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stella's luna

Can I request a challenge? I want to write some Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya or Buffy/Spike.

I can't think of anything so I hope someone else can! Whether it's angsty or funny, I can do both :)

12/6/2010 #31
Mrs. Damon Salvatore

Challenge: (Spike/Buffy Challenge 8137 Rated M (NC-17)

Plot: Twenty year old Buffy Summers is one of the many wives of a powerful Sheik, taken as a tourist when she was fourteen and married into the harem at fifteen. Thirty two year old Spike Pratt is the best friend of an Israeli drug lord and arms dealer, who is invited to the Sheiks palace for a party of sorts. The Sheik's harem is the entertainment for the evening and when Spike sees Buffy belly dancing, he is instantly enamored with her, and devises a plan to get her out of the palace, out of the country and back to the states. What Spike doesn't know is Buffy isn't just one of the Sheik's wives...she's his favorite, and he'll go to endless lengths to get her back.

Must Haves: (Not necessarily in this order)

* Flash back to when Buffy, while visiting Israel with her family, bumps into the Sheik while touring his museum and him staring at her while she keeps walking

* Spike and Buffy staring at each other while she's dancing

* Spike carrying Buffy over his shoulder at one point because she refused to go with him

Sheik CANNOT be any of the characters in the show

(No fluff until at least 5 chapters in, and at LEAST 10 chapters long and not too short)

Can Have:

* Willow/Oz


* Buffy/Faith friendship


*Spike/Darla (briefly)

Cannot Have:

* Buffy/Angel


12/10/2010 #32
Mrs. Damon Salvatore

If anybody could write the challenge above that would be awesome, I've been trying to look for one like that but i haven't found one.

12/10/2010 #33
Infinite Freedom

I have a YAHF challenge.

Xander goes as a Death Knight from Warcraft. Keeps the memories and the Runeblade. He has to relearn the skills through the memories. No he cannot be evil. Faith does not join the Mayor. Xander does not reveal that he still has the memories, the sword or that he is regaining the abilities until after Buffy returns from LA.

Pairing that are a must:

Xander/Faith or Xander/Dawn*

Other than that canon is fine.

*If you go Xander/Dawn, Dawn must be Buffy's twin sister.

12/12/2010 #34
Infinite Freedom

Little added note: Death Coil will work on vampires. Also Xander will begin teaching his significant other Death Knight abilities.

12/12/2010 #35

I have a Crossover Challenge between Buffy and Underworld Evolution. I would do it but I don't think I know enough about Buffy to do it.

Events take place after Evolution and before Glory. Alexander, the First Immortal (well in Underworld, you can call him the first Human Immortal in the Crossover or something like that) gave everything he had to Michael and Selene seeing them as the future. I'm pretty sure Michael would try again to be a doctor but up to you.

The basic idea is the Michael is Buffy's older half brother that was concieved by one of her Dad's one night stands. She grew up hearing about him a few times from her parents, mostly their arguing when he found his father. She never really met him except when she was too young to properly remember. Like wise because of Dawn's... birth has a vauge idea about him.

When Joyce dies Michael hears about it and he and Selene go to pay their respects. While there he has an awkward family reunion with Buffy and Dawn.

Facts/recomendations/Interesting things to add... so on

- I reccomend moving the buffy timeline from early 00s to the mid to help fit in Evolution but your choice.

- Selene knows what the Hellmouth is and where it is

- Miachel is stronger and faster than Buffy (he is the hybrid and stronger than the Orginals of his breeds, older than a thousand years )

- Xander should make a comment wondering if she had anymore hidden siblings.

- Somehow make the Underworld couple stay in Sunnydale for the the whole Gloryfous incident. Maybe Miachel wanting to get to know his family while they are still around

- The Underworld Vampire and the Buffy Vampire are two differnt varations. They have similar abilites but are different in the fact one is basicly an enhanced human with vampiric bat qualities and the other is a demon in human flesh. The demon varation was around first and the Underworld version didn't appear to shorty after the end of B.C. and the begining of the A.D.. All werewolves began with the first werewolf. And Dracula is an underworld version with gypsy tricks.

