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I don't know if it's ok for me to go ahead and start.... but there's no one here, and I like rpg. So here I go!

Talya squinted into the shrine.

"I dare you to go," said her friend, Erin.

"But did you hear? There was one family that disappeared for a really long time. What if we disappear too?"

"Chihiro turned up eventually. Don't be such a baby!"

With that she pushed her in and followed after.

1/15/2011 #1

(I think this might be fun to try... It's a bit late, though.)

The two friends walked down the dark tunnel. The ground was quite uneven, and Talya tripped. She fell forwards, and bumped into Erin.

"Hey! Watch it!" She said, and pulled Talya up to her feet.


"Come on, were almost there!" Cried Erin, as they ran the rest of the way, out into the sunlight.

9/9/2011 #2

Keekee watched quietly from the woods as they ran in. She was very shy so she was just following them.

She quickly ran down the tunnel after them

((Sounds fun, hope people will come))

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(-)-(-)-(-)-(-)-(-)-(-)-(-)-(-) back where chihiro is(-)-(-)-(-)-(-)-(-) btw she's 17

chihiro walks towards the kohaku river to talk to haku.

"haku can you here me?" the water splashed a bit. "okay good you can.

"my friends tayla, and erin are going through the entrance. please make sure they get back safly and not get hurt."

the water course changed direction. chihiro got up and follwed it. as she walked it led her to where erin and tayla were.

"hey you might want to turn back." said chihiro.

"ih chihiro you're here. why should we turn back?" "it's not safe to go into these parts of tokyo."

6/25/2012 #4
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