 percent never get written down and those that too take so much just to get written down. I write when there is a story I wish I could read and can't because it doesn't exist so I make it myself and half of the time I forget that that's the reason I was writing it in the first place. That to me, is what fanfiction is really about.

Now, proof of why there is more readers then writers? Those long winded reviews we love so much? Those are the writers. Even if they don't post their stories, I know of a writer who was a reader for so long using the same name. Jayficlover or something similar. She had talent written all over her reviews, she'd write her ideas down inher reviews sometimes before she finally started to write. You can tell a reader from a writer easily because the writer can relate and understand and CRITIQUE because they know what to look for and what's what.

I think that's why I write both types of reviews because I am a reader before writer but I do love to write as well... but I used to spend HOURS just finishing story after story. Nowadays I can barely find the time to finish a story I love in less then a week. I always will finish reading it though but those unfinished jewels... that kills me. It really does. (I shouldn't talk I don't ever finish anything. In fact the only chaptered story I finished, I left at a cliffhanger and started an unfinished sequel too. Now it's been taken down and reposted but that's just sad to me.)

To be honest, now that I think about it. When I read a story, I SET the rating to "all" depending on the section I'll select my favorite characters and THEN I normally select finished stories. I hit "Complete" because those are the ones I want to read.

Those stories that have so many reviews? The new ones? They have a lot of chapters. People get more reviews when their updates aren't months apart but weeks or days. People are more inclinded to review a story that isn't going to be a waste of their time. People have come to realize most stories are lost to time or completely nowadays so they review stories that they get to watch unfold quickly where they won't forget the last chapter if not the whole story they've previously read.

@Aquilla Moore

Karma is a powerful thing. People are likely to read your stories if you have common catagories posted and more likely to review if you have. Not always but the more you do it, the more people appreciate it and the more they'll stay tuned into your updates and written projects.


I sadly haven't noticed that note when I review :c I'm a little braindead a lot of the time. I really should pay more attention to detail... in fact I really want to!

4 or 5 reviews to me is a big difference. It's 4 or 5 I didn't have before I enabled mine. The addiction is strong within you lol. The best way to help medicate that review depression are these options right here.

Option 1 read through all of your stories, your chapters. DO NOT READ YOUR REVIEWS. Get inspired and love your work, not the feedback because it's your work, the person who'd approval really matters is your own.

Option 2 read some of your old favorite stories, whether on fanfiction or an actual published work. Movies even! Anything to inspire you, because that will keep you motivated.

Option 3 read some stories that are on haitus, find a really good story that's been abandoned and feel my anger lol.


That actually makes me happy when you say you still check your email. I'm worried that most older authors that don't write anymore don't even have their accounts anymore, which saddens me.

That is really annoying though, I agree. Copy and pasting shouldn't be allowed, at least they can switch it up, bu it shows they're on the edge of their seat dying for me, literally. I've been there... without the copy and paste thing. I dunno though, I've gotten desprate with abandoned stories... sometimes very rude too. What can I say, I get mad a beautiful work will forever be... incomplete.

I agree people will read and review what they prefer more and sometime speople prefer the... more... sexually exciting? Things. Lemons are hardly ever written well but it's kids in adolescence that are really writing nonstop lemons and if people enjoy that, their not reading anything but the lemons... and I think we all know why.

Dn't get me wrong, I love romance and a well written lemon but if it's gonna be gross and nasty I'd prefer not to read it. It's not about the fantasize for me thing, it's the romance and wishing I could have a fairytale romance. Real life romance is great and all but real life isn't a story.

Those are the kinds of stories that are written by young and inexperienced writers and the reviewers, are the same. One day they'll grow (hopefully) and they won't need to express... what they do lol.

You've grown as well, because you came back and you write for you not for the masses and their... tastes lol.

I used to not be able to function either but I'm hooping, this forum and our hard work will wear off on others. We need all the writers who've disappeared to come back! C: See that you had a four year hiatus and have returned feeds me hope ^^

Hopefully will get a boom in the SMGW section because the Sailor Moon manga is getting brought back to America, the newer version Naoko worked on (Basically still the same, just added a few things, updating it to the current times and some other stuff). The lawsuit if finally over and their even bringing Sailor V to America in english as well. Hopefully it'll inspire a company to completely REDRAW and remake the anime as well. Closer to the manga this time. Hopefully lol.

4/28/2011 #17


Relating to this bit

"I don't want to think of the author picturing themselves as a character but actually read the stories as if I were reading the character's thoughts and that type of POV is EXTREMELY hard to accomplish and I've read few who've pulled it off."

