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It doesn't matter if you love Him, ignore Him or hate Him. It doesn't matter if you're agnostic, athiest, satanist, wiccan, gothic, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or just an average joe. God's grace is for everyone. Come just as you are and talk.
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I know there's been a lot of flaming of you guys from athiests and such. I'm sure you've seen it. THey call you fundamentalists, bigots, and they say you hate gays and such things.

Why can't we just get along?

I don't understand how a person could be so hurt if their beliefs are challenged, but happily flame and bash others becasue their beliefs differ.

I mean, I don't exacty agree with all Christian beliefs. I'm okay with sex before marriage. I'm okay with homosexuality. I'm okay with abortion [in the case of r***].

But that doesn't mean I can go around flaming people, now does it?

Plus, my own religion, Buddhism, has very similar ideas to christianity. We believe in cring for the poor, healing the sick, and comforting the downtrodden and outcasts of the world. Sometimes I think people get so caught up in what's right and what's wrong, we forget what religion is all about; guiding the way you live.

Just a thought.

Peace out!


6/7/2010 #1
Sapphira Adi

You know I completely agree with you on one subject. :) There is ENTIRELY too much hatred on these types of forums just because one disagrees with what others believe. Tis why I don't like frequenting them anymore. No one listens to each other. They just write really long complicated replies that are completely derogatory. I, for one, am Christian, but I understand my words can't really convert anyone. I believe only God's Word and Spirit can do that. So message to all my fellow Christians, be respectful and loving to others. We have to be a good testimony for our Saviour. 3

Just one respectful question for you SexyAsian921, you said that you agree with abortion(in case of r***) well why should the child be punished for what the man did? And plus I believe that abortion hurts a woman psychology speaking, maybe even as much as r*** does. Plus who knows, maybe the child would be a blessing that even though could never erase the hurt from a r*** might help the woman through the pain? Think on that, ;)

Now to end this before I get too long winded xD


Sapphira. :)

6/9/2010 #2

That is so right! It seems like some people just won't agree to disagree...

I'm a Christian and I'm okay with both homosexuality, abortion (when there are health-issues) and sex before marriage. Who'm I to judge others?

Just one respectful question for you SexyAsian921, you said that you agree with abortion(in case of r***) well why should the child be punished for what the man did? And plus I believe that abortion hurts a woman psychology speaking, maybe even as much as r*** does. Plus who knows, maybe the child would be a blessing that even though could never erase the hurt from a r*** might help the woman through the pain? Think on that, ;)

But what if it's a 13-year-old girl? First of all wouldn't her body be fully developed to being pregnant/giving birth, second of all a girl that age wouldn't really have time to take care of a child; she would have a school to mind!

6/10/2010 #3
Sapphira Adi

To ImagingThings;

Girl's have had babies at that age and while it is not recommended it is STILL not the child's fault that his/her mom was r***, too young, etc. So the child should still not be punished. As to the second point, there is this lovely thing called adoption. There are thousands of couples that cannot have children and would love to adopt a baby. The girl does not have to be responsible for raising him/her.

Since you brought up health issues, well abortion actually could even be more life threatening then just having the baby! Abortion has been known to cause infertility among other health issues, not to mention the emotional scars of knowing you killed your own child.

Thank you for your questions. They were quite good :)



6/13/2010 #4

Just because girls have had babies when they were 13 before doesn't mean it's a good idea! There's a reason a woman's hips starts getting wider when she grows older and I can tell you one thing; I've never seen a 13-year-old girl whose body was developed in that direction. And of course there's adoption, which I think is a really good idea; my best friend is adopted, my cousin has an adopted daughter. The problem with adoption is the risk that one day the child starts wondering; "why do I look different from my family? Why didn't my real mother want me? Did I do something wrong?" When a fetus is aborted away it doesn't exist anymore... someone who doesn't exist can't wonder...

As for the health issues; well... in some cases abortion might bring a bigger health risk... then that would be a bad idea! But what about the recent case from Arizona where the pregnant woman would have died if she hadn't undergone an abortion? There it was a case of either the child dies or the child and the mother dies, in this specific case the mother would've died from 4 other children.

6/14/2010 #5
Sapphira Adi

To Imaging Things;

Indeed it is still not ideal for a girl that age to have a baby, but it still just does not change the facts. Plus, there is still the other unrelated fact that most abortions are NOT because of r*** or health issues. Most of the time they are only for the sake of convenience.

