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Here's what you have to include: Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Hair Color: Eye Color: Skin Color: Height: Weight: Personality: Family: Clothing: Hobbies: Likes: Dislikes: Status: Clan: Love Interest(s): History: And then I need a brief description of your character in sentences about hus/her personality and how he/she expresses one's self.
4/12/2007 #1
teardrop wolf
Name:Amanda Nickname:Mandy/Mand Gender:female Age:18 Hair Color:deep blue Eye Color:ice blue(and her pupil is violet) Skin Color:black the inside and outside of her wings are deep red Height:6'3 Weight:116 Personality:she hides alot of her true feelings and acts like she's tough when, she is considering siucide and has alot of deprestion, other wise she's sarcastice, takes picturse at the most inoportune time, and takes out all her anger and other emotions by fighting, she also disses people Family:dead Clothing:black fish-net crop top with black fingerless racing gloves and black jeans that are riped at the knee Hobbies:fighting/pranking/photoghrapy(she secretly cooks (she's very good at those three too)and draws and when no ones around sings) Likes:fighting/music:metal,acid punk,gothic rock and sometimes love metal(cooks and draws and when no ones around sings) Dislikes:annoying noises Status:(not sure what you want E-mail me and I'll get back to you) Clan:hoping she joins goliaths Love Interest(s):someone who can make her laugh and enjoys pranks and someone who will support her History: her parents died and she took care of herself (also a little confused on what you want) she exprsess's her sadness by cutting her self, she express's anger by fighting, and when she's depressed she just sits alone (away from others) and cries(all the while cursing herself for being weak)
6/8/2007 #2
I like it. What I wanted for the history is what happens to her through the time of her birth, childhood, and up to whatever age she is now.
6/8/2007 #3
teardrop wolf
K, she was born in the wilderness (you know, forests) she lived with her family. (Father:about as tall as Goliath, deep red skin, and deep violet eyes. Mother: about the hieght of brooklyn, grey skin, and light blue eyes). she lived like that, till humans found her parents hunting and killed them luckily, Amanda was hunting on her own till she found her dead parents (This caused her attitude). (she lived life alone, hunting and greiving, her heart growing colder and colder)then when she was 18, the humans started moving in, so she stole the clothes and headed to new york. P.S. I give you permision to use her in a story, if you want if not then forgent what I said.
6/12/2007 #4
teardrop wolf
P.P.S. her face looks human (simalar to angela) and I think shed look good woth brooklyn.(just my P.O.V.)
6/12/2007 #5
Syira Embermage
[b]Name:[/b]Aael Mathii [b]Nickname:[/b] Narus [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 47 [b]Hair Color:[/b] White [b]Eye Color:[/b] Black [b]Skin Color:[/b] Golden Brown (tan?) [b]Height:[/b] 7'9" [b]Weight:[/b] 200 [b]Personality:[/b] Loyal. Honest. Curious. Mostly immune to a stranger's influence. [b]Family:[/b] Lived on Atlantis but now reside on Avalon. [b]Clothing:[/b] Silver armor with various icons and markings of Atlantian beliefs. For non-combat use: High ranking beige colored vest. White undershirt. With seal skin black pants. (though on city journeys jeans and a high-end t-shirt or dress shirt he prefers.) [b]Hobbies:[/b] Astrology, Fishing, Training [b]Likes:[/b] The sound of the ocean. Women or Men whom approach him, rather than he go to them. A gold tipped harpoon any day. [b]Dislikes:[/b] Modern "weapons". Disrespect to the ocean, or nature. Disrespect to him or his clan or his history. [b]Status:[/b] Single? [b]Clan:[/b] Atlantis Clan [b]Love Interest(s):[/b] A male gargoyle by the name of Fenrir. As well as a female human by the name of Angela (no connection to the Manhattan Clan) [b]History:[/b] Sentry Gargoyles of the Atlantian Clan were pretty much bred for their specific duty. But Aael was an an egg when Atlantis sank, when the local Mage put the eggs to a stone sleep untill the sun touches them again, and thus lost till natural sun touched his egg via the excavation of a marine-archaeologist. Dr. Wellstone raised him in secret, till his youngest daughter, Angela, found out and befriended him. After finding out where he was found, he began to find bits of information as to his own past. When Mediterranean gargoyles whom opposed the rule of Atlantian law found out that Aael is heir to the Atlantian throne (which would rise Atlantis from it's grave), he learned his true calling as a warrior and Sentry to Atlantis and the Wellstone house he currently called 'home' not the heir the enemy gargs had thought him to be. Upon defeating them, he received word that most of his living clan is in Avalon. Meeting them, he promised them that he would search for the true heir to the throne.