I've tried writing a fic through the characters POV. Its in that characters POV from the start and to the end of the fic, it never changes always through his eyes. I think It came out well. It kind of looks like a game or something. Its a unique fic, I don't see many that are set completely through the main characters eyes. Anyway if your interested, the fic is called Legend and its a Beyblade fic and its a fantasy story.

I agree with backing up, Hard Drives fail! There the only moving part in a computer and they will die! Plus if you make a horrible mistake you can go back and rectify it!

4/29/2011 #18
Realms of Destiny

Hey I just wanna point out that the misc section is dead for a while and I think it's about time that we fans write more fics and expand the section. :)

7/4/2011 #19

I couldn't agree with you more, I hope by updating my stories will encourage others to update their stories and I hope that by writing more stories, it encourages more people to write. It's important NOT to let this section die. Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon are old series now, much like Dragon Ball Z whether it's replublished as Dragon Ball Z Kai or not, it's not exactly reacing out to the newer generations because if you rewatch all of them, the art is old and the newer anime's and even mangas have a fresher and better art style then what was offered back when these series were first originally made.

I really hope for remakes of these great classics, not just new voice overs but all new art, it will reach the newer generations better that way.

However, if the fanbase is dying out with our generations... it's not possible but if we can write more and show our fanbase is still strong, who knows?

WRITE write everything you can and get as many as you can to write! Reviews shouldn't be the reason we write, it's simply a perk.

7/5/2011 #20

Hi there. For me, I like reviews, but I don't like to be those guys who needs it in order to update the story. I just want to know how my story is so far. If I don't see a review for some time, it makes me sad, thinking that my story isn't that good. Even so, I still continue to write them up. I even went on yahoo answers to see if anyone liked it. It may seem dumb and sad, but I just want to know what people think. I can take criticisms, I can even take a person saying my story is lame and stupid. To me, reviews are the reader's experience in the story. I'm actually thinking of becoming a writer in the future. Reviews help so I can know my strengths and weaknesses. Hell, my brother even said my story may be good enough on the big screen, but that's big brother talk. He seems to enjoy my story, but I'd like the opinion of other people as well. That's all I want, the people's opinion. If that makes me a review whore, then I'd be the first to admit it. But unlike given examples of review whores, I'll still continue to write my story regardless of the lessening reviews. If I wanted reviews I'd might as well write up a Harry Potter or Twilight, yuck, fanfic, but they don't stick to me. Harry Potter is great, but it's not my thing. But nevertheless, "review depression" gets the best of me sometimes. But that isn't gonna stop me from finishing my story. Only problem in trying to finish, is school work.

11/29/2011 #21

Hey, yeah I totally agree with you on that. Most people are just plain lazy. They can't be bothered. Perhaps if you haven't, set your account recieve offline reviews too? Sure you can't reply to them but its an extra way to get more. In my experiences people fave fics too much like this is Facebook or something. If the site got rid of that little drop down box on the bottom left then there might be an increase in reviewing because you need to type something in that box to get it to accept a fave, you can't just fave through the window. I also agree that I don't like review whoring, in fact I think it might be against the sites tos. All I want is for someone to leave a comment bad or good but frankly most people are lazy and can't be bothered. I've seen lots of profiles that just have a list of thousands of faved fics, no bio or stories. Some people that have faved my stuff without a review even ask for reviews on t here own work. They ask but they don't give! So yeah deathstar628 I agree with you completely.

11/30/2011 #22

I agree with you both.

I barely get any reviews and it does make me incredably sad. I want to know what people think, I'm that way even when I'm not writing. I like to know and I like DETAILS lol my favorite reviews aren't the one worded ones but ones that go in depth about how and or why they like my story and the way I write. If I get one of those per chapter that'd be awesome! Don't get me wrong I love the other reviews too but they don't make me as giddy.

Deathstar, I like that you accept bad reviews. When I first started out I got ALOT of those lmao, yeah, but you know what. I appreciate every last one now. I wouldn't be the writer I am today without those. I used to get made and I'd shared some emails with these authors because a lot of time it was often said cruelly but it only strengthened my resolver to write better in relatiation. The best way to win, to do better. And I happen to think I did c: I'm certainly a lot better then I used to be.

If anyone has something they'd like to say they didn't like about my story, I'd rather read that then have them ignore my story altogether.