-Slaydar should go off around Miachel and Selene, alot.

Well that's all I got. Good luck to anyone who take this challenge and please tell me if you do.

2/18/2011 #36

Ok, kids, the rules are simple! Claim a Title A-Z. They can be any pairing or about any character and any length or rating (anything mature should be marked as such, however). Comment with the Letter or Title you like. More than one person can claim a title but I would like to try and have all of them claimed by the end. Claims should be made in the official challenge thread. All prompts should be written and linked in the challenge thread. Any questions? Message me! Happy writing! Master list to come as I get fics and will be posted on my livejournal! (loreofthefaye)

A – All the King's Horses and All the King's Men

B – Baring It All

C – Cornered and Confused

D – Duck, Duck, Witch?

E – Everyone, Everywhere

F – Fairy Tale Come True

G – Going Underground

H – Hold onto Me

I – I Promise You I Will

J – Justice, Thy Name Is Buffy

K – Kiss Me or Kill Me

L – Live In My Eyes and Die in My Arms

M – Men…!

N – Never Trust the Dead

O – Ophelia Revived

P – Poor Man's Substitute

Q – Quiet Among The Dead

R – Rendered Speechless

S –Silence Tells the Truth

T – Tumbling into Wonderland

U – Under the Full Moon

V – Vineyards in Tuscany

W – Who's Your Daddy?

X – Xanadu (here meaning either "a beautiful place" or "Utopia" though you may include reference to the horrible Olivia Newton John movie if you wish and really, how many X words are there? It was this or Xenophobia.)

Y – You're Wasting Your Time

Z – Zippo Lighters and Whiskey Shots

2/28/2011 #37

This challenge is also on the Tudor forum

Tudors/Buffy versePost Gone

What if the Nerd Trio caused Buffy and Spike to travel back in time to mid January 1534 or early December 1535 to the Tudor court meeting Henry and Anne.


Buffy's true first name is Elizabeth and Buffy is a nickname

Spike tells that his name is William Pratt at introductions and has a title could be Baron or Earl of …

Buffy explaining to what a slayer to Henry is and her warning him and his friend Brandon she will pull a Lorena Bobbitt on them both if either comes on to her, and Spike has to explain to the confused King and Brandon who Lorena Bobbitt was.

Henry discovers Spike/William is a vampire after overhearing Spike and Buffy talking

Henry after learning that Spike is a vampire points at him and opens his mouth but Spike beats him to it and Says "Yes Yes I know evil demon spawn of the Underworld, Servant of the Devil, I know, and oh what else oh yes Be gone spawn of the devil, is that about it, your Majesty."

Buffy explaining to the King Spike is a reformed Vampire that has turned to the side of good.

Henry and Anne of just Henry knows Spike is a Vampire.

At dinner Spike smells the drugs in Anne's system that would have caused her to miscarry and immediately tells the King who summons Dr. Linacre to save his son and Spike helps with a counter drug that saves the baby and Spike smells out Brereton who administered the drug who is sent to the tower.

Anne never miscarries and has a boy

Spike uses his charms and causes the ladies of the court to develop a huge crush on him.

Spike and Buffy continuing their affair, although she is still distant and becomes jealous when she sees him flirting with several court women and them flirting with him and then angry when she sees him kissing a woman. She becomes heart broken when she thinks he slept with another woman and becomes angry and realizes she loves him and confronts him learning that he didn't sleep with another woman and Spike eventually claims Buffy as his mate.

Buffy and Spike eventually finding their way back to their time by late 1537 and gets back to just a week after they left.


Buffy accidentally telling Henry she was named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, then tells him to ask Spike/William since he is British confusing the King more and Spike explains to him about his daughter and after learning all about his daughter is proud of the woman. Can be optional if he tells him the whole story making Henry very angry at Brandon for making false accusations and for lieing about his loyalty.

