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I had this dream where these toons were in a dreary place wearing prison outfits, including those little weights attatched to one of your ankles. The place seemed to be run by cogs and toons were going in groups trying to avoid cogs and escape. Many were unsuccessful. There were all sorts of obstacles: attack lobsters, backwards conveyor belts. Anyway, towards the end of my dream a groups of kid toons escaped and got some ice cream only to be pulled back into the prison when my alarm went off. So i think itd be cool if someone did a story like that.

8/15/2008 #1
Prince Tanabi

random kewlness! :)

8/1/2010 #2

That would be awesome! Maybe someone will someday xD.

8/4/2010 #3

Lol, that reminds me of a similar dream I had once! Cogs had taken over the whole Daisy Gardens, and every time somebody rescued a Cog building, Flippy would yell that into a microphone, only for the Toon building to be replaced by a Cog building. There were also many, "muack, muack, muack....." sounds in the background. Weird... 0_0

11/11/2010 #4

Why not create an RP for it? Then you can all be involved AND get the story.

12/9/2010 #5

Good idea!

12/9/2010 #6

Good idea!

12/9/2010 #7

Sorry for the double post :(

12/9/2010 #8

No problem. ^^ I'm not INCREDIBLY familiar with the Toontown Terminology, but I know the Cogs, the Disney characters, how they were created and very few locations.

12/10/2010 #9
Prince Tanabi

OOO there SHOULD be an RP for that.

12/11/2010 #10

Already opened. ^^

12/11/2010 #11
Prince Tanabi


12/18/2010 #12

...Right here. At the bottom...

12/18/2010 #13
Prince Tanabi


12/20/2010 #14

...Muffins! :D

12/22/2010 #15
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