8/22/2007 #6
[b]Name:[/b] Kepi Anders [b]Nickname:[/b] (no one has given her one) [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Age:[/b] 16 (when transformed) now 25-30 [b]Hair Color:[/b] White [b]Eye Color:[/b] Blue [b]Skin Color:[/b] White on the underbelly and inside of arms, legs and tail. But darkens to a deep blue as it gets to the back, the topside of arms, legs and tail. The inside of the wings are white and the back is dark blue. [b]Height:[/b] 7' [b]Weight:[/b] 130 lbs. [b]Personality:[/b] Kepi is more of a tomboy. She loves joking with friends and family but is shy around strangers. Kepi adapts to new environments quickly and loves to explore her surroundings. [b]Family:[/b] long dead [b]Clothing:[/b] used to wear dresses. Now in the modern time she wears a grey skort and tank top. [b]Hobbies:[/b] writing, drawing, sailing and fishing. [b]Likes: [/b] the ocean, strong men, loyal friends and flying [b]Dislikes:[/b] pollution, killing and betrayal. Status: single [b]Clan:[/b] not at the moment [b]Love Interest(s):[/b] none at the moment [b]History:[/b] Kepi was born on the open seas as a human in the 1800's. Traveling with her mother and father across the seas Kepi saw many wondrous and strange things. From the deserts of Egypt to the frosty shores of Greenland and the tropical wonders of Hawaii. On Hawaii she found a strange medallion with an engraving of a gargoyle that melted into her flesh, driving her into the ocean and changing her to stone. She slept for years, waking in New York city. Being stone for so long and not actually being gargoyle, Kepi aged slightly, now being around the age of 25 to 30. [b]Other Physical descriptions:[/b] Kepi is built like other gargoyles, having the digi-grade legs, bat-like wings and tail. As like other gargoyles she also looks different from any other (like a fingerprint), three spikes come off each side of her head forming fins and at the end of her tail is a fin (allowing greater mobility in the air and in the water). Between all toes and fingers there is retractable webbing. A second eyelid allows for better seeing underwater.
8/26/2007 . Edited 8/26/2007 #7
wolf guardian of light
Hmm... Well, I do have an OC I've got tucked away, but I've never got round to writing Gargoyles fiction... Shame on me! Name = Sam Lionheart Nickname = Angelus Male 18... But been frozen in stone, like the others, so../ Hair Color = White, like fresh snow, around two feet long, like his "Brother" Eye Color = Grey Skin Color = White. Quite pale. Height = 5, 8 Weight = I dunno... Average? Personality: Intensely loyal, caring, but vicious when forced to fight. Loves to laugh, but can be deadly serious under certain circumstances... tries to fit in, but knows he'll never be like the others. Family: As he was found at the same time Brooklyn was hatched, they consider themselves brothers. In fact, Angelus considers Brooklyn to be his only brother, Broadway and Lex being mere "Rookery" brothers. He still cares for them though. Clothing: Unlike the others, he needs clothing for protection. He made do with a simple tunic back in Scotland, but now has access to jeans, t-shirts, so many colours... All thanks to Eliza. Something she feels guilty about, when he comes out with all sortys of strange combinations... Hobbies: * Reading * Writing * Practising his swordmanship * Guitar Likes: * Moonlight * Autumn/Fall * music Dislikes: * Demona. Never trusted her, even in Scotland. * Vegetables. * Rats... Status: Human-like, with a pair of snowy wings on his back... Dis-trusted by Gargoyles and Humans alike. Believes he has no status, but is supported by Goliath and the rest. Clan: New York Love Interest(s): Amy Sunders, a human teen he rescued from a street gang... Watches her from afar, protecting her. Never reveals himself... History: Found in a basket outside the castle gates as a baby, he was quickly adopted by a husband and wife who were unable to have their own child... Until they lifted him out from the basket... Shunned from humanity, Goliath took pity