As a plot twist Spike tells Henry that he really has had a lot of woman and says he can still smell them and that they always leave a smell signature that never disappears and Henry uses this to his advantage and has him smell Anne to find out if she was telling the truth about her being a virgin and Spike confirms to him that his scent is the only one on Anne delighting Henry, then Henry takes him to the Moor, although they don't tell Catherine what he is, Spike confirms that Katherine had been with Arthur and apparently got pregnant as he can smell that she was pregnant 7 times and that it was an old pregnancy that was miscarried.

As an alternate Plot it could be that they traveled back to early December 1535, with previous plot twist involved. Spike decides to deal with the Seymour's by telling Henry he could find out how Jane feels about him by use of Thrall and instead uses it to expose the true ambitions of the Seymour's.

Spike confirming to Henry the child is a boy from smelling Anne, as well as that Anne has absolutely no interest in any male but him.

Brereton could die or instead the King has him bled so that Spike does not have to eat/drink animal blood.

Spike makes investments that make it to the future and makes him a multi billionaire.

Spike finds the gem of Amara before it was taken to America and the ring has a bigger gem then what is seen in the future and Spike breaks the gem making it smaller and sets the other half in a ring setting and wears it.

Henry granting Spike the title of Duke of …

(I know it would be unlikely Henry who is supersticous would probably never interact with Spike after learning he is vampire but it would be possible if he thought Spike had chosen to serve God instead of the devil in his mind)

4/10/2011 #38

This Challenge is also on the Tudor Forum

What if the reason Charles V had sacked Rome was because Katherine feeling like a wronged woman had wished it and Anya had granted it and as well as her wish that the Pope would not grant the annulment and that the first child that Henry and Anne would have was a girl and that Anne would miscarry when she was pregnant in early 1534 and finally that he would fall for a proper Catholic woman i.e. Jane Seymour. But what if when Katherine wished again for Anne to loose her baby (its mid December 1535) Anya stops as she is about to grant the wish because of a bad feeling that she should not grant this wish and investigates and discovers that Katherine is not a wronged woman but a liar and goes to D'Hoffryn and he allows her to undo some of the wishes granted to her so she undoes the wish for Henry to fall for Jane Seymour.

(Note: in a AU verse Anya granted this and the reason Jane later dies is because of Anne's Vengeance wish when she was about to die, and after Anya meets her she regrets everything, and has always regretted it.


The first part of the story has to be of SIT's and the scooby's have a quiet night and the SIT Amanda asks Anya if she has any regrets about what she did as a vengeance demon and Xander says no but Anya says "Yes I do a huge gut wrenching regret of a massive mistake I made 468 years ago" but that is all she says. Then of Anya in the hell mouth as she was in Chosen and as she dies she wishes she could undo the last wish she granted back at the end of 1535 that killed an innocent woman and then she hears "Granted"

Anya can not grant Catherine's last wish and undoes the wish for him to fall for a Catholic woman.

D'Hoffryn orders all justice demons to no longer grant wishes of vengeance against Anne Boleyn, or Henry or their child(ren)

After the wish is undone Henry immediately looses all interest in Jane and no longer favors the Seymour's

Anne does not miscarry in January and has a healthy son


Anya could be transported back to just before she granted the wish or the current Anya (Early December 1535) gets a feeling she should not grant the wish.

Anya feeling guilty about granting vengeance upon an innocent woman appears to Anne and Henry while they are in his privy chamber and explains everything.

4/10/2011 #39

Ok, kids, the rules are simple! Claim a Title A-Z. They can be any pairing or about any character and any length or rating (anything mature should be marked as such, however). Comment with the Letter or Title you like. More than one person can claim a title but I would like to try and have all of them claimed by the end. Claims should be made in the official challenge thread. All prompts should be written and linked in the challenge thread. Any questions? Message me! Happy writing! Master list to come as I get fics and will be posted on my livejournal! (loreofthefaye)

I would like A and/or Z. :D

4/29/2011 #40

You can have both, if you like. Please reply in the official Buffy: A-z challenge forum!