Beywriter, I agree, I think more people would review if that was done, where at the end of the webpage the box was already open, because it's a hassle to open the review box, be told your not logged in if it's not enabled, then refresh the page, and then write and then send and then you gotta close the window lol

You should make a petition, I'll help c:

12/1/2011 #23


Oh look, it just happened to me. A fave with no review! Perfect timing. The user for me is the total cliche fave with no reviewer, large ammount of faves, no bio or stories. I accept both myself and problem is I rarely get either. It may sound odd or wrong but I'm not counting the friends I have here reviewing because I think they say positive stuff so I wont feel bad. I really properly look to the new reviewers I get. Right now I'm feeling angry and used. Like I was robbed. Is that too much or am I really going over the top? They probably don't realize how much work and love we put into our stories. I consider these people to be quite selfish, we spend so much time getting it right, hours even and they do that. Its kind of disrespectful. Writing a few words can't be that hard can it? When people read my fics and review, if they have a fic for an anime I like I read and review that as a repayment because I appreciate the work that was put into a story as I'm sure you all do.

To Nerf-or-Nothing, yeah having the box open and embedded into the web page is a great idea. If they got rid of the drop down box in the bottom left (which is the source of our woes) is taken away and the box automatically open on the page so the people who can't be bothered to open it don't have to work any harder. What about the offline reviews? I guess if offline reviews are enabled the box is open but if not its not there. I personally don't think a petition would work. Its just a pipe dream really. It would be good if that box was gone, no faves without reviews. To me those are meaningless. Its almost like they count high numbers of faved fics on there page like high numbers of friends on their Facebook pages. Yeah I'd rather they ignore my stuff than fave without reviewing.

12/2/2011 #24

Well that does sound wrong AND bad.

It almost sounds like your whining to get reviews and you could care less about favorites.

I for one am thankful for any favorite and any alert. At least then I know my stories are still liked by SOMEONE even if they choose not to say so by faving my story or watching for alert updates show they still like it. When I get few reviews and more favorites, I don't feel as bad. Hell there will be times I get no reviews and the favorites are the ones that I appreciate. I could have gotten nothing.

If I was someone who'd faved your story and read this, I'd be pretty pissed. They did after all take the time to even read your story and then say they like it with a fav. They could read a few chapters and exit. I myself have opened many tabs where I have different stories. I read a couple paragrapths or chapters but can end up disinterested and exit them until I find a story that gets my attention enough to read it.

I get PMs and I love those, if they don't review to hear someone say they want me to update or say they like my story in a pm is encouraging too.

It's no disrespectful at all and in no way seems like facebook.

Favoriting and author would be more like facebook but a story?

I'll look through an authors favorites and scroll the stories. Especially people whove reviewed, or favorited my story and often find myself READING these stories I FOUND in someones FAVORITES.

If anything, it's giving your story more oppertunities to be read and it's about stories the person liked and is showcasing, rather then reviews you can only see attatched to a story. Our profiles don't show reviews we've written afterall but stories we've written and or have favorited.

I have favorites from this section and a few others on my profiles and more on my other profiles as well. I often go back and reread stories that caught my interest and I'd be happy if someone were doing the same to mine.

As for the petition, even a note to the administrators wouldn't hurt. The worst they could do is say no lol besides, most updates to the website are because of us members, they want to know if anything could be improved to keep this website popular. I myself am beginning to see a decrease in fanfiction everywhere on this site and I dunno why, it's the best I've ever seen as fanfiction engine site.

12/2/2011 #25

In these days we have to care about them. I'm on of those people who want to know people's thoughts about a fic. not just "liked". What did they like? Anything they hated? Any lines they liked? How as authors can we improve on such vague responses? Reviews are important to me because I know I'm doing it right. They tell me what I did wrong as well so I can improve for next time. Seeing those profiles they "like" alot of stories. It just doesn't seem like they really do.

PM's are great, although some people have written reviews in PM's which kind of confuses me. I really do like the messaging system.

I should say now that faving a story is great, when there is a review to back it up in my opinion.

Okay, I'm kind of nervous about going to the admins, lol. A decrease? Weird. Maybe your just not in the most popular categories? There are other sites but this one is the best I've ever seen. Are my responses getting smaller and smaller?

12/4/2011 #26
Katie Duggan's Niece

I find that stories and reviews ebb and flow, depending on what's being broadcast, published, shown in theaters, etc. My general impression is that there is plenty of activity on this site, in some categories more than others, and I'd echo the general compliments to the site. It is well-organized and for the most part user-friendly.

Getting back to the oft-unmet expectations regarding reviews, I'm reaching the point where I view the whole thing like a salesman. It takes such and such a number of hits before my chapter/story gets even one review, and the chances for reviews declines with the passage of time (Except for subscribers, very few people review after a chapter is first posted).

So while I love reviews, I welcome getting alert/favorite notices and take them as a huge compliment, and failing that, I love to see my stories/chapters getting hits. Just getting read at all is a goal, to be honest with you.

There are myriad reasons to write, one of them being getting to tell the story YOUR way, as opposed to what the original writers chose. Another is to improve as a writer, and another is to take pleasure in the process, and beyond that there's getting a reaction from others. I crave that last thing, but it's not my only reason for being here.