on the youngster and introduced him to the clan, in particular the trio that would become Brooklyn and the others. Over time, he became a true gargoyle, protecting them during the day, living with them for a few hours each night... Then the vikings came. In a battle to save his stone family, he was mortally wounded. IN order to save his life, the arch-mage used the stone spell to seal him, and to use the gargoyles own regenerative powers to save him. However, when the arch-mage used the spell to seal the gargoyles, he sealed Angelus as well... Now in modern day New York, he was released. Finding himself free after so many years of concious containment, he sought out the decendants of the Arch-mage, determind to exact his revenge. However, he was found and calmed by Brooklyn, who took him back to the castle.
1/2/2008 #8
Stellar Lady
Name: Xion Nickname: The Wicked One Gender: Male Age: 333 Hair Color: White and waist length Eye Color: Saphire blue Skin Color: White, has a scar on his back from getting hit with lighting, looks like the Magus who turned Goliath's clan into stone,human-like Height:6'3" Weight:155 lbs. Personality:Wicked suffers from mild parinoid scizophrenia and is given to hallutionations and precognation.Due to his raising himself , he has some feral cariteristincs , like larger then normal canines. He has some difficultiy displaying emotion. He's also a giver of good advice. He's fiercly loyal and stubborn as an ox. He as a gentle heart but is vicious to the point of being almost pyscotic in battle. The only ones who can calm him down are his clanmates. Family: Unknown Clothing:Black leather pants , a black leather vest and black leather fingerless gloves. He also has a dimond earring in his right ear. Hobbies: Reading, writing , acustic guitar, arcane magic Likes: Strawberries, stargazing , music, arcane magic , horror movies, all seasons, birds , flowers , the moon, thunderstorms , nature in general , fireworks Dislikes: Rapists, murderers, traitors, insane asylums , people who abuse their power, people who torture others for whatever reason Status: Single Clan: New York Love Interest(s): Eliza's parnter ,Matt History: Xion lost his orignal clan when he was three years old. A group of hunters wiped out the entire clan . Xion survied and raised himself for the next 330 years. During this time he wiped out those who destroyed his clan .The people didn't know that the hunters , who were more like bandits then hunters , had been killed by a gargoyle. Beliving Xion to be a spirt of vengence who right wrongs, the people called him The Wicked One. He eventually made his way to New York where he spent his days looking for a new clan. Then one night ,during a particularly nasty thunderstorm , Xion was seeking shelter from the storm and was struck by a bolt of lighting which left a large scar on his back. Goliath and the others in the New York clan saw him become injured and rescued him. When the sun came up the next morning afer the storm, Xion was turned to stone with the others.When they awoke that night , Goliath and the others were stunned : Xion looked like a gargoyle version of the Magus who turned them to stone a thousand years before. They were also stunned by his semi-fearl nature, and the story he had to tell. The loss of his first clan caused Xion to develop mild parinoid scizophrenia and occasional hallutionations. Once accpeted into the clan, Xion was fiercly loyal to his new famliy and vowed to make sure that the tragedy that had befallen him over three hundred years ago would not repeat itself. With his talent in arcane magic and his precognitive ablity , Xion is a valuble asset to the clan. Due to his mental state, his fierce loyalty and love for his new clan , Xion becomes nearly pyscotic in battle to protect them, once agian earning his nickname. His clan mates are also the only ones who can calm him down. He shows a distinct shaness around Eliza's partner on the force ,Matt Bluestone, whom Xion likes a great deal. He expresses himself through a calm demeanor. His fearlness comes through in his love of nature and his wildness in battle. His unstable mental state shows through in battle in the form of pycosis . Outside of battle , mental instablity shows through in the fact that Xion refers to himself in the plural , his difficulty showing emotion and occsanal halutionations. His precognition makes him seem slightly world-weary.He is also quite wise , often giving advice to the others.
3/4/2008 #9
Sliver Teardrop