4/29/2011 #41
Monroe Kay

Hearthergirl84, i accepty your faith preganacy and will get started on it in the next week or so.

6/8/2011 #42

LoreoftheFaye, could I do a fic to the title Silence Tells the Truth? I've already got a couple ideas in mind...

8/4/2011 #43

Of Course you can!

8/4/2011 #44

Thanks :) I just finished the story, it's been posted. I hope you like it, even though it's really short. Like 606 words, but with lots of Willow/Tara.

8/5/2011 #45

I started it :)

edit: and by it I mean Arina Summer's Ted rewrite challenge

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/13/2011 #46


Pairing: Buffy/Spike

In the Comic Books there is mention a danish slayer that spike kills in 1940 but in canon Nikki Wood is the second slayer he killed.

What I want is this: the Danish slayer (Sophie Carstensen) is killed by Spike in 1985 instead, becoming his third slayer. Sophie's watcher for revenge kills Drusilla though. Spike is heartbroken and lost and he doesn't know what to do with his unlife anymore. A few months after Dru's death he hears about a demon shaman in Africa who grants a wish if you pass his trials. Spike wants Dru back but the shaman cant do it. He then ask for a purpose in life and the shaman gives him back his soul and the task to kill demons and vampires and be a Champion for the light.

Must Have:

- Spike arrives for the first time in Sunnydale in the summer before Buffy's first year at college

- Spike finds and keeps the Gem of Amara

- Spike is a litterature professor at the Sunnydale College

- The Demon shaman works for the PTB

- Spike has visions from the PTB to know what to do and where to go

- A happy ending Spuffy

Can Have:

- Spike stayed a few years in Cleveland before going to Sunnydale

- Buffy/Riley at first. Nothing too graphic though

- Scoobies and/or Angel and Riley bashing

- Dru brought back by W&H instead of Darla, as a vampire

- Dawn

- Spike/Joyce friendship

Can't Have:

- Spike captured by the Initiative and with the chip

- too mach angst

- Spike as a whimp and a "willing salve" to Buffy. He knows who he is and what he wants and doesn't accept bullying and insults from anyone.

Contact me with a response to this challenge at my email address.

9/13/2011 #47

I accepted your Challenge. I have the first chapter done and the second I'm writing. I'll have the third in a week. I would like you to beta it before I post a link on here to the story.... if people are interested.

10/6/2011 #48

I am pleased to announce to this forum that Wicked has answered the challenge. Her story is called The Silent Stanzas, and will be of three 'Stanzas.' Though it is not written in poetry though there is a great deal of poetry thought of. Excellent choice in poems, once again.

10/9/2011 #49

So I was recently surfing the web looking for Charmed fics when I found this site that had this challenge that no one answered. So I figured I could post it here. After posting it on some of the Charmed Forums I realized I could post it here as well.