By the way, I've noticed at other message boards I frequent that replies are getting shorter and shorter, with many people opting for the subject line and NT, nothing more. Maybe it's a reflection of the 140-character limitations...or shortening attention spans. Or maybe it's just a passing trend.

12/4/2011 #27

I think its just me, I'm reading what you wrote and responding with summaries of my own opinions.

Yeah there is activity, just not as much as in others. Using the salesman idea as a view is interesting. Thats really what we have to do in that summary. I know the same, a few hits before a fave. Getting hits also is good, at least people have looked at it.

Writing is fun, one of the most important ways we can improve with reviewing is by getting reviews, negative and positive, flaming is uncool...I'd rather take a fave than a flame. I always get a good sense of accomplishment. Then I post and wait for the reviews to come in to tell me what needs improving. Reviews are critical to me. As I've already said some don't know the love and hard work we put into our stories and at how insulting it can be (To me it is). I love getting positive ones. I cherish them quite alot.

I know this is off topic for this forum but what is up with people randomly adding me to there fave authors list?

12/4/2011 #28

The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with asking for reviews.

There IS something wrong with holding updates as hostage FOR reviews. saying you won't continue due to reviews means the author doesn't even like their story and that's pitiful.

If you want to write professionally, your not going to get reviews like on ff.n lol not even close. You'll get critiques that mimic ff.n flames, literally and some good things may be written but this is reality here. What real authors ACTUALLY get, is the "NUMBER of BOOKS PURCHASED, not unlike the number of hits a story has taken here on ff.n.

As for the lack of activity here, it's main competition is MediaMiner but the setup is awful, however it is still extremely popular, for reviews though not so much and that's why a lot of authors moved from this website to that one because it wasn't about the review count, it was about the story. They also offer fanart sections.

As for certain sections, to me it seems when the series ended so did some of the sections. It's all about popularity and now that Sailor Moon is in reprint and getting produced again in America, maybe this section will come alive again. However for more popularity it would be better if they also rereleased Gundam Wing on TV so it could reach the younger audiences that don't know about it.

The general age group with Sailor Moon is older now and anime's like Naruto and Death Note and so on have more of a vote because their more recent. Sailor Moon came to America in the early 90's, we have to remember that and by 2000 or a lil before it was taken off air and all product production stopped due to a copywrite lawsuit.

What this section really needs to be revived, is many more stories on a wide range of different ideas. I remember when there were several updates in one day, now we're lucky if there is one update per couple months.

No wonder there aren't many reviewers. It's a sad fate for GW/SM.

12/11/2011 #29

The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with asking for reviews.

There IS something wrong with holding updates as hostage FOR reviews. saying you won't continue due to reviews means the author doesn't even like their story and that's pitiful.

If you want to write professionally, your not going to get reviews like on ff.n lol not even close. You'll get critiques that mimic ff.n flames, literally and some good things may be written but this is reality here. What real authors ACTUALLY get, is the "NUMBER of BOOKS PURCHASED, not unlike the number of hits a story has taken here on ff.n.

I quote that as truth!

I'm published actually and we don't get reviews for the most part, I can guarantee that. We get rejection letters, hammered by comments here and there and go through an editing process that punctures your ego then deflates it to the point that you wonder why they bought the story in the first place. What we DON'T do is withhold things to force people to buy our stuff. If we even attempted that our publishers would hammer then fire us. You also don't usually get to see a 'hit count' until you get your statement with your royalty check unless you happen to be signed with a publisher that has it on a website or something; some do, some don't. It's not exactly a fulfilling thing most times. What it comes down to, for the majority, is it's a labor of love and a damn obsession! You write to get it out and adore doing it for your own reasons, not for hits, reviews, whatever. If you want satisfaction and other things to feed your ego review whoring gets, get out now and find something else that will do that because this won't! If your ego demands you be praised, drop it now because it's not going to happen. Even getting published doesn't do that, it just raises the bar of what is expected of you is all, thus making you work all the harder and improve what you're doing.

Though I do have to argue the point that MMorg is's big competition. It's not. The big one is AdultFanFictionnet. They are, and always have been, bigger than MediaMiner and are the 2nd oldest on the web behind FFNet. It was created because of FFNet's decision to disallow MA rated fiction back in 02-'03. (source: I'm a mod on AFF) But even there these fandoms are slowing down whereas some of the new ones are gearing up, such as Naruto. They fluctuate here and there, depending on who's running what where. If Cartoon Network picks something up, they tend to get more stories. If it drops something, those postings slow down. It happens.

12/11/2011 #30
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