Not sure how to work this. If this is the wrong way. Don't yell at me.

Name: Morgan Mendoza

Nickname: Angel

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Hair Color: pale blonde almost white

Eye Color: electric green

Skin Color: very pale

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 95

Personality: snappy, quick witted, street wise and came be ether sweet or withdrawn

Family: no family/don’t know and don’t care

Clothing: normal street clothes when not working.

Hobbies: panting, singing

Likes: science, mythology, Angels

Dislikes: country music, the sun, not being paid enough.

Status: in the humans eyes-low, scum

Clan: none. Was human.

Love Interest(s): as none at the moment. (Brooklyn)

History: was a young prostitute on drugs, tried to commit suicide. Was saved by Brooklyn. She then gives up that life and turns to science. Volunteers to be turned into a gargoyle. I wouldn’t tell the rest. It is an actual story that I’m going to put up.

6/28/2008 #10

(Note: Twins!)

Name: Rose Felton / Pearl Felton (Named after real streets in NY!)

Nickname: Rosie (rarely)

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Hair Color: White Blond (human form) light red (Garg)/dirty blond (both forms)

Eye Color: blue/green

Skin Color: caucausian pale(human) light lavender (other)

Height: 5'6"/5'4"

Weight: 121 (human) 164 (garg) / 112 (both)

Personality: Rose: whimsical, romantic, yet very practical/ Pearl: Cynical, sarcastic, consipiracy theory nut

Family: Mother in Reno, Nevada

Clothing: Rose: (Human) Very hippy-fied. Skirts, long-sleeved shirts, vests, etc (Third Race) Long, flowing light sleeveless green dress with open section showing midriff, dark green jacket, metallic pauldroons, simple gold bracelets. Pearl: (Human) Very modern, often mannish, likes to wear denim jackets. (Gargoyle) wears a vest and long skirt.

Hobbies: Volunteering, making clothes/painting, writing

Likes: Renfaire/schools

Dislikes: Not being in control/Being sentimental

Status: Third Race/Gargoyle

Clan: None

Love Interest(s): None


Twins Rose and Pearl Felton were born and raised in New York, by their single mother, Daryl Felton. When their mother went to retire in Reno, Nevada and they took over the older woman's apartment afterwards. They saw the tower's construction the day they got their cat, Cait Sith. Only for months later, the cat to reveal himself as one of Oberon's Children. For treating him so well, he decided to grant them each a wish-Pearl wished she was a gargoyle and Rose wished to be what Cait Sith was. Unfortunently, that meant that Rose had to go to the Gathering and thus, Pearl follows to Avalon.

11/12/2008 #11
Ragni Mithrim

Age: ('s a bit too high for my mathmatical ablities..she was 18 when she came to live with Lady Catherine) looks like she's anywhere from 18-22

sorry, she was 16 when she came to live with Catherine, Magus and Co. I'm getting mixed up again..sorry!

11/13/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #12
Ragni Mithrim

erm, let me just say first off that she's NOT a gargoyle..she's human but...well... magic is fun isn't it?

Name: Elizabeth (no surname)

Nickname: Lass (called so by Hudson), Bethy (Also by Hudson, along with various clan members)

Gender: Female

Age: ('s a bit too high for my mathmatical ablities..she was 18 when she came to live with Lady Catherine) looks like she's anywhere from 18-22

Hair Color: a Soft, almost tan brown.

Eye Color: one eye cobalt blue, the other emerald green

Skin Color: ivory with freckles on the bridge of her nose.