Phoebe The Charmed Slayer Personal Challenge Charmed General General Idea: Phoebe the Charmed Vampire Slayer Categories: Charmed/Buffy The Vampire Slayer Setting: Charmed, Season 3: after Just Harried, AU afterwards. Buffy: Post-The Gift Pairing: Phoebe/Cole, Piper/Leo Other pairings: Totally up to you. Rating: T-M (smut, language, violence) Plot: It's the third season of Charmed, and Phoebe has been called as The Slayer. You can include any characters from BtVS if you want, maybe even find a love interest for Prue. When she's called: She is called after Buffy dies in The Gift. I know that in the show the Slayer Line runs through Faith after Buffy was killed the first time by the Master, but lets ignore that and say that when Buffy died in the Gift, Phoebe was called as a Slayer. Giles and the Scooby Gang find out about Phoebe's new Slayer status and they want her to go with them back to the Hellmouth but she wants/needs to stay in San Francisco to keep the Charmed Ones together. Pretend that they couldn't fix the Buffybot. Willow still plans to go through with her Buffy-resurrection spell. Willow and Xander want Phoebe to temporarily watch the Hellmouth until they can get Buffy back and Giles is thinking more indefinitely, not knowing about Willow's spell of course. I kind of want the Scoobies and Giles to be all confrontational and self-righteous. For example: They find out about Phoebe's half-demon boyfriend and don't react well. Kinda how they are with Buffy and her vampire boyfriends. Though unlike Buffy, Phoebe tells them to mind their own business. Requirements: *Phoebe is still a Charmed One with witch powers *The Scooby's are not enemies but they aren't thinking about Phoebe's interests (or the Charmed Ones), they are thinking about themselves *The Phoebe/Cole pairing must last! *Must have Season 3 episode storylines included and some new storylines mixed in

10/20/2011 #50
Barbarossa Rotbart

What if Xander was a male to female pre-op transsexual? What if his family could not deal with it? And what if halloween allows him to become his greatest wish and he is a she after that night?

All pairings should be as close to canon as possible. (Yes, Xander still loves girls.) But the rest is up to you.

1/2/2012 #51

Story Title: Family of Heroes

Series: Buffy/Batman

Summery: AU. After both Joyce and Buffy's deaths social services forces Dawn to go live with Joyce's only remaining relative, her cousin Bruce Wayne.

Challenge Requirements:

* Buffy is not resurrected in Season 6, either: Buffy was cremated, the spell fails or someone (Giles/Tara) stops Willow from even trying.

* Joyce and Bruce are cousins through their mothers who were sisters.

* It was Alfred using the shares he inherited from Bruce who was legally declared dead (by Mr Earle) who funded the Sunnydale Art Gallery, Since Bruce was in Asia being trained by Ra's Al Ghul at the time.

* Dawn meets Batman several times before finding out who he really is. Batman quickly learns to hate Tuesdays.

* Bruce became Batman sometime between Seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy, thus he's been active for at least four or five years.

* The events in Batman Begins and Dark Knight have already happened. It's up to the author if the events of the third movie have also taken place.

* Dick Grayson is either Robin or Nightwing. If Nightwing then Tim Drake will take up the mantle of Robin.

* Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. In the movies it shows that Gordon has a son, it's not shown if he has a daughter. However to play it safe, in this story Barbara is Gordon's niece. Her backstory and reason why she's living with her uncle are up to the author.

* Clark Kent and through him Lois Lane are close personal friends of Bruce Wayne's and through that friendship an unholy alliance is forged by Dawn and Lois, may the Gods tremble in fear.

* It is up to the author if Dawn meets the other founding members of the Justice League. If she does then Wonder Woman will be able to feel a weak mystical link from Dawn as if she were almost but not-quite an Amazon. This would be Dawn's connection, weak as it is to the Slayer Spirit through her creation from Buffy's blood.

2/27/2012 . Edited 2/28/2012 #52
claw reacher

here's a marvel and one piece crossover halloween challenge have xander dress up as either morph from xmen, impossible man from FF, mr.1 from one piece, or marco the phoenix

5/23/2012 #53
Nikon The Vampire

I think this is a fantastic idea.

Did you have any takers?

If not let me know?

6/11/2012 #54
Barbarossa Rotbart

Xander is dead, but Willow knows a way to bring him back. But something goes wrong! Either the Xander who comes back to life is the polar opposite of the Xander we know or the Xander who comes back is a girl and there is no way to change him back.

12/4/2012 #55

(Challenge also posted on Spacebattle and twisting the hellmouth)

Title: Casualties of War

Buffy: Post-Season 7

Stargate: Season 7

Scenario: When teenagers across the galaxy suddenly develop superhuman abilities, Colonel Jack O'Neill and the members of Stargate Command set out to discover the cause. But with threats from the Goa'uld, Aubuis and the NID, will the SGC be able to protect those affected?