Adoption is a wonderful thing. My boyfriend would not be alive to this day if he had not been adopted. In fact, he could have very possibly been aborted just like his sibling. If he had been aborted I can honestly say I would not be the same person I am today. God put him in my life for a reason. That is yet another reason abortion is just not ethical. One can never realize what their child might accomplish in yours or other lives whether that accomplishment be great or small. Even if one does not believe in life after death one HAS to realize that there are no coincedences in this world and that every person matters.

In the case of the women you spoke of, well in that instance I can honestly say I would rather die than have any of my children die. Especially if I made the decision to abort him or her. I could NOT live with that decision, =/ However, I would not judge someone who chose to save their life by aborting the child. In fact, I judge no one who has had an abortion. I actually feel compassion and sorrow for them. I know and am close to several people who have had abortions and I've seen the pain they deal with every day because of it. I'm sure every one of them would take it back if they could.

Once again very good points,


6/17/2010 #6
Sapphira Adi


I'm sorry a question I forgot to ask. You said in an earlier post that you are a Christian. Yet in this post you say that when a fetus(aka human child) is aborted he/she ceases to exist. Don't you believe in the afterlife?If so is it that you don't believe children are living souls as well, and therefore don't go to heaven or hell? Are they still not created in our Maker's own image? Does not the Psalmist David say in Psalm 139:16 "For You have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works, And that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, BEING YET UNFORMED. And in your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were NONE of them."

6/17/2010 #7

The unborn child ceases to exist in this world! And in Heaven (where I believe any child is going automatically, how can a child ever have sinned?) they probably won't remember how they died.

Hmm... if you die as a baby (or in this case a fetus) does that mean you're in that "form" for the rest of time?

But here's a question: How come you seem to only care about one person (the unborn child) but doesn't care so much about the mother, and everyone else?


Basically I think each case should be looked upon individually and if there's a serious health-risk in the pregnancy then perform an abortion!

If a person want to have sex but doesn't want to be pregnant, well... the solution is called a condom! "It was a one-night-stand and the condom ripped/didn't have one? Well... suck it up! Oooh... your pregnancy will interfere with your promising modeling career? Well... pregnant women are beautiful too! So... you're afraid that people will gossip because you're only 19 and don't have a serious boyfriend? Bad luck... guess that's the problem with being famous..."

6/17/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #8
Sapphira Adi

I'm not even going to touch on whether the child goes to Heaven or Hell. I'll leave that to God. And as for your second question I don't even pretend to have a thought about that either.

As for your third question/statement I never said I cared only about the baby. In fact, I mentioned several times the mental and physical impact an abortion has on mothers. Infertility, depression, regrets, etc.

I completely agree with you on your last paragraph. Well except for sex before marriage, but I don't really want to get into that either.


6/19/2010 #9

But what about the health issues a pregnancy may have on a woman? That's why I say you have to look at each case individually!

As for sex before marriage... well... that's people's own choice. As for me; I'm not even sure I want to get married! Maybe someday if I meet a guy and have been with him for at least some months, knowing that I could be with him for a very long time, I would consider sex... besides; it's not like marriage is guaranteed to mean you'll be with said person for the rest of your lives...

6/20/2010 #10

Saving this thread also.

2/4/2011 #11

Hi. Im here to say Im a Bisexual, but Im afraid to tell everyone at my school. I just knowthey will make fun of me. Im a person to, ya know! So what if I like both genders?! I just want to tell everyone what I am! I feel so burdened with this secret. Please help me!


12/1/2012 #12
Heterica's Oldaccount.hacked

You were born that way. Segregation and antisodom/sex/racism are things that happen because one kid or even adult that fears that person gets their child/friend away from that person, thus they grow up thinking those people are evil. That is what steroetypes are ( my daughter's gonna be r*** by that black boy, my daughter will not marry unless told to because women are feeble, my son's gonna be r*** by that h***). You need to show them that being bi maybe isn't such a bad thing.

1/17/2013 #13
Adi,I'll go ahead and tell you that an aborted baby is going to Heaven.There's a thing known as 'The Age of Accountability'.Anyone that dies before the age that they can understand what's wrong and what's right will go to Heaven.However,if they do understand,but choose not to accept,then they go to Hell.If a newborn child were to die in the birth process,then they'd go to Heaven.Get me?
12/21/2015 #14
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