Height: 5' 5.5" (I'm american so this is in Feet and Inches)

Weight: 135 lbs. (again I'm american..I can't do the conversions so many apologies to the rest of the world that uses Metric..)

Personality: Elizabeth tends to be shy, reserved and a bit uncomfortable around people she doesn't really know too well. but when she's alone with her friends-especially Hudson- she's quite outgoing and a vibrant young woman. Though generally soft spoken she does stand up for what she believes and defends her friends-the Gargoyles- with a passion.

Family: Un-named father, Un-named mother, both dead (though this is assumed). No siblings or extended family.

Clothing: When Elizabeth really was 18 she wore the typical dress and such but often went off hunting in a tunic and pants. Currently she wears jeans and T-shirts with hoodies (usually over sized) but she will occasionally wear 'nice' clothes. She has a gold band on her right ring finger that she never takes off, given to her by Lady Catherine on her 18 birthday. Around her next she wears three necklaces, one black chocker, one simple silver chain with a small blue saphire stone-given to her by her 'mother' on her death bed (the woman who raised her)- and one decent size chain with two small keys on it, so she can insure no one can get into her journals.around her left wrist she wears a thick leather bracelet-plain brown-to hide the ugly scar there. Generally she wears flipflops (the closest she can get to going bare-foot) but she does wear shoes in the winter, usually Converse-purple ones!.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, furthering her studies in magic, hanging out with Hudson and the Clan, singing, composing, playing the guitar and keyboard.

Likes: Reading, writing, singing, music in general.

Dislikes: Bigots, closeminded people, the color pink, homework, cars. snow, ice, cold in general, hot temperatures (yeah and she's living in NY...) etc.

Status: Single.

Clan: umm.....technically speaking none, but unofficially joined Goliath and Co.

Love Interest(s): umm...none currently. though (like every other woman on the planet) she does have a thing for Johnny Depp. ;P

History: Born the only child of two unnamed parents Elizabeth was abandoned at the court of the King, presumably for her two differently colored eyes. Growing up with the other orphans and children of the court Elizbeth suffered great ridicule for her abnormality. Despite that she was raised to be a Lady's companion, and Elizabeth was sent to live with Lady Catherine at the age of 16. On her way there Elizabeth and her travel companions were attacked by Viking raiders. Just when she thought she was going to die, winged saviours swooped down from the heavens and saved her and one other. As she swooned due to loss of blood from the wound she suffered on her right arm, the last thing Elizabeth was aware of was someone taking her into their arms. When she awoke she found herself safe in Catherine's court, her saviours no where to be seen. After being shown around and introduced to Catherine she was left to her own devices, Catherine not needing her at that time. As the sun began to set she ended up on the roof top wandering around near the Stone Gargoyles. When they came to life she nearly died right there but she found them not monsters like she'd been told but caring creatures. she soon made friends with the older members of the clan, particularly one who had stepped down as leader and was Goliaths second in command. time went on and she and 'Old Friend' as he was called became close, despite the whole Court's disapproval. when they were betrayed and the gargoyles turned to stone, Elizabeth thought she'd die with the rest of the clan. throughout all of this she'd been studying magic with Magus-apparently her eyes have soemthing to do with magic- and inadvertantly somehow cast a spell on herself, causing her to become pretty much immortal. now in manhattan she's attending NYU for creative writing and teaching private piano lessons to help supplement her meger earnings working at the library.

Elizabeth is usually calm and serene-albeit a bit shy- but if you make her mad watch out. Her temper is something to fear. She's generally the girl in the back of the room more content to keep to herself, and not get involved. But occasionally she can be the one everyone looks at and feel compelled to listen to (but that's rare at best). she's currently keeping an eye on the clan along with her 'familiar'-as they like to call it- Maxie, her little green turtle.

[sorry i know it's long but...i cna't help it!]]

11/13/2008 #13
Silver Kitsune Lunaria

I am not sure if any one is still here or not but I hope you don't mind that I list a character here.

Name: Techna (no surname)

Nickname: Tech (called by Lexinton), and just Techna by everyone else.

