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Phantom of War

lol merry chrismas b***, freaks and outcasts of normal socity

12/25/2011 #61
Romana Drake

Yeeahh. :D Don't forget nerds and geeks. :D

12/28/2011 #62
Phantom of War

lol i know what's more badass a demon hunter or a ranger

12/29/2011 #63
Quenn of Prime


Nickname:Draga Blood Fist


Age:(2 years younger than goliath)

Hair color:Harvest yellow

Eye color:Gold

Skin color:Red

Height:(one inch above Angela)


Clothing:She wears a gothic skirt with a

Personality:Cheerful,Quiet,50 percent gothic.Has a little bit of insanity

Family:Brother:Leo.Sister: Persephone

Hobbies:Reads,Sword fighting,Dancing

Likes:Horror movies.Seeing her enemies get burnned alive

Dislikes:People in her bubble.

Status:Pretty high class


Love interest:Kaid the wolf dragon.Goliath

History:She was born in 973.2 years after Goliath.Lived in manticore castle with her clan.When she was 5 she met her love Kaid the wolf dragon.The person she looked up to was her brother Leo the wyvern.When she was 18 she met Goliath.When her father was having a conversation with the king she was left to look after the trio.But she told them stories about her father's victories.But when her father was assassinated she snapped so did her brother and sister,and her love.So in the dead of night they went to a village and burned it to the ground.Right after that they had insanity,and started drinking poisonous flowers.In a deep sleep for 1,000 years.

6/7 #64
Quenn of Prime


nickname:Has many but goes by "Persephone the poisoner"



hair color:harvest yellow

eye color:Gold

skin color:Violet

Height:same height as Angela


Clothing: she mainly styles Victorian/ adventurer

Personality:She is overly protective of flowers.She is sassy. A little bit of a yandere.Struggles with depression.

Family:Her brother Leo and her sister Draga

Hobbies:Planting,painting,ballet,Sleeping, practicing Magic

Likes:Flowers,The eye of Odin,Her staff

Dislikes: crul people,



Love interest Brooklyn

History: her birthdate is unknown.She learned witchcraft from the weird sisters.She found a way to stay 18 forever,Spill blood of a king on a rose.Her friend/girlfriend died in battle, but she was revived as a staff.*You probably know the rest from draga*

6/9 #65
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