- Willow's spell spread through the gate system, creating slayers all over the galaxy.

- A lot of these slayers are either been killed off, experimented on, or turn into super assassins/soldiers

- No Scoobies saving the day, it up to the SGC to fix the mess. Buffy and co may show up afterward

12/12/2012 #56
Barbarossa Rotbart

Xander is a girl who pretends to be a boy and has everyone fooled. Until she meets the love of her life. That girl is not fooled by Xander's tomboyish behavior (but she is still interested in being Xander's girlfriend).

You may choose whoever you want except Buffy, Dawn and Willow. I think Faith or Cordy may be the best choice, but you may use OFCs or characters from other franchises.

1/10/2013 #57
Barbarossa Rotbart

A strange Charmed/Buffy crossover idea:

Imagine that instead of the Halliwells the Summers are the Charmed Ones. Imagine that Joyce, Buffy and Dawn are sisters and powerful witches.

- Joyce, Buffy and Dawn have to be sisters AND witches, which Joyce being the oldest and Dawn being the youngest

- The Age difference must not be too great. Joyce must not be old enough to be Dawn's mother!

- The story has to take place in Sunnydale

- All Buffy and Charmed may also appear in the story, but they might be very different (e.g. Giles being a whitelighter or Leo being a watcher)

- Willow must not be a powerful witch

- male slash is not wanted, femslash however is

- OPTIONAL: Prue, Piper and Phoebe are still witches (but not the Charmed Ones) and are the girlfriends of the Charmed Ones

- OPTIONAL: Paige Matthews is the Slayer

- OPTIONAL: the Big Bads of BtVS (the Master, Angelus, the Mayor, Adam, Glory) are the same and have to deal with the Charmed Ones instead of the Slayer

- OPTIONAL: if Glory is used as Big Bad, who is the Key (because Dawn cannot be the Key)

- OPTIONAL: Xander is a girl who pretends to be a boy and falls in love with Paige

1/10/2013 . Edited 1/13/2013 #58
Barbarossa Rotbart

What if BtVS takes place in a D&D-like fantasy world?

- Sunnydale is a county in the Kingdom of California

- Sunnydale is ruled by Earl Richard III (= the Mayor)

- all things we know about Sunnydale (Hell Mouth, Sunnydale Effect, vampire plague etc.) from the series also apply but have to be modified to fit into the pseudo-medieval world of D&D

- the class and race of the characters is up to you, but Buffy and her family have to be human

- male slash is NOT wanted, femslash however IS

1/13/2013 #59

I have a couple of Halloween Fics for Xander to star in...

Star Sapphire Harris:

There are dozens of fics where Xander was to get a Green Power Ring and keeps it after Halloween to become a Green Lantern (Mostly in a series but...). What if instead of a Green Lantern Power Ring, he gets one for the Star Sapphire Corps due to the love he has in his heart for his Girls (and Giles)? How would a hot pink/violet lantern Xander handle the series of events to follow that fateful Halloween if allowed to keep the Ring? How would it effect his love or sex life?

Xander 10

Wrote this as a plot bunny/omake under my Put a Ring on it, but want to see someone expand the concept. Some how Xander misses dressing up as a Soldier, instead getting a... Ben Tennyson costume from Ben 10 (even if the show came out after Buffy, let's say a chaos wizard/god did it) complete with either the Ultimatrix or the current Omnitrix. When Xander comes to, he still has the knowledge of Ben Tennyson... as well as a functioning Omnitrix. How does this change the world of Buffy?

Also you could have the other Buffy characters dress up as Ben 10 characters, Willow as Gwen? Buffy as Charmcaster?

If you want to play with the ideas, can you Private message, so I can read and comment. Also prefer not too dark and angsty fics. Thanks.

2/4/2013 #60
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