Gender: Fenale

Race: Gargoyle

Age: 16-20

Hair color: White with silver highlights.

Eye color: electric purple

Skin color: magenta with light pink on the under side of her wings.

Height: Not sure how tall Lexington is but she is two inchers shorter.

Weigh: Roughly 120-125 lbs.

Personality: Bubby and soft spoken, Techna is easily elated and hard to get upset. She is outgoing and get reserved around strangers.

family: Doesn't know her father. Her mother is named Lunara who dies protecting an egg that would becomes Techna's future sister.

Clothing: Wears a backless dress that is coneceted around the neck and goes to mid thie. It's tatterd at the bottom and is light red. Techna also wears two bright red braclets and a red necklace that is made of red stone.

Hobbies: Loves to draw and to listen to music. Now she is trying to play the flute and is decent in the ways of creating futuristic gadgets.

Likes: Drawing, watching music videos and loves to dance.

Dislikes: Coliflower, Demona ( who doesn't?), gangs, guns, loud noises, and negative people.

Statues: At the moment single.

Clan: Is the only one of her clan besides her unhatched sister. Hopes to join Goliaths clan so her sister can hatch in safety.

Love intrest(s): Lexington

History: Techna was living with her mother in the woods of Cananda. She was living there peacefully until the Hunter found her mother and her while her mother was laying an egg. Her mother got killed during the chase but Techna survived with her mother's egg by hitching a ride on a train in the town close by. Slowly but surly she found her way to New York were she incounterd the Hunter again. She was to tried by the journy and the lack of food. She got wounded during the fight but she was saved by Goliath and his clan.

1/28/2009 #14
Syira Embermage

Blue Fire Kitsune

I am not sure if any one is still here or not but I hope you don't mind that I list a character here.

Name: Techna (no surname)

Nickname: Tech (called by Lexinton), and just Techna by everyone else.

She sounds interesting. If you write anything with her, let me know.

1/29/2009 . Edited 1/29/2009 #15
Syira Embermage

Ragni Mithrim

erm, let me just say first off that she's NOT a gargoyle..she's human but...well... magic is fun isn't it?

Name: Elizabeth (no surname)

Great back story. One of the best premises I've encountered. I love how you didn't use magic as a force for good or evil, but instead as almost an unfortunate ally.

1/29/2009 . Edited 1/29/2009 #16

Name:'0' Zero


Gender: Male


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour:Blue

Skin Colour:Red


Weight: 60kg

Personality:Cunning,sarcastic,very loyal and brave.

Family:No (Gargoyle) family

Clothing:a wide range of modified human clothes but mainly a black mail shirt,army trousers,leather & steel bracers and a Crucifix.

Hobbies:Reading,Magic,gliding and fighting.

Likes:food,music and surprising people.

Dislikes: being called a kid.

Status:clan member

Clan:various (can't list as would spoil story)

Love Interest(s): Lunette

History: see first chapter of 'The Zero Chronicles'

5/12/2009 #17

((I had my own gargoyles character when I was little, but looking back at her I realize she's a total Mary-Sue! Then again most characters created by little girls are. lol. :) Hey, with all these characters why doesn't someone open a Gargoyles RP on here?))

7/21/2009 #18


2/10/2010 . Edited 8/7/2011 #19


2/10/2010 . Edited 8/7/2011 #20


2/10/2010 . Edited 8/7/2011 #21

Name: Akira

Nickname: none

Gender: female

Age: 16 in human years

Hair Color: dark violet

Eye Color:ice blue

Skin Color:gray



Personality: a basic party girl

Family: none

Clothing: black dress that ends just below fingertips

Hobbies: singing when alone,dancing,drawing

Likes: music, guitar,drawing


Status: single

Clan: Manhattan

Love Interest(s): Brooklyn

History: a girl who is turned into a gargoyle by her uncle.found unconscious by brooklyn in park and is taken in by them.

4/2/2010 #22

Name: Akira

Nickname: none

Gender: female

Age: 16 in human years

Hair Color: dark violet

Eye Color:ice blue

Skin Color:gray



Personality: a basic party girl

Family: none

Clothing: black dress that ends just below fingertips

Hobbies: singing when alone,dancing,drawing

Likes: music, guitar,drawing


Status: single

Clan: Manhattan

Love Interest(s): Brooklyn

History: a girl who is turned into a gargoyle by her uncle.found unconscious by brooklyn in park and is taken in by them.

4/2/2010 #23

can u make a story with her in it???i love lex stories!!!!

6/15/2010 #24
Silver Kitsune Lunaria

"can u make a story with her in it???i love lex stories!!!!"

To which person that you are talking to Shadowxtikal lover? There are at least two people who created one of the two female ocs who have a 'love' intrest in Lexington.

6/16/2010 #25

it was 2 u silver with techna

10/21/2010 #26
Silver Kitsune Lunaria

Sorry about that. -_- I'm planning to write a story about her, I'm still working out the plot and some flaws. Is there anything you like while I am at it? Anything at all?

10/21/2010 #27

Name: Arron Renard Servarious ( Guess his family)

Nickname: Lad, kid, boy, dude.


Age: the gargoyle equivalent of 7

Hair Color: none

Eye Color: think Thailog

Skin Color: forest green

Height: Average for age

Weight: Average for age

Personality: Loyal, outgoing, curious. Arron has a temper and that can sometimes get the better of him. He is also a genius with a MENSA level IQ.

Family: Anton Servarious( Father) ,Jennine "Fox" Renard Xanatos( Aunt), David Xanatos (Uncle), Halcyon Renard (Grandfather), Manhattan clan (His clan)

Clothing: various modern clothes with holes for his tail and wings.

Hobbies: Science, computer hacking, studying history, martial arts, gliding, training with Hudson

Likes: Gliding, training with Hudson, learning about Gargoyles, Science, magic.

Dislikes: His father (In Bio), being used, doing nothing.

Status: Clan member

Clan: Manhattan

Love Interest(s): None, he's seven.

History: Arron was once a normal but brilliantly gifted boy. However his mother's death from cancer changed his life. Arron's father became more obsessed with genetics, to the point where he didn't care who got hurt. So when Arron contracted cancer, His father had invented a way to turn humans into gargoyles. Anton also added Electric eel DNA, and changed his son into a Gargoyle. This cured Arron of his cancer, however the terrified boy escaped and was found by the Manhattan clan. He lived with them, was taught by and cared for by them. However Anton Servarious wanted his son back and hired mercenaries to do it. Goliath and the others confronted Servarious and as he had done to the Magus centuries ago, Goliath threatened the not so good doctor to change him back. However the process was irreversible and Arron, in a fit of rage destroyed his father's lab.

Description: when you look at Arron, your first thought are that he looks like a dinosaur. His tail is clubbed with small spikes all over the club. He has a dome shaped head with a ridge of several small spikes and two horns. He has knee elbow, shoulder, and knuckle spurs. Arron is also able to shoot lighting like the Mutates.

1/9/2011 #28
Hidden Character

If anyone is interested I have just created a new Gargoyles: Roleplay and need help running it. All may join.

1/23/2011 #29
Silver Kitsune Lunaria

I'll help out Hidden Chracter. I don't mind. That's if you still need help.

Here's some pics I did of Techna who I renamed Lunaria and three others:





Yes, my Deviantart name is SilverKitsune62. For some reason, I think Terra's wings would look better on Lunaria. I don't know but would you mind giving some feed back.

I also changed the backstory on Lunaria/Techna so if you want me to post it please let me know.

I'm in the mists of writing the story but having trouble starting the first chapter and I would love to have some feedback or advice on how to get past this little problem. This always been a problem for me. Don't get me wrong, once I get started, I can write pages but the beginning is hard for me.

Sorry for sounding...child-like. Thanks in advance and I'll go check out your new roleplay, Hidden Character.

3/12/2011 #30
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